Report: Samsung sold just over 630,000 units of the Galaxy Note Edge worldwide

by: Matthew BensonFebruary 4, 2015

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Samsung’s Galaxy Note Edge is something of a futuristic phone, what with its curved side and all. It’s also a “limited edition” product, according to its maker, something that was only meant to hit select markets and cost an arm-and-a-leg higher than the Galaxy Note 4 hardware from which it’s based on. While we already know the Galaxy Note 4 was off to a smashing start, selling 4.5 million units in the first month, precise figures of the Edge have been as elusive as the true design of the upcoming Galaxy S6. One Korean source claims to have the results however.

Korean site DT has asserted that Samsung sold just over 630,000 units of the Galaxy Note Edge worldwide. It’s difficult to decide what to make of this figure. On the one hand, given that the Edge has a significantly higher price tag than the Note 4, and featured a concept that many people sought to detract from, it might be viewed as a sign of success. The Note 4 also had a significant head start, releasing over a month prior to the Edge. One could certainly look back and ponder if other concept devices like the G Flex ever managed to attract such numbers. Likewise, we don’t even know if the Nexus 6 (or 5 for that matter) can stack up to this sales situation given that Google doesn’t release any concrete data.

Galaxy Note Edge Lollipop Beta

The pending upgrade to Lollipop will definitely be some additional good news for the Edge.

At the same time however, the figure comes across as a bit lower than one might have expected. At the very least, the fact that Japan didn’t get the Note 4 at all and thus only has the Note Edge might have suggested that sales here would have been brisk. I for one had pondered how Samsung could quote a production run of only 1 million units in 2014 when it seemingly had the potential to sell almost all of that here in Tokyo alone. Assuming the sales figure is true, it not only speaks of the contained fervor of the Note Edge, but of the apathy among Japanese consumers for Samsung products in general.


While the world waits for the unveiling of the so-called “Galaxy S Edge”, one must wonder just how well it will perform. Via

Perhaps the real question that needs asking here is just what this kind of sales result would indicate for the rumored/suggested/all-but-official “Galaxy S Edge” variant of the Galaxy S6, a product that is said to feature not one, but two sloped sides. While the Note series is, in-and-of-itself, a larger line of devices that will inherently not cater to the needs of the masses, the “S” series is aimed to do just that. Could a Galaxy S Edge perform exponentially higher than the Note Edge? Or could this just be a gimmick that people will be more than happy to overlook a second time around?

Any thoughts on the figure? Is it higher than you thought? Lower than expected?

  • sohaish$$p

    Would you dream of driving a Toyota (iPhone 6/6 Plus) like every Dick & Harry or going out in a Ferrari (Note Edge). Why use the same sh*t like everyone else if you got the choice?

    • WhoaManWtF

      The Note 4 is a phenomenal device, the edge is just a gimmick at the moment. I prefer a phone that I can put in a case should an accident happen, if you drop the edge on its edge you have a broken phone… Now later on when they make these out of something that can absorb impacts I could see it being pretty cool.

      • michelangelo dini

        the edge panel is something you don’t need, but something you can’t do without once you’ve had it for a while..

        • Jesus

          …like ‘big’ phones, than are now ‘normal’ now now.

        • Justin

          I seriously considered the Note Edge but went with the Note 4. I did enjoy the curved screen and what it brings and I’m excited to see what the future holds for it. Very happy with my Note 4.

      • Tony Stark

        I have the Note Edge. I have case for it. They were out since day one. It’s by Verus, look it up. The Edge is definitely not a gimmick. It’s a convenient app dock on the side, shortcuts to keep screen uncluttered, and multitude of other uses. Your generic claim is unfounded other than its was someone else said once online.

  • Groud Frank

    Half a million of a very expensive product that does little different from its less expensive but just as capable counterpart(the Note 4) is impressive. The Edge isn’t very useful but it’s a necessary evolutionary step. Perhaps the goal of the Edge is to test the waters a bit. This could actually be a gold mine for them. Every phone today looks the same, especially from a few feat away. The Edge adds something distinct and new to an overly ubiquitous form factor. A phone with dual edges isn’t a totally new design language but it would sand out. “That’s definitely a Galaxy!” and that could work wonders for the brand. If they sell the S6 Edge at a reasonable price(50$ or 60$) more than the 6S I think they would sell just as well the S6.

  • Rick_Deckard

    Actually I am happy…. I am not a big fan of the curve display….

    • Azuredrak

      In that case, why would you be happy? Unless by “not a big fan”, you meant “hater”. I don’t see why the failure of a product would cause you happiness.

  • crutchcorn

    How…. Why… ?

  • Android Developer

    I wonder how many of the first Note series were sold during the same amount of time, since it was available.
    Could be a nice comparison.

    • Brian

      It would be in couple the couple of tens of millions i presume…
      Note 4 sold 4.5 million units in the first month just to give you some perspective.

      • Android Developer

        I see. Thank you.

