Project Zero: The Galaxy S6 is rumored to be what (cyber) dreams are made of

by: Matthew BensonNovember 4, 2014

Samsung Brand Shots CES 2014-3

We still don’t know if Androids dream of electric sheep (dessert yes), but it’s safe to say we do know what keeps Samsung up at night. Between increasingly tough competition, growing consumer unrest, and a disastrous 3rd Quarter earnings report, Samsung is definitely aware of its bedroom boogeyman.

Steps have already been taken, hence the Galaxy Alpha, Galaxy Note 4, Galaxy Note Edge all have metal frames, almost as if the Korean giant finally acknowledged consumer demand for premium materials to go with the premium specs and premium pricing. Taking a step even further last week, it announced the Galaxy A3 and Galaxy A5, two mid-range devices made of all metal.

In just a few short weeks, 2015 will be upon us, and with it, the build-up for the Galaxy S6. The S5 failed to deliver in many ways: no QHD screen (outside of Korea at least), no metal, no major design revision, no OIS. Now that the Note 4 is out of the way, techies are looking to the future. To say that the S6 is going to be the zero hour for Samsung’s future is an understatement. It had better be…Amazing. And yet, if early rumors are anything to go on, it definitely will be.

Will the Galaxy S6 finally give us that 'big redesign' the GS5 didn't?

Will the Galaxy S6 finally give us that ‘big redesign’ the GS5 didn’t?

Sammobile, one of the web’s most astute Samsung fan-sites, has uncovered a venerable trove of information related to the Galaxy S6, referred internally as Project Zero. Yesterday its sources indicated the product is being designed from the ground up with a brand new vision, and today more details have emerged. Here are some of the highlights, though please take them with a few dashes of iodized NaCl as nothing has been confirmed:

  • Screen: Quad HD, 2560X1440 display, though nothing has been offered about screen size. 5.3-5.5 inches might be logical given the LG G3’s size.
  • Camera: IMX240 sensor; (same as the Note 4), with Samsung toying between 16 and 20 megapixels, possibly the 16 with OIS. The front camera will be 5mp.
  • Storage: 32, 64, 128GB variants. Yes 16GB has purportedly been eliminated, something not even Apple has done.
  • CPU Variant 1: Exynos 7420 Octa-Core 64-Bit with possible internally developed LTE modem. Presumably for Korea and select markets.
  • CPU Variant 2: Snapdragon 810 64-Bit. Presumably for most markets including North America, Europe, and most of Asia.
  • Additional: Broadcom BCM4773 chip that will integrate various sensors including GPS together on one chip to reduce battery drain.
  • Model Variations: SM-G920x, SM-G925x (replace x with the regional/carrier letter of your choice). To define x, see Sammobile for the full listing of product codes.
Will the GS6 follow the Note 4's example with a metal frame? Perhaps instead go all-metal?

Will the GS6 follow the Note 4’s example with a metal frame? Or perhaps instead go all-metal?

Assuming even one or two of these spec details prove to be true, the phone already sounds amazing, and we can almost guarantee it will be running Lollipop. A blazing fast 64-bit CPU, QHD screen, 128GB of memory, all coupled with a presumed brand new design (hopefully using metal) and it’s quite possible that at this point next year, Samsung will be laughing at everyone for having the foolishness to point out its 2014 fiscal fall. Add this to rumors circulating about a 2015 Galaxy Note 10.1 (will it be metal?!) and next year can’t come soon enough.

Of course it goes without saying that these are early days and so we wouldn’t get our hopes up too much just yet. After all, past Galaxy S handsets have had numerous crazy rumors, and often enough less than half of them come true. What do you think about these purported specs? Decent? Killer? Would you upgrade to the Galaxy S6, providing the majority of this proves true?]

  • Mahmoud

    Don’t you mean 2K?

    • Guesttseug123321

      While 2K is nice, it’s not without sacrificing some performance to drive the display lol. I’m not looking forward to a redundant 4k on a small screen lol.

      • br00tus

        my note 4 outlasts my old galaxy s4’s battery life by lasting at least 2 times as long. this is QHD vs 1080p. it isnt an issue assuming its optimized properly. and this is all done without power saving mode on in the note, and with powersaving more on in the S4.

        • Matthew Wypyszinski

          your not 4 also has a much larger battery as i recall.

        • Smuti

          And now imagine battery life if it had a 1080p display instead of that pointless QHD on a sub 13,3″ screen.

    • MasterMuffin

      1080p is 2K :) QHD is da term

      • Apsk

        1080p is 1K, 2K would be some weird resolution like 1920×2160 or 3840×1080

        • MasterMuffin

          Uhmm no. “2K resolution is a generic term for display devices or content having horizontal resolution on the order of 2,000 pixels.” Full HD is 2K. Straight from Wikipedia, which may not be the best source, but it’s correct.

          • Raghu

            Full HD isn’t 2K. Full HD is 1080×1920 and 2K or QHD is 2560 x 1440.

          • MasterMuffin
          • TBwonder

            I work for Samsung and he is right. We don’t call our 1080p displays 2k. Our Tab S and Note 4 are 2k or qhd (which is 4 times 720p). We typically don’t refer to them as either though, and simply say that their displays are twice the resolution of a 1080p TV.

          • MegaDragonite

            2k is not qhd. It is Qhd

          • MasterMuffin

            *QHD and it doesn’t matter what you call your displays, facts will remain facts. I can call iPhone 6 golden, but it’s champagne :)

          • TBwonder

            Ultimately you are right. Doesn’t matter what one company calls it. However, I have never heard of anyone calling 1080p the same as 2k before you.


          • tyrone Johnson

            Since you say you work for Samsung, how about suggesting making the S6 with Touchwiz as an uninstallable theme(that will set as default, of course) and give users the option to run a stock Lollipop user interface with all of Samsung’s features baked in.

          • TBwonder

            If only my position were that high. The pay would be awesome! Alas I do not. But I understand where you are coming from.
            However, if Samsung’s features were baked in, it would no longer be stock whatever.
            That’s the real dilemma: do you want software that is a bit boring and behind the latest trends, but is fast and quickly updated or do you want a tiny bit of lag, with features that are there a couple of years before they hit Android OS?

          • Sergio A. Guzmán

            If disabling/uninstalling TouchWiz theme can improve user and phone performance, it would be GREAT :D

          • anony

            touchwiz is not a theme at all, all samsung feature is working on top of it.

          • TBwonder

            I’ll also add that 2k doesn’t really mean anything. That name only stuck because a Qhd screen was half the resolution of a 4k screen, and 2 is half of 4 so…

          • Wilda666

            lol, you don’t know a lot do you? Also Wikipedia isnt a great source.

          • MadCowOnAStick

            He’s just making fun of the incorrect use of 2K…

          • Discuss

            Dude… 2k = qhd 4k = uhd… are you trying to look like a fool? good job.

          • MasterMuffin

            I have to say the same to you. Even if I were wrong, so are you. There’s no standard resolution for 2K. And qhd = 960×540.

            *cough* fool *cough*

          • Discuss

            yeh, you’re the same idiot who cries it’s ROFL not rofl. sigh, gtfoh and suck your own dick.

