Opera Max Giveaway [Complete]

by: Derek ScottApril 20, 2014

opera-maxed-out-giveaway Welcome to the Sunday Giveaway, the place where we giveaway a cool Android or tech gadget each and every Sunday. This month our Sunday Giveaway is sponsored by Opera Max for Android. Please be sure to have a look at our review of Opera Max and see how you can use it to save money by saving data usage.

— Updated:  April 27 2014 —

The giveway is now complete, the winner of the Samsung Galaxy S5 has been selected, congratulations to Shawn M. (USA). We have gone through all the screenshots and have a winner. Brandon J. (USA) Saved a massive 603GB using Opera Max.

Thank you to everyone who has taken part in this month’s giveaway and congratulations to all the winners. Stay tuned for more upcoming great giveaways.


We will be giving away the following phones during this month long giveaway:

  • Sunday March 30: HTC One (M8)  Winner: George M. (USA)
  • Sunday April 6: Sony Xperia Z2 Winner: Robert M. (USA)
  • Sunday April 13: Samsung Galaxy S5 Winner: Dustin G. (Sweden)
  • Sunday April 20: Samsung Galaxy S5 Winner: Shawn. M. (USA)
  • Final Grand Prize winner to the user with the most data saved during the giveaway: 1 Android Phone of your choice (Samsung Galaxy s5, HTC One (M8) or Sony Xperia Z2) Winner: Brandon J. (USA)

We will be drawing a winner each week, everyone is eligible to win the final grand prize that will be selected on Sunday April 20 2014. The user who submits a screenshot with the most data saved will win the final grand prize 1 Android phone of your choice, (Samsung Galaxy S5, HTC One (M8) or the Sony Xperia Z2).


This giveaway is an international giveaway.

Introducing Opera Max

Opera Max Review

Opera Max does not work on encrypted apps. So in order to get the full benefit of Opera Max, you may have to relegate a lot of your activity to your browser. This means using the browser for things like YouTube, Facebook and others that the app itself may not fully support. That way the data can be compressed and you can start using less data on more stuff. Read the full Opera Max Review

How to enter the giveaway

You can earn entry tickets into the giveaway by completing the following tasks in the RaffleCopter widget located below.

  1. [5 Tickets] Download Opera Max.
  2. [10 Tickets] Submit a screenshot showing how much data you saved using Opera Max.
  3. [Up to 10 Tickets] You can earn up to 10 extra tickets by referring others to the giveaway using your custom url provided in the RaffleCopter giveaway. The users must signup for the giveaway in order to earn the extra ticket.

Join Now!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Terms & Conditions

  • This is an international giveaway.
  • If we can not ship to your Country , you will be given the option of online gift cards equal to MSRP of the prize.
  • We are not responsible for lost shipments.
  • You must be age of majority in your Country of residence.
  • We are not responsible for any duties, import taxes that you may incur.
  • Only 1 entry per person, do not enter multiple email addresses. We will verify all winners and if we detect multiple email addresses by the same person you will not be eligible to win.
  • We reserve all rights to make any changes to this giveaway.
  • This giveaway is operated by Android Authority
  • Blowntoaster

    Not fair. says it’s not available for my N900 Note 3…!!!!
    Not cool.

  • Leonard Wong

    USA and Russia only? Wow
    Probably the app only available in these 2 countries?

    • The Black Hand

      More than likely and Opera may be helping out with the prizes.

    • MasterMuffin

      It’s available in many countries. Daaamm I was so excited :'( I wonder if I could (if I win) give them an address of some Russian hotel and just catch a train and pick it up? :D

      Also, phone of choice? http://m.blog.laptopmag.com/most-expensive-smartphones >:)

      • serotheo

        “Final Grand Prize winner to the user with the most data saved during the giveaway: 1 Android Phone of your choice (Samsung Galaxy s5, HTC One (M8) or Sony Xperia Z2.”


        • MasterMuffin

          Oh okay :/ Even though I can’t participate, I already have 200MB saved. Tip if someone wants to win: have an old Android phone with sim card? Let it play videos from da web 24/7 and get 10GB saved easily

      • Karan

        But the app is only available in North america and Europe. So much for International!

        • MasterMuffin

          BTW the leaders have only 500mb saved! I had that the first day I downloaded the app (I watch a lot of videos). Maybe I should try to win that… But I’m too lazy :/

        • crackinthewall

          Ditto. But hey, it’s nice that they’ve been doing this promotion for so long.

    • Paul

      No its also available in Western Europe (like Germany, UK etc.)

      • Alistair

        It says ONLY USA & Russia. No others :(

    • Cristian Ghita

      The phones must be the counterintelligence versions to spy on the russian fellows. :))))))

      • Vedraj

        wat do u think they’ll get out of from it by giving it away to a normal person

    • Colby Leong

      So, no one else noticed that the Z2 that’s up for grabs, pictured above, isn’t a Z2 but the M2?

