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A quick skim through the comments left on Android Authority will show any interested reader that longer battery life is one of the key features that smartphone users want. Although smartphones have been progressing rapidly, it is true to say that battery capacity has not kept pace. The only reasonable option for a smartphone maker who wants to offer high performance with long battery life is to include a big battery. And that is exactly what ThL has done with the ThL 5000. This 5 inch, full HD phone includes a 2.0Ghz MediaTek octa-core processor, 2GB of RAM and a 13MP camera. But most importantly it has a 5000 mAh battery.

I got hold of a ThL 5000 and spent a few days playing with it. Read on to find out what I discovered…

Spec sheet

Besides the full HD display, the octa-core processor, and the 5000 mAh battery, there are a couple of other key features of this device. It runs Android 4.4 (and not Android 4.2 as is so often the case with Chinese OEM smartphones) and it supports NFC. Here is the full specification sheet:

Display5 inch, full HD (1920x1080), Corning Gorilla Glass IPS, OGS
Processor2.0GHz, MediaTek MTK6592T octa-core
Storage16GB, microSD card slot, up to 32GB
Camera5 Megapixel Front-Facing Camera + 13 Megapixel Rear Camera
Battery5000 mAh
ConnectivityGPS, microUSB 2.0, Wi-Fi b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.0, NFC
Networks 2G: GSM 850, 900, 1800, 1900MHz. 3G: WCDMA 850, 2100MHz
SoftwareAndroid 4.4 with Google Play
Dimensions145 x 73 x 8.9 mm, 170g.
ColorsBlack or White
SIM slotsDual-sim


The ThL 5000 is 7.3 cms wide, which makes it just a little wider than a Nexus 5, but to accommodate the large battery it is about 0.8 centimeters longer, which isn’t very much really. You might think that with such a large battery the device would be quite thick, but it is actually thinner than a Nexus 5 and only 0.6mm thicker than a Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

ThL 5000 (16)

The design of the device is “classic”, in that there is nothing new or innovative. But that isn’t a bad thing. Everything is how you would expect. Above the screen is the earpiece along with the front facing camera and a couple of sensors. At the bottom are the three capacitive keys: Menu, Home and Back. The USB port (used for charging and data transfer) is at the top of the phone, as is the 3.5mm audio jack. On the back there is the 13 megapixel camera, the LED flash and a small speaker grill. On the right is the volume rocker and on the left the power button. Overall the design is sleek and the dimpled plastic used by ThL isn’t a fingerprint magnet. It is easy to hold in the hand and feels well built. At 170 grams it is a bit heavier than a Nexus 5, mainly due to the big battery.


The IPS display on the 5000 is about as good as you can get without moving to other display technologies like AMOLED. With its full HD (1920 x 1080) resolution, the definition is great and the color reproduction is true to life, but not overly vivid.

The ThL 5000’s screen offers a clear, sharp display with crisp text and high detail. Playing games, reading, watching movies or viewing photos are a pleasure on this device. Although there are certainly better displays out there, this one certainly adds to the overall great experience of the device. As an added bonus, the display is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 3.


Like many of ThL’s recent phones, the 5000 features a MediaTek octa-core processor. In this case the MediaTek MT6592T runs at 2.0 GHz, which is faster than other ThL devices like the W200S or the T200S. The MT6592T uses eight ARM Cortex-A7 cores. The Cortex-A7 core isn’t as fast as the Cortex-A9 or the Cortex-A15 cores which means that core for core, processors based on the A9 or A15 will beat a Cortex-A7 processor. However the Cortex-A7 is more energy efficient than the Cortex-A9 and Cortex-A15 cores. By using 8 of these cores MediaTek is offering a solution which provides high-end speed but hopefully with lower battery drainage.

The 5000’s AnTuTu scores are high. Although it doesn’t take one of the top spots, the 5000 manages a score of 28774. That makes it faster than the HTC One (M7), faster than the Galaxy Note 2, and faster than the of Samsung Galaxy S4. However it is still bested by phones like the LG G2 and the Samsung Galaxy S5.

ThL 5000 - Antutu

For Epic Citadel, the demo app for the Unreal 3D engine, the 5000 managed 50.3 frames per second (fps) on the High Performance setting and 50.1 fps on the High Quality setting.

