Seemingly official One M9 press shots and specs found on German retailer site

by: Bogdan PetrovanFebruary 22, 2015

htc one m9 cyberport (7)

Samsung is doing a good job hyping us up, but HTC has a harder time keeping things under wraps. Yesterday, German retailer Cyberport put up product pages showing what appear to be press shots and complete specifications of the HTC One M9.

The pages have been removed, but Mobile Geeks preserved the good stuff for posterity. This close to the March 1 official debut of the M9, the listings could very well be accurate, and the fact that Cyberport took them down adds further credibility to that. With that said, a bit of caution is advised – retailers often put up product pages in advance, and sometimes they do it based on rumors floating around. So take this with salt.


First up, the specs shared by Cyberport match everything we’ve been hearing through the grapevine about the HTC One M9. The device will feature a 5-inch Full HD screen, a Snapdragon 810 processor clocked at 2 GHz, 3GB of RAM, 32GB of storage (expandable), a 2,900-mAh battery, a 20MP rear camera, and a 4MP UltraPixel front shooter. The device will be slightly thicker and larger than the One M8, at 144.6 x 69.7 x 9.61 millimeters, though HTC managed to reduce the M9’s weight to 157.5 grams (One M8 was 160 grams). Dolby sound, LTE-A (300Mbps), Bluetooth 4.1, NFC, and GPS complete the picture of HTC’s new flagship.

htc one m9 cyberport (3)


The alleged press renders show two versions of the M9 – gunmetal and silver-golden. The latter features an interesting combination of silver on the back and golden on the front and sides. Incidentally or not, @upleaks recently tweeted that the M9 would come in three versions at launch – gunmetal, silver-golden, and golden.

The shots differ from the render shared by @evleaks a few weeks ago; the speaker grilles and the infamous black bar hosting the HTC logo are still present, while @evleaks’ image had concealed speakers and no black bar. We can’t tell for sure, but Cyberport’s shots seem more “official” than @evleaks’ low quality render, which looks like was made based on a rough description of the device. We’ll need to wait for confirmation.


Render shared by @evleaks

On the back, we see the same squarish camera module found in almost every single image of the M9 that leaked so far. The camera is protruding by a millimeter or so, which seems to be commonplace in smartphone design these days. Other than that, the device is very similar to the One M8 and to the M7 before it.

There’s nothing interesting to discern from the screen images, other than to confirm that BlinkFeed will remain a key part of Sense 7. The date in the render, March 1, matches that of HTC’s upcoming event.


Cyberport listed the One M9 for €750 for the 32GB model, which is fairly typical for a 32GB flagship in Europe.

Wrap up

I would say that this “leak,” if we can call it that, looks fairly solid, even if the images contradict what we heard from @evleaks. The shots do match other leaked images, as well as solid reports claiming the M9 will be visually similar to its predecessor.

What do you think of these shots? Do you prefer this design to the @evleaks render?

  • namesib

    What is that black bar at the top?

    • Mohammed Daabas

      That is for the ir communication. Just like on the m8

    • It’s for the cellular radios, plastic allows better reception of signal.

  • Tyler

    Doesn’t look too good to be honest….. I’m a bit dissapointed…

    • Jacob

      If this is genuine, HTC will have made the same fatal error as Samsung and will have shot themselves in both feet. CONSUMERS DO NOT CARE ABOUT SPECS. IF IT LOOKS THE SAME AS THE LAST ONE NOBODY WILL BUY IT. It is extremely simple. The black around the screen (and of course the notorious HTC bar) when the grills at the ends don’t match now just looks completely outdated. The screen to body ratio is horrible and the speakers really don’t make it worth it (the Nexus 6’s speakers are just fine without the ridiculous bulk) and this thing is as thick as a slice of bread. I sincerely hope this is the rumored M8i we’re looking at, which was supposed to be the M8 with bumped specs and a new camera module for developing markets. Otherwise, we all know how HTC’s financials are looking; this might be the end for what was once the king of device manufacturers.

