Rumor: Galaxy S6 could feature glass back panel and non-removable battery

by: Matthew BensonJanuary 19, 2015

Samsung Galaxy Alpha-32

Project Zero“, aka the Samsung Galaxy S6, is rapidly approaching a fever pitch the likes of which Samsung has arguably never seen before. This is in part, however, because the company itself is in a situation which it too has never seen before: diminishing profits and market share among Android smartphones due to keen competition from neighboring China. It is no secret that the second half of 2014 was a financial pain for the Korean company, and amid talk of a totally redesigned product, all eyes are most certainly trained on the S6, and the purported “Dual Edge” variant that may release alongside it.

Korean site DDaily is reporting quite possibly the wildest rumor yet: that the Galaxy S6 will eschew the recent metal marriage and instead get glued on glass. Double sided, of course. Citing an unnamed “Samsung official,” the source claims that although both the new flagship and the Edge model will utilize a metal frame (a la the Alpha, Note 4, and Note Edge), the back panel will be made of glass (presumably of a Corning-sanctioned variety). Both devices are also said to come with a non-removable battery.

moto x vs nexus 4 aa nexus 4 standing

Could this “ancient” device actually hold the missing link between Samsung and the Galaxy S6?

While there have been any number of rumors attesting to the materials to be used on the Galaxy S6, this is the first time glass has been name-dropped. It remains to be seen whether or not this rumor holds water; for now, though, adopting glass would put the S6 in select company: from major devices, only Sony’s Xperias and the recently announced Mi Note feature glass backs.

The recent trend has been metal, and even Samsung itself began to adopt it with the introduction of the Galaxy A and E series, both of which use all-metal frames. However, Samsung is said to be facing production yield issues with the A series. Given the extremely large quantity of devices that would need to be manufactured to meet flagship-scale demand, it’s absolutely essential that the S6 be free of any problems that might hinder supply.

Provided this report is accurate, it will be interesting to see how Samsung’s fan base reacts to the sealed battery. The ability to swap batteries has long been a feature that Samsung’s supporters have touted as a key advantage of Galaxy devices. It’s possible that Samsung decided that the sacrifice is worth it, but the backlash could be vicious.

Regardless of what eventually pans out, 2015 is definitely shaping up to be a big year for smartphones, and in some ways that’s a surprise. Since 2013, Android phones have more-or-less converged when it came to features and specs. Whereas the prospects of this year may have looked somewhat stale before, with HTC, Sony, LG and Samsung seeking to raise the bar, things are anything but boring.

  • systemupdate

    Would they really choose Glass when everyone is going for Full Metal? I personally doubt it.

    • ed

      Apparently “everyone” means HTC and Apple.

  • mi

    This is peculiar, is this source reliable?

  • Gabi Dipla

    If it looks like the xperia line, it could be a hit…

    • Louie Kulla

      Guaranteed flop like last years s5

  • Stefan Vacarita

    DUAL EDGE,.. KICK ASSSS!!!!! AWESOME , probbaly not the price.

  • Emmet

    Non-removable battery? I seriously can’t see Samsung doing this to their S-Series phones as many users look for a removable back to replace the battery in time of need.

    • jd

      Couldn’t agree more. Personally, I don’t like being tied down to a charger or battery pack. I want to swap out my batteries and keep going.

      • Cory

        Well you are a twat

    • IncCo

      People who change the battery are a seriously tiny minority. I dont think this would be impossible for samsung to ignore.

      • Dark_Laser

        Except then there’s almost no reason to buy a Samsung phone. I seriously doubt they would start removing features.

      • Emmet

        That is true, but I do see it as a great feature that a lot of other phone companies ignore.

      • m toebay

        I think you are mistaken. Go to Amazon and look at all the batteries for the Galaxy s3, or s4 or s5 for that matter. There are MANY to choose from and many people obviously purchase them. If there were no demand, the supply would be minimal.
        There are may advantages to having a swappable battery. It becomes a matter of form vs. function. If you care more about how cool your phone looks versus how usable it is, then I suppose it doesn’t matter

        • Cory

          You are a moron

          • m toebay

            Yes, because I can swap my battery mid-day and not be tied to my charger… how stupid is that

          • MattEgansHairLine

            The truth comes out, your Samsung battery only last a few hours! I’d guess by you phrasing three hours if you are lucky?!? my old iPhone 4 battery hold its charge better.