      • Marvin Yumba Ngosa

        You are right, there is two phones being shown. The Z2 is what’s being given away but the M2 is what’s in the picture. odd!

    • Munchic Pham

      The giveaway is for USA and Russia, but the app is not available in Russia .-.

    • flashmozzg

      Not Available in Russia.

  • Niklas Ritzenhoff

    Not International ?
    Not cool..

    • Brendon Brown

      :( … At least they’re giving stuff away pretty much ever Sunday. Kudos Android Authority.

      • Niklas Ritzenhoff

        That is awesome indeed

        • Thanks guys, we try our best to give something awesome away every week. Stay tuned for more great videos, content, and of course, giveaways! We always try to do international – you know we live to serve the whole world.

    • Navyvet420

      Last time I checked, Russia, WAS international, but hey, Geography teachers are always wrong.

      • Niklas Ritzenhoff

        Yes but belive it or not there are places in the world that are not called murica or russia

  • Sbmessages

    This is not good. Android Authority were running International competitions but now they are not. I hope there is a long list of complaints about this.

  • Exorbitant Trousers

    Restricted giveaway. not groovy guys.

    • We always try our best to give you all international giveaways. Stay tuned in the next couple of weeks we have another special international giveaway to announce.

      • So, what if the only way I get stuff ordered is through a Florida operated SkyBox.. [therefore I only ever ship to Florida] :D

      • PhillipeFelut

        my rafflecopter entry didn’t make it on to pinterest, is commenting with my progress disqualifying me somehow?

    • Grman Rodriguez

      *complains about a giveaway*

  • Niels Scholte

    Not international… Sad

  • Seth Devlin

    Hope I win! Maybe I’ll have a better chance then

  • Alistair

    Why USA & Russia :( Lame!!!! A whole month long you can only win if you live in the USA or RUSSIA? That STINKS! :(

  • Humberto Hernandez

    20 days???

  • Idan

    Not cool :(

  • Could you guys do a review on the Ultrapower saving mode in the Galaxy S5

  • Annon

    this is great. less competition = much higher probability of winning

  • Daniel Vilar Tavares

    I should stop using opera max because this giveaway is only available at usa and Russia

  • Frans Breddels

    Liking this app ;-) however.

    Giveaway only USA & Russia :-(. but hey atleast i got a decent app (however i would like to win one of the phones :P)

  • Lauro Abreu

    I gotta win this one D:

  • Vladimir Lazarov

    it doesent work on tablets its not fair this time android aughtority, not fair

  • Guest

    I tried to install – is not available in Russia!!! Why???

  • Lovre_G

    Would be an awesome birthday present for tomorrow :D hahaha (opera max is an awesome app by the way…I can’t complain!)

  • Tamara

    I have LG L3, I’m from Russia & it isn’t available. Shit.

  • Dhiraj

    Only USA and Russia.. Not cool bro… not cool

  • Johnny Hilderbrands

    USA and Russia? Reasoning? Deliberately not going to D/L the app for excluding UK :-)

  • Santiago Calixtro

    It’s my birthday! Hopefully I can win!

  • Hamza Salam

    Opera max doesnt available in my country

  • Viktor Gregorenko


  • Alexander

    I am from Russia and btw I never seen any Russians winning in any giveways)))

    But the problem is that both my Htc one m7 and my samsung tab pro 8.4 are not supported by this Application… Too bad. BTW I visited their website and it is said that Russia is not supported yet… Looks like it is USA only…

    • Munchic Pham

      Почему же никто? Я, например, есть …

      • Alexander

        И выиграли что-то?)

        • Munchic Pham

          Nexus 10 :)

          • Alexander

            аа ну тогда мои поздравления :) Хороший агрегат, я такой в самолете забыл. Его сейчас и заменить практически нечем!

  • Дмитро Швець
  • It doesn’t matter the contest is for USA, Russia… the past winners all came from USA :( If your site is viewable by the other countries and to get readers form these countries…then the contest should be for other countries as well :-/

    • Annon

      I remember there were like 3 filipinos who won in a row.

  • ASH

    This is great!

  • Daniel Cheong

    dissapointed :(

  • jeddo45

    Won’t work for the nexus 5 :(. Am I the only one?

  • Flip Jumpman

    Me, me, me please…

    • Flip Jumpman

      Actually seems like a good app too.

      Thanks Double-A!

  • Nikolai

    excellent I hope i win this time T.T

  • Seth


    • Vincent

      Did you not read what the app does?

  • You missed last sunday 2 Sundays Giveaways and now coming up with restricted contest. NOOOOOT COOOOL. VERY BIG DISAPPOINTMENT :(

  • Ronald

    Installs fine here… don’t use data though :-)

  • Akhil S

    so disappointed..

