Not too long ago (June 2016, to be exact), OnePlus announced its latest controversial flagship smartphone, the OnePlus 3. Featuring an all-metal unibody design, some killer under-the-hood specs and a robust software experience, the OnePlus 3 quickly became one of the better phones in the $400 price range.

As with all smartphones, though, there is plenty of room for improvement, and OnePlus hopes its new flagship will appeal to those who wanted a little more out of the 3.

Enter: OnePlus 3T. With a premium aluminum design, beefed up specifications and affordable price point, the OnePlus 3T aims to be the best in the affordable flagship arena. We’ve got all the specs and details right here, so let’s see what this new device is all about.

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June 14, 2016

OnePlus 3T design

As you may have guessed, the OnePlus 3T isn’t all that different from the company’s previous flagship, the OnePlus 3. Rather, the 3T builds off the success of the 3, offering a handful of key hardware and software updates that OnePlus says were “inspired by feedback from the active OnePlus community.”

Perhaps the biggest difference between the 3T and the 3 in terms of design is a new color option. The OnePlus 3T comes in a new Gunmetal color now, as well as a Soft Gold version that will be available shortly after launch.

Other than the new color options, there aren’t any noticeable changes in design.This shouldn’t really come as a surprise, though. The OnePlus 3 just launched back in June with a complete redesign from its predecessor, the OnePlus 2. Thus, most of the changes found in the 3T can be found in under-the-hood specifications.

OnePlus 3T specifications and features

 OnePlus 3T
Display5.5-inch Optic AMOLED display
1920 x 1080 resolution, 401ppi
Corning Gorilla Glass 4
Processor2.35GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 821
GPUAdreno 530
Storage64 or 128GB (Gunmetal only)
UFS 2.0
PortsUSB 2.0, Type-C
Dual nano-SIM slot
3.5 mm audio jack
ButtonsCapacitive hardware keys and on-screen navigation support
AudioSpeakers: Bottom-facing speaker
Microphones: Dual-microphone with noise cancellation
CamerasRear: 16MP Sony IMX 298 sensor, 1.12μm, f/2.0 aperture, OIS, EIS, phase detection autofocus

Front: 16MP Samsung 3P8SP sensor, 1.0μm, f/2.0 aperture, fixed focus
SensorsFingerprint, Hall, Accelerometor, Gyroscope, Proximity, Ambient Light, Electronic Compass
ConnectivityWi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
Bluetooth 4.2
BatteryNon-removable 3,400mAh
Dash Charge (5V 4A)
SoftwareOxygenOS based on Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow
Soft Gold (Available shortly after launch)
Dimensions and weight152.7 x 74.7 x 7.35mm

The OnePlus 3T is basically a snappier, longer lasting version of the OnePlus 3, and that’s thanks to the upgraded processor and battery size. Under the hood, you’ll find Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon 821 processor clocked at 2.35GHz, backed by 6GB of LPDDR4 RAM. The company says this will help improve overall performance of the device while also maintaining the power efficiency of the Snapdragon 820. As you may recall, the OnePlus 3 was more than capable of handling everyday tasks and gaming with ease. So, the addition of the 821 might not be a necessity, though it will certainly help bring the device to the next level in terms of performance.


The OnePlus 3T's battery is 13-percent bigger than the OnePlus 3's

Along with the addition of the Snapdragon 821, OnePlus has decided to include a sizeable upgrade in the battery department. The OnePlus 3T sports a non-removable 3,400mAh battery, which is a 13-percent increase from the OnePlus 3’s 3,000mAh unit. Of course, the 3T also supports OnePlus’ Dash Charge technology, which the company says will get you enough power for the day with just 30 minutes on the charger. Additionally, while the 3T’s Snapdragon 821 is clocked at a faster 2.35GHz – up from 2.2GHz on the OnePlus 3 – the company assures power consumption is “similar to or less than” the Snapdragon 820 in most use scenarios.