            That’s why you need to be able to swap batteries! Are they still using the old Nokia battery? Looks that way.

            And Cory, he’s a twat, not a moron

    • Louie Kulla

      Samsung batteries are known to explode.

      • Emmet

        Who did you hear that from? I heard recently that Nexus batteries are known to explode.

        • AdazeeI

          Batteries explode in general.

          • MattEgansHairLine

            All batteries are pretty dangerous, they have to suck up power quickly and can discharge it just as quickly. Batteries catch fire, expand and leak.
            why anyone with half a brain would want one loose in a pocket or bag is beyond me.

      • Daniel D

        Funny you mentioned exploding bateries… The iPhone 6 of a friend of mine caught on fire because of the battery.

    • Guest

      Looks like they want to give Xiaomi customers a reason to pay more for Samsung, higher grade materials a la Apple. As an Apple fan I can say that they will soon realize that they can and never will be Apple. Apple succeeds at premium pricing for one reason, they have the most talented software and hardware designers in the entire industry.

      • Marty

        Yet iOS isn’t as good as Android. I have Apple devices and Android devices. Android is far more usable and reliable than iOS, in my experience. Apple hardware is second to none, that’s plain and clear. But Apple software isn’t as good as Apple wants people to believe.

        • MattEgansHairLine

          Except the people who make android don’t agree with you, why else did the head of messaging at roid apologise for the “mess”.

          Why are there so many pages on this site explaining how to get round issues with roid devices?

          Why are there so few people rocking the latest version of Roid? (1.6%).

          You can state it, but the facts are most buyers of iPhone 6 were Roiders returning after listening to people like you procrastinate about how good Roid is but they returned to Apple once there contracts were up, why, because your hyperbole didn’t match experience. AAPL shareholders thank you and all like you.

          • m toebay

            ((Why are there so many pages on this site explaining how to get round issues with roid devices?))
            A) There are ton of similar pages for iOS
            B) When you are at the LEADING edge of mobile s/w development there are going to be bugs and other issues. This would be a minimal problem except for the fact that there are multiple developers implementing different features on dozens of different Android devices, often utilizing different hardware configurations. The beauty of this model: each consumer is free to choose his or her device based on the features/hardware most important the individual.

            ((Why are there so few people rocking the latest version of Roid? (1.6%).))
            A) Because there are dozens of Android devices spanning MANY years with different hardware and different capabilities ALL STILL IN USE. And, not every Android mobile device is a high-end device.
            Compare that to Apple; they have ONE mobile device with one core set of hardware. Because they control all (read:one) of their devices, every device has the latest version (more or less). This is the safer, more stable way to be sure; it is also why Apple is anywhere from 1-3 years behind Android in functionality and features.

            ((You can state it, but the facts are most buyers of iPhone 6 were Roiders
            returning after listening to people like you procrastinate about how
            good Roid is but they returned to Apple once there contracts were up…
            -Now who’s engaging in hyperbole??
            -Oh, wait, that’s basically all you do
            Now you’re just pulling sh!t out of your ass

          • MattEgansHairLine

            I stopped reading your comment when you suggested that roid is at the ‘leading edge’, I have to chuckle at that.

            Everything you call innovation on Roid is a copy of an App store app.

            While you may think running an OS as a virtual machine ontop of the original OS is cutting edge, the rest of the world see it as Rubins original had to be redesigned in less than a year once he and DeSalvo saw the iPhone (you may need to Bing that, It’s not part of googles marketing, so might not turn up on its search) so they stuck a system ontop of the original, why else work in a clunky, lag inducing way? And why did Intel have to step in to get Roid 64-bit?

            Cutting edge isn’t half finished product sold at premium prices, its technical term is marketing junk to buffoons.

            Even Microsoft has just made Glass look so last century. You know your products are bad when even Microsoft design, think and position itself better in one day when you’ve spent two years trying to push the worst designed product of this century.

            As a business suggestion, maybe Google should stop hiring Apples cast-offs and has-beens and stick to data-rape cos they can’t sell jack.

            See, it’s not as effortless as Apple make it look now is it!

