Paranoid Android is pretty much over

by: Jimmy WestenbergOctober 10, 2015
Paranoid Android

Paranoid Android has long been considered one of the most popular custom ROMs available on Android. Unfortunately, it looks like the development team might be throwing in the towel sometime soon.

It’s no secret that the team has been slowing down as of late. After OnePlus hired a handful of key members from the Paranoid Android team to work on its new OxygenOS ROM back in February 2015, users running Paranoid on their devices quickly found out that future updates would be few and far between. The dev team did manage to push out Android 5.1 Lollipop to Nexus devices in July, though the team said the delay was largely due to the fact that they were missing the manpower they once had on their core team.

So what’s to come of the custom ROM? Following a brief post from Paranoid Android’s Andre Saddler on Google+ claiming that the ROM is, in fact, dead, we reached out to one of PA’s project leads, Matt Flaming, for comment. Although he didn’t have any official statement to share from the team, Flaming relayed to us that the remaining members at PA have become too busy with their lives to continue working on the project. You see, the dev team has always been extremely small, so when everyone seems to have more important things to work on it can be difficult to get work done. Some of the members are focusing on finishing up college and have other important things going on.

Flaming continues:

I cannot say officially that we are indeed dead, as I would love to see where 2016 brings us. I would love to wind down 2015 not worrying about it, and hopefully ‘get the band back together’ early next year. Maybe after everyone has had some time off they will realize how much they miss it. I, for one, will hold out hope on revitalizing the project at some point.

Flaming says he has no plans to put the kibosh on the distribution network, blog, website or anything else PA related in the near future.

It’s certainly sad to see Paranoid Android come to an end, if that ends up being the case in the future. The development team has become one of the most respected, detail oriented and talented teams in the custom ROM community, and we’re sure many folks out there won’t be extremely happy to hear this news.

Have you used Paranoid Android in the past, or do you still use it? We’d love to hear your thoughts on the custom ROM in the comment section below.

  • MaxPower27

    Damn. This is not surprising news at all, but it still sucks. PA beats CM any day.

    • Overheated Oven

      CM rules on all custom roms out there .i think has a 5%-6% of all android devices this is crazy big just think about it .i’m not saying that its “THE” best but numbers talk

      • one thing is that their team is so big that they can maintain a lot more devices and is a really good ROM, but im pretty sure most of those users would have switched to PA if it where available for their device.

        • LALinMN

          Why are you so sure of that, especially since CM still had more installs on devices where PA was available?

  • Sathira Katugaha

    Stupid oneplus no one even likes their products anymore. What a waste of the best dev team ever seen.

    • Xeo

      sad but true

    • Nazgul

      Actually you are wrong on so many levels. The demand is still insane for their devices. Oxygen OS is not PA, but needs more development for sure.

    • Me

      i can see you are a crapogenmod fan.go to hell loser.

      • Daniel Moraru

        Wow ME. Relax boy …

      • Richard Sequeira

        And if he is a CyanogenMod fan, who cares, LOSER!

        • Me

          Listen fucktard. Go choke on the exhaust pipe on your car.

          • Richard Sequeira

            You must live at home with Mum and Dad since you had the audacity to continue an argument that almost a month old. Go back to your parents little child.

          • Me

            No dumbass I don’t but i know you still in mummy’s and daddy’s basement. Go go fuck your dog.

    • s2weden2000

      if it just was true…

  • Th3Bill

    Wow! Unfortunate news if this holds true. Was one of the first ROMs I worked on back in the day. Though I can understand how the dev group feels…I stopped doing anything of real measure a couple years back due to family and work. Hopefully if the original group don’t keep it going, some other group of devs will.

  • piklim

    not very surprising, but still sad news nonetheless, these guys were the reason why I jumped into android with my nexus 4 with paranoid android and hybrid engine, it felt like these guys, not google or apple, were really the ones pushing the newest and best features into these roms.

    The way I look at it is like one of those awesome bands we used to rock to in school, but with time, real life kicks in and making these roms won’t pay the bills. Remember it fondly, and hope someone comes up to take up the reins like these guys did.

  • K77bkny

    I still remember using paranoid on the old galaxy nexus, best rom ever for it..
    Hopefully they’ll come back..

  • Diicotomus

    bit of bad journalism for only contacting 2 members of the team without contacting Andre for comments as well…since he did break the news officially….

  • Bob the Builder

    Fuck you 1+, ruin everything. And the 1+2.. No NFC? Even an iPhone has it, an iPhone!

    • Me

      sucks to be a loser like you.

    • Sergio Arroyo

      google plus didnt do anything

  • Benjamin Pavel

    PA ROM was one of the best ROMs I used on my devices and so much feature rich. Really too bad they choose a crappy company like One+. I hope they come back someday.

  • I am a member of PA Legacy (AOSPA-L) team. I’m personally thinking of this as a hiatus. We could have a giant comeback, or we could not. Only time will tell.