  • CassePer

    Only for USA & Russia. NOT OK

  • ThomasAaplan

    Giveaway only USA & Russia :-(. but hey atleast i got a decent app (however i would like to win one of the phones :P) http://u.to/mI3KBg

  • Kirill Naidovskiy

    Great giveaway))) The App is not avaliable in Russian Play Market))
    So, winner can be only from USA.

  • Suthan Sivekumaar

    Not compatible! X(

  • Ranesh Vai

    Why would a Norwegian company organize a Russia and US only giveaway?

  • seraz ahmed


  • eszklar

    Not an International contest? Gonna go with the flow here – not cool. Maybe Opera/Android Authority needs to rethink this.

  • undercoverduck

    The official advertisement of Opera Max is making me want to puke

  • Magda S.

    Well, looks like US and RU are better than the others :c

  • Faraz Sayed

    I’ll be back ! ! !
    As Arnold…Get to da choppaaa

  • Faraz Sayed

    And yeah..the official ad is annoying…dem hipsters..

  • Benjamin

    Android Authority.
    You’re such a big disappointment. As always.

  • T.K

    Welp, thank God im from the US *entering*

  • Pman

    I would rather win a Find 7!

  • I have unlimited data so saving isn’t really necessary.

  • The Sentinenel

    USA and Russia only? What’s this a digital Cold War?

  • Yehoshua Deitel

    Why is this incompatible…ahhhh, country. uh-huh….okay

  • Menachem

    I’m in Russia and it says that the app is not available in my country how am I supposed to enter the giveaway?

    • Navyvet402

      No worries Comrad, Uncle Putin will take care of you. Just do as you’re told and you’ll be fine. Here’s your Hammer & Sickle, back to work!

  • Mark Luna

    One entry will have to do.

  • acer1096xxx

    So the first giveaway is today for the M8, right? When will the winner be notified for today’s giveaway?

  • Jonathan Fernandes

    could it be real???

  • Rick P

    Disappointed that only those in US and Russia can participate!!! Next time, please make it an international contest like before.

  • Sammy

    I say let’s boycott it – they don’t want others to participate, then why should the rest of the world also join in their Opera Max thing!!

  • Piterson Massenat Desir

    That last one will be tough. I only have 2GB of high speed data and most of the time I’m on Wifi anyways :-/ but ill try

  • Jack Jennings

    I didn’t notice this was only for the US and Russia! Why? If you can post to Russia you can post to the UK! Rubbish!!!

  • AMB_07

    BOOOOOOO No love for Canada

  • rock

    Here’s hoping, thanks for the giveaways

    • Jason Anthony Pineiro

      thats only one day what about 30 days of savings

      • Aleman

        How about you shut up and mind your own business.

        • lube

          how about you shut up and make me a sandwich

  • Oldtimer42

    I will be dropping my subscription due to USA and Russia only. Get your advertising dollars from someone else

  • Jason Anthony Pineiro

    The best app

  • someguy

    I don’t use mobile data, I’m strictly wifi so this app doesn’t really do anything for me. But here’s a screen shot anyway

    • Jason Anthony Pineiro

      because you are not using mobile data

      • Dennis Fluttershy

        – I don’t use mobile data
        – because you are not using mobile data

        oh, gee, thanks for clearing that up, Jason.

    • Milan

      Same here

  • Ritalmumbai

    Get more likes on instagram http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=dqL56_jECTw

  • Good Luck to all!

  • Max K

    Not available in Russia. Seems like restricted to US only?

  • Aaron Arguelles

    I badlly need to win a new smartphone. Please help me guys.

  • Francois Foote

    Would do anything to win the gold HTC m8

  • serotheo

    Almost thought I could get away with a free Find 7 or something.. well here’s the screenshot incase it didn’t go through from the widget.

    Hoping I get an M8 or Z2 out of this. :)

    Good luck everyone (1705 different entrants as of posting).

  • Juno

    awessome! would love to win that!

  • Meny Beth Terry

    I lived in the US and use T-Mobile GT-I9500 but still can’t download the app. LOL

    • Guest

      That’s pretty sad considering that my Droid2 and by cheapo generic Android tablet are both supported.

    • Alex Ohannes

      That’s pretty sad considering the fact that my Droid2 and my cheapo generic Android tablet are both supported.

    • Meny Beth Terry

      Finally I can install it YEAH!

  • Ben

    I entered and forgot to read t&cs so please remove all entry’s by Ben Jowett :)

  • gokousupasayan

    I just got 5 entries, didn’t even download the app yet… eh?

  • WitnessG

    I used it for the entire day and I got decent savings. It does cause lag when loading items. I would definitely use it if I wasn’t on unlimited data.

  • zero

    This Item cannot be installed in your device’s country, guess only people from Europe and North America could download the app

  • mavro aspro

    Yes! Android will rule the (tech) world! http://www.entertaintheking.com/tech-news/android-more-stable-than-ios
    Although i prefer Sony and Lg,Android has overtake Apple

  • Aaron Douglas Charlong

    Russia? Seriously? Weird.

  • mrclaudio09

    I pray I win!!!