In terms of GPS performance, the 5000 is excellent poorfair. I stepped outside and activated the GPS and within under five seconds the device had a lock.

Update: Further testing has shown that it gets harder to obtain a lock in built-up areas and once you get into a car getting a lock is almost impossible!

Update 2: Following an OTA update, the GPS seems to be performing better, however it isn’t rock solid.

Previous ThL phones have had an issue with the GPS working simultaneously with Bluetooth. The situation improved with the T200S and it looks like the 5000 behaves basically the same as the T200S. In other words, there is still some stutter and lag in the Bluetooth output (tested by playing background music to a Bluetooth speaker) when some GPS related apps start. But the interruptions to the Bluetooth output are only temporary and last, at most, only a couple of seconds. Another weakness of some ThL devices was that the compass didn’t work very well, some basic testing on the ThL 5000 shows that this has also improved.


The battery in the ThL 5000 is a massive 5000 mAH unit. That is a big battery for a phone. Previous ThL smartphones suffered from below-average battery performance when coupled with a full HD display. The T100 and the T200S both had full HD displays and the battery life in both devices was a little disappointing. The W200S sported a 720p HD display and as a result its battery performance was much better. Interestingly the T200S has a 2500 mAh battery, which gives us a good reference point for the ThL 5000.

The battery is a silicon anode Li-polymer battery which according to ThL’s website means it offers a greater density. This is why the phone is relatively so thin. However one sacrifice for this thinness is that the battery is non user-removable.

ThL 5000 (1)

I did some tests to generate some battery usage numbers and the results are, as you would expect, excellent. When running Epic Citadel in its Guided Tour mode the phone will last for over 5 hours before it will run out of juice.

For YouTube streaming (over Wi-Fi) the device does very well and you can watch around 10 hours of video on a full charge. Watching a MP4 movie from the internal storage yielded the same 10 hours possible playback. Both the YouTube and MP4 tests were conducted full screen.

The ThL 5000’s official talk times are 47 Hours for 2G and 30 Hours For 3G. I performed a crude 3G calling test and after forty minutes the battery dropped just 1%, which means that the quoted talk times look very genuine.

Compared to the T200S (with its 6 inch full HD screen and 2500mAh battery) the 5000 performed better and yielded more than double the T200S’ numbers. With careful usage you could get two full days of usage out of the 5000. Of course, everyone uses their phone differently, but based on my personal usage pattern I would only need to charge the 5000 every other night.


The phone has all the standard connectivity options like Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g/n), Bluetooth, 2G GSM and 3G, but it also supports NFC. There are two SIM card slots, both of which take normal sized SIM cards. The 5000 supports 3G on 850 and 2100MHz. The latter number is the common 3G frequency and should work in most places around the world, however a lot of carriers also use a secondary 3G spectrum range. In Asia and South America this is often 850MHz, but in Europe it tends to be 900MHz. Unfortunately the 3G won’t work in the USA, however standard GSM calls should work. You need to check with your carrier to ensure compatibility or if you trust Wikipedia then the List of UMTS networks page could have the information you need.

I compared the Wi-Fi signals strengths of the 5000 with other devices I have and it performed equally as well. I was able to access the Internet from all around the house and outside. There were a couple of times when I had to toggle the Wi-Fi on and off to restore Internet connectivity. This could have been an local problem at my end, I am not sure. But in the interest of full disclosure I just wanted to mention it.


The camera in the ThL 5000 has a 13MP sensor from Sony with a F2.0 aperture. In other words this should be quite a good camera for its price. And after doing some testing, the device doesn’t disappoint. Since the ThL 5000 runs Android 4.4 KitKat it is also able to use Google’s camera app if you don’t like the built-in one.

ThL 5000 camera (4)

For those into selfies the front camera is a reasonable 5 megapixels but without autofocus. The built-in camera app also has a selfie gesture mode. Holding up two fingers, in a V for victory shape, starts a two second count-down and then a photo is taken. A great way to take selfies without fiddling with other settings.

Overall I was impressed with the camera and I got good results from the Google app and from the built-in app. Have a look at the photos and judge for yourself:


The 5000 comes with stock Android 4.4.2 with a few minor tweaks: there is an additional control in the Battery section of the Settings which enables “CPU power saving mode.” Limits the maximum CPU performance to conserve battery life and lower the device’s temperature. There is also a section in the settings to enable the “Float App”, a little “always on-top” floating square which gives you quick access to a calculator and a music player.

