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Rumors about the Galaxy S7 have been circulating since Samsung’s current smartphone hit stores – if not earlier – and while most have been seemingly based on sheer conjecture or else not worth repeating, today’s offering seems a bit more believable. Korean news outlet ETNews is reporting that the new super smartphone will make its official debut in January – possibly the 19th – and that there should be both a “premium” and a “sub-premium” variant.

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March 22, 2016

SamMobile had previously reported that this dual dichotomy is going to be a follow-up to the S6 and S6 Edge; the SM-G930 being the standard-affair offering, and the SM-G935 featuring the OEM’s iconic curved display.

Also mentioned in today’s rumor report is a claim that “Project Lucky” will use an ePoP chip to integrate all the necessary sensor components on a single die, an engineering strategy employed by the S6 to help improve efficiency.

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Spec-wise, the details are somewhat confusing. There may be several different processor variants depending on the market the S7 is sold in, and the flagship smartphone may use a pressure-sensitive display technology similar to what Apple has started marketing. Also slated are USB Type-C support and even a dual-camera arrangement with a brand new 20-megapixel primary sensor.

As with all rumors, this piece should not be considered as factual until Samsung so speaketh. The specs could change, and the product launch could even be held later than the typical MWC-debut. Just a few weeks back, some were claiming the S7 would be announced in December, for reference. Still, given the strategic decision to launch the Galaxy Note 5 (and S6 Edge+) earlier than usual, anything is possible.

  • Kiss my Asthma

    So are they really releasing 2 different sizes as was rumored before? If so, where does that leave the edge variant, and this right here is Samsung’s biggest mistake, inconsistency, and yes I realise that without these risks we wouldn’t have phablets today, but they drop support for their devices so quickly which in turn force their customers to shift to a more consistent experience (read: iPhone). I don’t understand Samsung, they have literally taken everything that makes the iPhone bad, like unremovable battery, no micro SD, and the thinness craze, then left everything that makes it great, like fast software updates, and consistency, I mean you never see Apple remove a feature from their phones, they decide what to add carefully and then stick with it, improving it over time till they perfect it. Which is in stark contrast with Samsung’s philosophy, of throw everything against a wall and whatever doesn’t stick remove in the next generation. This type of behaviour alienates customers and makes them afraid that there devices will not be supported for a long time, which unfortunately in more cases than not is true.

    • Daggett Beaver

      The iPhone outsells Samsung in the USA. So it’s obviously “everything that makes the iPhone bad” to YOU. Not to consumers. Consumers don’t seem to have a problem with these things, because they buy iPhones and Samsung phones above all the rest.

      • Kiss my Asthma

        Actually consumers, especially Android users have a problem with what Samsung decided to exclude from their phones this year, and that can be seen in their decreasing sales. Yes, the iPhone and Samsung’s phone do outsell other OEMs, but you could argue it’s due to their strong marketing push, and not exactly hardware relevant, at least in my opinion.

    • Hans Pedersen

      Nerd rage. And the real world couldn’t care less.

      • Kiss my Asthma

        I absolutely agree that no one cares in the real world, but we’re on a tech site so I guess the rage is kind of valid.

  • Poopik Shmill

    Just add sd card slot
    Please pretty please

    • José A. Medina

      And a little bit bigger battery, I don’t mind if the phone it’s 1 or 2 mm trickier

  • Jean sérien

    Add slot sd, and much bigger battery

  • ThatDudeKee

    didn’t you guys also announce that a Samsung folding dual screen phone was coming in January? Could that be one of the S7 premium versions or a different Samsung line all together?

  • WPhotography

    It is guaranteed to have 3D force technology. Of course everyone will say that they definitely are NOT imitating the iPhone…

    • kcz7

      UGHHHHHH, enough with the Apple BS. Guess what, the iPhone wasn’t the first phone with 3D Touch. Actually, it was called Force Touch and Huawei came out with it first. In fact, Apple changed it’s interpretation of Force Touch and labeled it 3D Touch (you know Apple, they want people to think they have something unique). Just for S&G sake, Huawei also beat Apple to the punch last year by releasing a phone with sapphire glass . . . . before the iPhone 6/6+. Therefore, go ahead and drop that “imitating iPhone/Apple” BS, because Apple is actually doing the imitating.