  • Heiko Quant

    Limited my foot… you can buy the thing in Germany at Saturn and Media Markt, so basically everywhere. It is kind of interesting, but the overall appeal is still lacking. Feels innovative and cheap at the same time. Well, and then there is Touch Wiz. Not for me, curve or not…

    • Brian

      How does it feel cheap? It’s one of the first samsung smart devices with a metal frame and one of the most expensive display panel technology. Comes with 3GB ram, best SoC available, expandable storage, fingerprint sensor, heart rate sensor, and I still don’t understand how this device feels “cheap” to you.

      • Heiko Quant

        Interestingly the Note 4 feels more premium since it has the metal frame all around. The Edge logically doesn’t. As a result the soft touch faux leather back cover becomes a more dominant design feature and I am not a fan of that.

        • Andrew Kim

          The Edge has a metal frame.

          • Heiko Quant

            Yes, but on the curved side it all but disappears…

          • Azuredrak

            No…? It has a metal frame around the entire phone, even on the curved side. Also, I don’t think you grasped the concept of limited availability, that has nothing to do with the demand. You can produce 10 pieces of a product and sell 5 of them, it’s still limited in availability since you aren’t producing anymore.
            TouchWiz isn’t the best, but it doesn’t suck that hard either. For general consumers, it doesn’t really matter, it’s one of those geek hates that doesn’t apply to normal users, much like the hate on Internet Explorer. Mind you, IE is not a bad browser, people just kept bringing up the hate for IE 6 despite being on IE 11. It’s the Internet-hate-bandwagon that is skewing your perception. As for the looks, I will have to disagree with your sentiments that the Note 4 feels more premium. You hold both of them side-by-side and it’s apparent that the Edge is more aesthetically pleasing, especially so since it broke the mould of the conventional squarish smartphone look.

          • TheRealPatriot

            Smartphones are not squarish they are rectanglish !

      • Andrew Kim

        It looks cheap because they didnt chamfer the edges at the back.

  • BH

    sounds like an amazingly high figure to me. Considering how much more the phone cost, and how expensive it would be to fix, ie broken screen obviously, I am very surprised it sold as well as it did. It will be interesting to see what the actual galaxy 6 looks like. samsung maybe making a huge mistake if in fact it does have the edge feature as anticipated.

    • Mike

      This is the global number and 1 third of their stock is remaining still. From a money prospective that isn’t very good. As Brain points out below Note 4 sold 4.5 mil in it’s first month.

  • Zachary Yeh

    Over 630,000? In my opinion, complete and utter bullsh!t.

  • hoggleboggle

    considering its limited availability, high price and unusual appeal that is actually quite an impressive figure.

    • Justin

      Didn’t Samsung only make a million? That’s more than half way through the inventory in just a few months.

  • Joey D

    I think the Note Edge figures don’t really mean much IMHO. Reason being, the Note is aimed at a very special (aka smaller) market (e.g., people that like huge phones and need/want an S pen). Therefore I believe only people that want a Note size and functioned phone would even consider the Note Edge. Again IMHO the S6 has a much larger audience (e.g., people that had one of the previous iterations like the S4 and S5 and prefer a more reasonable sized screen). Having said that, I think the Galaxy S Edge will potentially turn more heads (and get more dollars/sales) if it stays around the same size as the S5/S6 and ESPECIALLY if it has two curved edges. To be honest, I’ve had the S4 (and loved it) and the S5 (and liked it) and I’m due for an upgrade in a couple weeks and I’m going to wait until March 1st or 2nd to see the real specs on the S6 and GSE to decide. FYI if the GSE has two curved edges or is closer in size to the Note Edge, I will wait and get that as my upgrade. If the GSE has one curved edge and is a similar size to the S6 as rumored, I seriously might consider the Note Edge because I played around with one in Best Buy a couple weeks ago and it was very impressive IMHO. That is unless the GSE specs just blow the Note Edge specs out of the water, which I can’t imagine. Plus either way, I can always exchange it within a month and get another upgrade in 11 months.

    • Azuredrak

      That’s kind of a backward thinking. It’s a sense of awkwardness with US phone owners regarding larger phones. If you were to look at some of the more space-constraint societies like Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong etc, you would realise that large phones have become the youngsters’ thing. They put it in a pouch, they don’t feel awkward like some of us older people do. “Ahhh, it’s so weird holding this larger phone to make a call”. Nope, such sentiments are no longer common.
      It has a lot to do with the lifestyle in larger countries in general, where people in the US carry with them and use tablets frequently due to the often long driving times, Asians who commute by trains have the tendency to replace large tablets with larger phones, that way, they could increase the screen size without being obtrusive while travelling. I’m not trying to tell you that large phones are going to replace the standard sized phones, my point is that large phones have, in many societies, ceased to be a niche product.

  • ron s

    i wanted the note 7 baldy , upgrade from the 4…but hate that curved edge screen