      • Curtis Baker

        I sincerely hope, for HTC’s sake, that this render is the M8i. I trust evleaks’ render here. And if the final design is this one above, count me out HTC.

        • Nik

          that’s what all of us hope

      • vikram

        So much true I agree

      • Gabi Dipla

        Just my opinion, but I, for one, would buy a phone that looks very much like it’s predecessor as long as the older phone had a nice design. Samsung did not have that, they had average looking design and insisted with it. An average looking design and not so good build quality don’t justify a high price, even if the specs are top notch. I think HTC has a very beautiful design language and they don’t need to change it drastically from generation to generation. As for the specs, they are forced to upgrade them, and I think that not going for a QHD screen shows they don’t go with the flow, they only upgrade the specs that matter.

      • Wayne

        C’mon man, HTC have a beautiful design going, this coming from someone who is really not much of a HTC fan. How much different can they make it look? And if it ain’t broke, don’t try fix it.

        • TcM

          I guess that’s why Ferrari and all the other designers just leave the same designs for years…that works…NOT

          • Infidel Gastro

            You may not have noticed but Ferrari and other car designers don’t change their designs on a yearly basis, they give them a facelift about every two years then change the design about five years later along with a different name. ;)

  • Nik

    God damn protruding camera, htc what the duck?

    • Kevin Kuo

      I knew this would come up sooner or later.
      (Hopefully, it’s just the rubber ring that is protecting the lens protruding.)

      • Nik

        “come up” was that a pun??

        • Kevin Kuo

          It was an unintentional one.
          Edit: Just realised I just made another one

          • Nik

            made me smile though, thanks

          • Kevin Kuo

            Me too. :)

  • Protruding camera on a 9.6 mm phone is unacceptable.

    • Kevin Kuo

      Looks like it’s from the ring protecting the camera. Which is possible/reasonable since one of the issues with the M8 was scratched lens.

      • They used a simple glass with no protective coating on the M8. How will it not scratch.

        If they wanted it to not scratch, they could’ve used sapphire.

        I have no probs with protruding camera though as usually they bring great optics for <8 mm phones. But this phone is thick as a brick.

        • Kevin Kuo

          They didn’t use saphire because it is expensive, which will increase the cost of the phone.
          Also, I don’t think the camera is actually protruding considering its not in the M7 and M9.

          • A camera lens is tiny, it won’t cost more than 1$. Even chinese manufacturers are using sapphire.

          • Kevin Kuo

            You sure?

          • Yeah

          • Yan Qin

            I think it’s pricing like diamond. Small size ones are very cheap while the big ones are considerably expensive.

  • Tav

    If these images that have been passed around for a while are anything to go by I wouldn’t be impressed with htc and I won’t be buying the m9. If evleaks is right, which he never gets anything wrong I’ll definitely be buying it because that design is incredible. I mean just look at it

    • Samplethief

      Evleaks is obviously wrong. There is no front facing speakers and there is a physical home button.

      • Raphinion

        There were front facing speakers on the renders.

        • KingOfThePhones

          The problem with the evleaks speakers is that they are situated in an unpractical position – right on the very edge of the device. Because the vast majority of cases fit around the rim of a device, it would mean that most cases would block the speaker openings. So, as much as I personally also much prefer the look of the evleaks renders as well, it seems to me that they are likely not accurate since that kind of design won’t work with most phone cases.

          • Raphinion

            Most cases for the Sony Xperia Z2 and Google/HTC Nexus 9 work around their concealed edge speakers either by clipping only to the corners of the device, or by having a ‘lip’ that extends down the left and right sections (and only partially at the top and bottom so as not to cover the speaker grilles). So, it’s still possible should the M9 end up following the render designs.

          • KingOfThePhones

            Yes, it is possible to build cases around the edge issue but it significantly restricts the types of case designs possible and I doubt HTC would want to do that.

