PS4 Remote Play port working on Android 4.2 devices, no root required

by: Robert TriggsDecember 16, 2014


Sony’s PS4 Remote Play streaming app is a great piece of software for gamers, but the company’s choice to lock the app to its own Xperia smartphone range means that quite a few people are missing out. Fortunately, XDA member TheScriptKitty has created an APK that will port that the Remote Play app to non-Sony smartphones and tablets.

The port apparently supports any Android KitKat (4.4+) device. You can check a list of tested compatible handsets and tablets here. Some users are also reporting that the app works with Android 4.2 and 4.3 handsets too, so it might be worth a try even on older smartphones and tablets.

The latest version of the port.apk (V0.61) removes connection speed and WiFi checks, allowing you to connect to your PS4 over slower connections and potentially even your data connection, providing that your network is fast enough. Despite the removal of these checks, a 5GHz router is still recommended.

Root permission is not required to install the application, although you will need to root if you want to install the DualShockManager for your controller. Here is the most up to date installation method using the latest apk:

  1. Download and install RemotePlayPortV0.6.1.apk (if you have a previous version installed run “adb uninstall” first.)
  2. (Optional) Download and Install DualShockManager.apk
    1. Move APK into ‘/system/app/’ and change permissions to RW-R-R
    2. Reboot

There are a couple of other, older methods you can also try in the official forum post. If you are having trouble connecting up your DualShock controller, there are a couple of workaround methods also mentioned in the thread. Lollipop users are also reporting some success with the apk, but you will need to forward ports TCP 9295, TCP 9293, and UDP 9296-9297 on your router.

We quite enjoyed our time using Sony’s game controller mount and Remote Play app, and it’s good to see more people having a blast with in-home streaming. If you try this method out, feel free to share your experiences in the comments below.

  • androidgeek

    There goes Sony’s smartphone sales

    • Thats the bad part

    • Lisandro O Oocks

      Thou it does make me want a PS4 over my Xbox360 even more

      • crutchcorn

        Lose win. :P

      • Rickrau5

        yep was about to sell my z ultra, keeping it now : )

    • John Doe

      I’m pretty sure this is illegal and it might be copyright infringement for the software. Also, a simple patch update to the software would destroy this

      • Chris Freestone

        It’s not theft, as the software is free. It would be a breach of the terms of use only. A patch update wouldn’t apply to a manually installed apk. However, it’s worth noting that they may implement something on the back end which allows them to determine the hardware on which it is running and stop it working that way or even, potentially, disable/ban any PSN accounts running on non Sony hardware (as per Xbox Live with hacked Xbox systems). Should they decide to do this, owners of banned PSN accounts would have no legitimate recourse against Sony.

      • Shamoy Rahman

        They should patch it and block out all non-Sony users.

    • crutchcorn

      But… But I still like their smartphones…

  • JeremieCote

    Can’t get it to install on my Moto X 2014. Simply says app not installed when trying to install it.

  • Joel M

    Why would anyone even want to do this? Play a game on a 5ish inch screen when there is likely a 46 inch screen available. Am I missing something?

    • Mad1723

      Playing away from home.

      • heff

        wow i though remote play was across LAN only. u saying we can forward ports to wan and tunnel back in to ur home network whilst on the train. u done this ;)

        • Davidg

          The hacked version has Lan check disable…

    • Tjaldid

      Also on tablets imagine playing on a 400ppi display or even AMOLED if you prefer it

    • Marty

      I don’t have a PS4 – and I’m not going to buy one just for this, but I do have a 6.4″ Xperia that would be cool to use with this. Too bad there isn’t a PS3 version. :(

      • Joe Butler

        Agreed, if they did this with PlayStation Now or something similar where you didn’t have to own any other hardware, that’d be cool.