One of the other changes found on the OnePlus 3T is an upgraded front-facing camera sensor. While the company’s previous flagship came with an 8MP Sony IMX 179 sensor, the 3T sports a 16MP Samsung 3P8SP sensor, with a pixel size of 1.0μm and an f/2.0 aperture. OnePlus notes that when shooting in low-light scenarios, the 16MP front sensor will intelligently combine pixels to gather more light and reduce noise, which will result in clearer, more colorful photos in most conditions.


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3 weeks ago

The new 16MP Samsung 3P8SP sensor should be great for selfies in low-light conditions

If you’ve been keeping up with the rumor mill lately, you may have gotten your hopes up that the 3T would come with an upgraded Sony IMX 395 sensor (the same one found in the OPPO R9s and R9s Plus) on the back. Unfortunately that’s not the case here, as the OnePlus 3T sports the same rear-facing camera setup found on the OnePlus 3. This means it comes with a 16MP Sony IMX 298 sensor with a pixel size of 1.12μm and an f/2.0 aperture. The company does note that the 3T features an upgraded Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) algorithm to help with video stabilization, as well as Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) to help with unwanted jolts and shakiness.

OnePlus has also added an improved manual mode to the camera app that will give you access to settings normally found only on DSLRs. You’ll be able to control white balance, ISO, focus, shutter speed and more. Oh, and the 3T also supports RAW image files if you’d rather control more with your post-shot editing.


If you were holding out for a Quad HD display, Android 7.0 Nougat or any other radical improvements, those unfortunately aren’t present here. The OnePlus 3T still features a 5.5-inch Optic AMOLED display with a resolution of 1920 x 1080, resulting in a pixel density of 401ppi. While inclusion of a Quad HD screen would have been a nice upgrade (especially for use in VR), the 3T’s Full HD AMOLED panel will certainly help out with battery life.

This new device is also running OxygenOS, which is based on Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow. We’ve been fans of OnePlus’ Android skin since it launched, as it brings a certain level of customization to the UI while still retaining its simplicity. With it, you’ll get customizable quick access icons in the status bar, resized app icons, a handy Ambient Display mode, custom icon pack support, Night Mode, accent colors and plenty more.

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It’s unfortunate that the OnePlus 3T is running an old version of Android out of the box. However, it should be noted that during the 3T launch event, OnePlus mentioned that both the OnePlus 3 and 3T will get a stable build of Android 7.0 Nougat by year’s end.

OnePlus 3T pricing and availability

The OnePlus 3T will be available from Tuesday, November 22 in the United States and Canada, and Monday, November 28 in Europe. Both 64 and 128GB models in Gunmetal will be available at starting at USD $439 and USD $479, respectively. The 64GB Soft Gold edition will be available shortly after launch.

For a complete list of available countries and pricing details, head to

So now that you’ve gotten a good look at OnePlus’ next big flagship, what are your thoughts? Be sure to tell us what you think in the comments below!


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3 weeks ago
Jimmy Westenberg
Lover of all things Android, Star Wars, dogs, coffee, and music.
  • Arman

    If it gets a better camera and bigger battery, it would be totally worth it. The dash charge is pretty nice but it lacks in battery life compared to other 3000 mAh phones. Maybe it gets IP68 rating (Wishful thinking).

  • patstar5

    By December most people would have purchased a device already.

  • Pedro Nunes

    i want to trade my iphone 5s to a OP3 , should i wait for the 3T?

    • Juan Abia

      The 3T looks promising, but as a OP3 owner I can tell you, you’re not going to regret anything if you go with the OP3, and you save the extra money and time

      • Pedro Nunes

        i’ll wait until half this month to see if there’s more information about it if don’t i’ll certainly buy it! one question about the OP3 saw some reviews and some say that the camera doesn’t have the best performace its that true?

        • Arman


        • Techn9cian46

          it’s not the best, but it certainly can replace an iPhone 5S…or maybe even a 6 Plus

        • ChrisPollard77

          “Best performance” is a misleading statement. Best according to what? I’ve found the camera to perform better than the LG G4, which was one of last year’s top camera experiences.

          Look at a bunch of side-by-side comparisons with phones well out of the OP3’s price bracket like the iPhone 6S and Galaxy S7 – even the Nexus 6P. The daytime side-by-sides are all very good, with the OP3 even winning a few of the battles.

