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We’ve all heard that Nintendo is teaming up with DeNA to release a handful of mobile games, the first of which has already been announced. While the game, called Miitomo, has yet to launch, a small amount of details have been trickling in over the weeks regarding the game’s premise. We know it will be a free-to-play title, and we know it’s not really a game at all – it’s more of a communication tool using Nintendo’s Mii characters. That may not be the best news in the world if you’ve been waiting for a legitimate port of Super Mario 64 or Yoshi’s Island for mobile devices, but hey, we still don’t know all the details yet. Recently, the president of DeNA, Isao Moriyasu, sat down with The Wall Street Journal to answer some questions about the upcoming title and the partnership with Nintendo.

When asked how Miitomo will be different from other social networking or messaging services, Moriyasu told The Wall Street Journal:

Miitomo places more emphasis on entertainment. The process of discovering new aspects of your friends via Miis can be quite fun. One distinct aspect of Miitomo is how you can configure your Mii to have it look very similar to yourself. Communicating with friends who actually look like your friends in real life is a distinctly different feeling from text-based communication. We’re thinking of linking the game with users’ Facebook friend lists. I think it could be fun connecting with friends people don’t often communicate with.

Obviously Nintendo and DeNA are in this for the money, though, which raises the question as to how the two companies will be able to monetize such an application. “Communication will be central to the game”, Moriyasu explains, “but I think various elements could be added on— like mini-games users can play with their friends. As for monetizing, there are various possibilities, but at first we plan on selling clothes users can buy for their Miis.” 

Moriyasu also says that the title will have a “distinct Nintendo feel” that will give users a “certain comfort and nostalgia.”

Miitomo is set to launch sometime in 2016, though we still haven’t heard word of an exact release date.


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May 1, 2017
Jimmy Westenberg
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  • Xanthus Grimo

    Don’t expect a port of any existing console games. They already announced that they are making mobile games from the ground up to fully utilize the features of smartphones.

    • Airyl


    • Diashawn

      Do you mean Nintendo? Or just console games period.
      Cause theirs plenty of old retro console games already for mobile.

  • Ethan Monteon

    Nintendo has failed harder than Blackberry when it released the Storm.

    • Although your comment is very funny, financially they’re alright. They have a lot of money as reserve, so that they don’t make themselves the second Sega. And if they would publish a proper Nintendo Game then they’d have to shell out 35% to Google for each purchase.This is something that they dislike. And I personally don’t blame them. It would essentially be a super-duper hit game, with lots of downloads. By doing so they would essentially give Google a lot of money for doing nothing. That is the reason they haven’t published a proper game by now. One of their chairman explained this in an interview.

      • Koopa

        They could make their own app/game store.

        • There is really a need for a second Play Store (not run by Google). XDA is attempting one however their platform wouldn’t be able to attract corporations like Nintendo. So yes, it would be great if they publish their own App/Game store.

  • Timothy Anderson

    … That’s BS! I am not getting that game. I don’t trust my kids not to start buying stuff in it. I can’t believe that is not a violation of terms and services inside the play store.

  • Raw Mess

    Waiting for pokemon go desperately

  • chadwarren76

    Is there a way to find people to date who also enjoy the Wii U?