    • Jason Anthony Pineiro

      That is only for one day. What about the whole month?

      • mrclaudio09

        I was a beta tester and the highest I’ve ever had was 37GB.

        • Jason Anthony Pineiro

          Send the screenshot

          • mrclaudio09

            Don’t have that phone any more, sorry.

          • Jason Anthony Pineiro

            too bad i still have my phone

  • ajm531

    im confused how do the bonus points work?? will it register on the rafflecopter widget? I had a friend go thru the link i shared on google plus but i still show 5 points since i have done the picture part.

  • SContrerasMer



  • Juan Monsalve

    only usa n russia…. and i joined…. please ignore my entry

  • CleanlinessisnexttoFordliness

    Goodnight and good luck.

  • chacha

    Look at the pictures. That is not Z2! Pretty excited with the giveaway.. But… USA and russia only? Geez.

  • Vanja Stojanović

    I thought Russia was sanctioned by USA?

  • NavyVet420

    Russia? Hmm soon to be the CCCP or USSR again, eh Putin? Hammer & Sickle anyone?

  • Rick jaan

    can grand winner also choose tablet instead of phone

  • Peter Ward

    [Please note, this giveaway is only available to residents of the United States and Russia]. Nice. Thanks for nothing. Unsubscribed.

  • P880

    But Opera Max didn’t work in Russia. Sweet.


    Samsung Galaxy S5

  • Alexander

    “Приложение несовместимо с вашими устройствами.” (Note3) и “Вашей стране недоступно”. Как установить приложение? и как полностью участвовать в конкурсе?!

  • Dreagosh

    why not international .? this is Putin’s hand mark my words

  • Jeet Randhawa

    Its a great app

  • Vibhav Chaddha

    Why not an international Giveaway of such phones?
    I was so happy when I saw that you guys are giving away HTC One-M8, Z2 & S5, but it lasted just for few seconds and again I lost a chance to win my dream phone “HTC One”, as I live in India.

    • Vibhav Chaddha

      Hoping of an International Giveaway of HTC One-M8 soon and winning it.

  • Jason Anthony Pineiro

    What im saving since march 10th thanks to opera max its the best app ever

    • Colby Leong

      So I’ve seen your screenshots and my question is what kind of case are you buying for the phone you already won? And what phone are you aiming for?

      • Jason Anthony Pineiro

        im going for all the phones & right now im using a Alcatel One Touch with T-Mobile

        • Colby Leong

          Damn that’s a lot of data, may I ask what device you are trying to go for?

          • Jason Anthony Pineiro

            Im going for all of them

          • Colby Leong

            I’d tell you good luck but seeing as how T-Mobile is one of the few still offering unlimited data you pretty much got this.

          • Jason Anthony Pineiro


    • martin pena

      ur a nice photoshop editor

    • Danielle

      The contest is only from March 20th to April 20th -__-

  • Alex Ohannes

    Here’s the APK if anyone wants to make use of it. :)

    If I am breaking some sort of rule by posting this, please let me know. I’m just trying to help people out.

  • Willie Steen

    I hope I win.

  • Vipin Meshram

    so disappointed to see it’s not International

  • Eric K.

    When exactly will the m8 winner be announced?

  • David

    is not fair. I live in Peru and I want to be part of the contest too

  • Max

    Do I have to invade other countries to be part of the giveaway?

  • MrMJUAN .

    here my screen shot i really want it

  • Selena Gmz

    the screen shot of how much i saved with opera max

  • That Guy

    why do you need a smart phone in order to get a nice smart phone??? I know plenty of people that don’t have smart phone (only flip phones or other stupid phones) and they might want a nice smart phone too. I really don’t get it.

    • Brett

      Their contest, they’re paying for it. Their rules.

      So many people bitching about not getting free shit.

  • Ed S.

    Starting off with some savings on my first day of cell use:

  • Co1e

    So far.

  • Ethan Domsten

    So, im currently on iOs, can i sill do this giveaway? Let me break the shackles of Apple please!!

  • Ron Yeshulas

    Saw a little savings during my first day, but have to see more to keep using it.

  • Froggy

    Is Crimea considered as Russia? Is Ukraine, soon to be Russian, considered as Russia too? Then, I want Putin to invade my country before this giveaway is over.

  • Colby Leong

    I don’t really use a lot of data

  • Rajat

    how much chances are there of winning these giveaways?

  • Khoa

    Here is mine :)

  • PhillipeFelut

    Z2 por favor

  • joker

    what i saved after just a short time. this app is great

  • Alexander

    Russia (

  • Colby Leong

    Last amount of data I manged to squeeze out and save

  • PhillipeFelut

    20 more days to go…

  • Wasif Siddiqui

    Not bad savings

  • Alex Robles Az

    so in order to enter, one must have an android phone?

    • Poi25

      The site is android authority, you fucking apple retard.

      • Alex Robles Az

        :/ i do use android.