The built-in launcher is the “Launcher 3” from the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) and not the Google Experience Launcher from devices like the Nexus 5. What that basically means is that you can’t swipe left to launch Google Now. This build of “Launcher 3” also has some ThL custom icons. One minor point is that all the icon backgrounds are a green square with curved edges. This means that if you install an app with a transparent background then it gets placed on a green square. Look at the Google camera icon in the screenshot below.

ThL 5000 - Software

Update: ThL are providing OTA updates for this device. Since this review there have been at least two OTA updates to squash bugs and improve stability.

The device comes with full Google Play support and all of the normal Google apps are available. For those Google apps not pre-installed, a quick trip to the Play Store gets you everything you need. There were a few bloatware apps that came pre-installed including the Baidu Browser and a flash light app that really did take some liberties in the amount of advertising it showed. However these were easy enough to uninstall.

The 16GB of internal storage is a reasonable amount of space. But it is worth mentioning that the 16GB is divided into 4GB of internal storage (used mainly for apps and 9GB of phone storage (for you media). You can also set the SD card to be the default write location for the device, and there is also an option set the preferred app installation location to be the SD card rather than the internal storage.

Pricing and conclusion

Before closing, it is worth mentioning what you get in the box besides the device itself. There is a fairly standard USB charger and cable, which isn’t very interesting, but what is interesting is that as part of the launch offer you get a 16GB micro SD card, a gel-type case, plus a USB OTG adapter.

ThL 5000 (26)

The ThL 5000 is a great phone and excels in many areas including the battery life. For a 3G phone it is hard to find fault with the 5000, especially when you consider the price, just $269.99. There are other good phones on the market for that price, but not with such a large battery.

Gary Sims
Gary has been a tech writer for over a decade and specializes in open source systems. He has a Bachelor's degree in Business Information Systems. He has many years of experience in system design and development as well as system administration, system security and networking protocols. He also knows several programming languages, as he was previously a software engineer for 10 years.
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      where to buy? how much is it?????

  • Andrew Sheng

    I might get this device as a backup device…if it supports micro SIM and 3G for T-Mobile (3G 1900)

    • Matthew James

      It would only get 2G on T-Mobile. And it would only get 850 3G on AT&T, which may not always give you the best performance.

  • Banana

    can somebody give me link of that background on the second picture from bottom? or name or something to help me find it :)

  • Furkan Sanane

    Is the battery removable ? :)

    • The battery is not removable… I will update the post… Thx!

      • Samson

        JUST to confirm here because i just ordered one of these phones – the battery is not removable, so when it dies I am SOL and the phone dies with it??

        • Justin Xin

          It’s actually very easy to replace, you just have to open the plastic casing by unscrewing it, then just unplug and re-plug the battery. Taking out the metal housing will be hard though, as it’s glued. I used a ruler to pry it out gently.

  • Itarill

    Hi, is there backlight for capacitive buttons?

  • dougf499

    Can someone please clarify the comment about 3G not working in the US. . Maybe that is just one particular band or such?? I am most interested in the camera capabilities at this price point. Bottom line – will this phone work on Straight Talk AT&T or Verizon? . Looks to be a great value for the price. . I’m tired of all the main player’s cramps battery life.

    • Sinan Cagrı Kurt

      It should work on at&t. Almost all Chinese phones should work with at&t.

      • juan luis callejas valera

        Good Question I am thinking to buy one but first I would like to know if 3g will work with att

  • Shark Bait

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  • MasterMuffin

    With such a big battery, 10h of video playback is pretty bad. For example S5 can beat that. And I guess you have to sacrifice design for battery size!

    Aand isn’t IPS LCD? :)

    • Jayfeather787

      I believe that the Mediatek processor is to blame. Mediatek is usually less energy efficient, and it does not help that it is 8 cores at a 2 GHz clock speed.

      • MasterMuffin

        But they’re A7, with just video playback they should be pretty power efficient :/

        • Jayfeather787

          True dat Master of da Muffins.

