When the Nexus 6 was released last year, Google and Motorola took the Nexus line up a notch, bringing the world a powerful Nexus device that was more comparable to its competitors than ever before, though it still lacked in a few areas such as camera, and offered a less premium plastic build. With the Huawei-built Nexus 6P, Google finally offers a pure Android experience in a premium flagship package, with the line no longer lacking in key aspects when compared to its high-end competition.

On the other hand, the latest addition to the Galaxy Note family brings with it a new look and feel, updated hardware and software packages, and of course, an even more capable S-Pen stylus. How does Google’s best fare against Samsung’s take on the high-end flagship smartphone? We find out, in this in-depth look at the Nexus 6P vs Samsung Galaxy Note 5!


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Each of these handsets offers a nice change of pace in terms of design, with Huawei and Samsung both introducing some new design cues with their respective flagships.

The more dramatic change is to be seen with the Galaxy Note 5. As is the case with all the other high-end offerings from Samsung this year, plastic has finally gone by the wayside, in favor of a metal frame and dual glass panels. The unibody design does mean that the backing is no longer removable, resulting in the removal of previously taken for granted features like replaceable batteries and even expandable storage. The glass backing comes with a curve along the sides that help with how the phone lies in the hand, contributing to the handling experience of this large form factor device.

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There’s no mistaking this for anything other than a Samsung smartphone however, with the general elements of the Galaxy Note 5 remaining familiar, including the button layout and the signature home button up front. The S-Pen can be found in its usual spot as well, but this time, the stylus itself comes with a click-y top that pops out just enough to make it easy to slide out.

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On the other hand is the Nexus 6P, a metal-clad smartphone that is much more blocky and flatter in all the expected places. The Nexus 6P takes on a slate design, with flat sides housing the buttons, and the front remaining without blemish, given the use of software navigation keys in stock Android.

The prominent Nexus logo on the back is right below the rear-mounted fingerprint reader, and the large black bar up top houses the camera and its accessories. As was the case with Nexus’ past, the Nexus 6P doesn’t feature removable batteries or expandable storage either, so its unibody design isn’t going to be greeted with much controversy. On the bottom is the USB Type-C port, which adds yet another layer of difference between these two flagships.

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While the Galaxy Note 5 features a very sleek design, the Nexus 6P is almost industrial in its design language, but when choosing between these two devices, it does come down to whether it is glass or metal that you prefer. No matter your choice, premium is definitely the appropriate adjective here, and unless a specific build material speaks more to your tastes, there won’t be anything to complain about in terms of design.


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These two smartphones actually manage to have some really similar display specs, with both featuring 5.7-inch screens with Quad HD resolutions, resulting in pixel densities of 518 ppi.

The Samsung Super AMOLED display is the company’s signature tech, and brings with it all the highly saturated colors that people might expect. While this has become run of the mill for Samsung, the company’s display prowess is undeniable, and the Galaxy Note 5 display is a powerful performer, for both work and play. If you really want to have a unique display experience however, the Edge variants bring curved sides, and a little-added functionality, to the mix.

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On the other hand, the regular AMOLED display of the Nexus 6P features largely the same good color reproduction, and in our testing, we didn’t see too many instances where the display of the Galaxy Note 5 was truly that much more “super” than the screen of the Nexus 6P. The Nexus 6P takes better advantage of AMOLED as well with Ambient Display, where the screen shows a minimal look at the notification cards. As nice as the idea is however, it is quite hard to trigger this feature easily and consistently.

If features matter, the curved edges of the Galaxy S6 Edge+ might make a little more sense, but when looking at these two smartphones, we are getting some pretty great display experiences no matter which flagship you decide to pick.


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In terms of performance, both of these phones have different takes when it comes to power, with Samsung now favoring their in-house processor, while Snapdragon remains the name of the game as far as the Nexus is concerned.

Under the hood, the Galaxy Note 5 comes with the octa-core Exynos 7420 processor, clocked at 2.1 GHz, and backed by the Mali-T760MP8 GPU and 4 GB of RAM. This is a powerful processing package that has been made specifically for the Galaxy platform, and as expected, does a great job. Even though TouchWiz has been toned down, plenty of software features still make it back, including multi-tasking features like S Window and Multi-window, and the processing package gets the job done without any real problems. Of course, the toned down software gets a lot of credit for looking and feeling cleaner than ever before, which also helps the Exynos processor really shine.

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On the other hand, the Nexus 6P comes with the octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor, clocked at 2 GHz, and backed by the Adreno 430 GPU and 3 GB of RAM. This processing package has been used with a lot of other current generation flagships as well, with somewhat varying degrees of success. This time around, the Snapdragon 810 in the Nexus gets the benefit of the latest Android optimizations available with Android 6.0 Marshmallow, resulting in an incredibly smooth experience. The Recent Apps screen is the only way to multi-task here, but there have been no issues with jumping in and out of different applications. Gaming has also been a blast, but that has also been the case with the Galaxy Note 5.

