Quad HD vs 1080p displays: closeup comparison

by: Bogdan PetrovanMarch 19, 2014

Find 7 2014 Hands on AA-1180658

The Find 7 launched today, and one of the its defining features is its ultra-sharp display.

The Find 7’s 5.5-inch IPS LCD display is made with low temperature polysilicon technology, using the Touch on Lens (ToL) technique, which enables a thinner design, higher shock resistance, and improved sensitivity to touch. But the most impressive specification of the device is definitely its resolution: the Oppo Find 7 is the first smartphone to launch internationally with a 2560 x 1440 display, also known as Quad HD or 1440p resolution.

Cramming 3,686,400 pixels on a 5.5-inch display makes possible a whopping 538 ppi pixel density, way above the previous record held by the HTC One, at 469 ppi.

Putting a Quad HD display on a smartphone is an impressive technical achievement, but we have to ask ourselves, are the returns worth the investment? Some argue that even Full HD (1920 x 1080, also known as 1080p) is overkill on a smartphone screen, so how about Quad HD ? Is it just an upgrade for the sake of upgrading or is it a true value adding improvement?

Oppo actually released another version of the Find 7, called Standard, which comes with a Full HD display of the same dimensions. We compare the two displays below to see how significant the difference between Quad HD and Full HD is.

Note: the devices we received from Oppo are pre-production units. Their displays have not been properly calibrated, so please disregard the color differences.

Click on the images to enlarge them.

Pixels are more visible on the display of the Full HD Find 7 Standard (right), compared to the Quad HD premium version

Pixels are more visible on the display of the Full HD Find 7 Standard (right), compared to the Quad HD premium version


While still very sharp (403 ppi), pixels are a little easier to discern on the Full HD version


The Quad HD premium version is noticeably smoother

Closeups fully reveal the difference between Full HD and Quad HD on the two versions of Find 7.

AA Logo Quad HD

Quad HD


AA Logo Full HD

Full HD


Gallery Quad HD

Quad HD


gallery Full HD

Full HD


Photos Quad HD

Quad HD


Photos Full HD

Full HD


theme Quad HD

Quad HD


Theme Full HD

Full HD


time Quad HD

Quad HD


time Full HD

Full HD

However, as these side by side shots show, the difference between Quad HD and Full HD is much harder to observe from a normal viewing distance. (Quad HD model on the right)

Find 7 2014 Hands on AA-1180666

Find 7 2014 Hands on AA-1180658

What’s your take on Quad HD on smartphones? Is the 2560 x 1440 pixels display of the Find 7 a true selling point or just a bullet point for the marketing team? Tell us in the comments.

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  • Jayfeather787

    Well of course there is a difference. They Quad HD screen is stunning, but I don’t really hold my face half an inch away from the screen. Well I guess that is the best thing about these two versions is that you have a choice. Choice is good.

    • Patrick

      Get your face as close as you can to a 1080p phone, you still can’t see the pixels. QHD is, without a doubt, cool and I want it just because, but it’s completely unnecessary.

      • Neil Pagay

        Please explain to me how people complain about seeing dead pixels on devices such as the htc one if they can’t see the pixels.

        • ADRi4N


        • Patrick

          Two answers; First, some people like to complain and will jump on the defect wagon at any given chance. Second, normally when a pixel is dead it lights up on a dark screen. So it stands out like a streetlight on a dark barren highway.

        • Justin W

          That’s like asking why you can see that one pixel that’s white when all 2,073,599 other pixels are black.

        • I think the reason might be that not only one pixel is dead. But many and they are together. Is this possible?

          • nishantsirohi123

            yes, anything is possible, it is a technical glitch

    • monkey god

      try holding your phone a couple inches away from your eyes, and all you will see is a blurry mess. I don’t know how any human can see any pixels from that kind of distance, even on an old phone with low ppi.

    • Aaron

      I experiment Cardboard VR with my OnePlus One, and I must say, 1080p is no where it should be, for it to be difficult to discern pixels.

    • monkey god

      The same thing is happening with 1080p and 4k sets. People buy 55 inch 4K hdtvs and sit 10-15 feet away. Guess what, you’re effectively seeing the same picture either way, pixels damned. The only difference is that with HDTV’s, you can still sit several feet a way and you can see an obvious resolution improvement with 4k compared to 1080p. However, you can’t stare at a QHD phone screen from a couple inches away and see the same improvement over 1080p because the human eye can’t focus that close and all you will see a blurry mess. Only exception is if you are using a VR setup where the screen is magnified.