    Best regards,
    Mike Criggs

    • MattF

      Agreed. This is why I refuse to state that PA is dead. Maybe things will sort themselves out in the coming months.

      • Patsy Turner

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    • Jimmy Westenberg

      Thanks for the insight, @mikecriggs_aospal:disqus. I’m hoping it’s the former.

      • Jimmy Westenberg

        Okay. I meant former. haha

    • How do you people get money for these projects?

  • Nazgul

    Love the haters and trolls. Bring OnePlus into it as being the reason for PAs hiatus. Nobody forced those guys to work for OP. Oxygen needs more work, or OP should just use PA as their ROM. I wondered why that wasn’t the case to begin with.

    • MattF

      So if you were not working at a job you liked, and was offered an opportunity to go to work for a company doing something you liked to do, you would say no? On what basis?

    • Marc Bourgoin

      Heyyo, the reason they didn’t go with PA is probably not wanting to risk another Cyanogen Inc situation of getting backstabbed…

      It is too bad though about PA. I never did install it though since I was looking for lollipop 5.1 Roms and PA was nowhere near stable like Exodus Android is… It would be interesting to see them make a comeback in a future Android version or at least a spin off of the work they put into their custom ROM.

    • Syukri Lajin

      because they can’t use PA as the main OS, not if they want their phone to include Google apps(officially).

  • tav gadaleta

    I for one will be very sad to see PA go. I used PA a lot on my note phones and also on a couple of my other phones. I have recently got myself a nexus 5… Yes I was late to the game but I loved PA on my nexus 4 which was on PA for a very long time until I went to my m7. I have seen a lot of custom from names going these days and its very sad to see. Personally tlwith the amount of phones out there and people having busy lives its hard for people to keep up with everything

  • Android Developer

    Isn’t it possible to use Oxygen OS to help on other roms? It’s open sourced too, no?

  • View From The Top

    I love CM, its better than any other option I’ve come across, but over the years, it has become like Chrome. The default option for clueless guys who think they know about ‘stuff’, just because they know Internet Explorer TouchWiz ain’t cool! Default for clueless wannabe geekboys.

  • lil wayne

    I used paranoid android back when I had my nexus 4. Memories!!! It was a very good ROM indeed. I miss the old kitkat days really. Its funny how little things can bring nostalgia.

  • retrospooty

    PA had a lot of really interesting ideas, clearly a lot of talent there. I enjoyed it back in the early Jellybean days alot… but as time went by and Android got better and better I felt i needed a custom ROM less and less. Probably a good time to call it.

  • Nemanja

    Paranoid is one of the best custom ROMS available out there. Sadly, their “breakup”, if it can be called like that, didn’t lead to many good things. If it resulted in better OxygenOS, everyone would be fine with it, but since it didn’t do anyone much good, well, everyone’s a critic.
    Personal preference – best of both worlds. PA has a lot of potential, expanding the team and further optimizing and improving Oxygen would be ideal.

  • Avrumi

    I tried the ROM but it was lagely unimpressive. Nothing to offer.

  • s2weden2000

    yes it is …

  • PA team was more respected while working for Paranoid Android than OnePlus. I’m sad! Always loved PA on KitKat.

  • Patsy Turner

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  • techieland

    I rocked PA on several devices, but when I got my G2 everything changed, I hope some care is given in future and have more transparency concerning how well a ROM is working, I know for the LG G2 a couple releases of PA (KitKat only) actually damaged the phone (white lines, dead space, etc), and devs and wanna be dev fanboys tried to play dumb, the same thing happened with LiquidSmooth for the G2 (kitkat only, JB dev was spot on and good), if I am correct I thought the forum mods actually intervened and temporarily closed threads or requested the devs close threads since so many people were getting damaged phones, Something dramatic would have to change before I would flash PA Rom on my daily driver, lost my confidence in something that was pretty good.

  • Jordana Sinclair

    I have never used a ROM before. Now that I’ve got a Droid Razr M I’m considering it.

  • Ayysir_PA

    Clarification. No Blame on OnePlus for reaching and hiring PA devs, thats the end goal, however, It was the majority cause of why the rom is dead as it is. Its dead, as in no one is working on it nor will the old team will ever be back together to bring back the nostalgia of the rom when it once was. Hiatus insinuates it will be back in its full form and pick up where it left off.

  • Dick Bailey

    Regardless of the future, PA was always one of the best custom ROMs. Thank you for your work. Best wishes for the future to all team members.

  • alun phillips

    I used PA back in the day but I personally wanted something a bit more stripped down, seems to be the future for these rom teams either they get too busy to devote time to their hobby of they get bought out by the big boys.

  • Tan

    FU oneplushit

  • onstrike112

    This just shows to me, that Android can’t be secured and any effort to secure it doesn’t make it as secure as it should be, because Android at its core isn’t secure. Look at foundational parts like StageFright…. not secure at all.