          The only REAL weak point in the camera has been the OIS in video recording. It’s not as smooth as it should be, even with the improvements in the Community Beta (3.5.x) builds. But it has been improving. For stills? It holds its own, although the S7/6P will edge it out in low light auto-mode performance. I tend to only shoot manual mode in low light, and use the RAW files. But your personal preferences/experiences may vary.

          It’s a fantastic phone, and I’d have happily paid a hundred bucks more if they just put a non-pentile 2K display in it.

          • Pedro Nunes

            thanks ! that’s very usefull!

        • JonofPDX

          It’s fine.

          That IMX298 sensor is getting a little long in the tooth and it shows in low light shots having more noise than something like an S7. Which is not to say it’s bad–in good lighting it does well and has great color accuracy. And the camera software’s pretty good too.

          But the camera was one of the big corners cut to get the OP3 to that $399 price point.

    • Arman

      You can’t go wrong with either OP3 or OP3T

  • No, no, no, it’s going to be called the OnePlus 3.14.

    • ChrisPollard77

      Only if Carl changes his last name to Pi.

    • Janice

      OnePlus phones are now on sale only at AndroidSmartphoneDeals;com

    • Tara

      OnePlus phones are now available for a huge discount at AndroidSmartphoneDeals;com

  • HeyRadar

    Only interested in it, if it works on Verizon.

    • NateB

      good luck with that

      • HeyRadar

        Yeah I know. But coverage is king.

        • JonofPDX

          Verizon is king in rural areas. Or if you spend a lot of time in a big concrete building. If not, you can get cheaper service with comparable or better speeds on AT&T or T-Mo.

          • TopherT1

            I live in a rural area and travel for work. Using Straight Talk with an AT&T SIM has been great and cheap.

    • aenews

      Technically works on Verizon as it supports CDMA. Supports 1X and 3G. It’s missing the primary Band 13 LTE, but it gets LTE on Band 2/4 with Verizon. Works fine if you have Band 4 LTE or mostly 3G in your area though you’ll still be missing Band 13. Also works fine with Dual SIM if you only need Verizon for Call/Text and use another carrier for Data.

    • Fred Knapp

      axon 7 does.

  • Amit

    Will be worth a try..

  • Techn9cian46

    OnePlus 3² or OnePlus 3x would be much cooler names… and OnePlus 3 Plus would just be the worst… Ever… Worse than Acer Liquid Zest

    • Jake Siewer

      yeah i wish oneplus would make use of its name

  • Vikaz

    A Matte Black version please.

  • Rage9one

    If it’s 500 or less, I’m getting it.

  • bumrodgers

    i understand the need for the price increase but they’re inching closer to big brand prices. i hope thats not a continuing trend. with their notoriously bad customer service i might pay the extra 100 or so for peace of mind

    • JonofPDX

      That’s the problem for OnePlus.

      Limited marketing and a svelte production budget help but ultimately their per-unit budget is just too small to deliver the full “flagship” experience without cutting some corners somewhere.

      In the OnePlus 3 it was waterproofing, that IMX 298 sensor and the 1080p screen. And sure, parts get cheaper, but consumers also expect upgraded hardware from year-to-year.

      So if the OnePlus 4 (or 3T, or whatever) is going to begin upgrading the hardware then it’s gonna run into some difficulties keeping price down.

      For one, AMOLED displays have actually got a little MORE expensive in the last year. And moving up to 2k certainly wouldn’t help there. The IMX 298 may have dropped off a little, but probably not to the point where they can pickup a 395 for the same price range as the 298 was pulling during the original OnePlus 3’s launch production window. Waterproofing would be a straight increase in expense.

      Each thing they add increases costs faster than their stock parts lose value.

      Do have to say that OnePlus’ business model seems specifically at odds with a 6-months release cycle. They are helped by longer periods between release since it lets their parts-costs decrease.