  • Also guys, please understand that 2560×1440 is a HUGE deal. The colors don’t look as impressive under the microscope – but remember the display hasn’t been calibrated yet fully. It’s the same display likely to be found in the upcoming LG G3. It puts 1080p displays to shame. S5, Z2 should be ashamed.

    • Chris Martinelli

      Yup… But it really depends on the users eyesight at close distance. Some people cannot make out the difference from 720 to 1080 and some can. I can see a HUGE improvement at 1080 over 720, but at 1080, I cannot see any pixels unless I put it 6 inches from my face, which I don’t do in actual real world use. Inn the end its about the individual user. If you see a difference, it’s worth it.

    • chaki-

      You sir, are a snob. Probably if you had the money you would buy the Bugatti Veyron coz it consumes more gas then the others and not coz you like it….

    • Rodney

      No, Z2 and S5 should not be ashamed. Because going over 500ppi is USELESS, NOT NECESSARY and simply stupid. It’s a waste of battery power for a gimmick that NOBODY will notice without ridiculous zooming.

      I prefer real usability over meaningless specs increase.

      And if you’re going to argue that you will notice a difference between 1080p and “quad hd” on a 5″ screen than sorry but you’re delusional. Even doctors and biologists will tell you that it is not possible because our eyes will not distinguish between the pixels even on 450ppi

      • Andrew T Roach

        Personally unless you have a phablet I don’t even see a point to a 1080P display.

        Nobody was complaining about the Retina display on the iPhone 5 or the SLCD 2 on the One X just a couple years ago. Both were extremely sharp, beautiful displays with great saturation. And they still are today.

      • ADRi4N

        The battery is not a problem. It will be better than the Nexus 5’s ;) *troll*

      • ADRi4N

        The problem, is that games will run slower. Imagine that games run smoothly on the Oppo Find 7A than on the Find 7 xD *troll*

      • Melad360

        actually people with good eyesight can see up to around 600 something ppi.. personally I can see pixels on my n5, that’s just me, but don’t go around calling people delusional just because YOU think that nobody can see the difference between qhd and fhd.

        • peter

          Im sure you can also hear 10hz sounds right ?

          Human eye cannot distinguish pixels more dense than ~460ppi from a distance of 10cm. That’s a scientific and medical fact provided by opticians etc and i’d much rather believe that than your “expertise” in distinguish pixels on displays with over 500ppi… How far from your eyes do you keep it, by the way, 1cm ?

          • Melad360

            ? you don’t have to get offended cuz I can see pixels on an fhd phone when you can’t.

          • Bishop

            It’s not about being able to see the individual pixels or not, it’s the entire increase in resolution that provides a much sharper image. Play a 480i video on a 1080p phone and you won’t be able to see the individual pixels. Why? Because the phone will do a great job in upconverting the video to 1080p and it will fill up all the pixels. Now, the video will still look crappy because it’s 480i, but all the pixels will be used up.

            Having a QHD or UHD display on a phone is not about being able to spot the individual pixels, it’s about all those pixels coming together to produce that 2560×1440 or 3840×2160 image that will look significantly sharper and much more detailed than a 1280×720 or 1920×1080 display.

          • Bob Marley

            Kindly provide a reliable, blinded study that demonstrates that.

          • ank123

            It is not about seeing pixels, it is about seeing pixelation. At lower ppi you may still not see the pixels, but the image at a higher ppi will simply look slightly smoother and the image at lower ppi will have a slight haze specially at the edges of objects in the picture.

      • K

        *Clap* *Clap*…superb!!

    • Brendon Brown

      Saying the Z2 and S5 should be ashamed is incorrect. The bump up from 1080p to 1440p is trivial and there isn’t that much of a difference. Yes, the Oppo Find 7 has hit a homerun and thats no question but thats because they address the possible problems that come from having 1440p on a 5.5″s.(Battery life being the main one) The LG G3 launches later in the year though, the Note 4 and (possibly) Z3 would then also have 1440p. :)

      • K

        Absolutely right. Sometimes too much time thinking along the lines of ‘the more numbers the better ‘ makes people lose touch with reality. I dont blame him, it happens to a lot of tech obsessed people.

  • Patrick Rochon

    well if it does not negatively impact the battery, why not the better resolution ?

    • Andrew T Roach

      But that’s not the case. Increasing resolution has big effects on battery life as the SoC must display many more pixels. This puts higher demand on the processor leading to more heat build up, and longer execution times than if the task had been in a lesser resolution.