  • C Jacobs


  • R. Iyer

    Off to good start

  • Nathan Huynh

    z2 <3 love it

  • Roman Oligov


  • Flip Jumpman

    How come I can’t upload my screen shot? How do you upload URL for +10 entries?

    • Flip Jumpman

      Does this count or do you have to add it to the “URL” link or something?

  • THatch

    What about those that don’t have an android phone yet!?

  • Sam

    How do they know if we’ve downloaded the app or not? Especially if the account isn’t linked to Gmail?

  • Qasim Mahmood

    Not bad at all

  • BoomerUS

    I’m in!

  • samuel

    I hope I win and I really could use one of these awesome phones.

  • Vedant Mathur

    What if you dont have a data plan :/

  • Vedant Mathur

    Also, why dont you tell your friends over at Opera to make one for the iPhone, I have unlimited data on that one.

  • Danielle

    Does the person with the highest data saved each in that week win the prize? Or is it at random?

  • PhillipeFelut

    I’m not on the Pinterest page, so here’s another screenshot

  • PhillipeFelut

    Aforementioned screenshot*

  • Alex Robles Az

    so in order to enter, one must have an android phone?

  • Again USA and Russia only? :'( :( :'(

  • George

    I am George M. but not from USA :((((( WHYYYYY????

  • jb

    I hope we have a chance to win this giveaway in the philippines. So far i dont heard any winners coming from the philippines.. :-(

    • Marc justin Constantino

      there’s one who won note 3 from the philippines. (pinoy here)

  • Nathan Huynh

    anyone else waiting for the announcement :p
    really hope i can get the z2

  • Mhmd Ahmd
  • heyndrickxj

    Available in the French playstore !! make the giveaways available for us please !!!

  • Captain Spaulding

    Z2 for me

  • Captain Spaulding

    screenshot of savings

  • Gopal Bhaire

    This is so unfair…

  • Al’bina

    Not available in Russia,You had one job,authority

  • Jason Anthony Pineiro

    What i have saved since April 1st to today April 7th

  • bloodymackey

    “International giveaway” but opera max is not available in other countries. How can we earn points and have a chance to win… Sad..

  • Vincent

    Guys, you have an xperia X8 instead of the Z2 on comp photo D:

  • martin

    I like it but my tabs is WiFi only

  • harshad

    hope to win atleast once……….:( :( :( :'(

  • Israel Lai

    How is it international if I still can’t download the app?

  • Chårls SterLing

    It’s not available in my country :(

  • Knuckles Goldberg

    My screen shot

  • Danny Lam

    I can absolutely use a Sony Z2 :)

  • Abhishek mb

    I dont have a smartphone how should i upload a screenshot :/

  • wkurzak

    Working with Poland?;)

  • Ilias_Joshua

    hi my Name is Ilias Majdi and i really wanna participate, but unfortunately i don’t have any smartphone of any kind, what should i DO … ???? :/ :/ :(

  • Renato Laporte

    I want it so bad :)

  • Dhaval.K

    Hope I win the Z2 :)

  • oranghope

    hope that I Will win this time^^

  • bogdan cristian igescu

    here’s my screenshot

  • Robert Tobin

    I’m actually having some trouble uploading a screenshot.

  • aashish

    Good lord ..they made it international! :D And the winner of the week is ME :D

  • joy

    I have Samsung galaxy tab 2 310, I’m not able to download this application. Please help!

  • Not much saved, but it slows my connection and degrades the quality of images and much more the videos (no suprise, just mentioning).

  • Stoyan Angelow’

    Can’t use mobile data because it is expensive so I’m using wi-fi only. But still, let’s hope I win!

  • Andrew

    Where’s the winner of the z2?

  • maqsood hussain

    Not in India :'(

  • Saroj Pyakurel


  • Robert Tobin

    Here are my savings so far.

    • PhillipeFelut

      A challenger appears…

  • Tornado15550

    Here’s mine so far.

  • neuroh

    Sony is my favorite company that hates Americans and doesn’t sell their phone here =(. But I always love their looks, really want this phone.

  • Rishab Vaishya

    The item is not available in my country :/

  • Marvin Yumba Ngosa

    I tried the Opera Max in Zambia (Africa) and it worked for a few minutes but later started saying it is not supported in your country. This is the screen shot I got earlier on!

  • duce22

    Amazing app.

    • erikiksaz

      How is it possible for them to compress youtube videos that much further? I only see about a 50% reduction with my youtube use and opera max.

  • Andrea

    Guys I have a super question!
    Can someone explain me how to see if I’m earning some of those 10 points when friends of mine enter the give away from my link?

  • Danielle

    This app reset all of my data. I was at 5GB saved );

  • Chris Chew

    Not available in our playstore. This is limited to countries where opera max is available.