    • Joemonroe

      Sub $500 is still mid range pricing. $480 is nowhere near “big brand prices” and this is how it works when you break into a market. I guarantee you they have no plans on staying the unknown insider brand they are now. They will keep getting brand recognition and inching up their quality and price until they have a decent market share and their prices and product become mainstream. Such is the way of these things.

      • bumrodgers

        Im just saying, its getting close. im still running the OPO and its a phenomenal phone. came out at something like $360? id be running one of those cheapo phones the pay as you go companies offer if it wasnt for the great price and great specs for the time. i appreciate the need to raise the bar. i guess im hoping they keep doing the step down phones like the oneplus x. i was close to getting that. i think there was something about limited bands or something that talked me out of it.

        • Joemonroe

          I agree and I to am running an OPO but I think it is unlikely to see them step down. That would be wishful thinking to say the least. There will be lots of competition for now on because of the door they opened e.g. ZTE Axon7.

  • C S

    Why is this nonsense even being talked about? The rumors are only rumors. Pretty much literally no actual, solid evidence of anything other than some Chinese person saying “3T” on some forums, and the CNCA having an A3010 in their database. There is absolutely nothing to go off of.

    • TopherT1

      I don’t know, OnePlus is pretty good at hyping things up before a release.

      • C S

        They have not directly done anything though, other than Carl Pei saying something is coming.

    • Joemonroe

      This is generally how every leak of every major industry release begins. Would it bother you less if it was an item you were more interested in?

      • C S

        But this is almost literally nothing. The only concrete info to have “leaked” was the 3T on the forums, and the A3010 on the CNCA. No specs, no nothing. Any rumors that come around are only that, just rumors made up by someone.

      • Weibo is not a reliable source for rumors

        • Joemonroe

          The initial leak is almost never from a reliable source. Besides this is being used in conjunction with the filing with the Chinese regulatory filing.

  • Anthony

    If only band 28 was supported T_T

  • Jerry Dubi

    i dont care if it upgraded the camera and soc, if no qhd then its still a no go

    • Ben Mackenzie

      Why on earth would anyone need quad HD on a 5.5″ screen. Just ridiculous.
      I have had the oneplus 3 for a couple of months now, screen is absolutely spot on at 1080p.

      • Lucas

        Because they are just following the herd. They don’t think, only takes someone’s else opinion without know what really means a bigger resolution and what benefices this bring. Lack of information is the problem or is the ignorance? Probably both. The bigger resolution in this case only will reduce the battery autonomy and let the animations more heavy (consuming more memory and CPU) for no important reason. Do you think your eyes will distinguish 1920 x 1080 pixels vs 12578893 x 12454357 pixels? Of course not.

        • MagisD

          VR , you need high PPI and high res as the screen gets split in 2 one for each eye, anything less then qhd looks like crap to most people.

          • Lucas

            No, VR is useless for most people.

          • MagisD

            No that’s your opinion, I simply stated why people would need better spec’s. And yes BTW most people can tell the difference between a hd and a QHD screen side by side. Personally I either is fine for me but I do understand the differences and why they matter.

          • Lucas

            You know why iphones delivers a high quality with “lower” resolution year after year? because it’s not a big deal. VR is the future but the future is not now.

  • george241312

    if its not 1440p then i wont even bother ill keep my note 7 till it explodes and nukes a city

    • Kevin Doran

      Yeah 1440p is the main thing I care about. Even if they move away from AMOLED, I’d suck it up as 1440p is the main thing

  • Saurabh Sahu

    It’s bad strategy. First of all very similar device but different cpu will make update plan a pain. They will have to push update for two phones and since cpu is different, kernel and device issues will also be different. Also if they launch it in december, they will have only 2-3 months to fix issues before they start working on OP4, so sadly this phone will be horrible on support front.
    Coming to custom roms and kernels, most of the devs already bought op3, so dev support for op3T will be bad.
    I will either buy OP3 or wait for OP4.

    • Mike

      The Snapdragon 821 is just a refresh of the 820 at a higher clock speed. There should be no “issues” to fix.

      • Saurabh Sahu

        bet you can’t flash same kernel to another one. Theoretically your point is fair but on code level, it will not be same.