      • K

        Another good point.

  • No problem in upping resolution to QHD but the Battery efficiency and color reproduction should be talking point !

    Human eye cannot focus clearly at distance less than 15 cm

    • It’s a preproduction unit – color display will be fixed in the next few days. Stay tuned for our whole review.

    • rajitsingh

      Yes! What I want to see is a comparison of how the screens compare when it comes to color, contrast and viewing angles.

  • Shark Bait

    Note sure if it’s needed. I barely noticed the jump from 720 to 1080. I suppose seeing will be believing !!

  • EvenInTheDarkestHour

    I’m not anti improvement, but would be hard pressed to tell the difference in anything but test demos. That said… If/as this new tech is implemented, the cost of measly 1080p screens is (likely) driven down. Win for those who “need” the new, win for those who don’t. I could understand this definition in the micro screens of the wearables tho. Just my .02

  • venorme

    I would not upgrage because of screen only but qhd version brings also other hardware improvements.

  • Jhon Ramos

    So what’s the point? This article just demonstrate that QHD is sharper than FHD, pretty obvious right? You’re making this comparison by increasing the zoom for about 6 times for the difference to be noticed. Sincerely, between the first three images and the last ones, that where at “normal distance”, I could not find any (big) difference. Not saying is bad, in fact it is good to see 5 or 10 more pixels per character, but it isn’t mind blowing by any means.

    • Pipen

      To be honest, I don’t see any difference between QHD and FHD. Both looks bad. ;)

    • Tjaldid

      yeah there should be a personal opinion from the writer of this article

    • kkjdroid

      Yeah, if you have to blow it way up just to see a slight difference then the difference isn’t that big a deal.

    • V-Phuc

      Exactly! What’s the point? Who holds their phone/tablet screen at 2 inches of their face to distinguish any differences? AA, grow up! Any other worthwhile issues to discuss rather than these stupid info? Don’t get me wrong. These improvements, if translated on the TV screen 55, 65 inches, would be a big difference, but on a ~5.1, 5.2inch phone screen. Hardly! Next!

    • Deonta Alexander

      you cant see pixels on a 1080p tv but when you look at a 4k tv you can tell it looks a lot better. Also if your running something a lot more graphic heavy than the home screen like a game i think you would be able to tell but idk

      • Patanjali

        I think that many still believe the ‘retina’ story, where beyond a minimum angle subtended by each pixel, they could not be distinguished. I had a Note 2, which at 1280×800 and viewed from 14″/35cms, was so-called retina. However, the Note 3, with 1920×1080 at the same distance, looks much clearer. I wasn’t expecting it to, but it did, especially with small text.
        However, like the stuck pixel mentioned above, while individual pixels in a mass of similarly coloured pixels may not stand out (=be individually resolved), sharply delineated patterns, like with the text that many use their phones for, can be clearly seen, and more clearly with smaller pixels to sharpen the lines.
        Really, it’s like everybody forgot that 600dpi printouts with text look a lot better than 300dpi. And print masters are done on 2400dpi Linotype machines! We have got so used to poor resolution on computer displays for so long, that it seems we are just starting to get to where we had to get to with print before we will be really satisfied.
        Getting the Note 3 allowed viewing full HD via shared screen from it. Before long, some may want 3840×2160 phones to share to their 4K TVs!

  • Blane Stroud

    Personally, I think most people just have a placebo effect with anything over like 325ppi. I can’t tell the difference between my Moto X screen and my boyfriend’s HTC One. They both look good to me.

    • Bishop

      If you see 1080p videos on the Moto X and HTC One, not youtube videos, the differences should be pretty clear. Even in the UI.

      • kkjdroid

        That’s likely because it’s a native-res video. A 1080p video will look slightly worse on a 1440p phone than on a 1080p phone.

        • Bishop

          True, but that same difference would have been visible playing a 720p video on a Moto X and an HTC One. With these phones recording at 4k/2160p, these display will offer more detail than watching the same video in the current 1080p phones. Plus the UI will look sharper as well, so it’s not only limited to the videos.

    • Michael

      @blanestroud:disqus you may not be able to notice the difference between 1080p and 1440p but if you can’t notice the difference between 720p and 1080p I think that’s something on your end. I absolutely can notice the difference between 720p and 1080p. 1080p screens are significantly more smooth, bright, colourful and all in all just nicer to look at in my opinion.

      • korzen

        Had the note 2 since launch, just switched to m8 when it was available and you can definitely tell the difference with the screens….

        • Patanjali

          Same with the Note 3.