  • sushrukh

    Why my pic isn’t showing on the leaderboard ??? I’ve uploaded it via the widget…

    I mistakenly entered twice , one by email & one by FB…Please delete my E Mail entry & Please keep the Facebook login entry…Thank you very much…

    • ajm531

      what leaderboard?

      • sushrukh

        Read above…The current leaders who have saved the most amount of data using Opera Max have been put in a leaderboard in Android Authority’s Pinterest page…I have saved one of the highest amount of data with Opera Max but i don’t see myself on the leaderboard…Why ?????

        The leaderboard is here :- http://www.pinterest.com/androidauth/opera-maxed-out-giveaway/

  • Rahul R

    I dont have an android phone.. :| :(

  • Aniket Raje

    Thank you

  • Soumya Ghosh

    Hope I win :)

  • xd feng

    The most prominent features of new electronics are their configurations. Besides, some of them use FPC cable for a replacement.

    Therigid flex circuits is its light, thin ,small, soft and flex body. And it’s good heat resistance, heat dissipation and great capability of transmisson.

  • C H A R M▲

    Not available in the Philippines :(((

  • PhillipeFelut

    progress report

    • PhillipeFelut

      and so on

  • Roni

    This is pretty convenient since the whole family shares 1GB of data.

  • Andy

    The Z2′s waterproof and dustproof special powers just feed into that
    function — allowing the user to be unafraid to take the Z2 out in a
    variety of environments to film and snap cool stuff.
    And if you have decided to become a proud owner of this device, perhaps you’re in the market for a solid and beautiful protection case as well.


  • Itsmax

    Cant download the app in Thailand?

  • Umar Ghouse

    In my opinion, this is the biggest giveaway you guys have had and, therefore, the perfect time for my trusty GNexus to die on me. :( But, hey thats li…….wait, nevermind, looks like opera max isn’t available in my country :P. So much for that one. Opera, this means you are obliged to hold a similarly awesome giveaway when you expand this service worldwide (and I mean really worldwide, not just a few countries. :P)

    (The Screenshot is from my mum’s phone, if your wondering)

  • Alex Sarti

    Since i uploaded the photo of the data saved i’ve saved a lot more. How do i give them a new one to enter seriously for the final grand prize?

  • Nick Aquina

    Shout out to youtube :)

    • ajm531

      is that using youtube on 4g lte??? i can never get good savings from youtube. i get some but not that much

  • Jose Garnica

    How the hell do I upload my screenshot.??? I have like 15GB saved.!

  • najiy91

    opera max is not available outside usa.please change it to opera app normal version.not fair.

  • Rahul Radhakrishnan

    I really wish I had won that Sony Xperia Z2 :(

  • Josh

    Really want to win that GS5, my iphone is really shit lately.

  • Marvin Yumba Ngosa

    The application only worked for a few minutes, how is this International then…?

    • ajm531

      cause its its available in more than one country

      • Marvin Yumba Ngosa

        I managed to install and used for a few minutes, but later on started saying this App is not available in your country… that’s the odd part.

  • Marvin Yumba Ngosa

    The criteria won’t be balanced then, you need to change the rules somehow…

  • Santiago Calixtro

    Here hoping to win :D

  • Bianca

    omg i really needed an app like opera max , its awesome! had so many problems with data ,this is great!!! ty for this !!

  • Bianca

    i will use it this week to test it out!! but it impressed me from this very first day!

  • Bianca

    this is sooo exciting omg! i shared it everywhere, and i even emailed my friends

  • A Siva Sagar Reddy

    What should we do if opera max is not available in our country.?

  • eliran

    opera max is not supported in my country :(

  • MackubeX

    i ‘d love to join but opera max is still not available in the philippines.

  • Jayfeather787

    Come on!!!! Let me win already!

  • chris trak


  • Bilal Mahmood

    Is there a way to use opera max while on WIFI?

  • Man Of Steel

    I sure would like to win… Good luck to me….

  • Brittany

    Please pick me please

  • kameroonlee

    I wanna win pls

  • Nikhil Narkhede

    BAD month for people not having smartphone. :-(

  • George

    Again USA????Give me a break!!!!

  • Android Developer

    the contest is international, but the installation isn’t:
    “This item cannot be installed in your device’s country.”

    What gives?

  • Federico Avila

    I want the Galaxy S5 so much…!!

  • Marc

    Good luck, everyone!

  • Waqar Qureshi

    Ye Boi

  • Fran

    You can only have android users to have that Opera Max. How about iPhone users who wanted to switch to android? This is not a fair giveaway

  • jack galler

    How often are the leader boards updated? I posted something that beats everything so far, but it hasn’t been posted

    • jack galler

      Here it is

      • PhillipeFelut

        I think you’re vastly underestimating your “lead”
        there is a guy in the comments at 40+ gigs
        edit: they dont appear to be updating/tracking with any regularity

        • Nick Aquina

          That guy is me :)

          • PhillipeFelut

            I’m coming for you…

          • Robert Tobin

            I gave up.