    • Smuti

      it’s the same bs Qualcomm did with 800/801, its just an overclocked 820. Shitty

  • Away with the camera hump and bigger battery and they’ve got me, but most likely its in the same body.

  • Joemonroe

    If it’s due Q4 then yes I’d love one. I’m still using my oneplus one so I’m not wanting to wait for the 4. If it ends up being Q1 of 2017 which I’ve also heard I’ll have to make a choice between a 4 or just getting the 3 instead.

  • Aleksandr Afanasyuk

    I would wait for the OnePlus 4. But somebody will buy the T if they really wanna upgrade by one (821) and new camera and new Android version for the same device. Not worth it. I say wait till the 4th one.

  • Milind Deval

    Yes Kris I am desperately waiting for its release date.

  • I am all for 1+ 3T if it just has a bigger battery, I can wait till Dec. A month to go will wait. Worst comes to worst will buy a 1+ 3 when the prices drops or some offers during Christmas sale.

  • Fizzi Soda

    It would be nice if I could trade my Oneplus 3 in and get the Oneplus 3T for a lower price.

    • Smuti

      Right. So 1+ pays you back a 100 bucks when you replace the 3 with 3T.

  • MegaWolf666

    I wanted to buy a OP3 this month. Should I wait?

  • whoaaaaa upgrade from 820 to 821? 80 dollars? and same 16mp camera just different brand? hope the 1+3 original goes down in price and ppl should just skip the T.

  • ninux

    If it also has, as some rumours have pointed out, a bigger battery and 128 gigs of storage as standard, I might consider it. But only because my current phone is driving me nuts (bad charging and battery and game performance, and res and brightness, and design, S3 neo, my OnePlus One broke), but the price would still be a bit too high for my liking, and make me consider both a Xiaomi, a S7 and waiting for the OnePlus 4.

  • Louis Hearn

    I’m going to get both 3t and the oneplus 4. I currently have a oneplus 3 my wife will get it. When i get the Oneplus 3t. when i get the Oneplus 4 they will move down the line. My dad will get the oneplus 3 the wife will get the Oneplus 3t and I will get the oneplus 4 and it will continue. This is the best phone I have used and I will continue to support them by buying there devices. The name doesn’t bother me either. As soon as I heard the use of the 821. I secretly wished my Oneplus 3 had one although it was already bad to the bone it was just better. When it was announced it made me happy. I thought they were going to switch to LCD. That kinda warned me a little that they were cutting corners. When the CEO denounced that I just made my mind up. The next one would be mine an so forth. I’m a prior Nexus owner. I personally think the Oneplus brand has taken there spot and I’m happy with that.

  • Niels Balens

    I think it’s time for an update? :-)

  • bbigbabc

    I was looking to buy oneplus 3 around Christmas. If this is a big improvement, I might buy this instead. I hope it comes in my area.

  • Saikrishna Katakam

    Now we’re talking!!

    • Julian

      Well, it’s a solid minor update, nothing fancy. The saphire glass on the camera might be great, but then again, it is might be even easier to break than normal glass.

      The CPU is kind of boring. The 13% more battery won’t make a real world difference (maybe half an hour more SOT).

      Front camera – could not care less.

      • Julian Davies

        479$ is for the 128gb model and it won’t be 350€ because the normal oneplus is 400€

        • Julian Davies

          oops wrong comment

  • Andrés

    Am I the only one who thinks it’s not an impressive update??

    Type-C with patetic USB 2.0 speeds?? is there a reason for that?
    still FHD, LTE cat.6 – see little developments.
    My Note 4 from 2014 is LTE cat.6! and we’re almost in 2017.

    USB power delivery support is not there either…
    Not sure if an updated CPU is worth the price hike.

    479 EUR seems quite high.
    for 300-350 EUR would be an OK device maybe?

    • S.L Jones

      My sentiments exactly, except American dollars

    • Julian Davies

      it won’t be 350€ because the normal oneplus is 400€, and the 479$ model is for more storage

  • Kevin Young

    i literally just bought an axon 7 yesterday. rip

    • S.L Jones

      Outside of the processor, how is it better than the axon 7, which I also bought after returning my note 7 the second time?

