The term “brick” is thrown around liberally when talking about devices that are bulkier than average, but in the case of the ZeroLemon’s newest extended batteries for the Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, the term is quite appropriate.

ZeroLemon, a brand known for its high capacity extended batteries, has outdone itself with the 8,500-mAh extended batteries for Samsung’s most recent flagships.

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The batteries give you almost three times more power, on top of the built-in 3,000-mAh batteries inside the Note 5 and Edge S6 Plus, at the cost of three times the thickness.

At 21.1mm in thickness and 218 grams in weight (without the phone), you probably won’t want to use ZeroLemon’s extended batteries every day. However, if you’re a power user that must plow through some heavy tasks or you need your phone charged up for extended periods, this is an excellent solution. 11,500 mAh of power in total could keep you running for almost a week with light usage!


Features of the device include pass-through QC 2.0 charging for the phone, LED indicators for power levels, and a manual switch that lets you let the juice trickle in exactly when you want it.

The ZeroLemon 8,500 mAh extended batteries just launched on Amazon and they are available at the introductory price of $59.99.

Are you tempted by these massive batteries for your Note 5 or Edge S6 Plus? Do tell us in the comments.

Bogdan Petrovan
Bogdan is the European Managing Editor of Android Authority. He loves tech, travel, and fantasy. He wishes he had more time for two of those things. Bogdan's phone is a Nexus 6P.
  • Noah Cohen

    The price isnt bad. it would be worth having if you were going on a llong trip/plane ride/car ride and did not want to arrive your destination with a dead or nearly dead battery

  • Roby

    Having a massive battery is one thing.
    Having to hold that massive battery in your hands whenever you use your phone is another…
    I’d get a battery pack instead.

    • moew

      Looks 1000009900x better than apples battery case.

  • Frankie Bloise

    Is this available for Galaxy S6 Edge?

    • Kody

      There’s a 3500 mAh variant for the GS6 Edge.

  • Why the lack of Quick Charge 3.0?

    • Marc Perrusquia

      Because the phone doesn’t support it.

  • BlueCat57

    You forgot to mention that you can charge another device with it too.

  • Billy Higgins

    Once somewhere other tham scamazon sells them ill get one

  • angelo papas

    i would prefer a powerbank with a long cable

  • Matt Colontrelle

    Miss my Note 3 just for my old ZeroLemon 10,000mah Battery case I had on it. The phone was great and ZeroLemon made it last for days. Great products!

  • renGek

    Why buy something that is device specific. How long are you going to keep the phone? What happens if the next hot phone is not compatible with this brick? If you are only going to use this brick occasionally just buy power packs. They have more mAh at a lower price that can charge multiple devices and can be used for future devices.

    • Atif Ghafoor

      I think it’s worth it if you use the device a year or 2 now if you need the best thing out every 6 months its more of a waste

  • Paulo

    If it would come with aditional memomy, than maybe

  • This looks pathetic. It just feels wrong to see an Android device defaced like an iPhone :(((
    So much more elegant to simply carry a replacement battery.
    I am hanging on to my Note 4, superior in every way.

  • Btort

    owned a note 4 extended battery, damn the thing was heavy! not that heavy but uncomfortable enough to feel it in your pocket

  • Chandler Thinks

    I’ve had a Zero Lemon extended battery on my Note 3 for a couple of years. Couldn’t survive without it. Initially I got about 30 hours of use on a charge. But now it’s closer to 12 – 14 hours since Lollipop has caused Android to kill battery life. I don’t think I could survive with just the stock battery. And I still carry a 12000 mAh power bank with me some days to top it off.

    For the folks who complain about size, get over it. It’s not that big a deal. Of course, my first cell phone was literally the size of a car battery. So this is still a huge improvement.

    • Major Sceptic

      I also didn’t find much joy with lollipop, but i would expect good things when the note 5 gets marshmallow.

  • Major Sceptic

    If I had a note 5 I would have one of these cases, on my old note 2 I had a book type power case, very handy indeed ,
    Another plus for these power cases, it someone trys to mug you, a swift wack across the side of the head with your Zero lemon note, they will be out cold. :).

  • drifter77

    I have the Mophie 2,500 mAh battery case. While it’s nowhere near that 8,500 capacity from zerolemon, it gets me through a very heavy day or usage or 3 days of light usage. Slim profile and sturdy design, just wish some OEM would integrate a card reader in the case.

  • Mohammad Hussain


  • pitaru

    I think it’s worth it, unless you’re an undernourished little girl who can’t hold anything over 100 grams in hand. I’d love to be able to have all my features turned on and not worry about battery life. Too bad I can’t buy this in Canada.