          • MasterMuffin

            Now you definitely made yourself a fool. Calling others names, but when I prove you wrong and add the same insult at the end of my comment, the insecure kid arises. Unlike with ROFL, which is what I’m doing after reading your comment, qhd and QHD mean 2 different things, so the correction was needed.

            Or to put it the way you will understand: “lololol rekt m8 i did ur mom”

          • MJay

            Full HD is 1920 x 1080.

          • Sam Beckwith

            I’ll use your source against you.


            1080p is Full HD. Quad HD is 2k(2 times 1080p on each side) and 4k is Ultra HD, four times 1080p in each direction.

          • Tomislav Nagode

            Enough already :D there is no 2K,or at least not officialy, 2560×1440 is called QHD or Quad HD (which means 4 times the HD resolution of 1280×720). !!!

          • Tomislav Nagode

            2K dosent even officialy exist, theres only 4K and 8K

        • Hunter

          “2K resolution is a generic term for display devices or content having horizontal resolution on the order of 2,000 pixels.”
          1080p is not 2K, because it’s res is 1920×1080. 1920 pixels

          • Julian Andres Klode

            1920 is clearly on the order of 2000 pixels. The difference is like 4%.

      • Aaditya Brahmbhatt

        1080p is 2 MP not 2K.

        • MasterMuffin

          Oh look at the time. It’s 8 to NO, END OF DISCUSSION. Well waddya know!

      • seattle tech


      • Adam

        2048 × 1536 pixels is 2K. QHD is 2560 x 1440

        • MasterMuffin

          There is not only one resolution for 2K.

      • Haha…Are you out of your fucking mind??? 1080 p and 2K are different are giving links to this I think you didnt read this…

  • ziplock9000

    For a groundbreaking device that’s meant to reboot the galaxy line it seems more-or-less what you would have expected from the G6 anyway.. I was expecting more tbh.

    • Rajvir Singh

      I am so disappointed that it won’t be able to print money and shoot lasers..

      • EKObserver

        Or double as an electric shaver.

        • jr_69

          trying too hard

    • br00tus

      Yeah, i would expect the GS6 to include a free private island upon purchase, and transform into a private jet to fly me there… that’s the least it can do right?

    • Jose Romero

      Yeah, those specs just seem like a natural progression. The only place Samsung could really go all out with the GS6 is in premium design and a totally dialed back Touchwiz, or going to Moto route.

  • Rishu Agrawal

    “In many ways the S5 failed to deliver: no 4K screen (outside of Korea at least)” – I believe you mean to say 2K :)

  • br00tus

    If they make TW on the s6 as amazing as it is on my note 4 (or better) count me in! otherwise, ill be moving over to motorola (assuming they make a bigger battery on the next motox)

    after having an s3, s4, and now the note 4, this really is the first time that i have not seen any lag, or been bothered by the clutter of TW. in fact, i prefer it to stock android now. WAY TO GO SAMSUNG! not make the s6 all the things this article says and more!

    • Wilson Papote Diaz

      hes got it! ^^ i commend you dude!

  • You didn’t see the Xperia Z4’s rumored specs have you?

    • The latest leak from Android Origin includes a 5.5-inch QHD (2560 x 1440) display for the Xperia Z4. The rest of the specs revealed include a 64-bit compatible quad-core Snapdragon 810 (not even the 808), 4 GB of RAM, and 32 GB as the base model for internal storage. The camera will apparently be improved too, to include a curved Exmor sensor that will stick with the 20.7 MP resolution, but provide better photos than the current sensor.

      Category 6 LTE (up to 300 Mbps download speeds) and Bluetooth 4.1 are a given, but one of the most exciting tidbits is that the Xperia Z4 might be getting amplifiers for its speakers, creating an audio experience like HTC’s BoomSound.”

      Now,How cool’s that?

      • Tjaldid

        I seriously Doubt that the Galaxy will be any different on the surface they will just swap out the back cover, put a little more resolution and put a new background and that is it

      • Martin

        When is the growth of screens going to stop?
        Hope the compact stays compact.

        • Rashad Basharat

          Growth of screens are limited to around 5.5″ (bit higher for note) and no company really wants to go over that because it’s the absolute limit for the majority of people’s hands. Google on the other hand want 5.9″ for some reason.

      • Konrad Fraczek

        That sounds great, I already hold my self off from buying Z2 and Z3 just because I am waiting for Z4. Just one issue, isn’t Snapdragon 810 octa-core? I thought it is.

  • Francisco J Quintana

    Why do you need a 4k screen on a 5.5 inch device anyway?

    • Guesttseug123321

      Cos according to Samsung 4 is better than 2 :P

  • dxYuYu

    2K screen my friend not 4k

  • dxYuYu

    If the device will be bigger than the S5 then my Galaxy S4 will definitely be the last handset i use from Samsung

    • Peter Mulders

      Agree. I have a 4.7″ HTC One M7 and I think I don’t want a phone bigger than that. Why aren’t there decent fast minis?

      • Victoria

        Actually there are, the Xperia Z3 Compact for example.

        • Peter Mulders

          Yup, but that’s already a 4.6″ and that’s still quite big. I’d love it if HTC would make something like that. Over 5″ is just too big in my opinion..

        • dxYuYu

          Huge bezels
          They are focusing on the waterproof so much that they forgot about other things
          And it’s not technically Z3’s compact
          Because the specs aren’t the same anymore

          • Victoria

            What specs aren’t the same? It’s identical expect for screen size and resolution.

  • Andreas Stefanou

    “To say that the S6 is going to be the zero hour for Samsung’s future is an understatement”
    Samsung does have some trouble with its loses this 3rd quarter but it is VERY FAR from anything close to zero hour. If you know where Samsung is trading and their worth as a group, then you know that you are blatantly overstating the facts here…Samsung can survive years of loses with the immense capital it has and no one smartphone can make or break them. You’re confusing them with HTC obviously.

    That said, I see nothing amazing in the specs and specs are not what Samsung should be focusing on, but rather design-build and user experience.

  • Peter Mulders

    As long as it’s a Samsung I probably won’t like it.

  • Guesttseug123321

    I think somewhere before they hinted some redesign before S5 released but it still turned out to be the same. I’m not hoping for any major overhaul is design smh

  • wat

    Stick 4GB RAM with it and it’s a better PC than laptops from 2 years ago. Samsung need to be making this next logical step and selling their own laptop docks (see: 3rd party S5 and S4 laptop docks) and docks with HDMI out for monitors.

    • Matthew Wypyszinski

      what laptop were you running 2 years ago? lol my laptop is 2 years old with a 2.5 GHZ octacore processor and 8 GB of ram (which was standard on laptops 2 years ago, unless you bought the cheapest ones on the market which had 4 and a lesser processor, but then who compares the specs on the 300$ laptops). that processor and 4 GB of ram would make it 5 years old atleast before it started outstripping laptops (4 years ago i had a quad 2.4ish and 6GB of ram on a lower end laptop)

      • wat

        No, no. You’re talking rubbish. For one: It is not octacore, it is 4 physical cores and 4 virtual cores, secondly it is not “2.5GHz” that is the burst speed in Turbo. I was also talking about the midrange average… as in the price that a flagship smartphone sells for (e.g. G3, HTC M8 and S5 are all £400-£450 in the UK on Amazon). You were not buying £450 brand new laptops with those specs two years ago.