      • Isaac

        camera, that’s the only thing which it has over the axon, axon 7’s camera is meh. coming from an axon 7

        • S.L Jones

          True, the camera is about the only thing I don’t really care for on this phone… It’s decent but not great

        • Raky_b

          OP3 is having better camera in deylight, in dark they both are bad..but Azon has much better sound, it supports microSD card, it’s screen is better with better resolution….and finally, it is cheaper.
          if you are ready to spend 500$/€ on a phone, you should think about SGS7, LG G5 and many other flagships that now have reduced prices, after few months on market.

          • Sunil Adoor

            Which camera phone better both (day and lowlight) under 320 usd

      • Techn9cian46


    • Sned

      Axon 7 is great. Don’t regret your decision

    • Kunal Narang

      Don’t worry, the Axon 7 is a better overall package.

    • Emma

      OnePlus Phones are now on sale at AndroidSmartphoneDeals(.com

  • Mike

    I’m guessing it’s still only GSM compatible? love all these affordable flagships coming out but none of them have any love for Verizon… realistically i know its more Verizon’s fault for making it hard to put phones on their network but still.

    • Errick Kitchin

      I know the feeling. I have Boost and I love them, but no GSM suppport.

      • Mike

        its tough living that CDMA life lol. if i ever do change I’ll probably give T Mobile a shot.

        • Errick Kitchin

          I had them for a while, but their service sucks in my area. So I went back to Boost. Can’t beat $50 a month for unlimtied data data and Sprint’s service.

          • WestSiide

            Sure you can. $50 a month on metro pcs unlimited LTE. It was a promo deal, but still.

          • Errick Kitchin

            I had them for a little while, and their service sucks where I live.

  • permazorch

    I am tempted. I want to buy a special gift for my only one, but the price is just a tiny bit too high.

  • Abinash Mohanty

    The beast just got upgraded…but what will be the pricing in India and when is it gonna launch here ????

  • Chizusyo

    I just hope that they have improved the display and maintained or improved on sound quality from the OP3

  • WaffleToaster

    Feel kind of betrayed after having a OP3. Why couldn’t they have done this to begin with (bar 321 of course)? also it’s Marshmallow out of the box with Nougat features. Just make it Nougat.

    • Morriea

      I never understand this sentiment. You bought what you wanted and received EXACTLY what you paid for. Phones will improve over time and I assume you knew that before buying. Your device is still just as good as what you bought. There is no betrayal.

      • alex

        Totally agree with you. It’s not like it’s a bait and switch. They had a minor update. Big whoop.

      • Neel

        I read an article like this on The Verge

    • Chang

      dude, OP3 is completely fine. OP3T costs extra 80 bucks which the only impressive thing is the upgraded storage.

  • Vishnu Vadlamudi

    I really wish they would use USB 3.1 on the type C port because it’s a real pain to transfer all the photos and videos i take to my PC. The speeds are terrible and it’s a shame as it has UFS 2.0 memory. It would have been great if it supported USB Power Delivery on top of Dash Charge in instances when we’re not carrying the bundled charger as Dash chargers aren’t so common, especially with car chargers.

    • trollface_47

      what are the phones that has usb 3.1 type C?

  • Shakeem Coltes

    16 mp front facing… really?

  • bboyheat

    I really just see this as a hidden price increase scheme…
    10% processor upgrade, 400mah battery increase, and a slightly better front facing camera.

    All for an additional $80.
    Still a solid device and a good value but..

    Call it what really is.

    • Julian Davies

      also an storage increase

    • trollface_47

      lol. $80 additional is for 128 GB storage. you really want to have a specs of iphone 7/samsung s7 for this price. whiner!

      • bboyheat

        Just saying it’s a nonsensical upgrade most likely for more margin.
        Nobody is whining. .

        • trollface_47

          if they named it oneplus 4 then I will agree with you. But it is clear that it is basically still the oneplus 3 with a “T”, a minor upgarde. A major upgrade would make it the OP4

          • Raky_b

            minor upgrade and it costs 80€!?
            how much would cost device with major upgrade???
            that is what bboyheat is trying to say….

