Palabre is a beautiful RSS reader from the developer of Plume and Beautiful Widgets

by: Jimmy WestenbergJanuary 13, 2015


If you’re a fan of popular apps like Beautiful Widgets, Bright Weather or Plume, you may want to listen up. The developer of those beautifully-designed apps, LevelUp Studio, created a new RSS reader app that’s available now in open beta. The new app is called Palabre, a Material Design-focused RSS reader that integrates with Feedly or acts as a standalone news application.Palabre

When starting the app for the first time, you can either sign in with your Feedly account or simply click Start. If you don’t have a Feedly account, don’t worry. Palabre will suggest a number of popular feeds for you to choose from. Once you’re signed in, you’ll see a list of your unread articles which you can view in a list or a card-like view (shown above). Clicking on an article brings up the in-app browser which is actually quite speedy. The app has a number of different settings which can be accessed in the pull-out menu on the left. If you’re not too fond of the dark theme I have pictured above, there’s a lighter option that’s also quite nice.

Here is the entire list of app features you’ll get with Palabre:

  • RSS support
  • Feedly support with full synchronisation of articles
  • Material design with delightful animations
  • Beautiful Magazine or List user interface
  • Readability support
  • Built-in browser or use your own browser to read articles
  • Manage your sources, their categories
  • Browse the most popular articles (Feedly only)
  • Search within articles
  • Mark as read (manual, automatic on scroll)
  • Change reading order (oldest/newest first)
  • Dark theme
  • Save articles for reading later
  • Share articles
  • Android wear support

Since this app is still in beta, there may be a few bugs to deal with if you’d like to be an early adopter. I’ve personally only experienced two or three hiccups in the app in the few hours I’ve spent with it. Still, it’s one of the smoothest RSS apps I’ve ever used. The app is free, but you can remove ads via an in-app purchase for $2.47. The ads aren’t too bad and don’t arise often at all, so you should be okay to use Palabre without spending any money.

So, how do you get your hands on this RSS reader? Since it’s still in beta, you’ll need to head here and join the Google+ community, then follow this link to become a tester. After that, head to the Play Store link to download the app. After you become a tester, you may need to wait an hour or so to actually download the app.

If this application is anything like the others that come out of LevelUp Studio, we should expect to see a well-running app that will receive updates for quite some time. Has anyone out there tried Palabre yet? Let us know what you think about it!

  • AdazeeI

    Are you guys sure this works? For me it doesn’t.

    • muddy46

      Yes, It is working for me on both my M8 and Nvidia Shield Tablet

      • AdazeeI

        Strange. I can’t even download.

        • muddy46

          Do you get to the page to Install? If not you are probably just waiting for tester approval, it can take minutes to hours. If you do then perhaps your device is not compatible?

          • AdazeeI

            Yeah I couldn’t get to the install page but I got to everything else.

        • AndroidBrian

          Me too

  • muddy46

    I really miss Google reader but love using Feedly. i wonder how this will compare. Just signed up and downloaded, will find out soon…

    EDIT: I love that it let me sign in with my feedly account and pulled all my feeds right over. Very easy setup!

    • Jean Cédric Huet

      Feedly developped an API called Normandy that works just as the old G-reader used to. That’s why Parable can easily collect all the data from Feedly and use it for itself.

    • Gorga Naibaho

      There’s an app called gReader which may be what you need. It even looks like a Material Design version of Google Reader currently.

  • TheBagging Man

    Removed ads via in app purchase and they still showing up! Emailed developer ill keep you posted!

    • Nicolas POMEPUY

      Thanks for the report. We will take a look at this.

    • Adriano Garcez

      Did they solved your problem?

      • TheBagging Man

        Had been fixed. Have changed to ios so not sure about current performance.

  • Muna Bryan

    Testing approval seemed to be instant for me. Quite an interesting interface. Crashed a few times (not too often) which is fine for now. Integration with feedly is easy and quite helpful. For now I enjoy reading with it

  • Irina Voskanova

    I love web-based solutions as they are available from any device, went for Flowreader from in the end. As i can share and post in my social accounts directly from flowreader page.