Samsung Galaxy Note 3 : Accessories buying guide

November 24, 2013

    Building on the popularity of the Galaxy Note 2, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has been yet another success story for the South Korean company, with 5 million units being shipped in the first month since launch. The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 offers the optimal display size for anyone looking to avoid carrying both a smartphone and tablet, and is of course, an absolute powerhouse as far as the specifications are concerned.

    As is the case with any high-end and popular release, a slew of helpful accessories make its way to the market as well, and it’s no different for the Galaxy Note 3. Ranging from protective cases, to external batteries, and also the Samsung Galaxy Gear, there’s no shortage of accessories for this smartphone, and today, we’ll be taking a look at some of the best for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

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    Samsung Flip Wallet Cover

    galaxy note 3 accessories flip wallet cover

    The Samsung Flip Wallet Cover is designed to protect your Galaxy Note 3 without adding bulk to the already large device. The Flip Wallet Cover replaces the original back cover, and features the same leather-like finish and stitching detail. The display cover is magnetic, and reduces the possibility of display damage in case of an accidental drop. The case also features a slot on the inside, with enough space for ID or credit cards, and you can also talk on the phone while the display cover is closed. Access to all ports is available, along with easy access to the S-Pen. With numerous color options and the promise of protection and style, the Samsung Flip Wallet Cover is definitely a good choice. Buy now on Amazon for $49.99.

    AceAbove Leather Folio Case with protective stand

    galaxy note 3 accessories aceabove leather folio case

    The AceAbove Leather Folio Case provides the perfect combination of protection and a classy, elegant design, for a considerably low price. The case also includes the additional benefit of a stand, for viewing videos and movies in landscape mode, with multiple etched grooves, for the positioning the device to your optimal viewing angle. The inside of the case is lined with microfiber chamude (artificial leather) for better protection, and also features precise cutouts for ports, buttons, and the camera. Buy now on Amazon for $12.99.

    Honorable Mentions:

    Screen Protectors

    iSmooth Ultra Clear HD – 3 pack

    galaxy note 3 accessories ismooth screen protector

    The iSmooth Ultra Clear HD screen protector is made from the highest quality Japanese PET film, and promises clear and long lasting screen protection, with the additional benefit of lifetime replacements. Installation of this screen protector is very easy and most of the time bubble free. Most importantly, using this screen protector doesn’t affect S-Pen functionality in any way. The package comes with a premium microfiber cleaning cloth, four dust removal stickers, installation tips with video, and three ultra clear HD screen protectors. All this for $9.97 on Amazon.

    Cellto Ultra Clear Anti-Shock HD – 5 pack

    galaxy note 3 accessories cellto screen protector

    This is one of those cases where price doesn’t reflect on the quality of the product. The Cellto screen protector is easy to install, doesn’t leave any residue on removal, and features five layers of protection including self-cleaning and anti-scratch. The screen guard is precision cut to fit the Galaxy Note 3 display, and is crystal clear. Even though you get 5 screen guard sheets, this product also makes with a lifetime warranty. Buy now on Amazon for just $1.99.

    Honorable Mentions:

    Battery Extension

    Hyperion 6,400 mAh internal battery

    galaxy note 3 accessories hyperion extended battery

    The Hyperion 6,400 mAh extended battery for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 comes with a back cover as well, available in white or black, to accommodate the larger battery size. While this adds bulk and thickness, it’s worth it for the almost double battery life that is available to you. This product also features NFC/Google Wallet support, and a 2-year no hassle warranty, and is compatible with all US and International versions of the Galaxy Note 3. Buy now on Amazon for $27.99.

    RAVPower Element 10,400 mAh external battery bank

    galaxy note 3 accessories ravpower element battery pack

    This large 10,400 mAh external battery pack means that you don’t have to worry about losing battery life when on the go. This battery pack can charge your smartphone by as much as three times before needing to recharge (available charge is indicated by 4 LEDs), and is capable of supplying more than 500 recharge cycles in its lifetime. With dual charging ports, you can charge two devices at the same time as well.  Buy now on Amazon for $29.99.

    Honorable Mentions:

    • Anker Astro 5,600 mAh external battery bank ($29.99) – Buy now on Amazon
    • Anker 3,200 mAh spare internal battery with NFC/Google Wallet support ($15.99) – Buy now on Amazon
    • Caseology 3,200 mAh spare internal battery (non NFC) 2 pack ($18.99) – Buy now on Amazon


    VicTsing Desktop Dock

    galaxy note 3 accessories victsing desktop cradle

    The VicTsing Desktop Dock features a unique design that allows you to syc and charge your Galaxy Note 3, while also charging a spare battery as well. A built-in micro-USB slot allows you to connect it to your PC, and unlike a lot of other desktop docks on this list (the official Galaxy Note 3 isn’t available yet), this one features a USB 3.0 connection for the smartphone, allowing for faster charging and data transfer. Buy now on Amazon for $14.59.

    iBolt xPro Active Car Dock

    galaxy note 3 accessories ibolt xpro car dock

    The iBolt xPro Car dock features high quality rubber over-molds and a dual spring loaded metal latch to hold your smartphone in place. The design also allows access to volume and power buttons, and is compatible with all protective cases and covers. The product includes a Dock’n Drive app that can be used as your homescreen when the phone is docked, allowing access to multiple apps, and also includes an aux-out feature, letting you listen to you smartphone music (from Pandora, Spotify, and more as well) from your car speakers (with cars that have a aux port). Buy now on Amazon for $39.95.