  • Marty

    Hmmm…Sony might have something to say about using glass on the back. ;)

  • KenanSadhu

    My phone is now ancient =(

  • Telveer

    No removable battery is a no-no, unless they develop some kind of miracle battery that cam procide extra long life and sustain a very large number of discharge cycles without degrading. And ofcourse, if the back can not be opened, I expect wireless charging to be built in, and some other provsion for expanding storage.

    • Cory

      You need to join the year 2015. Everything you said is outdated nonsense

      • Telveer

        The only nonsense I see here is your post!

  • BMF

    I can’t believe that Samsung would use glass. I agree with Emmet. Samsung would turn off so many loyal customers if they did this. It would be like an automaker switching an entire car line over to electric power (any Corvette owners out there?). I’m looking forward to the S6, having come up through the S2 and currently the S4. If this rumor is true, I would go for the Note 4.

  • namesib

    After their ‘wall huggers’ advert? I doubt this is true.

  • mikegonzalez2k

    Having a removable battery isn’t just about those who constantly swap out, about easy maintenance. Ask anyone in IT. If that phones battery is faulty they can simply walk into a retail store and buy a replacement battery. Non-removeable would mean shipping the entire phone back to the manufacturer. Apple can do this because it has retail stores that can handle this on the spot. Samsung however does not. Do you want to wait 3-5 business days for your phone replacement? This would be grossly inefficient.

    • q

      Or you could go on amazon buy the screw driver and battery for under $10 and replace the unusable battery in under 5 minutes. I’ve done this on many iphones. You people are so fixated on a battery it’s ridiculous.

      • mikkelmus
        • MattEgansHairLine

          i though all you roiders were techie experts?

          Funny how seven screws scare you!

        • FuzzimcFuzz

          that is a long and unnecessary process compared to just peeling off the back cover and swapping the battery

      • That’s not the point. The point is the end consumer shouldn’t be inconvenienced by having to unscrew the cover (thus voiding their warranty) to reach what always has been, and always should be, a user accessible component.

        • MattEgansHairLine

          Funny how your suddenly worried about warranty, I thought you were all voiding it by dropping Roms and jail breaking them? No?

          Brass tacks here, I stopped buying spare batteries since the Nokia 8210, and if you are that desparte, get a AA battery charger, far safer than putting a fake battery (which is what some of you have infured by the prices you suggest) in a bag or pocket.

          How dangerous are these batteries, very and with them getting more powerful, securing them safely is good design from a safety standpoint.

          Seeing as seven screws scare most of you, I would say for safety, they should weld the backs on Roider devices.

        • Cory

          The end consumer doesn’t give a fuck

      • m toebay

        And the benefit of your way is???
        I can go to amazon and buy a battery for under $10, or two batteries and a charger for $20 and swap at will without using a screwdriver or VOIDING my warranty. You may not be inconvenienced by Apple’s rigid use-as-we-dictate model, (sadly a model foisted upon android uses by the likes of Verizon and misguided but “all knowing” bloggers), but I for one want to use MY phone, MY way; and that includes swapping batteries as they get older

        • MattEgansHairLine

          …Google’s Nexus, Motorola, HTC, Lenovo, LG, Sony. It’s only Samsung, they may catch up one day

      • mikegonzalez2k

        I personally am not affected by non-removable battery, with the right IT tools it’s easy to do. I’m referring to the average user. Most people concern themselves with the cost of warranty which is voided by such removal. I personally make more than most people on this forum so $1k to get a retail phone doesn’t mean shit to me, it’s pennies compared to my annual salary. It’s like the money people like you spend on lunch every day.

        • Gliedmeister

          AHahahaha tough guy detected

    • Wayne

      And who wants to depress the power button for a half an hour to restart when the device locks, freezes or becomes unstable. Simply pull out the battery. Quick & efficient.

      • Cory

        Yeah no. We have this thing called hard restart. Only twats care about removable batteries

        • Wayne

          True but twats know the advantages to having a removable battery, jerks don’t.

        • Hmmmm

          WE have this thing called an extended battery that doesn’t fit in the normal case. We also have this thing called not having to wait for the one battery we have to recharge. Just because you don’t get it makes everyone else a twat? I feel sorry for that twat you came out of….SMH

          • Cory

            Yes they are a twat. And you are a drongo. Now rack right off.

    • Cory

      How do you function being Sarah Palin levels of stupid?

