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The OnePlus One was a very special phone. Not only was it super affordable and had very powerful specs, but it also came with very unique software. Cyanogen was at the very heart of the OnePlus experience, something that attracted many fans of the developers who created the most popular third-party ROM – CyanogenMod.

Things didn’t go very well after the Chinese startup decided to make its own ROM and these companies chose to leave other for good. Regardless, some tinkerers found a way to port the CyanogenMod to the OnePlus 2, but until today we had not actually seen official support from the Cyanogen team. CyanogenMod support for the OnePlus 2 is now in the works, as people have found the device listed in the Git repository.

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This means that OnePlus 2 users will now be able to enjoy the popular ROM with much more help from the community and developers. The software will also benefit from any upcoming updates and changes. And at the very least the experience will be very similar to what we saw in the OnePlus One’s Cyanogen-made software. To many of you, this will surely beat sticking with OnePlus’ OxygenOS.

By the way, you won’t have to stick with older software. Two versions of CyanogenMod are listed in the repository: 12.2 and 13. This means you can choose between Android 5.1.1 Lollipop or Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

Pretty sweet, right? Are any of you installing CyanogenMod on your OnePlus 2 devices? Hit the comments and let us know! By the way, this procedure requires you to root your phone and tinker with it in some less-than-official ways. Doing this may hurt your device and/or void your warranty, so do your research and proceed at your own risk!


What is CyanogenMod?

September 19, 2016
Edgar Cervantes
Edgar Cervantes has over 5 years of experience in tech journalism. Exploring the latest gadgets and constantly studying the industry are part of is daily drive. Regardless of what he is working on, you can be sure he is always trying his best to bring you the best content. He will be dead honest and will bend to nothing.
  • Nuno Vidigal

    I am definitely switching to CM13…so tired of buggy Oxygen OS. I miss the old nightly days with the OPO. Now, I will have those back with the OnePlus 2 ?

    Soooo, when will it be available for download??

    • EngineerGunter

      Well, it doesn’t get much better at the moment going to CM13. There are still a few bugs here and there. I’m running it on my OnePlus One currently. The nightlies are making fast work of them, though, so don’t be surprised if it comes quickly to the 2!

      • Carol Hill

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      • Sagar Sonawane

        Is it out for OPT ??

        • EngineerGunter

          Not the last time I checked. And the more I think about it, the more it becomes apparent that Cyanogenmod probably won’t officially support it. Try Googling for an unofficial CM13 ROMs for the OP2. I’m sure there’s something out there.

    • Anthony Stephen Edwards

      you should at least be using Hydrogen OS for now!

      • Logi Ragnarsson

        Isn’t that the Chinese OS that came with my OPT when I bought it at the MBK Center in Bangkok? I certainly can’t recommend that…

        Actually, I have a guy over at MBK fixing my old Nexus 5 right now. It turns out to be a much more usable phone than the OTP with OxygenOS 2. They really need to do something drastic.

        • Anthony Stephen Edwards

          MM is out for opt, check xda, only bug I found is wifi disconnects briefly.

  • Alittle misleading this article… Oneplus didn’t have to leave until Cyanogen decided to pursue “greener pastures” like a partnership in India with micro max. Cyanogen management was the douche that left OnePlus not the other way around

    • EngineerGunter

      Yep and Oxygen OS came about afterwards

      • Logi Ragnarsson

        Perhaps, but the result is a much less usable phone. I won’t recommend one to a friend unless something changes with either Oxygen 3 or CyanogenMod 13.

  • Achu Ashok

    After getting OP2 in my hands its a nightmare come true via oxygen OS. At last im waking up. Love CM

    • Over-exaggerating much??

  • Gerald T

    *CyanogenMod 12.1, not 12.2

  • Samir

    No ways I will never switch to cm as currently I am using oneplus2 with oxygen os and before that I had used oneplus one with cyanogen all versions
    Frankly speaking oneplus has did a very great job with oxygen os
    And the mod is really light and fast to use on daily purpose
    While I was using cm it used to lag a bit
    Daily I had to restart the phone once
    Also when they upgraded from cm12 to cm 12.1 the whole look of over all os changed
    The dialer it self changed from Google dialer (my fav) to true dialer
    The default search engine of chrome changed to yahoo pretty crazy
    And very un stable

    And oxygen os is simple yet powerful
    Guys I prefer stick to oxygen os
    Without any review

    • You are describing Cyanogen OS on the OPO and not CyanogenMod which are 2 different OS’s and communities.

    • CyanogenOS was junk. That’s what you’re talking about. Of course Oxygen is way better than that, but, this is about CyanogenMod, which is a different thing altogether. Granted, it’ll be bug-ridden and the LAF might not work as well or ever, but the fingerprint scanner will work as OP will switch to the Marshmallow API for the fingerprint.