        • BrainBeat

          I wonder what the test might have shown with the “CPU power saving mode.” enabled?

          If you still have the phone can you tell us what that mode does and if it looks like it could make a difference to power usage?

          • CPU power saving mode was enabled as this is the default and I didn’t change it.

          • rickrom

            just curious, what resolution was the video used? and what brightness setting was the screen? loud speaker or earphones and what volume setting?

    • Akira Tabuchi Yagui

      IPS is LCD, but most of the times when you said LCD, you’re referring to the TN LCD panels… Same with LED LCD and Super LCD, OGS LCD … all of them are LCD technologies…

      • MasterMuffin

        I know, the way he writes it makes it sound like IPS is completely different technology

        • Airyl

          I’ve got this phone and it’s younger brother the THL 4400. Going by the 4400, there will be a bunch of software updates that significantly improve the battery performance. The 5000 got an update recently, but I don’t know if it was for the battery or GPS performance.

    • Macalee Harlis Jr.

      this. I was expecting longer than 2 days use ‘With careful usage ‘. My wife gets that with her motox….which is only 2200mah….

      • rickrom

        highly subjective… if her motox can last that long then she’s barely using her phone.

      • MasterMuffin

        Careful usage meaning less than 2h of screen on time? :)

      • Airyl

        I can get 3-4 days of moderate usage from my ThL 4400.

    • Since the YouTube test also yielded 10 hours, I suspect that the MP4 playback could be improved. I was using MX Player and maybe there are either more efficient players out there, or maybe some of the settings in MX player could be tweaked.

      • MasterMuffin

        Maybe it was using the software decoder instead of hardware?

    • rickrom

      it’s a third of the price of the s5. go figure.

    • MexiDroid

      pretty bad, but what about talk time? its HUGE, misteriously elephone p3000 y p3000s with 3150mAh only gets 5hrs talk time, why? i dont know, the moto G dual sim and xt910 razr with his “small” battery is on +10 hrs easily, anybody knows if the processor or WHAT is the problem with talk time?

  • [A]dri[A]n

    Only 10 hours of video playback? That’s pretty meh considering the battery size… Haha

    • Carlos Garcia

      Are you planning on a watching 10 hours of video on your phone in a day?

      • [A]dri[A]n

        Of course not. I’m just saying that there are phones with much smaller batteries than can do the same and even more. It’s a phone with a huge battery and some not so good software optimization to really take advantage of it.

        • rickrom

          i dare you, name one ips lcd gorilla glass 3 1080p 5-inch phone that can do the same at $270 dollars or less.

          • BrainBeat

            While true I can’t exactly list another device that fits all of your criteria the VOTO X6 and H900 (brand unknown) are fairly similar in most specs other than being a bit slower and just over half the battery size and no NFC.

          • rickrom

            i can name a slew of mediatek 6572/6582 devices with atleast 2000mAh that can do 10 hours of youtube streaming but those do not have IPS FHD screens or a gig of ram, let alone gorilla glass or any type of glass screen. this is actually a decently spec’d and priced device. it’s not the best looking nor does it have the best specs but it can practically do whatever flagship devices that costs over $600 can do.

          • Adam

            The Oneplus One priced at 29 dollars more sports the Snapdragon 801, Cortex A15, does it pretty well. 3GB RAM,

        • gab

          its a processor issue. many phones with the same SoC have dismal battery life compared with phones with the same battery capacity but different SoC (like qualcomm’s), and im guessing thl is addressing that with a huge battery. makes you think though the kind of battery endurance it’l get if it had a snapdragon 400 processor instead.

        • Airyl

          I agree. Hopefully it’ll be fixed through software updates.

  • Anybody noticed the buttons are on the opposite side? back button on the right?!

    • RespectMyAuthoritah

      Some OEMs tend to do that, ever seen a Samsung phone?

    • I’ve used a number of Android phones last year and not once have I used a phone with the back button on the left. I’m curious, though, as to how different the experience would be.

  • rohith

    hpe dey launch in india 2!!!our country customs tax is more!!!!

  • matiLT98

    I want to buy this phone but I want to have ALL of the Stock Android (Specially the icons) like the Nexus 5, anyone know where I can buy that?

    • RespectMyAuthoritah

      Google Play? /s
      There’s always Custom Roms I guess.