        • Matthew Wypyszinski

          my laptop was 500$ 2 years ago, it is 2.5GHZ without turbo, it can turbo to damn near 3 lol. It was midrange 2 years ago. my 4 year laptop was a little above midrange, at about 750.

          • Matthew Wypyszinski

            so i didnt notice you were using pounds (or atleast i think it was pounds) which would make my 4 year old laptop midrange since in US thats 750. Which means that the 3 GHZ laptops of 2 years ago can be included into this

          • Alpa

            Don’t even bother with this guy Matthew, I have watched this guy be wrong in the past before and he can never admit it. It is always entertaining though. Once saw a bloke offer to fly out from Australia and meet him all the way in London after he started running his mouth about how intelligent and successful he was and this “wat” guy chickened out so fast. Some people just dont know how to admit they are wrong.

          • wat

            Ok, what laptop is it and what are the exact components? I think you’re talking rubbish because the i7 4710 from just a few months ago is only finally 2.5GHz and that is brand new and a TOP RANGE CPU in more expensive laptops.

          • wat

            The i7 4710 from just a few months ago is only finally 2.5GHz. What is the model and component specs of this “2 year old $500 laptop”? Did you buy it in a fire sale, thus your point is irrelevant?

    • Rashad Basharat

      Agreeing with Matthew here. (I’m from UK) A laptop 2 years ago had minimum 4GB ram for a mid range easily. My laptop 4 years ago had 3GB for a midrange and that’s because I optionally took a lower ram amount in compensation for better build quality. Laptops (AMD one’s anyway) have been 6GB for ages and 8GB seems common nowadays as well.

      • wat

        Mid range (£450) laptops two years ago did not have more than 4GB of RAM. 8GB is close to standard for that price now but a lot are still 4GB. I’d rather not debate semantics though, change 2 to 3 if you like, and think about what I’m saying.
        4GB is plenty enough for 95%+ of users. Only those who need Photoshop or 3D CAD or simulation software need more really, and all of those are going cloud based already or soon. So Samsung, or Google, need to fix up the OS or just a UI for desktop mode and Windows will lose even more market share.

        • Rashad Basharat

          No seriously. I bought a £500 laptop 4 years ago with 3GB ram and could’ve just got 4GB instead. My brother bought a laptop 2 years ago (alos £500) and his one had 6GB like a lot of the other laptops available at PC world, there were none lower than 4.

  • rnagic

    Hopefully they will put a little more imagination into the design.

  • Thank you to all those who noted the screen resolution mistake. It has been corrected.
    In general I think these specs are quite “reasonable” and I could totally see them being the real deal. This is quite different from the nonsense last year with a liquid metal frame for the S5, for example.

  • Sabir Turkovic

    Nothing special…

  • Elton Oliveira

    It will come with S Pen recognition too

  • comawhite94

    Better specs won’t necessarily equal better sales. If Samsung’s competitors keep advertising themselves well, and continue to make devices that their users like, Samsung will lose its grip on the market. That said, a 128 GB GS6 with expandable memory up to another 128GB via MicroSD would be phenomenal, and would really get Apple users to shut up about the fiction that iPhones had the 128GB option first. However, I’m not sure about a 4K screen just yet. I’m content to just let quad HD be the standard from here on out. And one additional request, Samsung: MOVE THE HEADPHONE JACK TO THE BOTTOM!!!

    Edit: Also, try to tone down TouchWiz a bit. Take out the unneccesary features (eye scrolling, smart scroll, heart rate monitor, etc) as well as some of the Samsung apps no one uses. This is wishful thinking, I know, but a man can dream.

  • Mvrcel Lgt

    those phones are getting way too big. One day I will have to go back to a 3310.

  • DGBlair

    These specs are what’s expected. As a current S5 owner, here’s what I would suggest they do.

    1. Scrap touch-wiz, completely, in favor of vanilla lollipop.
    2. Only keep the features that most people use (or convert them to apps you can install from the play store), but make them look native to lollipop.
    3. Keep the removable battery and SD card support (those are must-haves for a lot of people).

    4. Front facing speakers (see htc one)
    5. Custom backs (ie: moto maker) I would think Samsung has the scale to pull this off if motorola can.
    6. Water resistance on the S5 is great. It would be awesome if the S6 keeps this feature

    • br00tus

      Tw does MANY useful things that vanilla android doesnt. You may not think so now, but once you get the note4’s features on the upcoming lollipop upgrade, you’ll agree. Curiously, my note4 has many stock lollipop features while still running kitkat (card based recent apps tray, notification’s etc are all from lollipop)

      • DGBlair

        I’m sure it does, but there’s also a hundred other features that not everyone uses. I think they could lessen-the-load of touchwiz by porting those features to apps, and allow people to install what they want.

        • Martin

          The note will loose a lot without touch wiz, the s5, not so much

        • br00tus

          Again, another issue addressed already by the note 4. Half the things that came preloaded on the s4 are now “download able extras”

          Like I said, theyve already fixed a TON

          • Julia

            Note 4 touchwiz is the most refined to date. It’s evereything we (samsung phone users) dreamed of.

      • Tjaldid

        They can do both ala Motorola

      • Seth Forbus

        I’ve been very pleased with touchwiz on my Note 4 (I’ve had it 2 days now) I upgraded to the note 4 from the Galaxy S5, and there is a huge difference in how things run. I’m very pleased with it!

    • Tjaldid

      Switch out the front buttons for on-screen buttons and put the power-menu button on the side since a lot of people like it to be always in reach

    • Rory Maher

      If they did this they could have all my money!!!!!!!

      • br00tus

        “google play edition samsung devices” are a thing, and they never sell well.. maybe its because to the vast majority, TW adds things they do use. I rooted my s3, and s4, and went AOSP.. But the features on my note4 are finally completely useable and the phone lag free. Its finally what it should have always been

        • DGBlair

          They’re only sold via google.. if they were in the store, side-by-side, and people could see(and feel) the difference. I think we both know which one would be bought. :)

          • hoggleboggle

            Most likely the touchwiz version as it will offer more features for the same price.

          • Bryan

            Most likely the Google Play Edition version, as it will run faster, be more responsive, have better battery life, be far less cluttered, and still have all of the nice hardware features, without the useless software ones bogging us down. For reference, I’ve owned an S3, S4, S5, and Nexus 5.

          • bryiann

            If you wanted stock, then you’d probably get something like the moto or the nexus. I have a love hate relationship with TW–I always complain about all the extra bloatware and features, but after a while I find myself using them a lot

          • Mark Mann

            the touchwiz version because they’re told that that’s the feature set they “need”?

    • B Brandon B

      I agree with everything except stock android. The TouchWiz feature set is outstanding. I used stock android after using the added functionality within TouchWiz and I just kept saying “WTF?! Why can’t I do this or do that?” Keep TouchWiz, just make modifications to it.