          • Raphinion

            Case manufacturers already have to cater for every port, opening and button for hundreds of phone models now – I don’t see how reshaping the case edge slightly for these speakers would be restrictive. But hey, what would I know, right? I guess we’ll have to wait for March 1st to find out if HTC play it safe (really hoping they don’t!)

          • KingOfThePhones

            When it comes to hard cases you’re right, but as far as soft cases, which are very popular, it is difficult to design a case that can clip around the corners and stay on with a sufficient amount of tension if the case doesn’t wrap along the rim of the device. Also, it’s not the same as making holes in the sides of the case, which do not detract significantly from the ability of the case to stay attached to the device.

          • Guest

            the Z2 had those type speakers

          • Noel

            You mean just like on the HTC made Nexus 9???.

  • Karthikhaeyan

    Power button is on the sides.. Not on top.. Good move

  • tarn1


  • Elvis Lees

    disappointing…was really hoping the rumored front panels were true..that would have been sexy

  • siddharth nair

    This almost looks like the htc one m7. The curvy m8 was more appealing than this and why is it so thick at the sides and still only carries 2900 mah battery!?

  • pytajnik

    1. a phone that is almost 1 cm thick, when nowadays the competitors make phones half the thickness – nice, because it shows you that the phone is very solid and won’t bend.

    2. a beautiful empty HTC bar, so everyone could see that it is the HTC flagship phone, you gotta love it

    3. good old design with mind blowing 50% screen to body ratio, why change something that is actually perfect right?

    4. and it costs only €750, I’m getting at least 5 of them.

    • MasterMuffin

      1.1 And the camera still protrudes!

    • 5. Htc do not like their own sales, why would they?

    • Paul Beau

      I think It’s a good 320$ phone

      • Милен Стефанов

        It deserves a $500 price tag, but not a cent more… And a maximum price of $250 with contract…

        • Paul Beau

          Yeah i was too rough. 500$ is good but i don’t see why it should be more than twice the price of the Oneplus for a hot s810 vs a s801

    • Tim Tian

      Oww, you need to wait for the first layer of sarcasm to dry before applying the topcoat.

    • Derek923

      So according to you 750 euros is cheap, that is about $850. And you people still complain that Samsung products are expensive. The s6 is going to cost about $700 that is $150 less.

      • pytajnik

        yes 750 euros is cheap, this is exactly what I meant.

  • Jack Parker

    It looks like the m8, I was really hoping it to look like the renders from evleaks. Probably not going to get it now if I’m honest

  • RoverX

    I personally find @evleaks’ render far more refined and promising. HTC would be disastrously stupid to follow the design conventions of the previous two iterations instead of coming up with something more ingenious. They’ve got the top notch hardware right, their Sense optimizations are the best (IMHO) that gel with the Lollipop features without getting intrusive, and the camera has had a big bump (in resolution). It’s a matter of a week before the mystery is unveiled, and I keep my fingers crossed to have the previous leaks come true :)

  • Yannick Olivier Orounla

    The one M8 looks better, I don’t really like this design. However I’m glad they finally moved the power button to the side

    • Marty

      I hope not. The power button being on the top allows a person to grasp the phone without depressing the power button. Being on the side, whenever you pick the device up, the power button will be pressed.

      • Tim Tian

        Do you have trouble with the volume buttons too?

        • Marty

          On that design, it looks like I would. But on the current M8, the volume buttons are higher up toward the top and don’t present a problem.

          • Sean

            Top power buttons are an atrocity. If you really have so much trouble with side buttons you’re in the minority, but back buttons would be much better. A top button on a phone this size just makes it absurd to reach with one hand. And phone docks are made in all sorts of different ways that’s no excuse, mine holds the phone from top and bottom so yeah.

          • Marty

            Unfortunately no about the car docks. There may be alot of them, but only a very tiny number of them are acceptable. The rest are cheesy, poor quality and look like a Lego kit. I refuse to use those crappy ones. And I use the CD slot for mounting the car dock, so that makes it even more limited.