When you want stock Android, the best way to experience it has been the Nexus 6P, and while TouchWiz might still have its quirks, it doesn’t take away from what has been an equally good time with the Galaxy Note 5.


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With the current generation Samsung flagships all featuring the new metal and glass unibody design, replaceable batteries and expandable storage are no longer available, but there are definitely some nice extras still to be found with the Galaxy Note 5, starting with the S-Pen. The S-Pen is a great stylus for users who actually want that experience, and the clicky top and symmetrical design allow for as good and realistic a feel in the hand as ever. Of course, you still have to remember to be careful when putting the stylus back in its slot, as putting it in backwards has resulted in breaking its functionality (though this is really a non-issue for pretty much everyone with common sense).

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Samsung’s fingerprint reader is once again embedded into the home button up front, which means that pressing the button and leaving the finger there is the way to wake and unlock the device, and it is certainly a good and fast way to do so. The bottom mounted single speaker unit isn’t ideal, but it still provides a decent amount of body and volume to the sound. The Galaxy Note 5 is also not lacking when it comes to connectivity options, and includes NFC, to take advantage of mobile payment systems like Samsung Pay and Android Pay. The Galaxy Note 5 also retains the heart rate monitor from previous Samsung flagships, found next to the camera unit on the back.

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In battery, the Galaxy Note 5 comes with a 3,000 mAh unit, which has proven to be good enough for users to get more than just one day of work out of this device. Fast charging is also to be had here, which helps the battery get back to full capacity in a small amount of time. Speaking of charging, the Galaxy Note 5 also comes with wireless charging, which Samsung claims is the fastest iteration available.

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When it comes to the Nexus 6P, what this device does have over the Galaxy Note 5 is a dual-front facing speaker setup, with the stereo sound it offers always a welcome addition. The fingerprint reader on the back of the phone is also one of the best we’ve used, given that it doesn’t require any other input. With the phone display off, setting a finger in the area will make the device simultaneously wake and unlock, in record time. Every connection, including NFC, is there in the Nexus 6P as well.

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The main change comes in the new USB Type-C standard, and it still takes some getting used to. Despite there being the omission of Qualcomm Quick Charge, Type-C still provides a higher current, so fast charging is very reliable. The 3,450 mAh battery of the Nexus 6P does last for a very long time anyway, especially when taking advantage of Android 6.0 Marshmallow’s Doze feature, and when charging needs to be done, the large battery can be fully charged in about 90 minutes.

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Hardware does favor the Nexus 6P, unless extras like the S-Pen, heart rate monitor, and wireless charging are compelling enough to draw users away from front-facing speakers, a larger battery, and a slightly faster fingerprint reader. The Galaxy Note 5 is still able to provide really good, and more, features of course, but the Nexus 6P seems to do a better job with the essentials.


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The cameras of these two phones have seen the proper upgrades, but the Nexus 6P does feature the more significant increase in quality from its predecessor. Despite a smaller megapixel count, a larger sensor hopes to also make up for the lack of OIS, in order to provide the best pictures possible with a device from the Nexus line. The Nexus 6P does, however, come with a laser auto focus system, and a powerful 8 MP front-facing shooter as a companion.

Taking a look at the camera applications, the Nexus 6P camera app doesn’t provide much more than a good automatic interface, with no manual controls available, and only a few modes like Lens Blur and Photo Sphere included. Auto HDR+ takes the guesswork out of using the feature in particular situations, and there is also a great slow motion mode that captures video at lower resolutions.

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On the other hand, the camera app of the Galaxy Note 5 provides a lot of extra features to complement its powerful 16 MP shooter, which also comes with optical image stabilization, and a 5 MP front-facing unit. The app is definitely saturated with plenty of modes, including its own slow motion capture, panorama, and even a GIF creator. Shutterbugs will be able to get a little more out of their photos using the manual controls in the Pro mode, which include minute increments for aspects like white balance and ISO. The HDR on the Galaxy Note 5 is also capable of Auto and Live features, which do help in certain situations.

Nexus 6P camera samples

HDR is a little more profoundly used in the Galaxy Note 5 than the Nexus 6P, but in either of these cases, they allowed for very usable and enjoyable pictures. As far as image quality is concerned, though differences can be observed, the main take away here is the slight increase in sharpness with the Nexus 6P pictures. The Galaxy Note 5, on the other hand, tends to go for a warmer tone in its pictures, which can be alleviated in the Pro mode. In low-light conditions, the larger sensor of the Nexus 6P does a good job propelling it over many other flagship shooters out there, but it does fall just short of surpassing the combination of a steady hand, OIS, and the Night mode of the Galaxy Note 5.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 camera samples

The big story here is how the Nexus 6P has closed the camera quality gap, while its previous iterations were simply inferior to Samsung’s shooters at the time. If you are looking for a more feature-packed experience, the Samsung camera will certainly provide that, but the Nexus 6P is still a very viable and enjoyable shooter to have on the daily.


