Samsung browser receives ad block support

by: Robert TriggsFebruary 1, 2016

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Ad blocking remains a contentious issue, but Samsung looks to be coming down on the side of anti-ads. Today, the smartphone giant is updating its Android browser to support content and ad blocking add-ons.

The Internet 4.0 browser, which is installed by default on Samsung’s phones and tablets, is seeing an update today on devices which are running Android Lollipop or newer. Samsung’s isn’t providing ad blocking capabilities as standard, but is now opening the door for users to install ad blocking add-ons from third parties if they wish. The aim appears to be to allow customers to speed up web page loading times and save on their data allowances, as advertisements can be rather bandwidth heavy, as well as better competing with features from popular browsers such as Chrome and Firefox.

One of the first compatible add-ons for Samsung’s browser is Adblock Fast, which is also available for Chrome, Opera and iOS devices. The plug-in is free to download from the Play Store and claims to decreases web page loading times on Android by an average of 51 percent. Crystal, one of the early ad blockers for iOS 9, is also now compatible with Samsung’s default browser and additional choices are no doubt on the way.

Ad blocking remains far less common on mobile that it is in the desktop space, but this is probably somewhat linked to the fact that some default Android browsers don’t provide ad blocking capabilities and many consumers stick with the pre-installed software. Samsung’s large install base could certainly see the number of ad block users increase now, although that will require users to go out of their way to install these extensions.

  • SamsaraGuru

    The advertisers have done this to themselves. It is to the point you feel like a school of piranha are closing in on you every time you visit certain websites. The page loading is constantly interrupted and “reshuffled” causing you to have to locate again the point you were reading. In their rush to be greedy the advertisers are killing the goose that laid the golden egg. Who knows, perhaps they will actually be forced to get a real job and produce something useful for society rather than continue to be the parasites on the body of the public that they usually are?

  • WAusJackBauer

    How to you actually update the browser? Through Galaxy apps?

    • Roby

      Probably, you can find the app if you search for “Internet” in Galaxy apps.

  • Diego Opazo SV-Cross

    But how webpages are going to get revenue? Creating an app and implementing ads to it? Sponsored articles? Creating a so-so youtube channel?
    is this really the way we are heading?

    • Syukri Lajin

      i wouldn’t be using adblockers in the first place if they are doing it right. i mean, ads that block half the content, ads that cause the cpu usage to go crazy(because of flash?), ads that made the browser to lag and stall, POP UPS!. no thank you.

      • Diego Opazo SV-Cross

        You are right, but not all ads are “that” intrusive or demanding.

        If you are always using an ad blocker by default, you’ll never know if the website should have used another kind of ads service.

        • Roby

          It really shouldn’t be up to the individual to check if each and every single site has (let’s call them) acceptable ads.
          Advertisers should get together and lay down some rules when it comes to advertising.
          Also, the kind of ads we have now can be quite dangerous for someone who’s unfamiliar with computers.

          I know what I’m doing but even I clicked on an ad disguised as a download button recently.
          So try to imagine what a “Speed up your computer”, “Win a free iPad” and the likes could do to my parent’s PC for example. I’d have to reinstall Windows when I get home, that would happen.

    • balcobomber25

      Webpages brought this on themselves, some sites are so loaded with ads they are unusable without adblock. I have two webpages open right now. On this one there are a moderate 10 ads being blocked, which isn’t bad at all. On another site I am on (just as big as this one) there are over 55 ads being blocked.

  • No. Samsung devices (New ones like the Note5) come with Internet v3.4. Not 4. 4 will be available via an update.

    • Kevin Aaronson

      With a firmware update? I can’t seem to find a way to update the app on a note 5, the one on the play store says its incompatible.

  • Hesham Othman

    Note 4 still rocks v2.x

  • balcobomber25

    Samsung gets ad revenue from some of those sites so they will make up for this with even more bloatware preisntalled on your phone.

  • Cakefish

    Huzzah! Mobile Chrome now needs extension support.

  • mrochester

    Excellent move. Google better start finding ways to make money other than advertising.

  • Cool, can’t wait to try it out. Looks like my S6 edge needs an update though, it has

  • Karly Johnston

    Just get Adguard…

  • nikolas ostropolskiy

    So when exactly is the Web browser getting this update?

  • Aki I.

    Samsung browser was good until they took out the ability to sync bookmarks with chrome

  • Bob Reilley

    I personally don’t mind static ads because I know Web sites need the income but pop up ads and scrolling ads make me not want to visit certain sites. Ad blocker support would be a welcome addition to Samsung’s browser. Web Sites brought the entire ad blocker problem on themselves by being so greedy.