      • matiLT98

        Yes, google edition! Pure android, that’s what I want for this phone

    • You can install an alternative launcher like the KK Launcher to get the stock icons back!

  • milagroful

    Pretty solid phone for that price with the battery and camera. Still a little iffy with a Chinese phone though.

  • murak

    Great review, thanks! Is it possible to disable the buttons and use on-screen buttons like on the nexus 5? How is the compatibility with chromecast?

    • No you can’t disable the buttons and use on-screen buttons.

      • Nop Mendoza

        if you root the device…then it is possible to deactivate the capacitive touch buttons and enable soft keys buttons via gravity box(kk)

        • murak

          Thanks! I got the phone now and will start looking in to rooting it.

  • Henrique

    This is all good and well, but after reading it all, i still cant get a solid confirmation if this device records at full hd or only 720p… I have read allot of reviews and no one talks about that. And the sites some say it records full hd, others just hd on the phone speccs :(

    • The rear facing camera can record in full HD, however I suspect that it is via interpolation as the default mode is 720p.

      • BrainBeat

        I was looking at the specs of the camera that all of these Chinese phones are using (Sony IMX135) and it did say it was Full HD capable up to 60P. So I would imagine this should be able to do it with the right settings.

  • shahzad

    the battery is still pretty average though because its octacore so u must need to underclock this

  • Anggelos

    I appreciate Android Authority taking time out to identify phones that are not from the BIG manufactures but are worth or more than worth mentioning. People need to know there are other options out there. I am from Jamaica, and this would be a killer sell, however it is sometimes hard to encourage many to convert to the ‘China Brand”, as China here is associated with sub par quality. Of course this is not true in all cases, but such a notion has been passed down through generations and of course learnt from personal experiences.

  • BrainBeat

    Thanks you for the review I have been look at this and a few other Chinese Phones and trying to decide which one is best to go for for less than $300 AU.

    This one looks to be my favored so far but I have a few questions on points you raised I hope you might be able to answer.

    You say in the review “the 16GB is divided into 4GB of internal storage (used mainly for apps and 9GB of phone storage (for you media). You can also set the SD card to be the default write location for the device, and there is also an option set the preferred app installation location to be the SD card rather than the internal storage.”

    Do you know if it is possible to repartition it to make it a solid block or at least make the apps part bigger? (I would guess with root?)
    If the above is not possible you also said you can install apps to the SD card. Do you know if this installs the whole app to the card or like my current which installs part locally and part on the card? If it is the second option this would have to fill up the app space fairly quickly still especially as much of the Google apps for example seem to keep bloating in size.
    Lastly on app storage about how much space is used/free out of the box?

    One other question I have been thinking about is does anyone think this will ever get any updates? And so does anyone think it might get L?
    This could be either from OEM or custom.

    • There isn’t an option to re-partition the storage, it might be possible via some very fancy hacking with rooting, custom roms etc, but that is advanced level stuff.

      When install apps to SD card is used it looks to me like all the app is installed to the SD card.

      In terms of updates there will likely be minor updates from ThL but an upgrade to Android L is doubtful. Having said that sites like carry a good supply of custom roms for ThL devices.

      • BrainBeat

        Thanks for you reply.
        That is what I was thinking which is a shame and may get me looking elsewhere as this is one reason why I am looking for a new phone. My current Sony Experia Play just had way too little storage from the start and it seems I have to remover more and more software every month or so just to keep up with the Google apps bloat.

        If it can at least fully install apps to the SD card this could well make up for the shortcomings but as it only supports 32Gb it still is a bit limiting.

        Yes I had already found that rom site and was where I first noticed this phone as it was listed as one of the few 4.4 models. I guess if enough guys buy it it may get hacked and updates.

        You missed one of my questions. Do you know approximately how much free app space it comes with stock? and in addition to this can you remove most of the software it comes with as a lot I have seen in video reviews seem to be stuff I have not heard of and so not likely to use.

  • Guest

    Yup. I’m getting this next month. Thanks for the review.

  • Ondrej Musil

    I am really surprised by the review!! I already have this phone for 5 days and the GPS is just a disaster. It takes more than 30 sec to fix and even when fixed, when navigating, the arrow jumps 500 meters with constant losing of fix (open space with no obstackles). I am now trying to implement some GPS fix solutions for MTK processors but yet no luck.