  • Patrick

    I rather have higher refresh rates and better color representation than something over 1080p . Although I do like to see things getting better even if it’s a hard to see by many, change.

  • Mur

    This just confirms my suspicions that QHD is absolutely useless on a phone unless you hold a high res camera half an inch away from it.

  • Rodney

    I personally think that anything more than 1080p on a 5-6″ screen is a complete waste of battery life and gpu power. I love gadgets, gimmicks etc. but let’s get real guys… you will NOT notice the difference…

  • Andrew T Roach

    The obsurdly large size of the blown up font required to see pixels on either device is laughable. Couldn’t be more clear that “Quad HD” is a gimmick in my eyes.

  • MaqueGenio

    So glad to see the spectards at AA are not as stupid as I initially thought. Yes, anything more than 1080 is overkill. Deal with it.

    • CCLatus

      deal with your sad excuse of a life, nerd.

  • Ramon Gonzalez

    you might not see the difference, but you can FEEL the difference :D

  • arcwindz

    Okay, here’s the deal, a higher pixel count will make everything better, the curve will become smoother and sharper. It’s great and i’m happy if we can progress further.
    The question is the old battery technology. Fast charge? So what?
    We can really discern the different battery life between 720p and 1080p. Now with 2k, 3000 mah is not going to cut it.

  • Andrew White

    Maybe the question should be…’How much better will croped or enlarged still shots look on this new screen and is downloaded video upscaled to vastly improve outcomes as well?

  • Bat

    Why dont they research something like? A self charging battery? Or a 3000mah that can be charge in mins? No love for batteries?

  • matticitt

    I’d consider buying a new smartphone with such a display… but not now. I hope, that no other manufacturer will go that route. Sure, 1440p looks better, just as its supposed to, but I think it’s unnecessary at best. I want my new phone with new cpu and gpu to be much faster than my current phone, to possibly allow PS3/X360 titles to be ported for mobile devices in the near future, so I don’t want just murder all that performance, and the battery life, with such display.

  • ichuck7

    Please God no. 1800s is more than enough. I want faster speeds and better battery life. Indescernable pixel density runs contrary to that. It’s like having a car that can drive 900 mph. Overkill.

    • K

      Lol true…

  • Uncle Woja

    My God. It’s the whole FHD vs SD debate from the turn of the century, all over again!
    No-one, and I mean absolutely NO-ONE can tell the difference between the FHD and QHD screens in the photos posted. That’s because you’re looking at them on a FHD screen. So even if the photos were pin sharp (which they’re not), without any motion blur (which they’re not), free from any compression artifacts (which they’re not) and blown up to a 1:1 ratio (which they’re not), you still wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between the 2 screens because you’d be scaling 4m pixels down to 2m pixels for the QHD photo!
    The only way anyone is going to be able to make an informed decision about whether QHD is worth it or not is to look at it IRL. Actually hole the 2 models in your hands and compare them side by side. Not look at a 500,000 pixel photo of a 4,000,000 pixel screen.
    Ergo, to anyone who says “I can’t see a difference in those photos”…. SHUT UP!

    • Lisa

      You FAIL at being a wise-ass. Of course we can see a difference: the pictures are zoomed in!

      PS: seeing a image of another image is in its own category, and you can’t apply that logic og yours; even with a 1080P-screen, I can see the difference between a 1080P iPad and a 1536P iPad next to each other in a picture.

      Let me give you another analogy to help you understand better: we can clearly see the difference between 60 FPS and 120 FPS on a monitor. The human eye, however, can’t see more than 60 FPS.

    • jkflipflop98

      What a dumbass.

  • n11

    I went from my moto x to N5 and didn’t expect much, but I’ll admit that 720 to 1080p is a noticeable-enough difference. I don’t think people should make that as a deciding factor decision. But I do appreciate the extra pixels.

  • Well, QHD seems’s noticeably smoother. But then again I doub’t many would actually buy Find 7 for qHD display but for amazing camera technology, audio, fast charging and of course expandable memory. Couple it with qHD, it’s just a bonus !

  • Clint McKay

    From the pictures I actually felt that the 1080p full HD phone is richer in color than the QHD! Oppo Find 7 has mammoth specs. And it certainly looks great, with all the bluish lights n all. But the pixel surge doesn’t make much of a difference to people. When I watch a movie, I watch the movie, not the individual pixels.

  • This is definitely a great technological achievement at Oppo’s side but in day to day life it won’t make a difference as nobody holds their smartphones too close to their faces. 1080p is more than enough for most of the users, even a 720p display on 4.5″ or 4.7″ device is good enough for comfortable use.

