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OnePlus launched its second flagship smartphone, the OnePlus 2, back in July 2015, and it’s looking like we won’t have to wait an entire year to get our hands on the OnePlus 3. In an interview with CNET, OnePlus co-founder and CEO Carl Pei announced that the OnePlus 3 is slated to arrive at the end of the second quarter. This means we can expect the device to launch by June, which really isn’t too far away.

The OnePlus 3 will feature a 'new design'

Mr. Pei also commented that the OnePlus 3 will have a “new design,” though he remained rather vague in his comments. No other details were given regarding the smartphone’s design, though the founder did say he hopes the OP3 will captivate users as much as the OnePlus One did back in 2014.

He went on to say that the United States market will be very important to the company this year, and that they’re planning on using more “traditional marketing” strategies to promote the upcoming handset. OnePlus currently doesn’t purchase any advertising on mainstream media, and instead relies on a strong social networking presence to spread the word. The device will still arrive to the U.S. as an unlocked phone sold directly by the company. Pei also says users can expect a better buying process, though he didn’t reveal if that would mean getting rid of the frustrating invite system or not.

We’ll definitely find out more in the coming weeks about OnePlus and the new OnePlus 3, so stay tuned for more details.

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  • 1213 1213

    One thing we know for sure is to expect more apologies ;-)

    Just kidding…. but not really. They need to undercut companies like Xiaomi and Huawei if they want to succeed, they just aren’t big enough or respectable enough to sell without doing that.

  • arbocorp

    Mr. Pei, if you’re reading this, 128GB internal storage! Full HD is fine, front facing speakers and a better low light camera! We should have the option for Cyanogen or Oxygen, 3500mAh or larger fast charging battery! Look at Haweii’s Mate 8, do THAT but better!

    • DDD

      It’s going to be Oxygen. There’s a reason they split from CM

  • Daggett Beaver

    It will ship without a battery, because the company concluded nobody actually uses one.

  • Marty

    No NFC for Tap & Pay and no sell.

  • Julius Tan

    The OPO has been a great success imho, better than the OPT , hopefully OP3 is better. Full HD is fine for the budget, 64gb/128 GB, BETTER camera, fingerprint sensor, CHOICE of shipping out Cyanogen or Oxygen, but that would seem impossible due to the end of collab between two companies(cyanogen), front facing speaker. extras (removable battery/sd card support) , price 350$ to 450$?

    • Andrew Peck

      sub-$400 would require no nfc, no more than amoled 1080p, no sd card slot and probably no removable battery regardless. quick charge 3.0 will make a huge improvement though

  • Nikilauta

    QHD screen, Quick charge, Snapdragon 820, 4GB RAM, High Quality front and rear camera = Take my money

    • Prithvi Boinpally

      I agree with you for the most part, but I think 1080p is still more than enough PPI, and QHD is just a gimmick. If they could make a Super AMOLED 1080p display, it would be the perfect balance of performance, battery life, quality and price. 1080p would keep the price-point low yet still have more than enough pixel density. Also, this time, the One Plus 3 HAS to have NFC. Android pay is finally rolling out, and NFC is a must.

      • Alex Novadnieks

        I would normally agree, but with VR headsets content looks way way better on QHD screens than 1080p

        • Prithvi Boinpally

          Honestly, its too early in the game to sacrifice performance and battery life for VR. Keep in mind that VR requires 90 fps for a smooth experience, so upgrading to QHD would severely decrease performance. I would rather have a smooth, lower-quality VR experience rather than a high-quality laggy VR experience.

  • TechGuy

    If the OP3 can takes dual sims O 1 sim and a micro sd card please have a 128GB option. I’m sticking with my OP2 as although I really like the look of the camera performance on the Galaxy S7, 32GB is just not future proof enough. The added security of mobile coverage with dual sims is something I did not appreciate until the Oneplus – now I would not be without it.

    • DDD

      Why would you need a 128GB model if it has SD card support?

    • Andrew Peck

      how does dual sims help? do you use it while travelling? do you slide in a different account or a temporary sim card while abroad or something?

      • TechGuy

        The Oneplus 2 uses two sims at the time so you can receive calls on two numbers/networks. You have a choice of setting which card should have priority for calls/sms/data. This means one card can be the default for calls and the other for data. Incoming calls and messages show which sim has handled the call/message and when you reply/call back it defaults to the sim card that dealt with the incoming call – a smaller icon allows you to select the other sim if you want. Really useful and a lot easier u had having two phones or manually having to change sim cards.

  • Jehan Kateli

    My OP3 wishlist:

    AMOLED display (1080p is fine)
    Better camera, no ‘popping’ when focusing
    Better battery life

    Furthermore, I hope OnePlus acknowledges the fact that Australia exists and starts shipping there. NZ too.

  • DDD

    It will have the notification slider on the side right? Right?? Cause if it doesn’t, well, there are other phones that would blow it out of the water already.