      • MattEgansHairLine


      • mikegonzalez2k

        If you were even capable of studying Quantum Electro Dynamics at the level I do on a regular basis then perhaps you might in your entire life do something meaningful. I’m sorry your life up to this point has been an utter failure. I can’t image the burden you feel at your meaningless job.

  • Mike Bastable

    Sounds like Samsung is seriously lacking inspiration… These things have been done. They NEED a totally new design ethos, get back to pushing the envelope.. The screen edge thing is just a huge comprise and not destined to be a hit. I really hope they go for a proper total rethink, they need to out premium the premium handsets, no buttons and an audacious Touchwiz redesign
    Anything less than a totally new look, unique to Samsung, will be a fail.

  • Gamblor77

    I seriously hope this is misinformation to set the bar low and they come through with something spectacular, without compromise. If they don’t I think this will fuel the fire of Samsung’s decline.

    Glass and non-removable battery would be a serious deal-breaker for me. I’m already half leaning toward the HTC M9 as a replacement for my Note 3 and this would probably tip the scales. With all the problems Apple and Sony had with glass, why the hell would someone else choose to use glass? Even if it’s Gorilla glass 4 it makes no sense! It’s a fingerprint magnet, it gets scratched/shattered AND it’s way less premium than metal, kevlar, carbon fiber, pleather or pretty much any other material they could have used. Fingers crossed that this is a joke or I’m sure a lot of people will be PISSED!

  • Zman

    No removable battery = NO SALE!

    • Cory

      And you are in a tiny minority and a twat.

  • Louie Kulla

    Samsung is losing ground.. Everything they put out … Flops.. They are closing their stores one by one.. Most of them not reported in the media.. They stop making / selling laptops in Europe. And Their own business finance treasury Dept . Forecast a negative 2015… So if you bought a note 4 now… You would be left on your own in the next few months…. There are 40 million unsold units of the galaxy s5 .. To cut their loses, they would use components of the old units and rebrand them as s6…

    • Terrence Thompkins

      How is selling more phones than any other OEM considered a flop? They might not have sold as many as they would like to have. But they have sold more than the M8,G3, Nexus, and Sony’s offerings. No one would call these flops as well.

      • MattEgansHairLine

        This is what happens when you spend $14.5bn on marketing, have unrealistic RRPs and use the same OS as everyone else, but worse.

        They discounted from day one with the S5, even giving TVs away to get the sales figures up, why not just start with a realistic RRP?

        Apple’s 2014 marketing budget for all product lines: $1.4bn. Samsung increased there budget by… $1.4bn to $14.5bn.

        Touch wiz has a terrible rep, every feature only happened in reaction to Apple, and poor implementation to boot, fingerprint scanner anyone?

        • Terrence Thompkins

          First off, that guy I replied to is a troll. He trolls every Samsung articles with the same response word for word. So I can’t even take him serious. Second, this is not about what Apple is doing. Third, Samsung is selling more phones than some of these OEM’S combined. So I’m just wordering why aren’t we calling these flops? Probably because it’s just cool to hate who’s ever on top. I remember when HTC got the same hate. Now tha HTC is the underdog, they can do no wrong.

  • basejumpbr

    If the battery is non removable..what s happen with the SIM Card slot and Micro SD SLOT?? get inside device??

    • Paul M

      Look at the Sony phones, no problem there making waterproof phones with glass backs, SIM and memory card slots.

  • buck

    Won’t be buying it if….it is larger than the s4….a glass back which could break easily….and especially a non-removable battery which could be changed out in a flash if needed. Already considering other options cause of touchwhiz. This would put the icing on the cake.

    • Cory


  • Daniel D

    I can’t belive that in a few years when my note 4 will ask for a change I will be forced to be wall neighbour with crapple fans in airports and other long waiting institutes. All these years I’ve been hearing people complaining about battery life and I haven’t even felt that problem not even a tiny bit with samsung phones and spare batteries.

    • MattEgansHairLine

      Two years, if your lucky, Samsung only provide updates for two years (and only certain models the Notes may not get that kind of coverage), the life of the device.

  • Whatever1234

    Looks like they want to give Xiaomi customers a reason to pay more for Samsung, higher grade materials a la Apple. As an Apple fan I can say that they will soon realize that they can and never will be Apple. Apple succeeds at premium pricing for one reason, they have the most talented software and hardware designers in the entire industry.