    • fl1nty

      You and I both know your top two aren’t going to happen :)

    • GJV

      TouchWiz needs to be pared down and refreshed, particularly its asthetics, but no way do they drop it altogether. Plenty of folks – especially casual users that make up 90% of the market – like those extra features (whether they use them or not).

    • Tattude

      front facing speakers? hell no. i dont want those fucking huge ugly bezels from the m8. NOPE

  • Aakash Daki Dhawan

    For it to be a successful phone, they have to do everything in their power to make the Touchwiz experience one of the fastest out there, and by that I mean as fast as Sense or Stock. Once they do that, hopefully everything should be back to normal for them.

  • Sebastian Jena

    What’s so “exciting” about it? Sorry to say it, but I see like Android Authority blesses Samsung way too much.

    • Wjdzm

      Competitors going neck and neck and providing superb products is “exciting” in the world of capitalism. Welcome to first world country market.

      • Sebastian Jena

        I think u misunderstood me.

  • namesib

    Okay. As long as they keep the physical button, removable battery and microSD slot I’ll be happy.

    • Captain Obvious

      I agree, those features are “must haves” for me.

      • Michael Samsara

        Deal breakers actually – all the power in the world – in the speed, screen and internals dimensions aren’t worth a thing if you haven’t the necessary failsafes in place that enable you to deal with that untoward, inconvenient thing known as real reality.

        Having a quick charging feature is useless if there is no place to charge and you can’t put in a new battery. Having a phone without a removable battery is like having a car where the hood is welded shut and you have to buy a new one every time the car self-destructs – or in the case of a phone when the battery inevitably dies its natural death.

    • SpaceGhost

      I’m just curious. What is your fixation with that physical button. I, myself, haven’t seen a need for it in years. I was just wondering what you like about it?

      • Hellz

        i like that its always there unlike on screen keys. also as an s4 user i use it to wake my phone and not power button( i usee power button to turn off display) if they want to get rid of that physical button they need to add tap to unlock or something

        • Lindle

          Physical button =/= capacitive buttons
          on screen keys are on the display itself
          capacitive keys are off the display but still just touch sensitive
          physical buttons are the ones you need to physically press.
          I’m indifferent to on-screen and capacitive but hate physical ones, it just feels wrong to have to press a button on a touch interface

          • Hellz

            thank you captain, know the difference. i had sgs2 hercules, it had capacitative buttons but they werent always on so you still needed to press power button to wake it

          • Do you feel that it’s wrong to press a physical volume key or unlock button on a touch-screen device?

          • insomniac

            “it just feels wrong to have to press a button on a touch interface”, thanks for pointing that out SIR! Only disadvantage of capacitive buttons is, they are not customizable, you can’t add any button. And on screen buttons are still not optimized for fullscreen apps.

      • namesib

        I find it the most convenient and comfortable way of unlocking the phone and I can’t press it accidentally, unlike capacitive or virtual home buttons.

        • Sergio A. Guzmán

          Opposite my case, I’ve disabled turn-on screen by home button but it’s a Samsung own mark

      • dodz

        well the physical home button is a lifesaver, we dont have to reach the power button every time. and its better than those double tap to unlock which doesnt work half of the time.

        • Tattude

          magic word: double tap

          something samsung hasnt copied yet

      • guest

        Here in AUS summers can be between 30-40 degrees celsius, heat makes for sweaty hands, and that leads to screens that go berserk. Having buttons that override all other on screen nonsense in this instance is a god send.

      • bruh

        fingerprint unlock duh…

        • Michael Samsara

          Fingerprint unlock though is a good way to have the police access your phone against your will. In a recent case – in the U.S. – it was determined that a swipe or passcode was protected access that you couldn’t be forced to give up – but biometric info like your fingerprint or DNA is something the police can get a warrant for and force you to give them. Plus, when someone – which if they want it they will – hacks your phone and steals your fingerprint for the rest of your life it is useless and a security/privacy threat to you. Duh.

          • Discuss

            IDGAF about the POlice. Or a theif. I use it on my Note 4 cause it’s the quickest and the most convenient.

      • B Brad

        Keeping your full screen visible without button overlays is quite nice. Also when the buttons are hidden various apps make it annoying to get the buttons back. Often there is lag, if an app gets hung it takes awhile to time out. Sure newer versions of android make this minimally painful, but still it’s nice to know exactly where to touch (no guessing), no having to figure out which rotation the phone is in, just instant access to home/back/switch app.

        Keep in mind that samsung often manages a better screen/phone ration with offscreen buttons than others do with on screen buttons.

      • mikkelmus

        Physical buttons does not waste screen space.

    • seattle tech

      It would be nice if they added the options to add software buttons to quiet all the capacitive button haters.

      • Sumit S.


    • Shark Bait

      Agreed! as well as pulling their finger out their arse by sticking a huge battery in there, and a phone that doesn’t look like a toy.

      Also id like it to come with a case made from unicorn leather, a cold fusion portable charger and a flying pig poop dock! seriously that would be awesome! and totally make apple cry!

      • Michael Samsara

        Hot damn – great minds do think alike – I had exactly the same ideas!

    • teedizz

      physical button is ghey, M8 FTW!

    • Sumit S.

      Amazing actually !! I hate physical/capacitive buttons. The only reason I dont like Samsung phones.

      Amazing because I dint know Physical buttons are popular among Samsung or other users
      but it’s just matter of time mind you ;)

      • hoggleboggle

        what do you have against physical buttons? They are more readily identifiable in the dark or in the pocket, they are less prone to be touched accidentally when you are busy moving your finger around the screen, they make it a lot easier to override a locked-up app, especially if it has hidden the buttons. They also don’t waste any screen estate, particularly in landscape mode. they also make it easier to determine which end is the top or bottom.

    • Dhanaraj K A

      Yeah those are some of great features that I would definitely miss if they decided to remove them….

    • Bill

      Yup, at least the removable battery and microSD card are must haves for me.

    • Michael Samsara

      Samsung is a lot of things – but dumb they ain’t. They know that these features are important to more than a few of us and actually are determining factors that are major deal breakers. Certainly anyone with taste and who has had a good “bringings up” likes to have items that are beautiful objects and lend themselves to creating a more refined moment to moment and day to day experience; but, hand in hand with that – if you are really smart – you also want quality, durability and functionality – over the long haul. Beauty that is only skin deep will not suffice.

      I predict that the Galaxy S6 is going to become very quickly THE phone to beat; that it will set a new standard. Why? Because Samsung – remember ain’t too dumb. Everyone has been bemoaning the fact they have kept their old “form factor” too long. My thinking is that those doing this moaning and groaning are not familiar with the comment General George S. Patton made re the Maginot Lines in France during WWII, which the Germans handily went around rather than – as the French hoped – cooperating and decimating themselves by doing a frontal assault up. Here’s the quote from General Patton: “Fixed fortifications are monuments to man’s stupidity.”