            I find side buttons atrocious. And if you have a problem reaching the power button on the top, you’re in the minority.

          • Sean

            Dude yes there are tons of crappy car docks. But whether one grips from sides or top has no bearing on their quality, there are good docks of both kinds. My point was that making a phone with buttons on top specifically to accommodate car docks is idiotic.

            And you’re way off base about the power button, the majority of folks don’t like it. It’s ridiculous trying to reach with one hand, and this is coming from a nexus 6 user.

          • Marty

            I think you’re way off base because HTC is a popular brand and they have always used the top for placing the power button. If people didn’t like the top power button, they have other choices.

            I disagree about the type of car dock, too. Having a dock that grasps the top and bottom is a terrible design and I’ve only seen that design in docks that look hideous. They look completely ridiculous with arms that go every which way. Plus, most devices use the bottom end for the USB port and one end for the headphone port and having a dock that grasps the ends covers up the power port and headphone port.

          • Sean

            Ok, not going to argue anymore since you can’t use common sense and logic. Just take a poll on Google plus and you’ll see the majority opinion on top mounted power buttons. Or hell just look at the comments on this very article!

            And I really don’t care about your opinion of how top and bottom gripping car docks LOOK (as if they all look the same…) Because my point was about how well they work, and they do.

          • Marty

            Who’s arguing. You apparently want every device in the universe made only to your desires. No need to Google anything, HTC has always used the top for their power button. Samsung has always used the side. Go buy a Samsung if the top-mounted power button is such a horror to you. You have choices. Leave our choices alone (those of us who need a top-mounted power button).

            You may find those ugly-as-sin docks to work well for you, but they don’t for me.

  • Guest

    Could this be the M8i being rumoured?

    • boris25

      Yeah that’s what I was thinking too. It would make sense considering the M8i is supposed to be an M8 with a better camera, and without that second one. This looks exactly like that.

  • Gamma M

    There are surely some good improvements there but what was the deal breaker for me on M8 is still present here, that bloody HTC logo which makes a phone already too tall because of the speakers even taller. So no thanks!

  • David Košič

    Using the same design in three flagship phones will probably be tolerated by reviewers because it’s HTC. But when Samsung keeps the same design language in it’s phones it makes them generic.

    • jay

      And Apple lol

      • Btort

        apple can get away with it because of the isheeps sadly

    • Marty

      Same design in a Samsung phone? Never happened. The GS2 doesn’t look like the GS. The GS3 doesn’t look like the GS2. The GS4 doesn’t like like the GS3. The GS5 doesn’t look like the GS4.

      Samsung would have done better to refine the GS3 – the best GS of them all – rather than replace it. HTC apparently, if the leaked images are real, appears to be refining the design.

    • Joshua Morris

      That’s because Samsung’s designs are shit. That’s why people want to see change from them. HTC? Definitely beautiful design language. I still expect a huge difference from M8 to M9. These images, the front at least, are inaccurate and inconsistent with the details already released about the M9.

  • Cowboy Butler

    I’m happy with my HTC One M7 (Yeah, the M7). At $750-ish??? I’ll stick with the original until Cyanogen stops supporting it.

  • Bladenr1

    Don’t judge until you see the real deal. This is just 2 simple to do a phone that almost similar to m8. They know that other phone’s are going to be awesome. And they have to make something new to, maybe not new but small changes or totally new. And i read somewhere that m9 is going to be slimmer than m8. So everything is just a pinch of salt and misleading. I will judge when i actually see m9 officially out March 1. Until then I don’t give a rat’s as about roomers leaks.

  • welcome back to 2013

  • Guest

    EVLEAKS is obviously wrong. There is no front facing speakers and there is a physical home button.