      • Dale

        Im Fairly Sure there is Look up “PS3 Remote play”

    • Oh_Oh_SarCastro

      It’s for those moments when your girlfriend wants to watch the bold and the beautiful, and you just want to get to lvl31. Finally…

    • Heff

      when u got to got take a dumb, but your so lame u can’t put ur controller down for even a few minutes.
      ( not “you” as in personally) hypothetically speaking:)

    • Daniel

      I have a tablet that supports 4k but my tv doesn’t so there’s a bonus, also a way for playing your games while doing sumting like taking a shit


      Maybe there is someone else on the TV who’s watching the Walking Dead or something.

    • imronburgundy

      Your kid is watching tv on the big screen and you don’t feel like watching Yo Gabba Gabba for the 100th time again, so you throw the PS4 feed over to your vita/smartphone. Movies, games, you name it without needing to use the big screen.

  • John Doe

    “We quite enjoyed our time using Sony’s game control mount and Remote Play app”….. so we decided to pirate it and steal the copyright protected software?

  • Hammodi

    well. sony should have saw this coming if it was simply a software thing. if their phones have some kind of a different chip or hardware. it wouldn’t work

    • John Doe

      They can patch it and make it unusable to other phones. They have to be signed into PSN for this to work and they have to link devices to their PS4. A patch to the PS4 could make this fake version useless.

      • Theo

        Then it would be cracked again. The main disadvantage for an open platform like Android is the ability to access everything without the need to root. It’s much easier to hack apps on android than any other platform…which is why some devs refuse to port some games and apps over to android. I’m not complaining though :P

  • McLaren F1P1

    Wished we could do that for the ps3! PS4 still not mature enough and expensive!

  • hemanth

    I am unable to move dual shock manager to /system/root. do i need to be root for this?

    • Gabriel

      yes you do

  • Ravtej Lehal

    For some reason I can’t find the system/app directory and when I click on the download it gives me 2 options one is to cancle and the other is to install but I just can’t press install it doesn’t let me all I can do is cancle it… Im a big noob when it comes to androids so please anyone help

  • Ready player Juan.

    IT WORKS! :D

    tried it on both samsung galaxy s4, Android: 4.3
    and galaxy note 10.1 Android: 4.1.2

  • rmirandau

    I can`t connect my Nexus 5 with Lollipop to the PS4… it doesn’t found it, what’s happening? thanks

    • Jeff Penver

      I skipped the locating thing and manually entered the 8-digit code my PS4 was displaying. It instantly reacted, but still sits on the “Connecting to the PS4…” screen of the phone forever.

  • N32G

    Nice, way better than my vita remote play less lag and bigger screen on note 3

  • sean

    Does not work with my nexus 10! Any ideas why?! Says cannot connect!

  • Topias Olavi Salakka

    Eh… I’ll just use Nvidia Game Stream.

  • Can you remove the limitations of Remote Play? i.e. Streaming Video & Other Apps? Or is that on the PS4 side?

  • Carlos

    Title says no root but you can only push apk to system if you’re already rooted.

    Same as ADB.

  • justas

    i installed it, seems working but when i connect, i can see the controlls but after about a second it crashed saying unfortunately remote play has stopped working, any help ? Lg L7 p710

    • justas

      it only works on high quality :DD when i switch back to standart it crashes. but my internet is too slow to work withouth delay…

      • Paul Gerardo

        how did you switch the quality if the app crashes?

  • Osos Hassan Sultan

    How do you access the /system/app directory without root ?

    • James Palmer

      You can’t, and if you could there would be no need to root.

  • J

    how do you register the controller…i press register on the screen, but nothing happens.

    • Avacado

      Any luck with registering the remote?

    • James Palmer

      “Root permission is not required to install the application, although you will need to root if you want to install the DualShockManager for your controller.” Doesn’t anyone read anymore?

    • Aiden Pearce

      Do u even read Jony?

  • Gabriel

    how do i use remote play offline without wifi

  • lalalala

    i need help.. everything works fine my ps4 “streams straight to my phone.. but i cant seem to install the dualshockmanager.apk even tho i
    have a Gs4 rooted. help please

    • Diddy

      Exact same issue! solution?