      Samsung has been waiting, patiently, intelligently – and seemingly forever – until Apple finally got its slow ass in gear and produced a new “revolutionary” iPhone designed as always to astound us with its marvelous features that no phone before ever has had. Yeah, sure.

      Well – Apple’s iPhone 6 iterations – are now the smartphone equivalent of “fixed fortifications.”

      Samsung can now look at “the best iPhone” ever produced with all its revolutionary features and say well – “Isn’t that special and rather ordinary, rather mundane.” And do what perhaps only they since they are manufacturers, creators of new technology and innovation and actually produce their devices – rather than just stipulate design elements and then farm out the production to third parties – produce.

      The Samsung Galaxy 6 is going to make the Iphone 6 look like the equivalent of a poor country cousin lacking the benefits of a proper, high level education and the refinements that accrue therefrom – because Samsung, being smart has been holding off what you wanna bet, and now is going to unleash upon an unsuspecting world a raft of improvements they have been keeping under wraps for The Next “Really Big” (channel Ed Sullivan now) Thing”.

      Who was Ed Sullivan?

      • tralalalalalala40


      • cee

        My sides hurt, can’t stop laughing, the funniest one was about how Samsung are waiting to “see” what iphone 6 has, is that code for copy?

      • lime

        You should work for Samsung with that heart in mind. No doubt it will be one of the top and wanted phones of 2015, but people will ALWAYS want an iPhone, no matter what Samsung does because they like the “mundane” iPhones. Just don’t put too much hope like I did on a Galaxy. I expect a great phone this year, but nothing like you described.

  • dilbar stalker

    What Samsung needs to do is release a TW version and a stock vanilla version side by side, as we all know they have no issues flooding the market, and make both available at carriers and best buy. We all know they will never scrap TW, but this could be a good step forward. See how that works out and maybe then they can do what Moto does, with stock android plus beneficial apps instead of cluttered UX mods, on the s7.

    • Blake

      They did this with the S4 Google play edition

      • dilbar stalker

        Yeah basically that but mass-marketed and available in stores instead of just from the play store. Like put it side-by-side with their TW variant so customers can see it and compare for themselves.

  • Usman Shahid

    I,ll stick on with my S5
    It has all I need. A good camera, lot of sensors and most of all The right size of screen.It has never laged for me either. Never froze. So I like my Samsung Galaxy S5.

  • I would still love to buy iPhone 6 over S6. :)

    • Matthew Wypyszinski

      me too, its the first bendable phone !!

      • Wjdzm

        I was gonna say ‘nah LG had a flex-able phone first’ then I realized iPhone’s “bendable” not “flexable”.

      • Haha, Good Sarcasm But at-least iPhone made some kind of innovative thing here. At-least it’s not like Samsung releasing same thing in bigger sizes! :)

        • Matthew Wypyszinski

          Isn’t that in essence what apple did? They didn’t do hardly any updates, just slapped on a faster processor and increased the screen size to be large enough to give u a bendable phone

  • fredphoesh

    Remove the physical home button PLEASE!!!!! Personally I don’t care for the QHD screen on my Note 4… which I think is probably the cause for it being LAGGY. I have returned two already.

    • Better would be stop producing the phones :D

      HTC and Sony is doing much better jobs in Android :)

    • Captain Obvious

      I, like many people, like having the home button. There are many other phones available if you don’t.

    • br00tus

      home button is a must, i wont get an android without it (like many others)
      and my note4 doesnt lag for a single second. disable the “mymagazine” feature and see for yourself.

      • fredphoesh

        I had it disabled from day 1… jitters and lags aplenty… very disappointed with the note 4 so far.

  • samsung fan

    I bought ONLY Samsung devices because of the amazing features and unexpected from other companies and their always a big jump between S generaitons but i hope that GS6 will be made from METAL.

  • eliminate the needs to swipe your finger maybe??

    and cheaper price?? because each iteration increase the price $100.

  • EKObserver

    People replace their phones it seems now once a year. Why on earth would you make it out of metal when its gonna be gone in 12 months? I just dont get the obsession with metal. Being able to replace the battery is much more important. And the cost of these phones is just too high to spend that much money year after year. Imagine if people were falling over themselves to replace their laptops that often. I like the faux leather backing honestly, and most people put cases on their phones, so all metal really is pointless.

    • br00tus

      coming from an s3 and s4, i eventually fell into the “metal obsession” hype myself..

      i got the note 4 and am completely obsessed with the way it looks/feels.

      UNTIL, 4 days in i dropped it on its edge and it got pretty banged up from a fall that my s3 and s4 would have absorbed without a scratch..

      metal is nicer, feels nicer, looks nicer, but is less practical. /end rant.

      • EKObserver

        Yes. Metal dents. Plastic doesnt. And with the case, it is a moot point. Its like they are trying to force people to believe that metal is better. Metal has no functional advantage at all. They dont even make car bodies out of metal for crying out loud. Its all carbon fiber and basically plastic anyway. No one seems to mind about that.

        • Easy

          I totally agree with you. But a lot of media and may be a lot of Samsung haters all were claiming how plastic doesn’t feel premium and more importantly associated build quality with metal/plastic. A huge number of articles used to claim that a phone is plastic and so less build quality automatically.
          I wanted Samsung to go metal just to shut those people not because it is needed. Having said that I really like the look of Note 4 with the metal touches. But I would have got it even if it is fully plastic.

    • Greg Cardall

      Agreed. I never understood this argument. And if “metal” was seriously in as high demand as these sites claim that it is, wouldn’t HTC be doing much better? Most android owners I know put cases on their phones anyway, rendering the build material moot. I believe the demand for metal is a “niche”, not the mainstream.

    • Guest 123

      Normal people do not upgrade each year.

    • marko leodor

      So essentially you saying the margins don’t matter for a company, they are employing plastic in order to have a more complete phone rather than squeezing the cost to make a product/ product quality in order to make a well profitable product? Haha O wow “metal obsession” is some unpractical, but changing the phone every year is efficient and not part of aggressive consumerism / fanboyism and aggressive marketing. Genius keep on updating your phone every year to keep up with the industry marketing of not useless hardware specs in platform that they don’t own [ that can translate and collaborate so perfectly in real world lol], and saving money on metal by buying every year a new plastic phone that cost around on top 30% cheaper and normally around 10%.

      • EKObserver

        Making a phone out of plastic is probably cheaper than metal, so the margins are better, unless you have numbers that show otherwise. Metal obsession is impractical (not unpractical), as is changing a $600 phone every year. Who said it wasnt? I am a genius thank you; I dont change my phone with every update. Only when I need to get a new phone. You need to understand what people are saying better. Im assuming English isnt your first language.

        • marko leodor

          I can tell you are.

          Unpractical = another term for impractical .Synonym.

          If you read before you type I pointed that making in plastic to save on cost of production which demonstrate your genius ability.

          “While many consumers and industry commentators, ourselves included, have suggested the Galaxy S5 would have benefitted from a more premium build, Samsung has claimed it considered many materials for the S5 before settling back on plastic.”

          The justification of samsung

          We wanted something with a pleasing feel … and better grip,” Kim said. “If we used metal, [we felt] the designs felt heavy and cold.”