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Finally, on the software side of things, the purest form of Android goes up against one of the most used versions of skinned Android out there, TouchWiz.

The Nexus 6P brings a few features to this year’s iteration of Android, but the most felt change is its smooth and speedy movement optimizations. The app drawer now includes a row of most used applications up top, and the vertical scroll did take some getting used to. App Permissions now allows for a good look at all the different features that apps want access to, and they even ask for permission again when they are first triggered, making for a nice layer of security for those who have wanted it. The flashiest of the new features is Now on Tap, which searches for key terms on the screen. It isn’t the most consistent performer, but is really nice to have when quick searches are required.

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On the other hand is TouchWiz, a historically over-saturated software suite that has been toned down this year. That said, plenty of features do still make it in, including Multi-window and the floating S Windows for multi-tasking. They work well enough when the user wants to get multiple things done at once, but going through the Recent Apps screen still remains a viable option. Themes are now available, allowing users to change the look of the interface if they don’t enjoy the default look.

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The main software experience here centers around the S-Pen. The S-Pen, when removed from its slot, opens up the Air Command menu, which shows the main functions available. The Action Memo can take handwriting and insert it into a number of applications, but it is mainly an easy way to make a note for S Note, where it can be pinned to the homescreens for easy reminders. Smart Select simply cuts out any defined portions of the current screen, but its best feature is how easily it makes sharing these cutouts. Finally, Screen Write take a whole screenshot that can be edited using the S-Pen, but adding to this is the ability to scroll paginated content for one really long clip.

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The most useful addition for S-Pen fans has to be Screen Off Memo however. Remove the S-Pen when the screen is off, and the black screen activates into a quick memo pad. Writing anything here, like phone numbers or quick information, will be saved in S Note, where it can be easily accessed later.

No matter how you look at it, the Samsung flagship provides more options for just about any task, especially when taking full advantage of the S-Pen. If you are, however, able to get all your work and play done easily with stock Android, there is no reason why the Nexus 6P wouldn’t cut it as a workhorse as well.

Specs comparison

 Nexus 6PSamsung Galaxy Note 5
Display5.7-inch AMOLED display
Quad HD resolution, 518 ppi
5.7-inch Super AMOLED display
Quad HD resolution, 518 ppi
Processor2 GHz octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 810
Adreno 430 GPU
2.1 GHz octa-core Exynos 7420
Mali-T760MP8 GPU
Storage32/64/128 GB
no expansion
32/64 GB
no expansion
Camera12 MP rear camera, 1.55 micron pixel size, laser auto focus, dual LED flash
8 MP front-facing camera
16 MP rear camera with OIS and LED flash
5 MP front-facing camera
ConnectivityWi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
Bluetooth 4.1
USB 2.0, USB Type-C
Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
Bluetooth 4.2
USB 2.0
SoftwareAndroid 6.0 MarshmallowAndroid 5.1.1 Lollipop
Battery3,450 mAh3,000 mAh
fast wireless charging
Dimensions159.3 x 77.8 x 7.3 mm
178 grams
153.2 x 76.1 x 7.6 mm
171 grams


Pricing and final thoughts

The Nexus 6P is available unlocked, mainly through the Google Store, priced at $499 for the base model. On the other hand, the Galaxy Note 5 is available across all major network carriers, for monthly payments or contracts, depending on where you are. Using T-Mobile payments as an example, the Galaxy Note 5 will set you back $699 for the base 32 GB edition.

nexus 6p review 2 aa (15 of 30)See also: Nexus 6P review153

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So, there you have it for this comprehensive look at the Nexus 6P vs Samsung Galaxy Note 5! A common adage with the Nexus line used to be “you get what you pay for,” but as the prices got higher, Google and its partners got a little bolder, and started to provide what they thought was the true Android flagship experience. That is certainly the case with the Nexus 6P, with its premium body, front-facing speakers, high-end specs, and the best camera a Nexus device has ever featured. For Android purists, the Nexus 6P is indeed the very best way to experience the latest and greatest, with it also being updated at a much faster pace than pretty much any other Android smartphone out there.

verus-note-5-caseSee also: Best Galaxy Note 5 cases & accessories22

The Galaxy Note 5 does make a very compelling case for itself though. The S-Pen is still a good, albeit slightly niche, productivity tool, and Samsung’s own take on Android tries to provide a lot of features for the general user. It is no less premium, but employs different materials, which we think were a good change for the Galaxy line. What it comes down to is how you want to get your work and play done, and in the case of the Galaxy Note 5, how many different ways you want to get it done. All said and done, no matter which device you pick, you will be getting a beastly phone for just about any situation.

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  • wabbies

    Now I’m curious how the Z5 Premium will compare to those Phones. Any plans?

