Nexus smartwatch concept is awesome, probably not that hard to make

by: Bogdan PetrovanApril 27, 2013

Google Smartwatch 3D render concept

A concept video of the rumored Google smartwatch emerged online.

Fan concepts show up online all the time, but in most cases they are dream devices with made up specs and futuristic designs that have little chance of ever becoming a real product.

The video below does show a dream device (at least for some users), but the difference is its minimalist design isn’t actually that crazy. Bearing the Nexus brand, this Google smartwatch concept could actually become a reality in the close future.

Google (along with other big players in the mobile industry) is rumored to be working on a wrist-worn wearable computer. Seeing what Sergey Brin’s team of tech wizards managed to stuff into Glass (specs that are similar to the Galaxy Nexus’), a smartwatch similar to that in the video isn’t all that far-fetched.

Would you buy a Google smartwatch if it looked like that? What features would you like to see on such a device?

  • BumferryHogart

    Laser beams…. Everything is better with laser beams. Even sharks.
    But to be serious, I don’t understand the need for a smart watch. Unless you can actually use it to send a text or make a call rather just seeing that you have a reason to take your phone out of your pocket.
    Maybe they do this already, I don’t know, but if they don’t I fail to see what these devices can do that having vibrate set to max can’t do. ie letting you know you have a message etc.
    In conclusion – laser beams.

  • bozzykid

    It’s bad enough Google screwed up the clock font in Jelly Bean. You would think someone coming up with a concept for a watch wouldn’t screw it up too.

    • I actually rather enjoy the font. :(

  • Rabid Rotty

    I agree laser beams

  • niagr

    What can I do with this that I can’t do with a smartphone? Where can I take this that I can’t take a smartphone?

    • kascollet

      Two good questions. Without at least one killer feature, available only with the watch, the concept is worthless.

    • virtualsmf

      Use both hands.. I for one would buy this for jogging. I’d love to be able to keep my phone tucked away, but easily select songs, see who’s calling/texting, how far I’ve traveled.. Throw in the heart rate monitor from the alpha, and I’m sold

  • I’d totally buy this. I don’t think it would be nearly as cool based on battery technology or storage unless it was purely a remote display/control. Even then I can’t see this thing have much battery life without a significant advance in tech or sacrifice. Perhaps if it had no wifi or anything but just shared data from a phone using the ultra low power bluetooth?

    At the end of the day, my problem is that I hate watches. Haven’t we all been glad for phones in the pocket, acting like pocket watches and keeping those smelly sweat catchers off our wrists. As I write this I retract my first statement, while neat I don’t see the purpose of a watch other than if it were a full device to use at the gym when you don’t have pockets. Still too niche though.

  • Ryan Gunn

    Combined with the Minuum Keyboard, you wouldn’t need a phone much. Easy texting, fight from this.

  • Trezoristo

    I’m not to interested in the concept of a smartwatch as a stand-alone product. In combination with Glass though, I think it would be awesome.

    It seems to me that control of the device is the weakest link in the Glass product pitch. Carrying a small touchscreen, though larger than the one on your Glass, around on your wrist sounds perfect.

    So if I had Glass, I might like one of these too, but not to look at it.

  • Girish Kamath

    If the watch came with a basic camera, it would be a small yet neat feature. In many cases our hands are free but not “free enough” to hold a phone to click pics. Consider you are on a roller coaster and you want to take a POV video without worrying about dropping your 350-dollar phone.

    Then again, I wouldn’t spend hundreds of bucks on a watch that does nothing else. Let’s see how creative Google can get with this concept.

  • Heppo

    I’m not really big on the smartwatch but if its the first step towards a Mass Effect like omni tool, I’m 100% behind them!

  • RaptorOO7

    I like the idea, but they should use curved glass so it fits better on your wrist.

  • James Frank

    Looks like the pebble watch concept

  • I would totally buy that. As long as the price is right :)

  • Tim Phipps

    This reminds me of the MotoActv smart watch that Motorola had a couple of years ago. I still use mine and would consider buying this one.

  • wow Google are taking over our bodies with their products, to do a google search you can either, get you’re phone out, tap you’re smart watch, look up into the sky and say the word Google with you’re Google glasses. Whats next?

  • Kelvin Leu

    It looks a little too big and complex for a watch… I’d prefer something closer to Pebble’s version.

  • Alejandro Rodriguez Mann

    I would buy this without even thinking it! go Google!

  • Memuneh

    I would buy a Nexus watch, if it used solar or kinetic energy to stay charged. Plus all the useful programs, and monitors for active lifestyles. Height monitor for sky divers, heart monitors, step counter etc. It must have a diet program and personal training programs too.

    Asking for much… nope! Goggle is rich enough they can figure it out.

  • would be kind of useful if it linked to my galaxy via Bluetooth and simply replicated the functions , sms and Google maps would be great on this but i can see a few problems , the battery life unsurprisingly would be piss poor as its so thin unless they use some new funky display technology & i wouldn’t wear it if it was a brick which means it would need to incorporate a curved display of some sort which would likely make it hideously expensive .Also who the hell animated this i have seen better animations on airline safety videos!!

  • orgo-member-xv

    I’d use this along with google glass it just looks right to put them together like a cellphone and a tablet maybe use it as a joy stick for video games on your smart phone and tablet and you could use it as a way to track where your phone is since it can connect you can use the GPS to track your phone so you’d know where you left it. But use it to check your heart rate and all those other things everyone else said.

    We can use this as a portable hotspot that you can use when you’re like just walking in the park! and it’s safer since you’re wearing it you don’t have the trouble of someone trying to take it.

  • I still would prefer having a watch looking like a watch, with some round shapes, quality material and mechanical part so I can still have basic watch function when battery is down. But a combination of smart watch and nice watch would be ideal.

    Maybe something like this:

  • profects

    name song??

  • jym

    only if it had eink display. i am not willing to charge everything every day

  • Joe

    Features I would like a mic/speaker and the ability to have it work in tandom with a bluetooth device.
    -Music Management
    -Google Now Support
    -Daily Agenda
    -Movie Lookup
    -NFC Ability
    – Video Playback
    -Google TV control
    -Clock Face
    -5 hr min of Video PlayBack
    -36 hr of heavy use ability

    I know thats alot but those would be my needs to start wearing a watch again. Also is a tall order

    A cool Feature would be
    -Travel info, Time to Flight(with gate updates), Time until bus, and others
    -Remote Car start
    – Huge FEATURE I WANT WITH ALL MY DEVICES is a wake up command. I would also like the ability to do custom commands.