          • Emile Robert

            Me too

  • Robert Moore

    See my name as the winner for the Xperia Z2…Wonders if it’s me, or one of the other 7.2 million other Robert M.’s around the world! Odds are in my favor! Send me my email Android Authority….I would love you guys forever!

    • Robert Moeller

      Dude. Same here o.o

  • Silviu Avram

    Just started using this app. Looks promissing

  • Emile

    When will the Grand Prize Winner will be picked and could you update the pinterest page with the current leader ?

    • Emile

      Her is mine for now! :D

  • Shaunie

    Here’s mine

  • Flip Jumpman

    More entree points please & thank you.

  • Atomic

    Irony: I can’t enter the contest for a cool new phone because my old phone isn’t supported by Opera Max.

  • MAtheus

    i cant install that app in my phone lol, its android 2.3 :(

  • lindsey stuart

    Super exciting competition thanks guys! I managed to download the app no problem and i am in Scotland :)

  • PhillipeFelut

    are you guys even trying to update the pinterest leaderboard?

  • Curtis Gabrielson

    For some reason, when I enable the “VPN” this creates, it is blocking all incoming data on T-Mobile… It could be I’m running 4.4.2 from a hacked CM11…

  • ajm531

    it would be nice if the pinterest board was updated. unless thats the only people who submitted it properly

  • Emile Robert

    Will the winner of the grand prize be selected this sunday? Because that what your page says.

  • Jose Garnica

    Can you guys please make a video or explain more clearly how the grand price thing is going to work.? Like when will you pick the winner and how to properly upload a screenshot.??

  • Anton Darmawan

    it seems this is not avaliable in my country. So I just get tickets from shared links only.

  • Sabarish

    Opera max is not available in India, then how can i participate in this giveaway ;)

  • Luc Robert

    I think the winner will be selected tomorrow so here i upload my unbeatable scrore :D

    • ajm531

      may i ask what it is exactly you were doing on chrome to get such crazy savings???

      • Luc Robert

        I go on youtube with chrome

    • PhillipeFelut

      no compression on instagram? seems bogus

  • Nick Aquina

    My unbeatable score :D

    • Luc Robert

      Nick you need to be the age of majority to participate the contest… Sorry!

      • ajm531

        ummm how do you know hes not of age????

        • Luc Robert

          I looked at is profile picture that he just removed…

  • chris trak
  • Marie Croteau

    Boys, nothing is unbeatable!

    • Emile Robert

      I give up you won haha

    • Nick

      I know

      • Marie Croteau

        Passing from 234gb to 513gb in only an afternoon is impossible. Disqualify this cheater.

  • Nick

    Hello everyone!

    • Emile Robert

      So you made 250Gb in 6hours… You have a 500mb/s Lte network wich doesnt exist. Cheater you should be disqualified

  • Candide Doyon

    I’m still going to post my savings because i think I’m the only one who didn’t cheat. The others cheated because youtube is an encrypted app so savings doesn’t work on youtube app.

    • erikiksaz

      And I’m not exactly sure how you managed to get over 6X the savings with Instagram.

  • Drew Rushmer

    How do I upload the latest picture of my savings?

  • Ashima Chauhan

    the grand prize :*

  • Mayur Salvi

    Its not available in India, how do I participate?

  • Jin T

    long time I havent played.
    some people must pay a fortune for their cell phone plan to have that much data used.

  • I can not enter this giveaway. I am from India :(

  • This is the last week of the giveaway everyone, we will be looking through all the screenshots and will announce the grand prize winner next week. Good luck to everyone and thanks for participating in this giveaway.

    • JT

      Thank you AA !

    • Also we will only accept screenshots uploaded via the rafflecopter widget. So be sure to upload your screenshot to the internet and then past the url of the image in the RaffleCopter Widget.

    • Emile Robert

      Sorry Derek but how are you going to choose a winner if everyone photoshop their screenshot…

  • Igor Strelnikov

    Must I have all entries? I haven’t a smartphone so I can’t load screenshot…

  • Frans Breddels

    used Opera Max for a while now on my other phone (not a heavy 3g user) didn’t save anything yet.

  • Brittany

    If y’all still dowing the giveaway please pick me pretty please I don’t ever win anything !!

  • Apocalypses Victor Oineza

    Thanks for this another opportunity android authority team.

  • Cozz Gutierrez Alcos

    hope i can win xperia z2 .. i really loave this phone and android authority you the best …Godbless and happy easter :)

  • Fahim Ahmed

    Never win,,,, hope this time

  • Kenne Phimmasonsouk

    Your never going to win anything I’ve tried it a bunch of times and never won s**t so I’m going to stop trying. I’m just going to buy the gs5

  • Robert Moeller

    Did I win? :o

  • Popo Signs


  • Izwan Rahman

    no Opera Max. downloaded but cant use..different part of the world, chances are slim o_0! OTL but min 5 entries still an entries!