  • Sin Falace

    To be honest, I have never used NFC, so I don’t care if this one comes with or without it, but a new design would be awesome, hopefully something pretty I can sink my teeth into. What am I looking for in this phone? Hopefully quicker updates and fast charging. Also get rid of the fricking Invite system. I finally got my invite in November, after waiting on the list since May I believe. By that time, I didn’t even have enough to be able to afford it. So guys, a big thing would be to get rid of the invite system that makes the One Plus feel like more trouble to get than all the other phones it’s competing against. That’s really my only major requirement.

  • Josh Adams

    NO Invite System
    Camera that competes with S7 – this is massive
    Dual SIM | MicroSD
    Sandstone option – metal is second only to this
    Rear fingerprint sensor – don’t add a front button/sensor a la HTC
    USB-C WITH support for 3.1, because this is needs to be specified
    Front-facing speakers – take a page from Moto and Sony
    3500 MaH battery – if Samsung can do it, so can you
    1080p AMOLED
    UFS 2.0

    This should make a “Never Settle” phone like the original

    • Homer J. Simpson

      Don’t wish for hardware, OnePlus released an update back in December that made the OnePlus Two unusable. People are crying chaos in the forum. Yet OnePlus says they won’t fix it until they push out Marshmallow. Even if all the hardware you wished for came true, the software will still be sh*t making the phone utterly useless. Trust me. I’m a current victim.

      • Tapan Bhanot

        I don’t know what you’re saying, my op2 is working great with all the updates so far.

        • Homer J. Simpson

          You gotta stop saying that. Saying that doesn’t mean anything. You have to realize a bug in the software can surface only depending on how you use your phone. Just because some people don’t have it doesn’t mean it’s not there. It also doesn’t mean we’re using our phone wrong or we’re installing crap. The fact that many of us did not have the freezing issue in 2.1.2 and then all hell went loose in 2.2.0 is clearly indicative of a problem in 2.2.0. Rolling back to 2.1.2 resolves this problem.

          OnePlus has OS level bugs that were fixed by Google more than a year ago. I don’t know how old OnePlus’ Android 5.1 source repository is but it sure as hell ain’t up to date.

          • Alic

            Why do you expect service of a $600 phone from a $400 phone?

          • Homer J. Simpson

            Because there are $200 phones that actually work as a phone and not freeze before, mid, or after a call. Is it too much to ask them to make their phone work reliably as a phone? Fixing bugs that they break isn’t really a $600 service.

          • Alic

            That $200 phone would not have update at all. I am currently using a $200 phone. It only runs Android 4.4, but it heats up and dies quicker than it was on 4.2. But on 4.2, there are many apps I can’t run. Customer Service, software update are all included in the price.

          • Homer J. Simpson

            Bet your phone doesn’t freeze in the middle of the call or get into the state where you can’t turn the phone screen on unless you force restart. $200 phones do not have these severe problems, a $400 shouldn’t either. Frankly I couldn’t care less about updates. A working phone is something OnePlus can’t seem to deliver.

          • Alic

            Lol just roll back to the previous version as you said. OnePlus delivered a working phone, just that their OS update is not compatible with all the apps out there. I believe when you update, it says you update at your own risk.

          • Homer J. Simpson

            Yeah.. Camera on old version means sometimes you won’t get a picture saved after taking a photo. I also get random reboots while using dialer. Incompatibilities are when software engineers don’t want to claim responsibility for breaking something. I would know. I work as a software engineer.

          • Alic

            Really? That’s interesting and worth knowing, since I am thinking about OnePlus as my new phone this year. Maybe I should stick as Huawei. Oh and what a small world, I am studying to be a software developer!

          • Homer J. Simpson

            Good luck with your journey to be a software dev. It won’t be an easy road but it’ll be rewarding, I guarantee it. But yeah, stay away from OnePlus, as an Android Dev also, I would not use this phone as a test device. I helped debugged some issues on the forum and it turns out OnePlus has bugs predating to Google’s 5.1 source from over a year ago. OnePlus said they’ll try to issue updates every 1 to 2 months but it’s been three months lately. When people asked where the updates are (considering their December updates really broke out phones, the forum mods responded with “they never promised, they only set those as goals”.

            I look at the OnePlus devs with disgust. People praise Helen from their dev team. I think she is a useless little f-bag making the decision that has gotten many people to jump ship over to the Nexus 6P.

          • John

            Not sure if it is the same freezing problem you are having, but disabling the screen gestures to start the camera have eliminated the freezes for me.

          • Bob

            Because this is the buying argument. Advertisement sells it as such.

            Most people have too high expectations, when getting a phone from China, you are right with it. Still most Chinese companies like to mislead a bit, or advertise in their own favor to mislead the customer.

          • Tapan Bhanot

            I don’t think its a bug in software, it might be due to your usage. You could have rooted the phone, or must be installed some app which is not compatible in which case (the devs of the app needs to fix the app) or something. It really depends on your usage. Did you try to reset your phone ? I updated and then reset the phone and re-installed all apps again. I don’t get any crashes, hangs, lags or chokes. Maybe its me only but OP2 is the phone which made me fall in love with Android again.