    • Gator352

      Please do us all a favor and look again….there are two…TWO…versions….and yes, they both have front facing speakers. Just look at the very top center and bottom center….the speakers are there.
      The new renders look as if it’s the M8i. They said the M8i will be a supped up version of the M8 but if it’s the M9, I’ll pass. Now if the EVleaks version is closer to the real deal, this will be my next phone.

  • boris25

    Maybe this is the One M8i we have been hearing about recently and the Evleaks one is the M9?

    • D4rkM4773r

      I seriously hope so, I will not buy it if that is the m9. If the m9 looks like the evleaks renders then I am sold.

  • ReZindo

    The silver one looks a little bit like an iPhone from the back.

  • Bruce Willis

    5 minutes of paint and fixed the horrible design

    • Josh

      now that looks perfect… please go work for HTC ASAP

    • Marty

      Wow…you’re so good I can’t see a difference. Right on, man! :D

    • Curtis Baker

      Cool! Add in the new speaker grills and its golden!

      • Arman

        Big Like!

    • Robert Clark

      Happy with note 4. Until the next big thing. I missed my m8. M9 will rock. But s6 may win more hearts. In that and g4 also…I am truly able to say i am happy with note 4. Indeed.

      • Robert Clark

        Sorry Bruce Willis lol. Didnt mean to tag your comment. Lol

    • they should hire you for their design department

  • shivansh

    So they think protuding camera unit looks good ? Woaw looks ugly.

  • I am more than disappointed! 2.9k mAh? That’s a big disappointment. My z2 is 3.2k and was released close to a year now. It’s 2015 and you guys are going back on battery performance.

    • Tim Tian

      Ugh, saying k mAh is like saying mili-kilometers per hour.

    • Brian Shieh

      Well, HTC-wise, the M8 was only 2600. So a bump to 2900 mAh wouldn’t bee too bad. Plus, I heard the M8 held up pretty well with the smaller battery

  • I doubt its an M8 with a square camera lens.

  • JohnnyB

    all I have to say is if this is the design I will be waiting till next year. HTC has lost this sale…….

  • mayur

    Is camera still 4 mp then it will go down…

  • Curtis Pocock

    Evleaks is correct this is a pre release render that will not sure the true design this phone will be awesome!

  • Andrew Hope

    If this is it, I won’t be upgrading 100% from my M8 and there’ll be many like me. A camera spec bump is not enough as well as updated SOC. The beautiful evleaks render probably would have swayed me into an upgrade, but this is a joke. I’m hoping this is the M8i that is coming out, it certainly looks that way because it is a bloody lazy piece of design work otherwise…

  • Ahmad

    let’s hope for OIS

  • Ylber

    What happend to this?!?!?

    • Derek923

      Though not interested in the M9, I believe this looks better than the other, even a blind can see that. I can’t immagine reasonable HTC can drop this for the other, they will be digging their own grave.

      • JY

        its not official yet but these were concept renders based on rumors and leaks

  • Mike Bastable

    This will be the last major launch from HTC, standing still while others are running hard, this may refine the design of the M8 but it just looks fat and uninspired. Basically doomed. Shame.

  • Martin Lane

    Larger and thinker with the same screen size, so basically it’s the HTC One M8S, basically the same phone with the few internal changes most users will never notice.

    Sounds very meh.


    if those renders are correct, I just hope HTC gets a big Buuuu the day they release it!

  • Stanley Wilson

    I own the m8 and can’t justify jumping to the m9 just for a bett

  • Stanley Wilson

    Er camera and upgraded specs especially since it looks the same as the MA8

  • YuuriAyano

    I thought this would be their best year yet? Come on HTC! I hope they release that one evleaks leaked. Just please let it happen!