  • John Efon

    I see an error.

    On the second screenshot where it says “Pixels are more visible on the display of the Full HD Find 7 Standard (right), compared to the Quad HD premium version” suggesting that the right one is the Standard Version, which it is clearly not.

  • Stu14nmUD64bit7″

    Get your ruddy reading glasses on people, I can easily tell the difference with my nexus 10, my 4k UHD TV, the other day I was stunned at the difference between the old and new Nexus 7. You don’t want to go back once you’ve adjusted, give me a 4k 7″, give it to me this dang year, N 10 QHD $300 Aus, 39″ UHD TV $600, N5 FHD 32 GB $470.

  • MichaelB

    Obviously everyone here is different but to me the difference between 720p and 1080p is as clear as day, it doesn’t come down to being able to see the pixels or not. I currently have an HTC One X which has a very nice and crisp 720p display and I rarely, if ever, have the issues of seeing pixels. However if I compare it to a friend’s HTC One or Nexus 5 their displays blow mine out of the water. Everything is just clearer, brighter, sharper and more accurately coloured and I think this is the benefit of higher resolutions. Now whether 1440p will have a similar effect is up in the air, and I think it would have been far more useful for the author of this post to give his personal opinions in terms of how the screen is to use in comparison to a 1080p, as I (along with apparently everyone else here) don’t usually view my phone through a zoomed lens on a camera. There’s also the issue of a 2k display requiring more power and being more taxing on the processor but I’d be very surprised if the Snapdragon 801 AC processor isn’t powerful enough to succeed at creating a fluid experience. Please correct me if I’m wrong but I’m sure I read somewhere that the QHD display will require an extra 15% power consumption and the battery on the premium version of this phone is just over 9% greater than the FHD version, so battery life difference should be minimal

    • MichaelB

      Interesting quote “When we moved from 720p displays to 1080p, we’re talking about an increase in pixel count of 125% – more than twice as many pixels.

      The difference between 1080p and 2K is much more conservative – it’s only an increase of about 78%. By all logic, the switch to 2K should have a comparatively smaller impact on power consumption than the move to 1080p did.”

  • Pinterest

    I would buy it, but the screen is too big, I mean come on, 5.5inch is phablet, like note series, I just saying this phone is not for everyone.

  • monkey god

    Well i guess if you’re a robot with macro lens or builtin microscope, it makes a noticeable difference. But I’m thinking that for most people, by the time they get close enough to the phone (for me, it’s 5 inches away or less), their eyes won’t be able to maintain focus in order to pick out these pixels. That’s what happens to me when i try to look for discernible pixels on my Nexus 5. I know that’s on a 5″ screen, but I don’t think it would be that much different on a 5.5″ screen.

  • Mamoon Noorestani

    I would like to see a comparison between the Oppo Find 7’s Quad HD display and the Samsung Galaxy Note 2’s HD display. 1440p vs. 720p
    Please compare the two smartphones Android Authority.

  • Mike

    It’s not for everyone, I think. But being near sided i can see the difference.

  • Sunny

    Marketing hype!

  • Bassam Tarhini

    The FHD VERSION bas more details than QHD one, so will wait till other Company to make something better.

  • brendan soliwoda

    So, is anyone still arguing that 1080p is overkill?

  • nishantsirohi123

    you can cram as many pixels on the display you want, but then in return it would need media with equal amount of resolution to look good, which in turn means humongous file size. and what do we get the internal storage, 16-32GB of fixed storage (oh yes a common trait in HTC devices and then they wonder why their phones dont sell.)

    micro sd cards top out at 64 GB(which are hard to find)
    a 1 minute video clip at 1080p is close to 300 MB in file size.

    • yesno502

      Actually, micro sd cards top out at 128 GB now.

      • Mohammed

        Actually i believe they made a 512GB micro sd card.

  • nishantsirohi123

    btw who stares at their phones at 1 inch away, unless you want to burn up your eyes or want to end up with a squint

  • ank123

    Enough of pixel per inch wars. Anything over 400 ppi is great. Now I am looking for glass free *3D displays*. They are easier to provide in phones and tablets than on TV. In order to see 400 ppi in 3D, you will need 800 ppi because each eye will see a different image.