          • trollface_47

            you have a point but the interesting part now is what will be the price of the OP4 in the next 6 months? i guess we have to wait and see

          • Raky_b

            i am afraid of that ;)

          • mark

            It’s an extra $40 or 40 euro. A small increase in price for a small improvement seems reasonable.

            The $80/euro gets you 128GB – that’s well worth it, especially compared to the amount that other manufacturers charge for storage increases.

          • Raky_b

            if 64Gb version would cost same, or if they did not dicontinued regular verion…it would be nice. but i don’t thin many would by 40€ expencivier device just for little better procesor, and selfie camera.
            new xiaomi mi5s cost lower than “old” mi5 had cost, even thoug it have bigger “upgrades” than this one has.

          • mark

            Better processor, bigger battery, better front and back camera. I’m happy to pay more for it. I’m sure OnePlus have a better idea of what people are willing to pay, and it’s still excellent value.

          • TechTonic

            exactly, i would compare it to the iphone “s” variants. minor improvements, like better camera and newer processor. but instead of charging 650+ again, OnePlus raised 80$ to its lready cheap phone

          • JDMillest

            pretty much they are following apple footsteps. lol iphone used to use the S and OP uses the T. lol

      • mark

        In fact I wouldn’t want the specs of an Apple iphone 7 at any price.

    • David Barajas

      They also upgraded the Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) algorithm to help with video stabilization, as well as Optical Image Stabilization (OIS)…
      This little thing plus all the other little changes make for a nice device for a great price.
      One of the top Android devices you can get for sure.

      • Arnie Linson

        They could upgrade EIS because the EIS on OP3 is crap, correcting a defective thing in a newer model is hardly an upgrade. Though the phone will certainly benefit from the additional 400 mAH.

  • steadymobb

    Honestly though why would you buy a Pixel XL over this? For $500 more?

    …Besides obviously the software – big whoop (imo). I like extra features and always use a launcher.

    • Raky_b

      avabillity, support, service, camera, video…and finally, it price in 3 months will be same as this one, meybe even cheaper on conctract

      • steadymobb

        HA — I highly doubt the price will drop that much in 3 months. If it did then everyone that bought it just got taken for an expensive ass ride.

        • Raky_b

          well, if something happens to your OP device, you have to send it somwhere…Samsung, and others can be serviced enywhere…updates, securuty patches…they are regular, and just look is there any support for previous One+ devices.

          • steadymobb

            I wasn’t talking about samsung. I was talking about the pixel xl

      • mark

        Whilst there are some benefits to the Pixel, although prices may fall, I’d be suprised if they fall that much – only if sales are a disaster and they have to cut the costs, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Your argument also rules out the possibility of the OnePlus 3T falling in price over time.

        • Raky_b

          One+3 price did not fall!?
          yes, Pixel wont cost as low as this…but it will be cca 500€ for cheaper version. and it is better device in many fealds.

          • mark

            The cheaper version is with too small screen and only 32GB which is too small for me. The only one I’d consider is the Pixel XL 128GB, which is £820, compared to the OnePlus 3T 128GB at £440. Yeah, the Pixel has a better camera, but I don’t see the Pixel falling that much in 3 months!

      • spartans155

        I don’t see the price falling by that much in 3 months, given how apparently successful the phone is.

        • Raky_b

          well, here in Norway you can buy S7 for 500€, and this one (64GB version) would be even more after tax…

    • balcobomber25

      I wouldn;t buy a Pixel XL period.

  • I just wished, it was ready with 7000-series aluminium.

    • balcobomber25


  • Noah Sigmund

    i litterally got myself a nexus 6p a week ago. fuck me, right?

    • ozzyager

      No, the 6P is still awesome

    • balcobomber25

      There will always be better phones coming out no matter when you buy one. You still got a great phone.

  • Raky_b

    disappointed, was thinking to buy One+ device, but now it’s not worth of asked money…waiting for Huawei P10…or i will buy some flagship from sammy, LG, HTC for 500$

    • Techn9cian46

      $480 for 6 GB of RAM, 128 GB of UFS 2.0 storage, Snap821, and a 3400 mAh battery isn’t worth it?