    • How does a team that does an alternative, custom ROM (which only a _VERY_ minor amount of the Android using customer base has an inkling of it existing) not continuing to work on said community coded custom ROM because they were hired by a private company to work on that company’s personal fork/ROM of Android reflect upon the inherent security of the platform as a whole. Yes stuff like StageFright happens. Look a little farther back and there was a similar problem for Apple’s iOS that would nearly brick the phone through long strings of emoji into anything that displayed a notification causing overflows.

      If you have some alternatives that are considered secure that can be audited as such, by all means, point them out. I’ld be interested in taking a look.

      • onstrike112

        BlackBerry 10!!!!

        • Hahahah. Thanks. I needed that laugh. ^_^

          • onstrike112

            You mean the laugh I get out of Android security, daily?

          • … You realize that RIM, the Blackberry company, gives out decryption keys to hostile governments and has engineered in backdoors. Yet you tout them as a security paragon? Sorry, try again. Thank you for playing.

          • onstrike112

            And yet Pakistan decided to force them out for their not caving to them wanting just that! Try again!

          • So, when they caved to this in Saudi and Yemen and a few other arab bloc countries, that is fine, but because they didn’t hand them over in Pakistan they are suddenly paragons. I think your logic needs to be worked on a bit or you need to explain your argument more clearly. As of now, it makes no sense and you sound just like a fanboy with a vendetta. If you wish to actually discuss these things and can back up with solid arguments and evidence, I welcome it.

          • onstrike112

            You mean like how Google “patches” StageFright with a worse implementation than already was there? That’s “patching” something to you too? Get over your mindless devotion to Google to the detriment of every other company on the market. BlackBerry 10 is more secure, and less fragmented to hell and back. As for iOS, it’s got a different set of problems. Like resetting when it gets texted a handcrafted message. At least BlackBerry knows how to make a good OS.

            Oh yeah, where’s your proof of your slander?

          • Firstly, when the hell did I talk about Google patching things? You started by taken a bizarre tangent of how due to PA going on hiatus or disbanding as an alternative ROM maintner, that this was evidence that you can’t trust the security of Android. I never claimed Android was secure, nor have I condoned Google’s patching practices. I agree that fragmentation is certainly an issue, and a lot of it comes down to hardware makers not supporting their product, and carriers delaying or blocking updates offered by OEMs.

            You seem to be under some illusion that I blindly support Google and Android as a paragon system and set of devices. I don’t. If you would step down from your soapbox, you may actually understand this. At least you agreed to one of the examples given for iOS as having its own security flaws. I will say that it is certainly easier and more quickly patched under a closed system with only a few devices to support such as under iOS though. So they have that going for them.

            I actually use quite a large variety of devices and OS. iOS, Mac OS X, Windows (of various flavors), Android, dozens of flavors of Linux, and certainly tons of embedded custom OS and hardware.

            As to “Proof of my slander”, you may want to take a look a few years back to 2010, where a large number of countries were threatening to block RIM’s communications and BB Messenger unless backdoors were provided or decryption keys were given. RIM didn’t directly capitulate these issues, as that would be a global PR suicide attempt. However, what they did do was provide regional servers inside each of several of these complaining countries so that the countries could monitor traffic and intercept what they wished directly. So while there may not be a remote tap/backdoor, they have direct access to the countries communications traffics over the BB networks, including a large quantity of corporate traffic. I’ll show some example articles, but leave it as an educational exercise for you to find more in-depth coverage.

            I’ve tried to speak with you on level terms, but it is clear you are not interested in doing so. By all means, continue to rant on about things that are tangential to the original discussion.

          • onstrike112

            In other words, you’d rather use a company not interested in your personal security, and more interested in serving up ads. That’s what you’re saying when you use an Android. Android is an advertising platform made to collect as much data of yours as possible, including location, Web site history, etc.

            Continue on being a mindless drone for data collection companies. I don’t care.

  • franklin raj

    i do love paranoid android,its an awesome customer rom that provides lots of customization

  • Mak D’Uniq

    This is sad

  • razorfs

    ok i feel i need to add my opinion here, first of all paranoid android has always been a fantastic rom and thats all down to there team and thank you to all of you devs that were or still are a part of paranoid android, now one thing i do want to say is i do kinda understand if they did want to stop producing there rom i mean for example when they were making paranoid android based on kitkat i followed them closely on google + etc and the amount of crap those guys have to deal with and especially andre with requests for this device and that device and even poor matt flaming having to tell people all the time to stop making for etas, and just in general we have all been assholes to the pa team always hassling them and bitching about them removing halo and bitching about every little thing they did no wonder why they wooden want to release more pa roms. we all just treat them like crap!! these guys worked hard and for FREE to give us a rom update WEEKLY out of there own spare time! its a shame that the original team have gone off to work for oxygen OS but at the same time i can understand why they would everyone needs to earn money to pay there bills. anyways enough of my rant THANKYOU PA team thank you all of you i have followed your Rom for sometime – razors