Moto Maxx won’t be available in Europe says Motorola

by: Robert TriggsNovember 10, 2014

motorola Droid turbo verizon

The high-end Moto Maxx recently arrived in Latin America but apparently won’t be enjoying the global rollout that the smartphone deserves. According to Motorola’s official French Twitter account, the smartphone will not be made available in Europe.

Originally a Motorola tweet suggested that the Moto Maxx would not be coming to France. Further questioning resulted in the admission that the entirety of Europe would also miss out on Motorola’s latest flagship, which is rather disappointing. The definitive translated tweet reads: “This smartphone will unfortunately not available in Europe!”

If you are feeling optimistic, this news could still leave the door open for the Moto Maxx, aka the Droid Turbo, to reappear in Europe at a later date under yet another name-tag, but that seems unlikely. There could be a number of issues behind Motorola’s decision. Limited components or high costs of production to bring the Maxx to another continent, excessive marketing expenditure in the more saturated European market, or perhaps the company just wants to focus on Latin America.

With the Moto Maxx remaining absent in Europe, we will have to see if Motorola has other plans, beyond the Moto-X, for another top tier smartphone next year.

Are you disappointed by the news, or do you feel that smartphones like the Note 4 and Nexus 6 already cater for this market in Europe?

  • marek kora

    This is F****ing NOT FAIR ! Was waiting 3 weeks for any price info, to get this phone from UK !!!!! there is no other phone like this, ..F***k !

    • David Onter


      • Import would be ok if LTE bands and all that stuff wasn’t a problem

        • eliHd

          Uk customers always get raped left right and centre when buying most stuffs, we always pay more than country like USA. Fuck you then Motorola if you don’t want our money!

  • nonamed

    Well fcuk you moto

  • mardy

    Totally Lame!

  • me2you


  • George Lafiatis

    Motorola becoming Google…. not available in your country. Well! Fuck you Motorola,

    • dodz

      Yeah fuck you Obama! This is all your fault! My Uncle served his country!
      wait what are we angry at again? XD

  • Marius Oprisan

    That’s a shame. Was waiting on it for that beastly battery and smaller screen, since Nexus 6 screen is too big for my taste and has a weaker battery.

    • Tony G.

      Those are the exact reasons why I got my Turbo the day it came out. Sorry you guys won’t get it. It’s hard to understand. It’s really nice.

  • dafuq

    Fuck you Motorola! I wanted Moto Maxx to be my next phone.

  • flye

    This is mind boggling, they prefer to launch in Latin America than Europe?
    There’s more ppl who could afford this phone in Brazil than france?

    • Ant_Knee


      • kai

        He probably meant the taxes on smartphones in Brazil are around 50%, making it much more expensive to buy compared to other countries. And yeah !!! FUCK YOU MOTO !!!

      • Bram Wildenberg


      • dafuq

        Why racist? What do you mean?

    • cpaixao

      I could buy it here and then ship it to you, if you really care.

    • Francisco

      Brazil is Motorola’s second biggest market, maybe that’s why.

      • Chomiq

        For Moto E or Moto G, not for a $1000 price tag or whatever they ask for Maxx there.

  • Hyrhrokkin Hybris

    Sad news. Have to find a way to import it then. Anyone that knows a online store in Brasil that slips abroad? Feel free to link it!

  • AngryGoomba

    who cares, it will be available in ebay all over the world

    • Bastian

      But the LTE bands aren’t compatible everywhere

  • toutoune

    The original tweet had disappeared, why ?

  • Florin Circu

    Because fuck ‘Murica!

  • crutchcorn

    God damn it…

  • Notna

    The Note 4 and Nexus 6 aren’t good alternatives, because they’re humongous. This phone is only very big, which would have been acceptable to me. Oh well.

  • motofan

    ok, bye bye moto max, …we will try a new galaxy note 4 or new lg or htc…pffff

  • Alisha

    This is sad. I was really looking forward to this phone, it was really what the Nexus 6 should have been.

    • StraightEdgeNexus

      Lmao, moto X FTW!

      • Alisha

        No battery + No camera = NO BUY! Plain and Simple.

      • Yima

        Battery life, display and camera suck, so no thanks.

  • anuar utara

    Mmmmmm… The typical Motorola… All hype but no show…..just like their phone….

  • Ak

    Is this going to be launch in India?

  • BB

    This is indeed f…k !! I want a normal size Moto with a 805!! Not a 6″ Nexus.

  • Raymin Othman

    Awww maaannnnn…. was looking forward to this vs the Nexus 6. Big battery. Smaller size. Those the key killer features. Am also interested to hear of any stores in Brazil/Mexico/etc where they could send the phone to Europe.

  • Saad

    Anyway you can order it online ?? How much extra one has to pay ?? No mobile like this one

  • MrChris

    There is no way I’d buy a new phone with the battery performance of the Moto X 2014. This is such a shame as It’s got great features and stands out compared to the alternatives… :-(

  • Keith Young

    I would probably be willing to import one, the LTE rollout in Ireland is years behind the States so the absence of 4G radios is not really an issue for me (for now)
    As it is, I am using an unlocked Dev Edition MotoX that I imported from the States but I would not be willing to buy a Verizon north american handset just in case. I will probably go for a MotoX Pure unlocked. It’s a shame because that Ballistic Nylon is the Mutz Nutz!!!!

  • Azathoth

    good f…ing idea!!whats wrong about moto?!! the freaking opinion like this making an washed up brand in the world

  • ROB

    There is a new Samsung S5 coming out..