    • Onii-chan

      I honestly feel like it wouldn’t be that great of a comparison. The Z5 is targeted towards a different audience whereas the 6P and Note 5 are similar many more areas. Also wouldn’t count on AA replying haha

      • wabbies

        Nirave actually replies from time to time ;p. The Z5 isn’t, the Z5 Premium is because it has the same screen size as the note 5 and 6p.

        • Onii-chan

          Fair enough, but 5.5 vs 5.7 is a fairly sizeable difference in the smartphone world.

  • Ridge

    No definitive answer.. What’d the point of calling it “vs” if you don’t take a stance on which you find to be better?

    • T4rd

      Because his stance is they’re both great phones and both have their pros/cons, which is more agreeable and rational than declaring an absolute winner for everyone. But people are going to complain either way it seems.

    • Gracey

      Now buy the latest Nexus Phones online only on

    • arvsep

      I agree. He should’ve instead used “comparison”, not “versus”, if he won’t pick one in the end. Buyers who are still on the fence would of course need that definitive verdict. Anyone can decide for themselves after reading the article, but it makes it more credible if the writer is willing to take a stand, no matter how hard choosing between the two may be.

  • T4rd

    The 6P is definitely the better value considering you can get the 128GB 6P for less than a 32GB Note5. But there’s the issue of no financing type plans for the Nexus phones (unless you go to Project-Fi), so it’s harder for a lot of people to afford over the Note5 ironically. Google needs to come out with a similar plan like Apple’s where you can upgrade Nexus phones every year for a monthly/annual fee if they’re not going to offer it through carriers (which I’d prefer to keep carriers out of it as well).

    • Tony

      If you go with Google Project Fi for service and buy the phone through the project Fi site (I think it is invite only right now but I got my invite a week after requesting it), you can finance the phone for $27 / month x 2 years.

    • nonrappnrapper

      You can finance the nexus 6p on Huawei site using Affirm, I did. APR is high but no penalty to pay it off early. Charging me 65 bucks for a year. I got the 128gb, aluminum.

    • tazmanian200

      Good point, Google has to change their approach, they have to put their phones out there where the consumer can see it. but they have to

  • #Note5 IsBoss

    The Galaxy Note 5 is the GOLD STANDARD of phablets worldwide nothing else comes close. Better battery life, better camera, true multitasking and productivity and better gaming. It’s pretty much plain and simple the Galaxy Note 5 takes a dump on the Nexus 6p so easily it’s comical.

    • RG

      Shuddering at the thought of ever owning a bloated Note over a raw, clean Nexus machine!
      Bit each to their own :-)

    • Xavier_NYC

      Your life is comical.. I had the Note 5 for two months and I couldn’t wait to get rid of it for the 6P.. Never been happier.

      • The-Sailor-Man

        Do you really believe that you can fool someone with your dumb manipulations?
        Come on. Have a rest.

        • Xavier_NYC

          The f*ck are you talking about d*ck head. How about you stop sucking Samsung’s d*ck. How is giving an opinion manipulation. How about you take this weak a** comment and get a f*cking life..

          • The-Sailor-Man

            I’m not any OEM’s fan .
            I simply buy the best. Note is for Note users, though. The only in the category, yet. If you just want big phone buy Nexus 6P or iPhone6 Plus. They are even bigger than Note now. Right?
            Bashing Samsung here will not help much.

          • Xavier_NYC

            How am I bashing Samsung when I’m giving my opinion on a phone that I actually owned? It’s an honest opinion, you don’t like it then don’t read my comment. It’s that simple

          • The-Sailor-Man

            Why did I?

            ‘… I had the Note 5 for two months and I couldn’t wait to get rid of it for the 6P……I get it, your a Samsung fan but that doesn’t mean it’s better than other phones..’

            Even not ‘phone’ , but ‘phones’.? Let me guess what is the other better than Note 5 phone ….lol

          • tazmanian200

            I hear Google may be contemplating getting in the hardware business, if so, Samsung will no longer be the king of android. The only thing Samsung has over google is the production, they control the quality of their device, like apple too. If that ever changes, and google really competes in the cell phone industry, People will leave Samsung in droves when they learn just how much better the Nexus experience really is. People are already leaving Samsung to go back to Apple since they can get the large screen, which shows that folks bought Samsung, not because they loved it, but because Samsung was the only one who offered it, not the case any more. just look at Apple sales in one weekend compared to Samsung sales for a month and you will see it.

    • Keith Schwerin

      Not so much anymore, being a standard does not make you the best. The 6P has great battery life, it utterly crushes the S6 I had, and for those that Root, multi-windows is just 1 toggle away. The camera is almost a draw physically, and you can always install apps to enable the software changes. not to mention the Nexus is $200 less For $200 you can buy a few spare USB cables, a portable charger and a case, with money to spare.

      The only real aspect the Note stands taller is if you use the S-Pen. If you don’t then the phones are almost a draw. To say otherwise is just pure fanboy.