  • James Theodore Retuya

    while i can understand the value of removable batteries, i haven’t had the need to replace my phones’ batteries for nearly a decade now. i still do like the idea, however, of being able to swap batteries when necessary.

    • MattEgansHairLine

      Er, you just said you haven’t in ten years, where is the necessity?

      • James Theodore Retuya

        There wasn’t personally. But the thought that i had the option to swap batteries should the need arise was welcome. Is still welcome actually.

        • MattEgansHairLine

          Cool, just wondering

  • toboev

    The only reason we tolerate a glass front is because it needs to be transparent. Why visit the same problem-prone material on the back when there is absolutely no need? Madness!

    • Paul M

      Totally agree.
      When I carry a bottle of water with me on a hot day, it’s a plastic bottle not a fancy crystal glass thing which is expensive and fragile.

    • Paul M

      Oops, autocorrect struck again, fixed.

  • CheezyBubble

    Well, to all those guys that kept complaining about cheap plastic and cheap build quality on Samsung phones, here you go. Don’t complain that you cant remove the battery.

    • Marty

      Never switched out a battery. Never needed to. Bring on the full metal jacket! Hoorah! :D

      • Nikki

        Hmmmmm. This is true LOL. Almost every electronic smartphone i have ever had, i have never needed to change batteries for any reason…

    • toboev

      I think you will find many owners appreciate that polycarbonate is a better engineering choice than metal in this application. The bloggers just follow their own fantasies, and don’t have to rationalise spending their own money nor contemplate keeping the phone beyond its first scratch or dent.

      • Cory

        How stupid are you

  • Cristian

    Sorry Samsung, if you close the battery compartment, you will lose this client, and millions more, that is a fact!

    • Cory

      Yeah no. No one cares about removable batteries.

  • Karly Johnston

    Android phones have converged to mimic everything people hate about iPhones.

    • Paul M

      In my not so humble opinion, these trends are driven by bloggers who have at best hours to form an opinion about a new phone.
      Thus they only care how it looks and feels in the hand.
      We the buyers and long term owners get to discover how well the phone performs in the long run.. so replaceable backs and batteries, easily repairable screens, good radio performance because signals aren’t blocked by thick metal bodies, etc, become secondary considerations to making sure the phone impresses bloggers.

      • toboev

        very true. The whole “premium” fixation seems to be driven by bloggers who are not considering the phone from the same perspective as someone contemplating parting with several hundred notes. Factor in herd psychology and they all end up following eachother’s opinions for safety, unfortunately divorced from reality.

        • MattEgansHairLine

          Or just follow the biggest marketing budgets… ahem samsung

    • MattEgansHairLine

      Bloody Apple and there phones that work, do they not know that fingerprint scanners should only work once in a while?

  • Jesus

    Haters are like:

    omg samsung should have a more elegant back, replacable battery isn’t the issue…

    omg we need replacable batteries…

    • CheezyBubble

      Sounds like Apple
      BEFORE: you don’t need a big screen, small phones are where it’s at
      NOW: big phones are the best
      BEFORE: God gave us ten fingers, we dont need a stylus
      NOW: lets make a stylus

      • MattEgansHairLine

        Reminds me of roiders who are like:
        Blackberry style keyboards are the bomb, multi-touch is stupid…
        Flip-out keyboards are the bomb, multi-touch is stupid…
        Expensive phones are stupid…
        Well made phones are stupid…
        iPads are stupid…
        Google doesn’t control their copy of the App Store, but are right to pull apps from it…
        What’s a retina screen…
        What’s an os that works…
        What is a stylus… oh from the Apple Newton, now I know what a stylus is…
        Oh you mean Simlarsungs stylus does just what the Newtons did…
        Oh so Apples stylus does all these other things, when Similarsung copy it badly, do we still pretend Simlarsung did it first…
        Customer service is stupid…
        Opening stores is stupid…
        Privacy is like stupid…
        I don’t fall for marketing, I just really like that Similarsung care enough to spend $14.5billion making sure I know when to queue…
        Queues are stupid…
        Fingerprint scanners that work are stupid, it should only work one in every ten attempts…
        Innovations are when Similarsung puts something on a device that doesn’t work…
        Oh it will work on the next one…
        32-bit is better than 64-bit…
        Profits are stupid.