  • GURUmicro

    Yes the pixel density is impressive, however the apparent lack of color saturation and contrast sort of negates any positives IMO. Also when resolutions start hitting numbers too high, it actually makes images and text appear so small that can be harder to view

  • Kyonkanno

    Honestly, I’m fine with 720p. My girlfriend has an HTC one x and I have an HTC one. I seriously can’t distinguish them from one another. Could you imagine is the HTC One had a 720p screen? It’s battery would kick ass!

    We will be seeing smartphones with QHD screen year. I honestly think that shouldn’t be, because it downgrades the battery. We would need bigger battery to last the same time as today’s smartphones.

  • Ndlelenhle Njoko

    Even with my nose up against my 342 dpi Xperia S, I can hardly, if at all, discern the pixels. If inly they could show us shots as viewed by the human eye…

  • Ben Diamond

    a 1440p display is literally 30% more viewing pleasure than a 1080p screen for all you saying it’s unnecessary, whether you hold your face to the screen or look at it casually. When the first 1080p screen came out you guys said the SAME thing and now 1080p is the standard and if your flagship doesn’t have it then your flagship will ultimately fail. Even Apple who stated that their 720p retina display is sufficient as the human eye cannot recognize any more pixels than that is moving towards 1080p, a iPhone 5s retina display completely pails in comparison to a S5 Super Amoled display. 2k screens are just a step up, and it is significant

    • Ben Diamond

      The reason why it is 30% more viewing pleasure is because as they increase the size of the phone they increase the pixel densit, in other words the difference is much like what you would see looking at a 4.5 inch 1080p vs a 5 inch 1080p. larger will always give you better viewing pleasure. If the Oppo were a 5 inch phone such as the S5 then one could question if their really was benefit from a 2k screen.

  • Michael Talon Marshall

    Wow. Will we ever reach a technological singularity of contentment? That difference is so small. Instead of mastering battery life with 1080p displays we should just push for 4k and kill the battery, which elimates actually using the phone. Or we can just slam a 6,000 mAh battery in there and screw the charge time?!

    It’s like society’s compulsive need to see technology improve in some areas is so bursting with instant gratification, it’s like that kid with that toy where you put the shape through the correct hole, ya’ll are trying to ram the square through the triangle hole.

  • Adam Berg

    If you look at the Music icon it’s a rather big difference. But I wonder if it’s not more of a difference between lcd and oled. A 1080p oled might even be better than this 1440p screen.

  • Pinpointer

    well… I’m sold! =) gimmie gimme gimmie
    QHD that is

  • avantra

    First World problems, that’s for sure!

  • Gilberto Gutierrez

    Even though, the screen is sharper and nice to have. If I would get the Find 7 over Find 7a it would be because of the 3gb of ram. Is it worth it probably not? But I’m stupid like that!

  • David Witmer

    What’s the point? I bet I could use the 4K HD model for a week and someone slip in the standard model when I’m sleeping I’d probably never notice! I mean damn my 441 PPI One M8 looks incredible as is!!

  • Lilith_Black

    Some pple complain abt the Macbook air resolution being grainy (I can never see the bad resolution: HQ movies etc I play on a even lower price screen works fine.) Although, I can see a slight increase in sharpness of a retina display side by side, I don’t find it necessary as I’m not using it for high graphic detail stuff like graphic editing. The difference btwn 1080p and QHD is even less noticeable, with much more significant costs to battery life and performance.

    The colour reproduction and accuracy is more of a concern. Instead of focusing on resolution, I think manufacturers shld focus on this as well as heating and brightness of screen.

  • screw you, your screenshots suck

  • Lunchbox

    the only good thing about these resolution on smartphones, is that the tech filters down to things like Oculus Rift, which I would prefer was 4k, but will probably 1440p for the first consumer version

  • Shashank Bhardwaj

    I actually found full HD to be better in a couple images o.O

  • Aaron Richards

    Personally I think the Quad HD will only become relevant if the screen size keeps increasing even more (though I doubt smartphones are ever gonna get wider than a 6″ diagonal)

  • Satyarth Kumar

    its like this- say , 40 black dots on a white paper….
    if we see it closely…..we will see the separation and white space between them.
    but , if we see them from distance those white spaces between them will appear not to be there…..
    its all like more pixels or more pixel density…..the white space will appear less….
    now u see how close you keep your phone at guys….for me 1080p does great plus goes good for battery..

  • Mark Burley

    Here’s a thought phones with a 1080p option for gaming cos at those crazy quad hd resolutions even 8890 Kirin 950 and 820 are gonna struggle to keep the experience smooth. Great for other media though.

  • Siva

    Reading this in 2016 with my Quad HD Galaxy S7 lol