          Why is unpractical for the customer? You have not offered any valid facts from the customer point of view.

          “I dont change my phone with every update. Only when I need to get a new phone. ”

          So basically you contradicting your early point :

          “People replace their phones it seems now once a year. Why on earth would you make it out of metal when its gonna be gone in 12 months?”

          This is called argument contradiction when you contradict your main point.

          “You need to understand what people are saying better.”
          “The people ” which you meant you need to understand and remember what you write not to contradict your own points. Or you think you writing to yourself not to the public? Yes you are a genius again demonstrated over and over.

          “Im assuming English isnt your first language.”

          This is called Fallacy of Presumption, false cause. In order to defend your contradiction point you make an assumption thus blaming the reader.

        • Guest

          I can tell you are.

          Unpractical = another term for impractical .Synonym.

          If you read before you type I pointed that making in plastic to save on cost of production which demonstrate your genius ability.

          “While many consumers and industry commentators, ourselves included, have suggested the Galaxy S5 would have benefitted from a more premium build, Samsung has claimed it considered many materials for the S5 before settling back on plastic.”

          The justification of samsung

          We wanted something with a pleasing feel … and better grip,” Kim said. “If we used metal, [we felt] the designs felt heavy and cold.”

          Why is unpractical for the customer? You have not offered any valid facts from the customer point of view.

          “I dont change my phone with every update. Only when I need to get a new phone. ”

          So basically you contradicting your early point :

          “People replace their phones it seems now once a year. Why on earth would you make it out of metal when its gonna be gone in 12 months?”

          This is called argument contradiction when you contradict your main point.

          “You need to understand what people are saying better.”

          “The people ” which you meant you need to understand and remember what you write not to contradict your own points. Or you think you writing to yourself not to the public? Yes you are a genius again demonstrated over and over.

          “Im assuming English isnt your first language.”

          This is called Fallacy of Presumption, false cause. In order to defend your contradiction point you make an assumption thus blaming the reader.

    • ijKs

      Yes, people should be on the plastic hype train. Samsung should come out with reinforced plastic and blow all these crappy recycled soda can aluminium phones out of the water. If you can make guns out of reinforced plastic, it’s definitely fine for phones.

  • Teic

    Always go full metal :D

    • Captain Obvious


  • frhow

    ChangeUP TW!!!!!

  • Ian Huntly

    How about some really decent battery life and more than the 3GB RAM so the phone can work a lot faster than my Note 3 for much longer? The metal frame would be nice too to bring it on a par with my HTC phones, but only after killer performance and at least all day performance.

    • br00tus

      i am an extreme power user, i have never had any phone that can get me through a full day without reaching for a charger. my note 4 does it, and i am entirely amazed that it can.

      • Ian Huntly

        Good to know. Note 1 gave me 3 – 4 hours, nice screen but very slow, Note 3 is given 6 – 7 hours hard usage, but that is less than half my day, so not good enough and it just is too slow too, though much better than Note 1. Must push Samsung for a loaner to see if the switch is worth it.
        Yup, microSD, removable battery and a button, are not negotiable, all reasons why the iXXXXX devices do not make it past ground zero for me.

  • I don’t udnerstand why every one wants Samsung to go metal. I loved the fact they wont as to me it makes the phone less prone to scratches and marks that a metal frame can show off.

    • Captain Obvious

      This is a smart comment

    • Matthew Wypyszinski

      no joke, my s4 is in better condition than my motorola x (the OOOLLLLDDD x, pre x2) was after a year and a half. As long as you keep it in a decent case (which you should do with a metal phone anyways, the case is more for the screen than anything else) there is 0 difference performance wise. The whole metal hype is all in peoples heads

  • Jose Romero

    What would really sell the GS6 for me would be if they go with with a truly high-end unibody metal design with Apple-like attention to detail, get rid of their Google apps copies, and go the Moto route with stock Android and useful additions.

  • George

    Where is the fm radio? :/
    No fm radio since galaxy S4!

    • Matthew Wypyszinski

      it sucked up a lot of battery power for something the majority of people didnt use. It also took up a lot of space

  • David Loman

    Most Samsung buyers don’t even care about the specs. I’m thinking over 50% of Samsung owners. They can’t tell the difference between an Exynos and a Snapdragon. They haven’t the slightest idea between a 32 and a 64 bit processor. Only a very few of Android users know about these things. The reason why sales are down must be something else. Personally, many people come to me for advice on what to buy and I have completely stopped recommending Samsung. Why? Because it’s OS is so damn heavy and full of crap just to be more innovative but with that innovation comes the flaws. Before a year’s use, almost any device becomes laggy (I have owned a S2, S3, SGN, Note 2 and currently Note 3). Apps begin to crash. Memory and ext SD issues. With all this, I have advised people to give LG or HTC a try. Personally, I’ll be getting a Nexus 6 or the new Moto X. After 3 years with Samsung, I just have to go vanilla. I have recommended lots of people the Moto G (an extremely cheap phone with the closest vanilla ROM experience on a branded phone) and ALL of them have loved it. No lags, superb battery life, blazing fast, etc. The problem with Samsung is its software. Try fitting a V8 turbo engine on a 10 ton truck. You’ll get a powerful engine rendered useless because of the vehicle’s weight. That’s what happens with Samsung.

  • Alan Schamber

    HELLOOOOO???!!! Innovation???!!! Where are you?????????!!!!!!!

  • Heiko Quant

    They will still be in trouble says my all metal Huawei Ascent Mate 7… if they compete on price they will lose to the Chinese, if they compete on brand, they will lose to Apple.

  • B Brandon B

    I love my S5 personally. Instead of knocking to wake it up like the G3, you can simply wave at the phone to wake it and then just say “OK Google” followed by whatever command you wish. (Open Facebook, send text to, navigate to, play music, etc) Not having to touch the phone in the cradle while driving is an awesome feature I don’t think many know exists. And waving left or right to go back or forward through gallery photos or switch songs without touching the device is also awesome. I also added wireless charging to the mix. Couple that with my Gear Fit and I’ve got a dynamic duo.

  • ThatDudeKee

    “Being designed from the ground up” Well, personally I think the physical button is overrated, out dated, and needs a major redesign. Most, if not all the manufacturers who are stealing Samsungs customers are doing it with the lack of a physical button. Therefore samsung need to really think about the importance of this button if many of their previous samsung product owners are goin elsewhere. In my opinion, if I wanted a physical button I’d get an iphone. This oval like button to me screams, “hey iphone users. Switch to samsung; we have that one button that you love.” But most Iphone users are loyal to the apple brand, and aren’t switching to samsung because of this common physical button. I think the samsung tablets are second to none, but I won’t own one. In the past 4 years I’ve bought, asus transformer, a nexus 2012, a nexus 2013, and an Acer Iconia A1 and although I would love to have samsungs multiwindow and the many other technically advanced samsung software, the overall looks matters. That physical button is a real design flaw when you turn the tab 2.0/3.0/4.0 tablet sideways, or a Note 10.1 in portrait mode. I currently have an S5, coming from a S4. I hate the physical button on these two, but I love samsungs software, so I bit the bullet. On alot of the newer tablets and phones the “home” button rotates with the screen. Outside of that, I’d like samsung to really waterproof their devices. And not just barely get by with a crappy IP67 rating.

