Samsung hard at work on 10.1- and 11.6-inch Full HD AMOLED display, says rumor

by: Brad WardMarch 21, 2013

Samsung Galaxy Logo aa - 600px

The rumor mill is firing up again. Only a day after hearing details about a Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Tab 3, Sam Mobile is reporting that they have information on a Galaxy Tab 3 Plus with a Super AMOLED Full HD display.

Samsung has seen a positive response regarding its AMOLED panels, which is why the company is getting ready to produce them on a larger scale. According to the publication, Samsung wants to make a high-end tablet that can compete with Apple’s and Sony’s premium tablets, the iPad and Xperia Tablet Z, respectively. While an exact screen size could not be confirmed, the insider suggests that the screen could be 10.1- or 11.6-inches in size.

Apparently, Samsung is hard at work developing the display and there are high chances of the Galaxy Note 3 Plus being unveiled at IFA in Berlin, Germany, along with the Galaxy Note 3.

Additionally, the insider confirmed that Samsung will be using an Exynos 5 generation chip in its upcoming premium line of tablets, which means that there are also high chances of the chip making its way into the Galaxy Note 3.

The Galaxy Tab 3 Plus makes a lot of sense considering that the only tablet Samsung really has competing at the premium level is the Nexus 10. The popularity of Samsung’s AMOLED displays has been immense, but I can’t help but wonder what happened to those flexible displays that we were supposed to see this year, although, Corning claims that flexible displays are at least three years out.

Keep in mind that these are just rumors and that they should be taken with a grain of salt. Hopefully we’ll be back with an update confirming their legitimacy soon though!

  • Nik

    If it has wacom pen support I’ll be getting it and selling the n10

  • Gerard R

    Full HD AMOLED? Oh come on, are they shooting themselves in the foot again? The 2560×1600 should be the standard for the 10.1-11.6 tabs, especially with Exynos 5 octa.

    • Roberto Tomás

      I don’t at all think they are shooting themselves in the foot to go with the HDTV standard dimensions. There’s an awful lot of content that is meant for exactly that kind of screen.
      I do have some questions about their display line up in general though. It seems like they should be targeting phones below 5″, phone-tablets at 18.4cm (~7.2″) bezeless or whatever size with bezels that comes that wide, and some >9″ tablet. Instead they have 8″-wth bezel and 6″-without bezel phone-tablets (one too big, the other too small), big purely-phone phones, and no good larger tablet at all (I know the Tab 3 LCD is supposed to be that, but the fact that it is LCD means that it isn’t).

  • I agree with Gerard. If OLED display technology can’t be manufactured past full HD, they should just retain the usage of LCD panels.

  • fukapple

    i have been waiting for 11.6 or even a 12+ inch for ever…go for it Samsung.

  • Iram Ali

    Sony Xperia Tablet Z! Best tablet available by far!

  • Iram Ali

    Who wants an ugly plastic Samsung Tablet? Not many!

  • Gustavo Camacaro

    Paragraph 3, line 2. It should read “Galaxy TAB Plus” instead of “Note”, right? Either way, I would like to see the new Note 3. I own the SGS3 and I like the S4 but my true love is the Note. In my country it is not safe to have such a big device in your hands as it could get stolen, or worse, they could kill you for it. Loving Samsung though! I am a former iPhone user and I like Android way more.

  • Roberto Tomás

    “…although, Corning claims that flexible displays are at least three years out.” Corning was very specific about their flexible substrates, not flexible substrates in general.