      • V-Phuc

        He is, just in case you don’t know about his history.
        Even before I opened this column I already wondered whether he was the 1st to write how great N5 is and how every other phone and OEM is just Samsung’s bitch! For all I know, this guy doesn’t even own a Galaxy Note 2! Just mouthing off and trolling!

        • The-Sailor-Man

          Bet on that you both iboys , only pretend to be Nexus fans , so bashing Samsung to be under cover.
          Just like all the US tech media sites.

          • TheBagging Man

            Yeah man you tell them how it is. The only unbiased mobile site is Sammobile. The 50+ US tech media sites are being paid off by Apple and appearing to be Nexus fanboys. The-Sailor-Man is talking to you Joshua Vegara aka Joshua Jobs

      • Kunna Aulia

        Agreed. Note5 user here.

      • garak0410

        I have a Note 5 and I like the option of the S-Pen but I rarely use it and I also use Google Launcher…been tempted to get the 128GB Nexus 6P

        • Neoprimal

          I have a question for you. I’m in a similar boat except that I own a Note 4. I’m aware that the Note 5 has “themes” but like you, I prefer the Google Launcher, entirely. Can the Themes be used along with the Google Launcher or does the Google Launcher just overwrite all the icons? I rarely use the S-Pen too but I’m scared to move to the Nexus because of certain things I’ll miss when I don’t have it.

          I’m about ready to upgrade but I don’t know if I’m going to do a Note 5 or wait for the GS7 Edge….I may even settle with a Nexus 6P OR get the deal from T-Mobile and do a GS6 E+ and another Samsung for my wife for 50% off. I’m just trying to wait a bit to hear what features the GS7 are confirmed to have (because I REALLY want IR, I don’t care much for MicroSD, although I may end up missing it since I do take plenty 4K videos and tend to store music on it). Hesitant about the 6P because I figure I’ll miss multi-window and gestures.

          For me, Touchwiz sits under Google Now Launcher and munches on memory and cpu processing. Until 5.1.1 my Note 4 was almost useless because it constantly throttled and dropped apps to recover memory, due to all the underlying Touchwiz stuff running that I wasn’t using anyway paired with all the apps I normally run. This caused the phone to constantly freeze, lock and lag – it was terrible and I nearly switched from Samsung due to this. 5.1.1 came and the phone did a complete 180. I decided my next Samsung HAS to have at least 4GB, although my Note 4 runs wonderfully now, I figure 4GB should be the baseline if the phone runs an extra UI, since I will always replace it with Google Now Launcher.

          • I had Nexus 4 then 5 then Note 4. Just went to Nexus 6P. If you like the Google launcher (I used it as well on my N4) then you are going to love stock Android. After over a year with the N4 I’ll never buy another Samsung again.

    • squiddy20

      And oh look, the Samsung fanboy using the same tired, old, copy and paste comment that he’s had for literally the past three and a half years…

      • V-Phuc

        LOL. You’re hard on his, aren’t you?
        I’m thinking he doesn’t own any Note, or perhaps only Note2. Never saw him say anything about his OWN experience. Always mouthing off “gold standard, everything else is trash”. Hardly a personal experience!

        • squiddy20

          I find a small glimmer of entertainment from watching what he posts, and usually commenting to tear down whatever crap he comes up with.
          I don’t quite believe he has the ability to get a “new phone every year, on the dot” like he claims. He’s always bragging about it, like its some big deal, or gives him another rung up on the social ladder. That and how he’s got soooo much money.
          Occasionally though, he spouts off about how he supposedly “easily” gets well over 24 hours of standby/usage out of 1 charge of his Note 5, with 7 hours of screen on time. Sort of like this one: But yeah, beyond that, he never really says much about his own experiences.

          • Haxortech

            Secretly, he is the Samsung CEO in disguise!

      • The-Sailor-Man

        Note user here , but not fan to any OEM.
        If Apple make phone better than Note , I’ll buy it.
        Note is the King , no doubt .
        Nexus 6P is a joke compare to Note 5 and shouldn’t even compare.
        Well for the money , if you pay full price , Nexus is more affordable.

        • tazmanian200

          thats ur butt talking, your mouth is too close to ur brains!! plus i know why you don’t post a avatar or pic, because if you did, everybody would recognize you, because your the new definition of dumbass!! lol

          • GD

            nailed it mate!!! :)

    • Mackin Cheez

      Shut up bitch! Lol but yeah note 5 does win. I just don’t like your pink standard bitchass

    • Jeff “BIG RED”

      Have you ever used the 6p? “Easily takes a dump on the 6p.” (Comments like that are very ignorant) Think it really comes down to personal preference. I’ve got both phones and I usually pickup the nexus 6p before the note 5. Both are fantastic phones!

    • tazmanian200

      what dream world are you living in or what planet are u living on??

    • Nexus vs Samsung vs Apple

      im sorry but the 6p wins for camera. look at krystals vid on youtube with camera comparison

  • Ivan Jensen

    Nexus 6P Fingerprint scanner, every time you turn on your phone, you save 1 sek. versus the Note 5…
    FPC 1025 shine….