      • asdf

        same problem! i have rooted my Gs4 but it wont install the .apk

  • Johnboy

    The “Register” button for connecting the remote doesn’t do anything….help

  • roger

    does this work on other android phones like a galaxy, htc, ?

  • roger

    does this work on galaxy s4 ?

  • Tikal769

    anyone get the dualshock manager to work?

    I moved the apk where it needs to be, then i run the register and hold the controller “share” and “ps” button.

    It shows pairing on the screen but seems to freeze like that. Anyone get the controller to work?

  • John

    Downloaded to Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 with 4.4.2 and when I try to open the download I get “There was a problem parsing the package”…..I’m clueless with this stuff, any help????? Please!!!

    • John

      I have allowed unknown sources so that’s not the problem. I used the same link for my Samsung Galaxy S5 phone and it works just fine……assuming there’s an issue with my tablet?

  • dimonn-gage

    samsung s4- ok

  • lickybumel

    HTC one m8 works, kinda laggy but I guess that’s my internet. But also, the resolution is stretched (like a pancake) for some reason.. any fix for that?

  • asdf

    i cant install the dualshockmanager.apk on my Gs4 even though its rooted! PLZ help me

  • josh

    How do you change the permission on dualshock manager

  • Diddy

    Hi, I’m having trouble with registering my DS4 with the dualshock manager. I have a rooted Galaxy s4, I have followed all instructions. When I get to the “Register” button in the remote play apk, it takes me into the white “Setup” screen, with a picture of DS4 asking you to hold share and ps buttons. When I do this, It turns the Wifi on, attempts to connect, and eventually times out.. Is it possible it’s interfering with my “Sixaxis Controller” App. What am I doing wrong? Any help would be appreciated! (ps. I’m aware of the 2 other workarounds, but I would really prefer this method)

  • Trevor Freeman

    the remote play works well.
    still have not been able to use my ps4 controller for my phone (have tried many methods not just this one)
    i have a rooted lgG3 d852, if someone knows a link to a great dicriptive video related to this i would appreciate it.

  • lman71drummer .

    Meh I’d take my trusty PS Vita with a pair of PDP Trigger Grips over this any day as your always guaranteed an awesome console gaming experience. I much prefer proper controls, the feeling of the Vita itself and its PSN interconnectivity over this crappy solution that requires you to hack the shit out of your phone just to get the DS4 to work, otherwise you’re stuck with shit-ass touchscreen controls which I hate with a passion when it comes to gaming.

    Vita FTW!


    Does it work on 5.0??

  • Jonathan Campbell

    Just curious if anyone has ported the update for this yet? It won’t work with the 26MAR2015 PS4 update (2.50) TIA

  • madgamer

    No longer works since last ps4 update. .

  • Vanard Murray

    Can they make it on a galaxy s 5

  • George

    It says app must be updated to connect with the ps4.. can anyone help?

    • John

      On a samsung galaxy note 3.

  • Mitchell beeldsnijder

    How can i update this version? I need a update on my s6

  • Gast

    does this work for ps3?

  • dan

    I’m hoping someone here might be able to help me. So I’m a little late to the party on downloading this APK app. Got the app on my phone yesterday through the link on this page. Got my dualshock paired via bluetooth with my phone last night. Opened the remote play app on my Samsung S4. Tried connecting to my PS4 by entering the pairing code displayed, and I kept getting “Cannot Register PS4” message when I entered the code within the app on my phone. Any ideas on what i am doing wrong. I have not rooted my phone, nor do I want to, according to the APK app and the information above it is not necessary to root. If I get this to work I will most likely sell my Vita. Remote play is really the only thing I use it for, and over half the PS4 games that I own are impossible and down right frustrating to play with Vita controls (if only Sony would wise up and make DS4 and Vita compatible). If anyone can help it would be much appreciated!