  • Jayanand Supali

    If they are gonna make 32gb as the lower end standard in memory then they definitely gets my Vote up. Currently living with a 16Gb MI3 and i so have to tip toe over things for memory!!!!

  • Paul Williams

    finally a reason to upgrade from my S3……..

  • seattle tech

    Touchwiz on the note 4 is amazing. Almost every feature on it is useful. They still need to optimize it more and improve the aesthetics. I have debloated mine and it is faster than my nexus 5 with lollipop. With 5.0 apks (keyboard etc) and nova prime its is well above and beyond STOCK ANDROID.

  • Roberto Tomás

    QHD wouldn’t be amazing .. a 5.5″ screen would be, though.

  • Shamoy Rahman

    When Sony Xperia Z4 crushes the Galaxy S6

  • Nelson Garcia

    for those that it will have micro SD card … if you see market have change and micro sd card are thing of the past with a 32G or larger is rear to see it on the new phones … I wish I am wrong … also same thing for battery …

  • susan

    I disagree with some people. Let’s keep samsung to be samsung and not a nexus or what other phones there are. Keep the physical home button on front AND the back and menu buttons. Keep touchwiz since it allows samsung phone exclusive apps to run more smoothly BUT change it up a WHOLE lot. Create a whole new design for it. For the icons, everything. Seriously, get new designers. Has a pretty professional look with the leather-like back cover and all but doesn’t really appeal to the majority. I love all the functions samsung phones have. As for the bulky preloaded apps, I just keep em all in one folder and pretend they don’t exist. It would be nice if they had the option to be uninstalled though.
    Overall, switch up the design a little bit. That’s all. Touchwiz is really ugly and doesn’t give you the option to customize it like other launchers do.

  • Vikas

    All the information above is incremental in nature and not revolutionarily different. If the game has come down to just updagrading the specs, then I’m not sure how Samsung can survive.

  • jack

    S6 will be old news when the Note 5 comes out, which im waiting for next fall, but for now im happy with my Note 3

  • Kenny Rodriguez

    I JUST NEED A FRONT FACING FLASH ON THE PHONE… This would be the answer to my cellular prayers!!!

  • milagroful

    Am I the only one who doesn’t want a metal phone??

  • floptastic

    If those are the specs then this phone will flop…. Samsung needs to think outside the box, come up with a revolutionary concept to boost profits back to levels seen in previous years or face phones like the moto g eating all their market share

  • Jay

    Doesn’t matter what they do, they have TouchWiz to screw things up! Unless, one decides to go Cyanogenmod on the hardware.

  • Nasim

    The GS6 sounds amazing, I hope it will look amazing also.

  • JDMillest

    im pretty sure that the S6 will have all the high end spec. it will come down to how it looks and feel of the device.

  • Harris Kks

    Specs seem fine, although I would argue the need to have a QHD screen on a 5-5,5′ display. In my opinion if Samsung sticks with TW it needs a total re-design, especially in terms of UI layouts. It is the ugliest skin I have seen, the dialer and sms stock apps for example are totally rubbish! Only a sleek, minimal and beautiful design can save TW. And I think this is a one way route for Samsung at this point.

  • Jamie Yates

    qhd is 540×960 btw

  • Nuroman

    128GB of MEMORY? Wow, this will be one impressive phone indeed.

  • Mad Mike

    I’d much prefer a better battery life than an F-ing 4k display on my phone. Stupid articles like this one keep pushing the specs war forward. Just make it better looking than the S5, faster, more battery.

  • Guest

    Still…. I am not gonna wait for GALAXY S6… Samsung did failed the GS5 and now they said that they are going to “improve” the S5, coming with S5 Prime with new and refreshed 2560×1440 QHD, 3GB RAM, CPU, GPU, etc…

    Come on people, you guys are likely being manipulated by Samsung! Seriusly, no offense… :/

    Samsung release the S6, next month comes S6 Active, S6 Prime, S6 Grand. etc…

    Better wait for Note 5 because it’s the ONLY and ONLY line that requires 1 model…

    The S lines comes with various shitlists of model but same body, same display, etc…

    The Note lines make a evolution, coming with new stuffs and powerhouse, better than S lines… :(

    If you buy S6, prepare your next money for another imminent threat… S6 Prime, S6 Active, S6 Grand, S6 Mini, S6 Edge…

    Better off with Note 5 with big-ass display, RAM, S-Pen (something that no other phone companies ever created)…

    Hope this help you changing your mind…. ;)

  • Alif Carrascalao

    Still, I am not suprised with GALAXY S6… Samsung will likely fail it again…

    Come one people, you guys are actually being manipulated by Samsung. Seriously, no offense! :/

    Think before buying S6. If you buy, check on the internet and see if there’s any S6 models coming ahead…

    You will start finding websites that talks about rumors about S6 or other phones…

    You will likely be pissed off if you see another S6 variant…

    Better off with recent Note 4 or future Note 5…

    They are the only line that requires only 1 model…

    See, an example of S5, Samsung failed to “WOW” people with it’s similar design and less-bumped up powerhouse with S4.

    Then they said “Ohh better make a new S5!”. Then popped out the S5 Prime/Active/Sport, etc…

    The Note are only Note (No Mini, Active, Prime, Grand, S, etc…)

    If you guys buy S6, prepare for another imminent threat ahead! :D

    You guys might be pissed off!!! ;)

    So, no! Not S6 but yes Note 5!

  • Chito

    I don’t see anything amazing here, these are just spec bumps.. Which is what got them to where they are right now..

    What would be interesting is if they did two variants.. One touchwizzy, with the capacitive and the physical buttons and another one closer to what Motorola is doing, near vanilla android (with quick Nexus like OS updates), no physical or capacitive buttons but with removable battery and micro SD slot (these two and OLED displays should be THE Samsung differentiators).

    And of course, physically not ugly or boring.. no faux anything…

  • Random

    Note 5,It’s samsungs’s best.
    Only wish it’s GPE with some Samsung goodies,
    All samsung features aren’t bad.

  • fredphoesh

    Most of all, will it be the first Samsung device, EVER to NOT suffer from basic lag and jitters when scrolling. My wife’s Xperia Z3 compact is much smoother than my Note 4, I am really pissed off at Samsung for failing, repeatedly, to make a smooth experience.

  • ddd

    I am biggest samsung fan because it has better phones and tablets in the market. Galaxy s5 was great phone but design was ok and backcover has dot pattern so people can hold better. I saw note 4 and the funny thing is Lg g3 has qhd, so samsung have to make qhd and s5 has 16 mega pixel, so samsung put 16 mega pixel on note 4. Samsung should’t care about what other company are doing, but they should work their own project to get better than other companies. For the future, samsung should think broader ideas to redsign the phone galaxy s6 and note 5, and future galaxy note and s series flagship. It has be biggest screen like 6 inch and highest resolution than qhd, and better camera 20 mega pixels and battery 4000 mah. I don’t care what rumors say because they don’t know shit about future products’ specs.
    I hope Samsung can do it and I always trust Samsung.