  • Prabhdeep Singh

    I’ve ben waiting for CM13 since the day I got my OP2, but they have major bugs of not being able to support fingerprint scanner and laser auto focus, which is a deal breaker for me. I check every weekend if they have fixed the bugs so that I can load it as I already have unlocked the boot loader and have CWM recovery on it, just waiting for CM13.1 !!!

    • zipalign

      CWM recovery?
      but wasn’t it a dead project? o_o

    • Singhyar

      Definetly will give one try…but where is the ROM link?? Is it too early to speak!

  • Iain Chan

    Definitely gonna switch to CM13 once it’s available

  • Karan Patwardhan

    Wow… Great news man…!!! Excited…!!

  • 90sGold

    Sold my OPT because it wasn’t the same without CyanogenMod. Now people can enjoy their phones the right way

  • fahadayaz

    “after the Chinese startup decided to make its own ROM” – Not quite. OnePlus was forced to create their own ROM because they were betrayed by Cyanogen Inc.

  • robert fish

    Time to kill oxygen OS.I love cm on the onePlus 2

  • OnePlus User

    Yeah I had my oneplus two for maybe 2 weeks with Oxygen and just couldn’t stand it, put CM 12.1 on and haven’t looked back, I can deal without the fingerprint scanner and OIS for the time being, it’d be nice to have these, but not a deal breaker for me, roll on CM 13

  • yassar Ali

    OnePlus Two running cm12.1

    • JuanRios

      I was forced to try CM because the home button dosn’t work (no grounding problem, in fact I use a sillicon bumper).

      In the 12.1 the home button dosn’t work, but the camera does and in CM 13 camera don’t, home works like a charm.

  • Rupesh

    One would expect that the tech journalists would attempt to provide correct information but no – they will just day whatever they want to say with out backing or researching. OnePlus did not break the partnership but it was Cyanogen who broke it. Get your facts correct or your sources changed..

    • Chuck Jones

      Well, you are entirely wrong. Cyanogen did NO such thing.
      The CEO of oneplus had a little boy tantrum, decided it was cheaper to try their OS.
      What a Big fail that was.

      • Rupesh

        Good to know you are entirely wrong too.

      • Me

        You really are stupid.

  • #tihor

    Typo :- cm12.2 ??

  • TechnoRealz

    CM is great until they see another wallet and leave you with a half azz unfinished OS.

  • Lisa J

    I think its fabulous. Thank you so much. Very innovative

  • Chuck Jones

    Worst thing that the little boy Ceo did during his little boy tantrum was to get rid of the only reason to buy
    any phone from Oneplus, and that was Cyanogen OS.
    He ruined the company and the rest of their products by dropping Cyanogen.
    The customer disservice, no warranty support, lack of features, ignorant Admin staff, dumbass ”Carl”, retarded ‘Pete’ ,could almost be overlooked if the Cyanogen OS was still being used.

  • Very unique?

  • nikolas

    Im waiting for a ROM that will make my ONEPLUS two last for more than 12 hours. The ONE was a great deal. Great specs, great price and the battery was amazing. I could go for almost 2 days with it. Now from almost 2 days how did we get to 12 hours is a mystery to me.

    • David Silberbrandt

      I completely agree; I had the same awesome battery life on my OPO. I really couldn’t believe that the OPT ran out of juice in a matter of 4-8 hours. Let’s hope they pull their shit together with Oxygen or a speedy, bugfree CM13 release!

    • jim



    the only question is.. will this official release of CM13 include support for fingerprint sensor and camera laser autofocus?

    • Me

      Hope laser autofocus works. Don’t need fingerprint sensor. Cops do not need you to unlock your phone if you use that feature.

      • Just a guy

        You seen that CSI episode…

        • Me

          No. Haven’t watched that show for 3 years.

        • Me

          I read the news. It is true.

    • JuanRios

      I Had lastnigth nighly build in my OP2. Camera doesn’t work; neither laser autofocus (I don’t even see other smartphone with that feature). Some apps like Facebook crash constantly (weird).

      I hope CM fix this assap.

  • Mathew Sullivan

    FINAAALLLY. I switched to unofficial, but it was moderately buggy.. What I want is 6.0 support with native fingerprint control + CM

  • Prudhviraj

    Then what about One Plus X. . . . Any updates for this device, do they plan to release for OPX too . . .

  • it’s about time! Love the fact that the Cyanogen is improving but it is far behind the Cyanogen.

  • Shivam Pailwan

    Ya Of course I will like CM-13 On My OnePlus Two

  • عمر السحيباني


  • just installed cm13 to oneplus 2 but the gapps is not working. then installed cm12.1 but not as good as expected. not much difference with oxygen v2.1.1

  • Sagar Sonawane

    From where can I get the CM 13 ??

  • Francis

    Any further updates on CM13 for Oneplus 2??