    Honorable Mentions:

    Wireless Charging

    To use wireless charging with the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, you’ll need to pick up the Wireless Charging Cover for the smartphone. It replaces your existing back cover, and doesn’t draw away from the design aesthetics in any way. The wireless charging cover isn’t available yet, but is tagged as “Coming Soon.” Once released, you can pick it up directly from Samsung for $39.99. If you don’t want to wait, you can also pick up third party wireless charging receivers that are placed on the battery at the back. Some options for the Galaxy Note 3 include -

    CHOE Qi Wireless Charging Pad

    galaxy note 3 accessories choe wireless charging pad

    The CHOE Qi Wireless Charging Pad works with any Qi-enabled devices and will work with the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (with the new back cover or receiver, see above). The charging pad features a light indicator to show charging status. A flickering blue light indicates charging, steady blue light means charging is complete, and no light shows that the smartphone isn’t charging. Depending on thickness, the CHOE charging pad can work with some protective cases on as well. Buy now on Amazon for $29.99.

    LuguLake 6,000 mAh Qi Wireless Charging Pad

    galaxy note 3 accessories lugulake wireless charging pad

    The LuguLake wireless charging pad is portable and features a 6,000 mAh capacity to charge your smartphone wirelessly on the go. There is a grey rubber ring that stops the phone from sliding off if kept at an angle. Also requires the back cover or a Qi charging receiver. A beep is sounded when the device has connected and is charging your smartphone, and features blue LED indicators to show the status of the in-built battery of the charging pad. Buy now on Amazon for $62.49.


    Samsung Galaxy Gear

    samsung galaxy gear aa 21

    While not what a lot of tech enthusiasts expected, the Samsung Galaxy Gear proves to by surprisingly functional for anyone who doesn’t want to pull out their Galaxy Note 3 every time they get a notification or message. The Galaxy Gear provides features such as making and receiving calls, S-Voice integration, notifications (needs the phone to see the message, but opens relevant app straight away on the smartphone), photos, touchless voice memos, media controller, auto lock, pedometer, and more. Buy now on Amazon for $295.70.

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    • Note3dude

      There are some nice accessories from spigen! :D

      • RahulMacwan

        I got the neo hybrid in white sides and black rubber back and it looks awesome but my only dissapointment was the zagg screen cover if i wanna put it nicely i will say it was shit if u know any screenguard which literally covers the whole screen than let me know please..

        • doblammer

          Spigen makes the best screen covers. They’re pricey but it’s tempered glass and so far mine has no scratches at all and I use my phone with dirty hands on a construction site

    • Groud Frank

      I think more OEMs should push for making sure their devices have removable battery. For my tastes, this is the only thing Samsung does right. Loving that 6500 mAh battery!

    • n11

      I’d get a Note3 but I can’t get over how ugly touchwiz. Never will I get a samsung phone that has touchwiz.

      • Dave

        Get nova launcher. Contrary to what you may think, the S-pen apps are quite useful. I sell real estate and actually use the apps like multi-window, and others. I can see a myriad of uses for Multi-window.

      • Andrew

        Currently using touchwiz with aosp skin. Get to have the aosp looks without losing spen features.

        • Abhijeet Rastogi

          Can you please link me to the skin?

    • ssifd

      wow, what a wonderful accessory, whether they are totally spectacular.

    • Shiraz

      Is this a big advert for Amazon? Its a shame that you could not indicate where else we could purchase these items as Amazon does not ship to some countries like Australia.

    • Mary Hazlett

      Why aren’t these drips referring to Otterbox? The Note 3 Otterbox came out 3 weeks ago – direct from Otterbox for now- $60/$70. I got mine right away.

    • Blowntoaster

      I just want a normal thin bumper case to slap on the back. not a big fan of these flip covers…
      anyone know which manufacturer has released bumper cases for the Note 3 yet…

    • Maher Salti

      Too bad I can’t get my hands on the “AceAbove Leather Folio Case” from UK.

      I’ve had 2 cases already but both pretty useless and bulky..

      any recommendations?

    • vinh Huynh


    • Jay

      I see the offical S View Cover didn’t get a mention. For me, it’s the clear winner when it comes to cases.

    • PiquePique

      The VicTsing desktop dock is good but I would spend a little bit more for the samsung smart dock that has 3 usb ports and hdmi output. This turns your phone into a mini computer and it is compatible with the note 3! check out the demos here if interested:

    • Ben Veenstra

      Hahaha the Skinomi Techskin Ultra Clear screen protector mentioned here is on sale at amazon for 0.01$.. ;-)

    • Marlon Salazar Granados

      Wow, what wonderful news, totally elegance accessories.

      And new developments in her area of galaxy you the mobile technology has left surprised.