Google is finally shutting down Picasa

by: Jimmy WestenbergFebruary 13, 2016

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I think we all knew this would happen eventually, and the day is finally here – Google has just announced that it will soon retire Picasa. For those unfamiliar, Picasa is a photo-sharing and storing website that’s been in Google’s lineup since 2004. Ultimately, Google stopped rolling out any notable updates to the service, so it was only a matter of time until the photo website was shut down.

So what are Picasa users to do now that their photo service is getting shut down? Google is unsurprisingly telling folks to move over to Google Photos, the company’s new-and-improved photo service. The idea here is for Google to focus on one service that works across both mobile and desktop, rather than split its efforts across two different products. If you happen to have photos or videos stored away in a Picasa Web Album, Google says all of your media will already be available in Google Photos. Once you access Google Photos, you’ll be able to share, download and organize all of your media in one location. For those who aren’t keen on using Photos but would still like to view tags, captions and comments, Google will be creating a new place for you to access your Picasa Web Albums data. You’ll still be able to view, download and delete your albums, you just won’t be able to create, organize or edit your albums. Google Photos can do all of these things, so you might want to think about giving it a try if you’re on the fence.

This is all happening very soon, but not today. Google will start rolling out the changes on May 1st, 2016.

The company also says it will stop supporting the Picasa desktop application on March 15th, 2016. It will still work beyond March 15th, but Google will stop developing it and there will be no future updates. Also, Google is retiring some functions of the Picasa API. Developers can learn more about those changes here.

Download Google Photos from the Play Store
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  • tabatt13

    Google Photos does not have a desktop app to replace Picasa. It only has a tiny app that can backup your photos to the cloud. The Picasa desktop app was excellent and it’s shame we’re losing it. I also don’t see the Google photos website being any better than the Picasa one was. The only thing Google Photos has going for it is a modern dedicated mobile app that Google never bothered making for Picasa.

    • danwat1234

      You’re not losing it, Picasa on the PC will still be there.

      • tabatt13

        Obviously, but it will not longer be supported or receive updates. The backup services probably won’t work anymore either.

    • Pbryanw

      For a light user like me, I’m finding using the Chrome web app for Google Photos, then pinning it to the taskbar and setting it to open in a window (remember to set this option from the apps shortcut) works for me (it’s like using Google Photos as an app). Repeat with Fluid for the Mac. As I say, this will probably work best for light users, but it’s one solution.

    • joshie

      Picasa was awesome, and I don’t think Google Photos is really a great replacement. Would have preferred them rebranding and enhancing Picasa rather than replacing it with G Photos.

  • Picassa desktop is excellent. And it doesn’t say we’re losing it, just not getting any further development. So I’m still using it and it does link with Google Photos already.

  • Thomas Kuan

    Picasa Desktop’s collage function is easy to use and the interface does not look cheesy as well. Hopefully the application gets rebranded so that they can improve on it further

  • Pedro

    I have always hated Picasa, so I’m really happy with this decision. lol

  • smokebomb

    Finally. Maybe my other gmail accounts (that i don’t upload photos to) will stop asking for permission to access my photos.

  • g f

    Picasa “web” is so much better with managing photos (IMHO). you can actually “move” photos into albums instead of having to duplicate them with google photos. photos can also exist in sub folders without existing in the “timeline”

  • ~

    Google, you’re not THE photo sharing place, and now even less so. There is flickr, at least for now. And when it closes down, frankly – I’d rather fire-up my own server, than suffer again ‘oh, sorry, we are closing the service down as we don’t really give a s.h.i.t. about you’.

  • ZensamaX

    port picasa features to google photos, please. and picasa viewer, i love em