    • The-Sailor-Man

      BTW I don’t use FPS for unlocking because of the accidental unlock taking out from the pocket. For me the pattern unlock on one hand mode works perfect and fast.
      With FPS I only lock files and content.
      Can you do it on your iPhone????

  • Kevin Le

    If both phones were the same price, which one would you go for?

    • The-Sailor-Man

      Great question.
      But the don’t expect an answer from AA

  • Dharmik Patel

    I think nexis 6p is a better one out there however this was a neck to neck fight but thinking about the performance which I m most concerned about is same on both so seconds think to watch out is software which is better on nexus smother,faster,and snapy and stable and also get faster update for Samsung it is unstable and app crashes regularly so for me it was thought but watching the way on which Samsung’s software ages thought I’m going with a nexus

    • Tony

      I think this sold it for me too. I’ve had the last 2 notes (3 and 4) and I’ve loved both devices but as each aged I noticed sluggishness and random crashes happening more and more frequently. I always root my devices but with the note you pretty much have to stick to a touchwiz rom if you want the S-Pen to work at all and I feel like that has held me back.

      Also the double glass (Front and back) on the Note 5 scares me. I don’t use cases because I feel like they cover up the beautiful engineering you are paying lots of money for and they make your already huge phablet even huger.

      There is one more selling point for the 6p, Google project Fi. I am pretty sure I’m going with the 6p and Google Fi for service.

  • Sherpa

    The only thing Nexus 6P has going for it is the timely update and an efficient interface. Beside those, I think Note 5 is a clear winner (feature-wise).

    • Hazmat13

      Clear winner? Not really. It’s 100% opinion based. The specs and capabilities of both phones are so similar you’d be fooling yourself to call either a “winner” in the head to head… The author of this article has it right.

      • mhmmd123

        I have the Note5, but I would go with N6.

        • Varun Daid

          So last year!! Unless you meant N6P instead…

    • Jak Crow

      You want a clear winner? The Nexus 6P has a 128GB option, the Note 5 doesn’t. Outside of the other features that make the phones so similar it almost doesn’t matter, that’s the clear winner.

      • Abdelali Akdim

        3go Ram / 4go Ram

        • Jak Crow

          Except the reviews are showing that extra 1GB isn’t helping the Note 5’s performance. I’m not a fan or detractor of either phone, but I went with the Nexus 6p because it has the extra storage the Note 5 lacks. If the Note 5 had a 128GB option, I would have probably gotten it instead.

          The annoying thing is that Android 6 uses external storage like expanded local storage which is a great new feature, so it’s bullshit that manufacturers are dropping the micro sd card.

      • Jeff Baldinger

        And the front facing stereo speakers are a huge desire for me. It was the only reason I stayed with the HTC. But when HTC failed to improve on other aspects , I left for Samsung Note 5. I’m seriously thinking of trying the NP , I just wish Samsung would wake up to the front facing speakers. I’m tired of holding my phone like I’m serving a tray of food. To each their own though , there is never a better phone. Just what serves each individuals preference.

  • Xavier_NYC

    I owned the Note 5 for two months and have had the Nexus 6P for about three weeks now and I can honestly say I don’t miss the Note 5 at all. On paper, the Note 5 trumps the 6P in every way possible but the overall experience on the 6P is way better. One thing that is significantly better on the 6P is ram management even tho the 6P has 1GB less than the Note 5.. Also, those battery life test are BS and don’t take into account real world usage. The battery life is better on the 6P especially with Doze. Yes the lack of multitasking and features that take advantage of the screen is a disappointment but you can easily flash a rom. Not to mention the dev community is amazing.. Also, it’s $300 cheaper depending on carrier.. So I’m overall happier with the 6P

    • Meliche Hardwick

      Well you have to be careful with the 6p in your pocket it breaks easy in test. I being able to more at the same time the note 5 does it best. The best video watching ever.

      • Xavier_NYC

        Haha I’m assuming you are referring to the vid where the guy burnt the display before bending it? Did you also see the other vids where the guy put 90 pounds and it still didn’t? Good luck dropping your all glass phone..

      • Anfronie

        Stop. Just stop.

    • V-Phuc

      You owned a Note4 previously, correct? How was your experience if you have to compare them, side-by-side? If you could, would you just stay with Note4, for the Note5 may not have given that many improvements? Just curious to know about a real-word experience.

      • Xavier_NYC

        Yes I had the note 4 and if you have the money is def upgrade to the note 5. Everything is better but keep in mind you won’t have SD support or a removable battery.

    • The-Sailor-Man

      Cool story man.
      But very old and dumb.

      • Xavier_NYC

        So an opinion is dumb, yeah OK d*ckhead

        • The-Sailor-Man

          Not the opinion , but the old dirty trick.

