Rumored Nokia C1 photographed in the wild

by: Robert TriggsSeptember 7, 2015

nokia logo mwc 2015

Unfortunately, last week’s Noka C1 render turned out to just be a fan concept, but this week we have a picture of the rumored smartphone in the wild, which is much trickier to fake. Somewhat oddly though, the pictures share a lot of common elements to the fan made renders, so I’m taking this with a pinch of salt.

The photographs give us a quick look at the front and back of the phone, where we can see a rear camera with LED flash, a front camera in the top left and a couple of buttons, possibly the volume rocker, on the side of the handset. The bezel design seems very similar to the render, but it’s impossible to tell if we are looking at a metal uni-body or just a plastic case.

Nokia C1 leaked pictures

The pictures also come with their own set of rumors. The smartphone is apparently sporting a 5-inch 1080p display, rather than the 720p panel that was previously mentioned. The phone is also said to run Android 6.0 Marshmallow out of the box, and it certainly seems to have a rather stock looking settings menu. The Intel SoC and 2GB RAM rumor also persists.

nokia logo mwc 2015 1See also: Nokia hiring talent, preparing for its return to mobile15

If this is a real handset, the Nokia C1 won’t arrive until sometime next year anyway. However, it could mark Nokia’s independent return to the smartphone market. Remember, the company won’t be manufacturing the phone itself, instead Nokia will be licensing out its designs for other manufacturers to produce.

    • Dante

      Damn you – shattering my dreams again…

      • Haha

        • Martin Jastram

          …and it was such a nice phone!
          too bad :-(


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  • crutchcorn

    AA… They troll

  • Tigerbaby
    • That camera also looks photoshopped.

      • Tigerbaby

        Not to mention the tiny writings underneath the NOKIA brand. You wouldn’t be able to read it without a magnifying glass. Not if the screen isn’t at least 10° big.