          • Homer J. Simpson

            Appreciate you trying to help but like I said, I know my Android inside and out as I myself am a dev. You have to realize that just because you don’t see the issue on your phone doesn’t mean that I’m doing something wrong. If the update created a minute delay in one of the API calls, but you only have one or two apps using those API calls, then you don’t see the issue. If I have 20+ apps that use that API call frequently in the background, I’ll see a huge delay. That certainly doesn’t mean it’s my fault for installing too many apps or that the apps are poorly written.

            Put it this way, if a a banquet served tainted raw oysters and half of the guests at this banquet got ill from eating at this banquet. You ate there too but you’re fine. Does that mean the food isn’t tainted? No. Not everyone ate the oysters. Just because you’re fine doesn’t mean the problem isn’t there. That’s what you have to understand before you say “my Oxygen OS runs perfectly fine so there must not be anything wrong”.

            Like I said, I debugged some crashing issues with adb logcat and have found Oxygen OS 2.2.0 source to be older than Google’s source more than a year ago. If many of us can roll back to 2.1.2 and show that the freeze doesn’t exist anymore, why the heck would you think it has to do with the apps we use?

          • Bob

            A random opinion of one person is most likely not the most trustworthy source for information or facts!

            It’s common practice on some places and some TV Shows, e.g. Fox news in the US, yet it’s not good.

            It’s great that you don’t have problems and that this makes you speak for a majority of people. Try to give these words some thoughts please.

          • Tapan Bhanot

            Oh and 1 thing i would like to mention, i was using a CM Booster app, which would clean cache, save battery etc. When I was using that app, I reliased that games used to stutter and apps used to be slow etc. I then read an article somewhere that these type of apps are bogus and do more harm than good and I uinstalled that CM Booster app and after that there is no stuttering in games, no lags, no hangs and no slowness at all. So you might have one of these apps from some other dev. try to uninstall that app and then maybe you’ll see the difference.

    • Lorys

      Duddeeee you said everything but also needs stereo speakers and if it is possible a soundcard in the phone like HTC has, I think that’s them having this if I recall correctly.

    • Harry

      OnePlus 2, X, One and more is now on sale only below

    • Ábel Gergely

      No one will build a phone what’s perfect, because than they couldn’t make a better one and people won’t change their phones in 1-2 years = less profit. Also you forgot water resistance, NFC, quick charge and a shutter button, and the fingerprint sensor would be the best on the side where your thumb is, like on the Sony Z5 series in my opinion. And BlueMobile can make 4000+ Mah batteries. Don’t expect much of it to come true tho. :D

    • mayhap

      hopefully you don’t have to chose either dual SIM or microSD. That’s a never settle issue to me.

  • patstar5

    You think it would arrive before the last week of July? I’m taking a trip and I really want to upgrade from my Oneplus One before I leave.
    I hope this has NFC, if not I’m through with them.

  • Homer J. Simpson

    I hope most of you people know that OnePlus doesn’t give a rats ass about broken software. It’s been 6~7 months now and the software is much worse than when it released. You can drool at whatever hardware they list out, the software will ruin your experience. The community forum is filled with noobs that responds to every single problem with “wipe cache, factory reset, flash x kernel, flash y rom” or “I don’t have that problem, clearly you’re doing something wrong”

    • Andrew Peck

      just root it 1st thing. it’s easy. takes 20 minutes tops. flash latest CM. that’s it. don’t even need franco kernel anymore if battery is 3500mah and it’s got QC3.0, right? who cares if oxygen sux. you don’t have to use it.

      • Homer J. Simpson

        I know how to root. Rooting and flashing roms should be about making something good better, not from something unusable to make it work.

        I’m just saying. Everyone on here is listing hardware they want to see in the next OnePlus when the biggest issue with OnePlus at the moment is software.

        • Andrew Peck

          if rooting makes it better, who cares how it started?

  • If you want stock, go for nexus. If you want the best android flagship that can slaughter the iphone go for s7/g5. If you want flagship killer go for Mi5. There is no market for Oneplus after their poor showing with the two

    • Andrew Peck

      unlocked straight to consumer and easily rooted AND $150 less is STILL a strong market position.

  • bob

    it all depends on the pricing and availability and of course the phone should be a flagship killer ,one plus 3 should try to top mi5 otherwise it’s game over

  • CheeseMonsterHD

    Front facing speakers, 4gb of ram, Snapdragon 820, rear fingerprint sensor, OIS for camera, NFC, 3500 mph+ battery, QHD Amoled display, Quick/Wireless charging, Micro SD

  • JP Puijola

    We need :
    Dual SIM | MicroSD
    Best camera (like S7)
    Fingerprint sensor Back (no fysical buttons front)
    2 speakers front like moto phones
    3500 battery
    5.7 screen
    4-6 Gb Ram
    Wireless charching

    • Andrew Peck

      wireless charging matters way less than quick charge 3.0…without it = 3.5 hours to charge. with it = 45 minutes! i don’t care about nfc, nor do i need more than amoled 1080p screen. snap820 matters a lot though.

  • Rg

    FBI can hack these phones easy

  • David Lee

    please design it so it can be used on verizon’s network.