          • Xavier_NYC

            Old dirty trick? You sound like a moron. I don’t work for Google or Samsung so what would I get out of that?

          • The-Sailor-Man

            Do you say that all Samsung haters and US patriots are paid for bashing Samsung?(or the Apple haters?) LOL
            I’m not Samsung fan or any OEM’s fan. Simply Samsung made the best device , yet. Period. And stupid bashing is pathetic. You just make a fool of yourself.
            Putting Nexus 6P over Note 5 is insane. Well it could be cheaper and better for you, But better…? :)

          • Xavier_NYC

            If you took the time to read what I wrote you would see that I said the Note 5 beats the 6P spec wise but the overall experience from a software standpoint is better on the 6P.. I’m not making a fool of myself, you’re just the idiot that can’t comprehend that having the best of the best specs doesn’t equate to have the best phone or experience.. With that being said, I’m not gonna waste time responding to you anymore..

          • Justin Williams

            You sound like a realist and a real world user. How good are the cameras, because everybody making it seems like because the 6p lacks OIS the camera isnt on point compared to the note 5 so how do you think they compare to each other and video recording too. and lastly what about screen on time for both the note 5 and 6p…?

          • Xavier_NYC

            The camera on the Nexus 6P takes really good shots. It’s a good, simple point and shoot camera. If you’re looking for added features like the Note 5, you will have to download a third party camera app but outside of that it’s a good camera. You’ll only notice the lack of OIS with videos. There’s no getting around it but not enough to deter you from using it. The SOT was about the same but the standby time was significantly better on the 6P. I could go to bed with 89% and wake up with my battery on 87-88% with 8-10 hours of sleep. That’s before I rooted my phone, after rooting my phone, the SOT is a lot better on the 6P. You can get upwards of 8hrs with the right tweaks if you are into it but out of the box, the stock rom has about the same SOT as the Note 5.

          • Morton H

            I got the V10 and I love it alot actually. I don’t think I will go back to a note 5. Plus the V10 will have the wireless back plate for charging for those who want that feature.

          • Xavier_NYC

            I hated wireless charging on the Note 5 to be honest because when the phones charging you can really use it. If you pick it up it stops charging

          • TheGoldenArrow

            Dude, you are the best
            You actually know what you are talking about, and know common sense. Thanks for the info

          • Xavier_NYC

            Thanks, I just try to be unbiased and give honest answers..

    • Alex Calhoun

      I have a Galaxy S6, but I want to buy the 6P in the following months. I honestly don’t give a crap about the the bending allegations, but the cracked glass one has me a little worried. Have you seen any cracks in the glass covering the back camera yet?

      • Xavier_NYC

        No, I haven’t and I’ve had the phone for 3 weeks now and the first week I didn’t have a case on it at all. It’s possible that the phones with the cracked visors might have been faulty devices but I can’t really say for sure. I can only speak for myself and I haven’t had any issues..

        • Alex Calhoun

          OK, cool. Thanks.

        • spaul6290

          Hey Xavier, you still have the 6p? Curious, cause I have the Note5. It’s coming back from the repair shop. Actually, we had 3 Samsungs. 2 s6 edges and 1 Note5, ALL had to go to the repair shop. Really losing heart with Samsung. Are you still happy with the 6p? Thanks

          • Xavier_NYC

            Yeah I still have it and it’s been great. I did have to trade my first one in because I was getting random reboots but haven’t had that prob with my second one.

      • Onii-chan

        I’ve heard of this also, but my 6P’s glass panel hasn’t shown any reason to crack thus far. It had me worried too, but it was all good in the end. Worse come to worst, warranty should have you covered.

      • tazmanian200

        I have one and theres no issues with the glass breaking. nor have I felt the device even get warm!

    • Mark Wheeler

      Don’t forget Marshmallow is only on the 6P.

      I wonder how things will change on the Note 5 with Marshmallow?

      • Xavier_NYC

        I hope so. I had the Note 4 as well and it was a nightmare going from Kit Kat to Lollipop. Hopefully that was just because lollipop wasn’t as polished.. The Note 5 should be significantly better with Marshmallow but I believe carriers will destroy it by adding their crapware. I’m on AT&T so there is no root to alleviate the problem. Another reason I got a nexus device.

        • BH

          I recently purchased from T-Mobile a new Note 4 that came with lollipop 5.1.1. It has none of the issues that plagued the original 5.0 version. It performs flawlessly and hope when it updates to 6.0 it’ll run even better. The pure Nexus OS is too bland, lacking too many features I use every day.

          • Xavier_NYC

            That’s the beauty of the nexus line tho, if you don’t like it then flash a rom. You can get everything that the note line does on a Nexus device. Not to mention no added carrier crap that I can’t get rid of because there is still no root method for the AT&T note 4.. Yeah it works flawlessly now but give it a couple weeks when you break it in. You’ll notice slow downs and hiccups. Also, I don’t have to wait for 6.0 because nexus gets software as soon as they are ready and not when carriers say they are ready once they finish messing up the software with their tweaks. I like the nexus so far because if I don’t have a feature, its literally a flashed kernel away vs having samsung throw everything but the kitchen sink at you when you don’t use half of what they add. Yes some can be disabled but there are background ones that you can’t.