      • Toukale

        Are you talking about that rushed tech demo Huawei did that barely worked? If anything Apple showed force touch in September 2014 on their wacth, then the Mac and the whole world knew it was coming to the iphone for about a year. So Huawei rushed a demo out to say first lol. Not sure if you are serious about that, so yes, Apple saw Huawei’s tech demo and implemented theirs in a few days. Them boys in Cupertino worked some magic I tell you lol.

        • kcz7

          That’s a big thing to be “first” in the tech world. So, in the end, Huawei still beat them. If it was such a tech demo, why did Apple feel the need to change the name? Seeing how they had ‘force touch’ already implemented on their watch & Mac. Interesting right? But I’ll echo my above statement: “they want people to ‘think’ they have something unique.” I just don’t get that if they were so confident (that they would have the first true Force Touch phone) why did they feel the need to change the name? And let’s be real, all Force Touch/3D Touch provides is a ‘right click’ ability.

          • Toukale

            Normally I would jump all over your last comment, but I rather instead turn it into a teachable moment. If you must know, they change the name when various feedback made them aware of how easy the name “force touch” can be made into something not too flattering for their brand to be associate with (rape). The funny thing about your argument with Huawei showing their tech demo is that Chipworks did some digging about force touch tech the week of the iphone announcement, guess who does not have one force touch patent to their name? Although BB, Apple, Qualcomm and Synaptics all do. While Huawei showed a tech demo two weeks later Apple was shipping 13 million iphones with the tech well implemented. I will let the evidence do the talking there.

          • kcz7

            1) By all means, kind sir/ma’am, ‘jump’ all over as you please. I definitely wouldn’t be offended (see #2). I don’t wear my feelings on my shirt sleeve.
            2) Awwwwww….. changing the name for hypothetical reason(s)? Such PC nature. Yayyyyy. Sorry not sorry, I think having a PC nature is pathetic and weakening. However, I’m just a former military combat veteran who has a backbone & chooses to live my life for myself (not for someone else’s ‘feelings’).
            3) Why would they change it when they already named it for the watch & Mac (as I asked above)? So, you’re stating: they felt like it was good enough for those 2 items, then Huawei debuted something, then somehow & for some reason they changed the name because of “hypothetical situations/instances” . . . whatever, it’s Apple. Seems legit.
            4) You say “teachable moment” . . . I say “you’re defending your own opinion by saying you’re teaching something.”
            5) Patents. Ohhhh here we go with the Apple + patent topic. Patents are soooo great. I love it when a company patents something (for S&Gs), and then NEVER releases that product. BUT HOLD UP!!!! We have a patent for it. Therefore, YOU can’t use that. I’ll see you in court. Oh, patents…. such a tease.
            6) Hooray for Apple. They release one form factor of product when it comes to iOS. Here’s a theory to ponder: what if ALL of AndroidOS was under one distributing company of operation? Oh no! It might be quite the shocker for all those Apple fans quoting shipping sales.

          • Joel Thistle

            Who cares really tho. If you like apple and ios then you will buy their icrap (personal opinion). I personally don’t enjoy ios and i prefer the android eco system. Force touch or 3d touch just needs to bring functional usefulness to the phone. If it does great. If not its just a gimick.

          • kcz7

            Sorry not sorry. You took a full week to respond. I’m not even going to read your reply as I have moved on from that conversation/debate. Thanks to the Disqus homepage, I can reply without having to read you response. Good times. I bid you adieu & a good life. ;)

          • Thisath Ranawaka

            Which is why you responded to a totally different person who actaully sort of supported your opinion.
            Next time, you should actaully be looking at what your replying to, and not risk doing stuff like that.

          • kcz7

            Not sure who you are or what you’re commenting about, but I’ll restate my previous statement: Thanks to the Disqus homepage, I can reply to you without having to read your comment. Therefore, seeing how you aren’t even the person I was debating with, I really don’t see the need nor care to read your comment. Whatever you said was wasted time, because the point/subject of your reply is nonexistent to my time. I, as an open minded individual, will give you some precious seconds to type this reply to you stating that I haven’t read your reply. Hahahahaha….. fun times, I must say. Good day sir or ma’am.