        • CheezyBubble

          What you said has nothing to do with my comment. Android companies have rarely denied an idea and then implemented it later.

          • MattEgansHairLine

            Are you sure, really? Let’s do one at a time:
            32-bit is better than 64?

          • CheezyBubble

            No company ever said that it was better…

          • MattEgansHairLine


        • m toebay

          Apple Newton???
          Really There’s a shining example? And stylus has been working fine on a multitude of devices for YEARS
          Apple doesn’t pull apps at will?
          So not true
          What is a retina screen?
          Hype and marketing. It is not even close to the resolution of your retina
          “I don’t fall for marketing”
          see above.
          Apple pay: the latest innovation… three years later
          But you don’t fall for the marketing and hype
          Android: It’ll work on the next one
          Mac: It WON”T work on the next one… unless you buy a new one

          • MattEgansHairLine

            How old is s your s3?

            Like the rest of your comment, full of shit.


          • m toebay

            You’re right, because I erred in the age off my s3, that invalidates my entire commentary!

            Go ahead dispute ANY OTHER potion.

          • MattEgansHairLine

            Nice, lie then get caught in the lie and blame me for your lie about upgrades. Go to Scr-U-gle own website where it is stated by Scr-U-gle in black and white.

            PS I am still waiting for a point you haven’t made one yet DH

          • m toebay

            You have validated ALL my points for me. Thank-you.

            I admit it; my s3 is two years old.
            That’s all you got!
            Prove any other statement I made false

          • MattEgansHairLine

            Every word I said in my statement is true, the onus is on you, even a modicum of education would tell you that.

            You lied to make a false point, that means again, it is down to you to provide proof.

            I’ve looked at your posts on this item and they are just wild, made-up fantasies to trol for an argument, so I will ignore you until you can come up with a cogent argument.

            Stop lying and get some facts, maybe if you used Bing instead of Scr-U-gle you would have some facts and not marketing bullshit to back up your drivel.

            You have a distorted reality that has been affected by the biggest marketing budgets in the world, don’t feel bad about being misinformed, but get some real information from real sources.

          • m toebay

            “Every word I said in my statement is true, the onus is on you, even a modicum of education would tell you that.”
            —|You have made ONE single statement: my GS3 is not five-years old.
            —|I misspoke; I do not dispute that fact. You conveniently ignored the rest of the question

            “You lied to make a false point, that means again, it is down to you to provide proof.”
            —|No, I misspoke concerning the age of my S3. But it is a FACT that the charging cable —|for my S3 also charges my S5… as well as my FIVE-YEAR-OLD Motorola Droid.

            “I’ve looked at your posts on this item and they are just wild, made-up fantasies to trol for an argument, so I will ignore you until you can come up with a cogent argument.”

            —|The amount of irony in this statement is laughable. I have commented on a total of —|SEVEN statements from your original post, and all you have done is attack me —|personally, You have not addressed a single “wild accusation” other than the fact that —|the S3 (which I OWN) in not five years old… It is the only argument you have (which is —|a moot point anyway) and it is the only “argument” you have made.

            You obviously have no intention of defending the points you made in your original post, and the reasons are obvious to those following this ridiculous exchange (can you say troll?). Your statements have been neither cogent (so perhaps you should visit for the definition), nor civil (read: mature).

            But still I would be more than happy to engage you on ANY point in my rebuttal save that of the age of my TWO-YEAR-OLD S3… which you can’t seem to let go for chrissake.

          • MattEgansHairLine

            1. You do realise you still haven’t made point yet?

            2. in your above typed comment, you mention your handsets age at least five times, if someone can’t let go it is you.

            3. yes, everyone (including haemorRoiders) think your a bit of a wanker.