      • Raky_b

        yes it does, but for same money i can buy SGS 7.
        and device with same spec, costs 360$ if you are ok with having Xiaomi.

        • steadymobb

          Where are you buying an s7 for Edge for $500? If you’re talking about the regular s7 then that immediately discounts the comparison. OP3T is 5.5 inches and s7 is around 5…you need to compare the s7 Edge

          • mark

            Not to mention the 128GB of built-in fast storage.

          • Raky_b

            5,12…and ok, even that for me it is better to have maller, let ay Edge costs 570 euros. 100 more then this One+.
            and it is better device, as regular S7 is too…even without SD821

          • steadymobb

            The s7 edge is like $700 in the US unless you get a deal or refurb

      • Raky_b

        well, xiaomi and LeEco are cheaper…

  • Pradyun

    not worth it just for the slightly better proccessor

  • YMTRUkkeR

    an upgrade running marshmallow…..

  • Michal Swiatek

    You can easily get a brand new S7 Edge for about $475. I got one for my missus, brand new and unlocked from someone who had it as free upgrade.

  • mark

    And stop with the annoying Google Play “app” popups please! Unless you have an app for Windows that’s better than just viewing the website.

  • Datalore1

    I wonder how much info it will send back to China every 72 hours 🤗

    • Datalore1

      Just kidding. And even if i wasn’t and it was announced that any ask phones from China are under direct order to comply with China State, you’d quickly forget about it within a few months to a year. That’d the beauty of hiding in plain sight. Even when they see it, they no longer care because.. SQUIRREL!

    • balcobomber25

      The same amount, Pixel sends back to California, Samsung phones send back to Korea and HTC phones send back to Taiwan.

  • wer

    “Gunmetal only” – THAT’S how you do your marketing. Americans will love this!

  • artemisthemp

    I am dispointed by OnePlus 3t not having Nougat as stock but at less Nougat comes soon :) and hey it’s for a 128GB phone

  • Emmet

    Am I the only one who thinks this phone has crazy good specs for only $440? That’s outrageous. Better battery, processor, fingerprint sensor, usb type c than my current phone, the LG G4. Once my phone bootloops, I will get this.

    • balcobomber25

      It has good specs but you can get the same specs in phones for $40 cheaper or even $100 cheaper if you buy the LeEco Pro 3 on flash sale.

      • Emmet

        And never get a system update again? I will not buy a LeEco phone as long as I live in the US

        • balcobomber25

          I have had two system updates this month from LeEco….

  • Jacob kipkangor

    nothing of an upgrade…this won’t sell. for 821 and a slightly bigger batt? no. I’d have preferred they made a mini for about $200

  • Arnie Linson

    OnePlus 3 has reached the end of its life after just 6 months.

    • balcobomber25

      That’s normal for Chinese phones, it is such a cutthroat industry you have to always innovate to stay around.

  • hamzah77

    only usb 2.0????

    • SimSimma52

      USB Type-C port with 2.0 data speeds. Advantage is you get the new easy to use port and the increased voltage & amps throughput for faster charging.

      Basically what everyone else offers right now.

  • Michael Dunn

    No mirco SD card… no thanks

  • Japster21

    In my country, the LG G5 is about $60-70 cheaper than a OP3. Crazy, right? So I got the LG G5 a month ago when I was shopping for a new phone. But don’t get me wrong, My friend has the OP3 and I liked the (Oxygen) OS and build better. Maybe my next phone in 2 to 3 years would be a OnePlus. I really love the One Pluses since the One. The only deal-breakers for me was the OP3 not having an expandable storage and a removable battery. The camera was also a bit of an issue, I’m not that too much a fan of the Sony IMX 298 sensor.

  • Disgustipated

    The phone is worth every penny. A lot of these chuckleheads are spec geeks and will never own any of the phones they comment on. I received mine last night and I really couldn’t imagine it being better. It’s fast, it’s responsive, everything is smooth, the camera is surprisingly even better than the reviews.