  • Muhammad Yazid Mahadhir

    Can you do Asus Zenfone 6 International Giveaway

  • Hassan Miah

    My progress.. Lots of streaming and Youtube!

    • Emile Robert

      This is also fake

  • Josh Velasquez

    Wtf? Why isnt my name there on my last post? Probably just a glitch..

    • Emile Robert

      Hahaha this is so fake your 17Gb bar is as big as the youtube 4.3Gb bar! And it isn’t even classed in order of savings! Comon dude if want to photoshop something do it corectly at least haahaha

    • Jose Garnica

      Terrible photoshop job, you’re 1.1GB of savings should be before your 45.5MB if it’s arranged by savings.

    • Alexandru Socol

      Cheater gtfo of here and everyone else who cheated!

    • Charlie Reed

      Doesnt it order it on Data Used not saved.. Doesnt look fake

  • Daniel Ursul

    wait, if you save the most or if you download the most? ant BY the way 1Gb costs me 10€ so im afraid i wont be able to download a lot. does this mean i have 0 chances of winning??? :((

  • Guest

    its a great app, but it doesn’t help me alot :/

  • Daniel Ursul

    its a great app, but it doesn’t help me alot :/ cause im using kitkat

  • Dale Krebs

    S5 is the best

  • aasim

    it is available in pakistan .. how can get these 10 tickets …

  • aasim

    sorry it is not available in PAKISTAN

  • Jose Garnica

    I’ve been killing my phone everyday to win this, I have high hopes. :)

  • Danish

    Guys , i cant see myself on the pinterest of android authority , I have 40 gb Used ans 18 saved :) Plz tell me how to fix this out

  • Abdoulah Soulami

    Here’s my 10 entries screenshot !

    • PhillipeFelut

      you have to upload your screenshot through the rafflecopter widget for entry. comments are comments, and nothing more

      • Abdoulah Soulami

        I know, I already pasted the link to my screenshot in the widget

        • PhillipeFelut

          me too

  • ved prakash

    hope the next giveaway will be a international one with the 64 GB one plus one to be claimed …. looking forward to that :-)

  • Kerwin Poon

    Guess I posted my screenshot at the wrong place. Anyway, here is my result!

  • Navin C

    How exactly do I upload a screenshot from my phone?

  • PhillipeFelut

    no big deal

    • PhillipeFelut

      seems legit

      • PhillipeFelut

        and so on

  • Jose Garnica

    SO MUCH data used, my phone is like a snail with foot cancer now, I think my services were cut back to 2G but if I win it will be worth it.

    • PhillipeFelut

      how much have you used?

  • PhillipeFelut

    pretty sure this is about to become my official entry

  • ajm531
  • ajm531

    final amount i submitted for the contest

    • PhillipeFelut


      • ajm531

        the part that says march is what i had the monthly settings set to accidently so if i swiped back to that it would show savings for march but i could have set it to april the recharge screen shows my total savings altogether not just aprils but whatever little i saved in march as well

  • Julian

    My phone runs 2.3 so it’s not compatible with the app…

  • ajm531

    no winner yet?? wow must be a lot to sort thru

    • Emile

      Or they saw people with 2873737Gb saved and declared the Giveaway was a big mistake as anyone could photoshop their screenshot

      • ajm531

        Who posted savings with that much? But you think they would be able to kick those and pick a reasonable one. But I guess we won’t know until they officially announce a winner or something else.

      • PhillipeFelut

        I would imagine it possible to detect a shop job. my technique was looping a 4k YouTube playlist I made, being sure to roll back and sign out of my YouTube app so I could avoid an encrypted stream. I only saw absurd savings when using LTE though, otherwise YouTube would send a lower res clip, which led to smaller savings…
        I don’t think I’ll win, but I’d imagine I could have if I’d dedicated a few more hours to 4k streaming sessions

        edit: here’s my playlist http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL_YcjAf6KTrq2Fq2tIk-uULc81THq2wsK

        • Jose Garnica

          All your work went to waste, as did everyone else’s who actually spent time trying to win. Some of those entires are just so ridiculous that it’s sad they didn’t throw them out.

  • Jose Garnica

    If I knew you guys were accepting photoshoped pics I would have done a much better job than most of them and I would have won.

  • Flayest Ameur

    usa usa usa great thanks

  • Edouard R.

    Hey i dont see my name as the winner?… I had 1376Gb saved!

  • Nick

    Here is a video on how to edit your savings: Cheating OperaMax Challenge: http://youtu.be/Cwra44u67d4
    The challenge went unfair!

    • ajm531

      well thats depressing. i put my phone thru hell trying to get my 90 some giga bytes and it didnt even get on the board. it seems they didnt care to post alot of peoples earnings.

  • willie013

    its not an international giveaway… what of Africa why don’t you consider us for once!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    no any east asain ..this is not fair.. wy don’t u say simply that only for usa and englishman countries are allowed .

  • Mike

    whatever they say, winners are always from USA, very bad.