    • Aymn Muhannad

      how about battery life?

      • Ondrej Musil

        Battery life is just awesome! However, if someone offers 3GB RAM, Qualcomm processor and 5000mAh battery – it would be perfect phone!

        • Can you install apps on the 9GB section? I don’t think the 4GB internal memory is enough for me.

      • THL claims that this phone has up to 1000 hours of standby time, which
        if you a mathematician will know it is an extremely long time.

    • After an OTA update the GPS is performing better for me. Any change for you?

    • Justin Xin

      I made a custom antenna for the GPS module (you can find it on the THL 5000 XDA thread), and it’s performing relatively okay (not as many jumps), but it’s still pretty bad.

    • Pedro Santos

      Were you able to fix this GPS? I have the same phone and the gps is always jumping.
      I am now using the room ” Lite ROM 2.1″

  • bloodgnome

    You can buy it from antelife for just 259$ (using the coupon code antelife2014de):

  • Ru Wuna
  • mattwizy

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  • Sal

    Great review and a great phone for its price and big battery! That’s a plus!

  • Jesus

    Just FYI, ThL = “Technology, Happy, Life” lol

  • Luthv

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  • mike

    Actually the only question which I have is if this baby will be upgraded soon to the 6595, with LTE?

  • Влади Цветков

    any chance of posting the original photos not downsized versions ? (and potentially some more photos from the phone) ?

    if the camera proves to be good (as it seems) this could be among the best all rounders in 2014 for its price hands down.

  • Thomas

    Regarding the WiFi on / off toggle.
    I have the same experience you have to reconnect some times. I hope this gets fixed.
    Bluetooth connection to wireless sony MW600 and SRH52 are unstable when i go running.
    I could not connect with sony smart band, all software was installed and the phone should support Bluetooth 4.0 LE, NFC and KitKat.

    • andrew lee

      does not connect with my fitbit either. but its great with my car stereo and other devices.

  • 987speedgelb

    Ich besitze das THL seit ca . 3 Wochen und würde es nicht mehr hergeben .
    Die vom Hersteller beschrieben Akkulaufzeit wird es wahrscheinlich doch nicht ganz Erreichen,jedoch bei normaler Telefon Nutzung mit ein paar Photos sind durchaus 5 Tage Möglich.
    Mein Einsatzgebiet ist Täglich ca.30 Telefonate ,ca.10 Photos per Wats App , Mittags 1 Stunde Internet ,Abends 1-2 stunden Internet , bei diesem Profil hält der Akku Locker 3 Tage.
    Morgends aus dem Haus mit 35% Überhaupt kein Problem, mit meinem Samsung S2 mußte ich Täglich Nachmittags schon ans Ladegerät.
    Die Sony Cammera 13 MP (interpoliert 18 MP)ist Brilliant da ich Geschäftlich sehr viele Photos für Versicherungen erstellen muß ,bin ich mehr als Begeistert.
    Der Prozessor wurde auch schon einem Härtetest Unterzogen ,ich bin jetzt nicht so der Spieler, jedoch gibt es Spiele bei denen Sammsung und andere Markenhandys Ständig Schlecht abschneiden(Ruckler),diese laufen auf dem THL Anstandsloos ,jedoch wird
    das Gerät dann doch recht Warm.
    Die Verarbeitung ist durchaus auf Samsung Nivou und die Ausstattung DEUTLICH darüber, eine 16 GB Speichrkarte ist ebenfalls sowie 2 Schutzfolien und eine na, ja Klapptasche mit dabei.
    Habe incl. Versandt und Zoll 220€ Bezahlt,und mitlerweile ist der Preis sogar gesunken. Lieferzeit Mit Express Honkong -Deutschland 4 Tage.
    Mein bisheriges Fazit :Absolute Kaufempfehlung ,werde Aber weitere Zeitberichte Zufügen
    Übrigends : THL ist im Cinaland Absoluter Marktführer

    • lucek

      hi. über welche seite hast du denn das handy bestellt? mit zoll 220€, wenn das handy alleine schon 200€ kostet? inkl. zoll und noch irgendwelchen gebühren, die ich allerdings gerade nicht nennen kann bist bei ~60€

  • matt

    does the GPS works properley?

