NVIDIA press invitations rolling out, new gaming product coming March 3rd

by: Jonathan FeistFebruary 11, 2015

Nvidia March 3 Gaming Announcement

Are you ready to see a big change in the world of gaming? NVIDIA says they’ve got a product demonstration coming up that has been five years in the making, ready to “redefine the future of gaming,” and it all takes place on March 3rd, just before the start of all the other MWC announcements next month.

NVIDIA has been up to big things lately, their latest chipset on the market, the Tegra K1, has been running very well in devices like the Nexus 9. The successor Tegra X1 was announced at CES in January, expanding the availability of high-end 64-bit mobile processors on the market.

We only just heard that NVIDIA has an update to their SHIELD Tablet in the works as well, expected to rock that latest Tegra X SoC.

nvidia shield tablet (1)

NVIDIA is not new to the gaming scene either, having previously released a SHIELD mobile gaming unit, and a gaming controller. Amazon and Google released their own console offerings, the Fire TV and Nexus Player, respectively. With competition heating up, we will all be winners with better devices headed to market.

MWC is coming, are you excited to see a new gaming device from NVIDIA?

  • hahmed330

    Something like hybrid shield tablet?? Magnetically attachable slim controller and 2×2 MIMO ac wifi.. Tegra X1 of course..

  • MasterMuffin

    Shield was one of the best tablets of 2014. X1 and 3/4GB of RAM, maybe slightly more pixels for that +300 PPI and izzz guud

  • domahman

    a duel screen shield portable

  • J Gotti

    Please be a portable VR gaming device…Please. Please!

  • Phil

    If it can play World of War Craft and D3 then I’ll be excited.

  • apolloa

    Hmmmmm 5 years in the making eh? Should be interesting. I bet it’s a bigger device too though, maybe a 10″ device?

  • Siralf

    Come to Mama X1!

  • Matthew Anderson

    Yeah…w00t Shield tablet…another useless product for people who intend to actually use it with their Nvidia machines….Why not a Nvidia Shield Portable with A/C Wireless and 1080p screen please….and possibly a gamepad overhall..

    • jerbear64

      Tegra 4… Tegra X1.
      TEGRA 4… TEGRA X1.
      Your choice :)

  • Tjaldid

    Please have a Android TV box (4GB RAM and X1 is all I ask for)

  • s2weden2000

    5 years in the making..it’s a nvidia laptop for ga(y)mers …

  • MrMagoo

    Could be a console device of sorts that could be a slight game changer in the console market. If they get to the point where their GRID can be seamless, and full fledged games are available to play, then PS4 and XBOX1 have a lot to be worried about. This company has been steady releasing new processors every year. If this trend continues, they will have a device just as powerful as the 2 in the next 2 years. I’ve always been an Nvidia fan, this looks to be some good stuff ahead.