Notification Toggle: Easy adding of toggles and shortcuts on your phone’s Notifications Bar

by: Ken EastApril 28, 2012
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The more advanced our gadgets, the more features they pack. Unfortunately, the more features they pack, the more we have to rummage through icon upon icon just to get to the one we want. Wouldn’t it just be easier to have our favorite apps and settings right on your notification area?

You’re definitely not one of the first to think of it, that’s why the Google Play Store’s practically bursting with apps that allow you to customize your notifications bar. There has been one special app that’s caught our attention though. It’s called Notification Toggle and it lets you toggle your phone’s settings, add app shortcuts, and add custom shortcuts to your phone’s notification bar. Read on to learn more about this app.

The functionality and customizability that an Android phone’s status bar brings can be a huge advantage to users. It’s also the reason why quite a number of developers spend time exploring this aspect of the Android device. In turn, several notification bar tweaking apps have sprouted all over the Android community. Joining the growing list of apps of this sort is Notification Toggle. This app allows you to add shortcuts and toggles the apps or settings that you often change.


Notification Toggle lets you add over 20 toggles and shortcuts to your status bar for easy access. If you want to turn Bluetooth on without having to rummage through menus, add it to Notification Toggle. You can even make it easy to access your Music, Camera, and Wi-Fi settings. If you’re the type of person who frequently needs to toggle the phone’s brightness settings, make it accessible with Notification Toggle. Next time you’ll have to fiddle with any of your settings, you can do it from the convenience of your notification area.

Notification Toggle’s main feature gives you the power of customization, but Notification Toggle has other features, as well. Most users don’t really mind how the default icons on their phones look but some are conscious about it. If you belong to the latter, this app fits your needs because it allows you to use customized icons.

That’s not all that Notification Toggle has for you. Notification Toggle has a premium feature which lets users add a custom shortcut to the notification bar of their phone. For example, you can create a shortcut which will directly call a contact. How great is that? Add your boss, your spouse or lover, or even your friends’ numbers to Notification Toggle so they’re just a tap away.


Alas, Notification Toggle is not perfect. Although this app is expected to work on any Android device, there is no guarantee that every toggle will actually work. Some settings cannot be changed by the app and in effect, the app will bring you directly to the settings menu instead where you’ll have to change something yourself. Also, just like other Android Apps, Notification Toggle should be excluded from task killers because it may not work properly.

Apart from those issues, Notification Toggle is working just fine, giving users easy access to their apps and settings. You can download Notification Toggle, free of charge, from the Google Play Store.

  • Jrch 684

    What a totally useless app. Almost all of these things are done MORE EASILY without the app than with. Power widget does several of them, with one touch not two or three required by this lameware. Putting settings widget on the home screen makes ALL the rest easy too. What a waste. You must really be digging to the bottom of the barrel for this piece of bandwidth hogging tripe.

    • kat

      For some settings, it’s useful to be able to make changes in the notification menu (which can be accessed while you’re in an app) rather than having to go back to the home screen. For instance- autorotate and screen timeouts- much more convenient to change without leaving the app you need them for.

  • Irisclara

    This app will only let you add 2 rows of shortcuts I think. Elixer2 does better but doesn’t open programs directly from the notification area. It pops up the row you click on and then you have to click in the shortcut again. This app opens shortcuts with one click.