    • No, unfortunately not. Although the device can get a GPS lock outside (as I originally wrote). Further testing has shown that it gets harder to obtain a lock in built-up areas and once you get into a car getting a lock is almost impossible!

    • andrew lee

      my device seems to be fine in Canada, does it matter where you are located? (North of Toronto)

  • Larry E

    I really wish the cell phone industry would have a race to see who can make the phone the the ‘best battery life’ instead of seeing who can make ‘the thinnest phone’ on the market. I don’t need my phone to be any thinner, but I would like to go more than 2 days without having to charge it. I’d gladly take a 10mm or 12mm phone thickness (over the current 6mm) if I could go 4-5 days on one charge.

    • Blaze

      AMEN, we had thick phones on the past and we were ok with it, I am totally not ok with my phone (Note 3, 3200 mah) battery dying on the middle of a day. So I am very interested on this phones, but I feel I wont find support and maybe the processor its not good optimized. I think the best “brand” battery phone is the Droid Turbo with 4000 mAh but the 2.7 ghz processor and stupidly high resolution (1440p) screen kills the point of the huge battery. I am also interested on the Lenovo S860.

      • Guest

        you may want to consider the note 4. it’s battery life is excellent despite having a QHD resolution.

      • James Theodore Retuya

        you may want to consider the note 4. its battery life is excellent despite having a QHD screen.

      • tajwar ishan

        You could consider the Huawei Ascend Mate 7: 4100 mAh battery, 6 inch 1080p disp, cat- LTE, beast Biometric scanner…. Well check out this link

        • Blaze

          Yes my friend, that one is my very current target, but then they announced the Lenovo P1 Pro (5000 mAh, 5.5″, 1080p, 64 bits Octa Core, Lollipop) those specs sounds like perfection to me, but God knows when they gonna release it, there is very little info about it. I guess I will wait some more with my Note 3 meanwhile.

          • tajwar ishan

            Really? Never heard of it it, but the specs sound promising. I’m gonna keep an eye on the news.

          • Blaze

            Yep, you can see some info here:


            Also I found bits of info here and there on different websites, by far what is rummored is:

            5.5″ 1080p screen
            MTK Octa Core 64 bits Processor
            2 GB RAM
            Metal Frame
            Fingerprint Scanner (kinda confirmed)
            5000 mAh battery (almost confirmed)
            Android Lollipop (almost confirmed)

          • tajwar ishan

            Maybe it will have one of the newer Mtk helio x10 soc
            And an amoled disp would be great with Dat battery

          • Blaze

            Heck yeah, if they really want to “focus” on battery life then they have to effort not just on the battery size itself but also other aspects like avoid QHD screen and very high clocked processor, Amoled screen would be awesome with a heavy power saving mode (similar to Samsung UPSM). Personally I would love to have 720p screen to boost battery life even more (but that is just me, I suppose most people would want at least 1080p), those elements together make the ultimate battery phone ever (even more than the new 7 days battery THL 5000 Tesla, with 720p and 5000 mAh).

  • AJ

    For the THL 5000, the specs indicates it takes a max of 32 GB of microsd card.

    What would happen if someone was to rather insert a higher capacity card – says 64 or 128 GB?
    – Would or wouldn’t the phone recognize it?
    – Would it cause issues with the phone’s performance?


    • AJ

      any insights?

  • Zoealandy

    Amazing performance~~

  • Klenn Chua

    16gb internal. But only 4gb for apps? Won’t that affect speed if I installed say 3gb worth of apps?

  • A Smartphone with the world’s longest battery life. 5,000mAh battery powered THL 5000 smartphone goes official Like.

  • Butil

    thank u for this really helpful ;)

  • A. Farrugia

    Hi, does this phone support WiFi hotspot please ?

    • Yes it does. You should also check your carrier’s terms and conditions.

      • Selvan

        Hi, Can you mention the SAR value of this phone

  • Noé

    Good review

  • unkiebob

    I have had the thl 5000 for a week it is amazing for the prise and I would recomend it to any one who is looking for good performance in battery life, multi tasking, pleasent screen, good camara, CPU is not a sluggish ether. the plus for myself is the duel sim as I have now consolidated my business phone and my personal phone in to one. Oh and the sim management is very easy to use lots of useful options. If you are thinking of rooting its slightly more involved than it should be but its a less popular devise. The only flaw I have which is not major is the 01 button and volume rocker feel less well built than other phones I have owned such as galaxy s 3.