          • m toebay

            Here are the things I have come to realize:
            You are either 14 or work in an apple store (no offence to 14 year-olds).
            You have no intention of actually engaging in a conversation about that which you posit, you really just like to spew apple propaganda, then denigrate those who call you on it.
            You are incapable of parsing multiple points in a post unless they are numbered, so, let me lay them out for you and see if you will respond with something other than “you lie” or other such nonsense that you typically employ.
            Here were the points that I originally made:
            Number 1
            -Apple Newton? there’s a shining example
            First off, and to my point, the Newton was an abject (this word means utterly hopeless, miserable, humiliating, or wretched) failure. Why you would use it in an example is beyond me. Samsung didn’t copy
            apple’s stylus a)because it wasn’t Apple’s in the first place, and B) because Apple’s implementation was a failure.
            Pen computing with handwriting recognition has been around since the 1980’s. Apple released the Newton in 1993, along with IBM’s ThinkPad, and IBM’s Simon… to name a few. All of these devices had a stylus and each sucked in one way or another. No one was able to get it right until 1996 when U.S. Robotics released the Palm. It was wildly popular and had great success for a good 15 years. To say Samsung copied Apple by using a stylus is asinine. your exact quote was “What is a stylus… oh from the Apple Newton, now I know what a stylus is…so Apples stylus does all these other things, when Similarsung copy it badly”
            *Apple did not invent the stylus.
            *Almost no-one, (except old people like me and apple employees who are indoctrinated with all things Apple) even know what this device was.
            So What is the successful Apple stylus-device that Samsung copied badly?
            Care to comment?

            Number 2
            -Apple doesn’t pull apps at will?
            you said “Google doesn’t control their copy of the App Store, but are right to pull apps from it…”
            I’m not really sure what point you are trying to make, but you make it sound as if whatever google does as it concerns its app store is bad because it will pull apps even though google is supposed to be “open and accessible” so you should be able to post whatever app you wish…
            My point was, that Apple also pulls apps. In fact Apple exercises FAR more control over the apps it allows in its store than Google
            Care to comment?

            Number 3
            (so this was probably a difficult one for you, because it integrated TWO distinct points into one comment… sorry)
            What’s a retina screen?
            You made that same statement, as if it meant something.
            It doesn’t. It’s hype and marketing… not that you would fall prey to such nonsense
            The eye has a “pixel” density (number of photoreceptors per of ~199,000/mm2
            at its highest (in the fovea) and about 170,000/mm2 at its lowest (Curcio et al., 1990). Your retina display has ~140/mm2 At some point Steve Jobs decided (after some calculations) that 300 pixels/inch (~140pixels/mm2 ) were all you needed at 12 inches for the pixels to become imperceptible with 20/20 vision (6/6 for you limeys), and that, he decided, was the same as the resolution of the retina… but most people have better than 20/20 and some still have a visual acuity TWICE 20/20 (that would be 20/10 or 6/3)… Either way, it’s not the resolution of your retina, or even close.
            I will also say, if it’s one thing Apple does better than most, it’s hype and marketing
            Care to comment?

            I could keep going, but I fail to see a reason… unless you have a specific comment related to statements I’ve made and would like clarification or would like to actually challenge me on a POINT as opposed to just shouting “liar liar” like a child.

          • MattEgansHairLine

            Still waiting for you to makes point little boy!

          • m toebay

            Here’s the point:
            You’re the troll and I’m the wanker who feeds you.

  • Chin Huat Tan

    Poor decisions lead to poor sales. It will come back to haunt them. Cannot understand why they love to chase customers away.

  • toboev

    It’s not eough that the front scratches and breaks?

  • MattEgansHairLine

    five years ago, this would have been fresh, now it just looks like an old iPhone.

  • cutcutpaste

    When I lived in Korea I practically depended on having a second battery. Leaving for work at 8am on a Friday would often result in finding myself in a cab at 4 or 5am with a long-dead battery if I didn’t keep my spare on me. In fact all phones there ship with 2 batteries and an external charging dock for the second battery. Samsung would be committing suicide in their homeland if they really did this. Cell phone use there is much higher, they have full LTE signals on the subway and people burn through battery life like crazy. I switched to a Nexus 5 when I came back and couldn’t stand having a dead battery at around 7 or 8pm every night so I was constantly plugging in at work which drove me nuts. My OnePlus One is much, MUCH better and I can often get through 24 hours+ on a single charge, but I’d still love to have the option to swap in a second battery. It was very useful for me on long trips as well where I’d use my phone for much of a long plane ride, land and be able to swap in a fresh battery.

  • Wayne

    I hope they don’t do something ridiculous like switch to virtual navigation keys, physical buttons are always better.

  • mmm

    I hope Samsung does not go to non-removable batteries. I’m hoping to buy the Note 5 as my next phone, but if it’s non-removable, then I guess I buy an LG phone I know nothing about.

  • Cory

    Samsung doing the tying they know best. Copy copy copy the competition.