          • Thisath Ranawaka

            Aaaaaah that’s what you get for not reading. I was pointing out the exact same point to you. That you’re replying to someone who wasn’t in the argument in the first place.
            God, you won’t see this, so I’m gonna be laughing at your stupidity behind your back.
            People these days.

        • jasonlowr

          are you talking about the pressure-sensitivity capacitive touchscreen the Note phones already have for ages? Becasue the so-called “3D touch” bullshit is basically just the same pressure-sensitivity screen as the Notes. Wake up.

  • Aridon

    Honestly I couldn’t care less about Samsung anymore. I’d rather the Nexus line, heck even the Moto pure or any number of other quality handsets coming carrier agnostic.

  • Robert Henderson

    I don’t give a crap anymore after being a loyal Samsung customer for years. I held onto my note 3 waiting and waiting for those idiot engineers over there to just add some front facing speakers and maybe refine their design & materials. What do they do? They decrease the maximum storage I can have, go to fragile ugly fingerprint magnet glass material and still don’t add front facing speakers, while pushing the price close to $1,000 after tax. Samsung can KMA, my Nexus 6 P is already pre-ordered. Please excuse any errors as this was voice dictated on the fly.

  • PintoloMay

    Meanwhile, I’m impatiently awaiting rumors about moto G 2016, I really hope this to be my phone.

  • V-Phuc

    There were some rumors that Samsung may go with different processor, Snapdragon 820 or 830, and perhaps will have the ability to support the microSD. I wouldn’t hold my breath though. My prediction is the current features on their flagship devices such as Note 5, S6, S6+, Edge will continue for another year. So those who are disappointed by the lack of microSD, smaller battery, non-removable back, lack of IR, etc. will just have to bear their disappointment for another year. My opinion is based on how long it took Samsung to change (almost) everything from the S4 to the current crop. Not the end of world though. There are plenty of other devices worthwhile the look, especially MXPE, G4, V10, etc.

  • The-Sailor-Man

    Same and same BS rumors every year, that the apple’s propaganda make to sabotage the S6/Edge/Plus sale before the Christmas shoping. LOL
    Imagine what would happen with iPhone 6S holydays sale, if there are rumors on all media about iPhone 7 coming January?
    How could AA think that some OEM could release new flagship January??? When all the ppl have spent their money? Or helping Apple and sabotaging Samsung is more important for you?

  • The-Sailor-Man

    If there is some truth in this BS rumors , it could only be the release of Note 5 EU version.
    ‘Not So Premium’ with beautiful removable leather back. This ‘premium’ sealed Note 5 version was meant only for US iboys . Right?
    We all know that ppl in Europe are not so iBraiwashed and they mostly pay the full price for their phones.
    And again- SamMobile has nothing to do with Samsung. This site is made by the apple’s propaganda to hit Samsung from the back. Same as Cult Of Mac guys create Cult Of Android. LOL

    • Thisath Ranawaka

      I don’t which part of Europe your talking about, but if Americans are iBoys, you obviously haven’t seen Britain… Bloody everyone has an iPhone it’s disgusting how these people are brainwashed.
      British are very very apple brainwashed, so you must be talking about the rest of Europe.
      And honestly, although I don’t agree with what you say about SamMobile, Samsung has said that they’ll introduce the Note 5 in Europe during January (officially too I think).
      So if they do release the S7 in Jan, it release Worldwide with the Note 5 European release.

  • Aman

    they should have back the IP67 certification to the phone like S5 … i like my S5 because of water resistant …

    • Jura

      Thank you! I keep saying how useful water resistance is for phones (love my s5) and everybody dismisses it.

  • dontsh00tmesanta

    Fix ram

  • Nickolas

    We need a much better battery.

  • galaxy s6 wasn’t great at sales. i have an idea – let’s make galaxy s7!

  • Alonzo H

    only thing that hurts s6 was was the small battery I have to charge my phone 3 times a day

    • Ethan


  • Alonzo H

    Good can’t wait