  • Andrew Hope

    If this is correct the HTC are about to have their very own “Galaxy S5” moment.​ Bad ​reviews, bad sales, loss of market share & customer base.​The difference being, that Samsung had the budget to go back to the drawing board & start again. If this is it, then this will be HTC’s last flagship. There ​is no excuse for this level of laziness. I stopped buying Apple & Samsung phones because of their complacency and I have no problem voting with my wallet somewhere else again…​

  • ilyketech

    I care about specs… But looks are important too. This looks too close to my m7, but At least my m7s camera doesn’t protrude. And if this is real they may have lost a potential buyer. The evleaks picture looks a billion times nicer, change it up goddammit…

  • SugarFreeTargets

    OR it’s the M8+

    Seriously, we’ve debunked this render before. Why is everyone saying this is the M9, again?

  • Potter

    Is HTC going to be like Apple now, just rolling out products that look exactly the same year after year?! I am disappointed if this is the final design

  • David Alexander Harrison

    I must say it looks more like an M8.1 than an M9…

  • Nathan

    I see three noise-cancelling microphones?

  • nebulaoperator

    it is fake.

  • Guest

    I’m curious, but what exactly does it mean when people say “*Insert chip* throttles”? I’ve read it a lot mostly about the SD 810 but never really understood it.

    • H

      It means that the chip lowers the speed. Usually this happens when the chip is generating too much heat, so to prevent permanent damage, the chip slows down to cool it down.

      • Guest

        Oh I understand now, thanks!

  • hfejr

    S6 will straight kill this phone…

    S6 is faster.
    S6 has better screen.
    From the leak s6 is thinner, all metal and better design.
    S6 is IP67
    S6 has finger scanner, and all those extra features under the sun.
    S6 software will be optimized like never before (….may be)

    I got myself an m7 and m8, but this time it’s gonna be s6 it seems.

    • Abdullah B

      For the first time in my life, I’m genuinely thinking of getting a Samsung device too, unless -of course- Evleaks is correct and that the m9 looks like his renders

    • nebulaoperator

      No, you don’t own neither M7 nor M8. Straightforward Samsung troll :)

  • Mario Hernandez

    @evleaks says the cyberport leak is not the final m9. I trust @evleaks render, and I can’t wait for the m9 to be revealed. This will surely make or break HTC. If they release the cyberport “leaked m9”, I will stop buying HTC products for sure.

  • Rufus MD

    I believe this is the rumored HTC m8i.. You cant release something that is exactly the same look as the last years flagship.. but that phone is still a beauty no matter what it is.

  • Ironfoot

    HTC is managing to mind f these idiots perfectly. Watch them show us something similar to Evleaks render and blow us away. All these people that actually think HTC would make the M9’s front look EXACTLY like the M8 are idiots.

  • I just hope they do a 6+ inch version.

  • oneflatwhite

    The date on the M9 shots appears to be 1 March, and the clock set to 10:08. Does it mean HTC will reveal it on that very minute?

  • Alvaro Serein

    The black one looks… I dont even know how to put it. It looks surprisingly bad…

  • nebulaoperator

    M9 latest images has been disproved by evleaks. Fingers crossed previous renders stays the same.

  • neoLiberal

    Hmm. I wonder….the extra thickness is down to battery partly I think (I’ll gladly sacrifice a few millimeters for extra battery life), but I’m also wondering if it could be due to some new optical tricks that the rear camera is capable of…soon find out.

  • TcM

    I’m with Jacob if the designs shown are correct and NOT the glass and metal version….omg HTC you have just dropped the biggest clanger ever I wont be buying it! So us some GLASS and CLASS lol not same over and over have they NOT learnt anything from samsungs mistakes???

  • Bladenr1

    Well well well guys calm down now. Don’t judge until you see the real deal. I am pretty much sure that this is M8i or something. They know they have to compete with other brands. I hope!

  • Karly Johnston

    810 is clocked @1.55 Ghz

  • JHaz

    Ahh… I really hope they go with the evleaks render, ever since I saw that evleaks render I’ve been counting down the days until it is finally released. If they go with the one that looks like the m8 I’m probably just going to hold onto my m7 until it disintegrates. I’m not one of those people that has to have a new design every year but like Tyler said, I’m a bit disappointed