  • bloddy

    are they gonna fix the bluetooth stutters soon? i have a pair of mdr-1rbt’s and if they stutter it wouldn’t be enjoyable :[ or does the a2dp protocol work fine?

  • George

    can you install custom rom here? like cyanogenmod?

  • Leslie Lee

    really nice and i found it only 199 euro with free shipping from DE at

  • jay

    All I know is value for money the THL is best on market…I made the mistake to get the mi xioami… now can’t w8 to order the THL 5000!! Had the THL t100 fast as a rocket faster than name brands!! cost me 140 euro 14 months ago…THL RULES!!!

  • Paddy Dublin

    I have the phone 3 months and it went dead last week and I cant turn it back on any ideas?

  • Karel

    From the cheap quad-core smartphones I recommend Smartphone Lenovo A916 for 187 $, 5.5″ IPS screen 1280 x 720, 1GB RAM, 8GB ROM or Elephone G6 for 153 $ with 5.0″ IPS screen 720 x 1280, 1GB RAM, 8GB ROM or THL T6 for 116 $ also with 5″ IPS screen 1280 x 720 (HD), 1GB RAM, 8GB ROM. They are the same quality Chinese brands like Doogee, Cubot or Xiaomi but are cheaper.

  • Akslund Åsebø

    I like the power of the battery in the THL5000. It lasts for 11 – 15 days with normal use. I also have a galaxy note 3, but that need to be charged after 1 – 2 days.

  • Samson

    IM hoping for a bit of help… I just got a THL 5000 and am absolutely loving it. Best value for dollar Smartphone you can buy ….! It really is an ULTRA PHONE!!! But I’m looking for a case, if Otter Box made a Defender (or anything really) I’d buy one in an instant! Or a Similar Case or protector . -. really would the a high degree of protection and would buy a top-quality and/or name brand case OR a knock-off or reasonable copy etc. Will another model fit and/or work with the dimensions of my THL 5000? what if any options do I have? Conld REALLY use help here, please and thank you!!!!

  • Adrianne Yare

    I have this phone for almost a year now. I bought this last December 2014 and still works great. I can go online and use it for texts and calls and watch videos and play games for almost 48 hours. Battery life is amazing. Specs are great. Phone is really fast. Screen resolution is perfect.

  • Adrianne Yare

    And would last more than 48 hours if I only use it for facebook browsing and heavy calls and texts. I work as a team lead in a call center so everyday I have supervisors and managers who keeps ringing my phone. This is the perfect phone for me since I dont have to keep it plugin for charging nor carry a powerbank with me.

  • John Glavas

    I bought a THL 5000 and another quad-core phone from Pompmall. Both failed and instructed to send back to warehouse. Pompmall have stopped talking with me when paypals 180 days had passed, NO phones and NO money returned. Phones are dodgy and so is a lot of their country. Any advice welcome.

  • Al Gaivoto

    I have had a THL 5000 for a year now. Terribly disappointed ! It is a nice phone one of the best I have ever had BUT ! within 2 months of purchase the phone started rebooting at will ! I thought it might be a dodgy App so I reset it …within minutes it rebooted. Eventually the on/off Button stopped working. I could not put it to sleep mode and once in sleep mode could not bring it back. I sent it back to China for repair (cost of 27 euros shipping and 3 months wait) got it back but the same problem exists. I would describe this phone as a great Idea but made by the wrong people. I will not be buying any more products from China ( I know all phones come from China ) but I would rather take my phone to a local shop for repair, If the Chinese companies do not get their quality up to a decent standard, they will eventually lose their western market.

  • handsome_guy

    After using for 2 months:
    – GPS performes VERY bad, loses signal where other phones have stable connection
    – Gyrosensor works very bad, so the phone isn’t usable for virtual reality (like Google Cardboard)
    – connector problems with SD card. Several times a day it tells me “SD card removed”, after a minute: “SD card ready now”
    – NFC doesn’t work (can’t read any NFC I tried, other phones do so)