    • ddd

      If samsung rid of home button and better specs and camera, and biggest screen, I will be happy.

  • Rick_Deckard

    Well… Who cares… I gave up from the Note 4… Because I hate the toucwiz… Getting the Nexus 6 instead! :-D

  • aldoganization7

    aaaahh im drooling like homur simpson and Jelly Donuts

  • aldoganization7

    if anyone has the GS5 and still running (DALVIK) Change your development MODE to (ART) And get a better Glimpse of 5.0 lollipop running and NOTE software its BADASS improvement takes the runtime aperture to an all highest level to what GS6 Is amazing next to ROOT

  • Roberto Tomás

    here’s what pc advisor in the UK had to say:

    Best new tech 2015: Samsung Galaxy Note 5

    Why is it exciting? The Galaxy Note series has a huge following, and the latest Note 4 phablet is a powerful, 5.7in monster with a 4K screen. As with all Samsung’s Galaxy Note devices it comes with the S Pen, and it features the Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 chip with Adreno 420 graphics. Things can only get better with the Note 5.

    When is it coming? September 2015 at an Unpacked event prior to the IFA tradeshow.

    Best new tech 2015: Samsung Galaxy S6

    Why is it exciting? If you’re a Samsung fan but would rather stick to a phone than a phablet then the S6 will be right up your street. Samsung’s finally expected to tackle the plastic build quality criticism that its S-series handsets have received, using an all-metal design in line with that of theGalaxy Alpha. We wouldn’t be surprised to also see a quad-HD screen, plus plenty of other radical new features.

    When is it coming? MWC 2015, which is expected to be held 2- to 5 March 2015. As usual, Samsung will likely hold an Unpacked event in which it will unveil the new handset, potentially at the end of February.

  • Gary W

    Smartphones in general are just getting slightly faster with slightly better screen now. Nothing Amazing.

  • swigalicous

    Can’t Samsung just use a metal back, and make the hinges that keep the back in place made of plastic? You would have that premium feel , and that awesome removable battery and the micro SD card slot.

  • Mark Allan

    yes definitely

  • Kalen G

    I hope they trim down TouchWiz to give it more of a standard Lollipop feel with material design as it’s definitely fresh and, more importantly, fast. Despite the specs, the S5 was a bit of a slouch at times due to TW.
    Premium materials and you have a winner. I don’t even think qHD is even necessary though. We shall see…

  • Anuj

    Get rid of plastic and bloatware then maybe people will start considering buying Samsung phones. For now, Samsung phones look cheap and lags. That’s what they are know for

  • crutchcorn

    I can’t trust any rumors about a Sammy device after the S5 situation… :'(

  • James

    I have a feeling we are going to be disappointed again with the S6..

  • Nathaniel Lewis

    Octo-core 64 bit? Shits gonna melt down … the current iPhones and the tegra k1 devices get a little toasty with dual core 64 bit processors…

    • tralalalalalala40

      Samsung needs 9000 cores to run TW quickly.

  • phantomsofthedesert

    I think Samsung are not happy with their decision in keeping the Galaxy S5 looking like S4, S3. they tried to fill the phone with wiz bang items that I assume most people don’t use. the design is looking very dated. if the S6 doesn’t have a major design upgrade then I forecast hard times for Samsung. which is be proven right now.

  • Phisol

    I really don’t get the purpose of a QHD screen. playing with the Galaxy S5 and Lg G3 there is almost no difference unless you hold the screen 3 inches from your face. if they made this galaxy S6 WITHOUT a QHD screen they could probably get almost twice the battery life and even a brighter screen. also it would be cheaper.

  • Mauro

    “The S5 failed to deliver in many ways: no QHD screen (outside of Korea at least)”

    Stop this madness. No one cares about this nerdy race. No difference between a fullHD and a QHD for screens that small.

  • ryq24

    I think S6 will follow the design of Galaxy alpha, which is one of the most beautiful phone I have ever seen and its so light. And the screen will probably be bigger than 5.5 just so people will not say they copied from lg G3!

  • roberthenderson

    How about something completely revolutionary like the speakers facing the listener.

  • paddylaz

    FOR F******************SAKE. Stop with the dick-measuring-competition specs and just SORT OUT THE INTERFACE. It’s like they have a short-term memory disorder.

    Everyone who hates android hates it because of touchwiz and touchwiz alone. It is the facial wart on the face of the otherwise beautiful Android. What % of the public have ever used a nexus 5? Exactly. The vast majority hate android because they have interacted with it through touchwiz.

    Just…….please stop.

  • Brandon Salvesen

    Some things I wanna see… dual front facing speakers, 3.5mm headphone jack on the bottom, at least a metal frame (like the alpha, note 4/edge) quad HD display and still the features like water resistants, SD card slot, fingerprint reader in the home button etc.

  • WorkersUnited111

    Samsung- get rid of your bloatware and follow Motorola’s lead by keeping the OS almost stock.

  • averymlewis

    Lets just home they can make Touchwiz look better ;)

  • Clinton Sanchez

    How about an ultra advanced battery!

  • eric Soulliage

    one thing that REALLY piss me off is market fragmentation , i guess i’ll have to wait for my next trip to asia to get the phone i really want and not the one they let me buy (at an outrageous markup) in north america , give me the choice between the Exynos 7420 or the snapdragon 810, forcing me into a single choice is the best way to loose my business , HTC did just for that , and it would give me a solid incentive to support my friends at huawei ( not to mention getting the chinese employee price )

  • debendra gurung

    Concept of aluminiun and all metal is not the way of the future. Its corrosive and heavy. I would prefer recycled polycarbonate instead or probably graphenes and oled fused tech if im not being too aimbitious or too stupid to pour my ignorance of tech. But if there is any company giant enough to bring it than clearly it is samsung atleast for some years to come.. theyve got every tech whether its for them or for their rivals. Metal vs plastic debate is ignorant if not misleading. And for those whos worried about environmental concern of using plastic, think again we could be doing worse using metals, soil without valuable trace metal is desert..

  • M3D1T8R

    Hopefully “zero” refers to the number of terrible obsolete physical home buttons, finally.

  • Denis Wong

    I find full metal phones nice to the touch but slippery and heavy. Having owned the HTC One S, the iPhone 5 and the One M7, I’m done with full metal bodies (don’t like cases), the experience is overrated. I’m happily rocking the Nexus 5 and HTC One E8, nothing beats a grippy matte surface for ease of handing.

  • cee

    The whole article in one sentance:
    To be successful, Samsung need to copy Apple even more than they do already.

  • Vai

    Make the physical footprint no bigger than what the nexus 5 is. Pull an LG and reduce the top and bottom bezels.

    What happened to isocell? I would have liked to see a 16mp isocell camera with ois.

    If not, then go for the imx 230 sensor from Sony with 192 point phase detection auto focus. Slip ois in too whilst you’re at it.

    If the device footprint is small enough and has an incredible camera if be tempted.