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If Sony’s Xperia Z5 color line-up isn’t quite bold enough for your style, then you might be happy to learn that a Pink version of the handset is on the way in late January, at least as far as Taiwan is concerned.

According to local media, the pink variant of the Xperia Z5 will be an exclusive to Chunghwa Telecom in the country. The arrival of the phone will conveniently coincide with the Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day.

This isn’t the first time that Sony will have offered an exclusive color option to a retailer, but these partnerships typically tend to expire after a little while and we may see the Pink model appear in different regions too. The Purple Xperia Z3 was available in Hong Kong, Taiwan and the UK back in January 2015, so we may be looking at a similar deal with the Xperia Z5 this time around.

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October 24, 2015

We don’t have any official details or pictures yet, but the mock ups below should give you a good idea of what a pink Z5 would look like. Is anyone interested?


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  • balcobomber25

    A pink version isn’t for me, but i do love what Sony is doing. I am sick of seeing every new phone launched in the same 3 or 4 colors (white, silver, black or gold). I welcome any new color options, the cobalt colored Xperia looks amazing.

    • RiTCHiE

      i just hope the front is in color also other wise its a fail.

  • Camilla/קמילה

    Wow What a gorgeous shade of pink, I like it very much.

  • Quincy

    I would assume it would look like the pink Z5 Compact, which is not at all the shade of pink that is shown in those photos.

    • FYLegend21

      Z5c is actually Coral Red

  • Hacker-Mike

    Colorful wouldn’t help Sony at this point all they need to do now is to joining Google to make a new Nexus phone that’s only thing I think it might be able to help Sony phone reputation..

    • Gregory Opera

      I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – Ubuntu for Mobile Devices (aka “Ubuntu Touch”/”Ubuntu Phone”).

      Currently the only devices available to the general public are aimed SPECIFICALLY at developers and “early-adopters”… But the operating system has been applauded for actually doing something different (as opposed to simply copying what Apple and/or Google are doing), with most people actually claiming the design and functionality in Ubuntu for Mobile Devices make more sense, once you get used to it.

      Sony struggle to differentiate themselves from everyone else, yet they still have a lot of reputation left in the “Sony” brand… Offering a Ubuntu-powered smartphone will not only give Sony something unique to offer (that can be customized by Sony extensively, as it is almost-exclusively Open Source), but bring a “premium” offering to the first Ubuntu-powered smartphones targeted at the general masses…

    • Svnjay

      Who cares about Nexus phones? No one buys them and it won’t a difference.

  • Lim Ming Quan

    The pink looks fine, but I still prefer purple and I think future Sony Xperias should have a purple variant and make that their ionic colour.

    • Gregory Opera

      I agree.

      At first, I was considering upgrading to the Xperia Z5 from my Xperia Z Ultra, but none of the current colors in Australia do it for me… The “green” is nice, but purple is where it’s at.

      Though I have to admit, I am extremely tempted by the “gold” version (of the Xperia Z5)… Champagne Gold is a great color, and not enough manufacturers utilize it.

  • calcy

    I want one.

  • Redsun

    How about just making one for Verizon in the compact size?

    • smartuser8

      Yeahhh bootloader locked for life yeahhh I want that!

      • Gregory Opera

        You do realize that unlike many manufacturers, Sony actually permits and provides instructions for unlocking the bootloader, right?

        Yeah it voids the warranty and all that good stuff (which is the same as with virtually all other manufacturers), but at least they give their customers the option… Heck, they even have an entire Open Source project based on this (the “Xperia Open Source Project”)!

        FUD… That’s all your post is.

        • Svnjay

          You couldn’t unlock the bootloader on the Xperia Z3v.

          Misinformation… That’s all your post is.