          • BH

            Very good point. I do not have the patience, or skill to be flashing my phones to customize to my exact wishes. I’m in the minority, but Samsung has usually equipped their phones more to my liking than anyone else. I’ve had my phone almost 3 months now, and still doing fine. I’m sure, like all phones, it will start to slow down. I still prefer it over my old Nexus 5.

          • Xavier_NYC

            Good point. I’m a noob at it but it was so easy and XDA is a clutch resource but I understand where you’re coming from. I loved my Note 5 but I hated that I couldn’t 100% do what I wanted with it and AT&T just destroys the software with their mods..

          • BH

            Definitely. Even though AT&T has far better coverage, T-Mobile at least leaves the phone’s software pretty much alone.

    • tazmanian200

      great point, on paper its great, but in practicality, not so much. Kinda like communism, it sounds great, but in real life, it really sucks! The clean look and smoothness of the nexus is just great, the touchwiz look of samsung looks so unprofessional in my opinion, looks very childish and sesame streetish.

  • John

    Send Samsung a message and buy phones with replaceable batteries. I just bought an Umi Hammer S for $135. It has a type c port, replaceable battery, dual sim, solid build quality and numerous features not found on many phones.

    • The-Sailor-Man

      If have money Note 4 is the best choice for you. It’s even cheaper now.
      BTW Note is for Note users mostly. It’s still its own category. If you don’t have Note, you don’t have Note !

      • TheBagging Man

        Touchwiz is laggy, unintuitive and gimmicky. Give me an iPhone everyday. Most want a phone that’s going to remain lag free for 2 years not 2 days.

        • John


          I’ve never had an issue with lag on a Note phone.

          But I do have issues with iPhones crashing, and denying me the ability to choose what software I want to run.

          • TheBagging Man

            You must not install many apps then. Which in this case a low end user wouldn’t notice much lag

          • John

            Wrong, try again. The last time I ran pm list packages | wc there were over 100 entries.

          • TheBagging Man

            Ooooo over 100 your so hardcore

          • JJ


      • John

        No thanks. Samsung abandoned customers like me to chase after iPhone idiots. If the note 5 had the features I wanted things would be different, I would have gotten a note 5.

        The note 4 is old tech, and can’t be charged with a type c plug. Everything is type c for me from here forward (pixel 2015 is awesome!). I don’t want to bother with the inconvenience of incompatible cables.

        Bring your business to companies like Umi and Samsung will get the message.

      • BH


  • Mackin Cheez

    Good thing he didn’t show the video comparison because the note5 trumps 6p for sure. But yeah all in all you really can’t go wrong with either. If they both came out today I would still pick the note 5

  • The-Sailor-Man

    Nexus 6P should not be even compared with the King. Period.
    We know, though, that all the US patriots and media must do whatever tricks, bashing Samsung.
    How dare Samsung making the best smartphones in the World? Right?

    • TheBagging Man

      Why would the US patriots and media purposely bash Samsung? If your not happy with honest blogging maybe you should try sammobile instead for some unbiased journalism.

    • TheGoldenArrow

      Wrong. Just because you ‘own the king’ doesn’t make it the best phone in the world. You should probably try the 6P before you decide to complain about this. They are both great phones, and the winner is obviously based on personal preference. If you don’t want to accept this, then that is your fault, and no one wants to hear you bitch about ‘your king’.

  • Mario

    I have the note 5 64gb and it’s great I’ve had many a phablets and this one is the fastest even for gaming but I just wish it had SD card(since i have a 64gb one collecting dust now) and that huge 6p Battery gawd at this pace I’m just gonna design my own phone even the smaller s6 Active has bigger battery what gives Samsung?

  • Ahmed Amr Al Wakeel

    Note 5 advantages:
    Slightly Better Camera
    Slightly Brighter Display
    Slightly Better Multitasking
    Can use fingerprint when lying on a table
    Some good themes

    Nexus 6p advantages:
    Slightly Better Battery Life
    Much better value for money

    Anyway I am very happy with my Galaxy S6 as both of these phones are way too big for me

  • json405

    I think I use enough of Samsung’s baked-in apps to pick the Note 5 over the Nexus 6p. When I had a Nexus device, I pretty much loaded a ROM and other 3rd party apps to make the device function the way I want it. That is what I love with the Nexus but I don’t know if I’m just getting too old but ROM flashing and customization is too cumbersome for me now lol. With the note 5, the only thing I would probably change is the launcher but that’s it. Samsungs camera, video, multi-window apps are great and don’t need replacing. Less work for me is great. =)

    • BH

      Agree entirely. Exactly why I just purchased the Note series

  • Johnny Kay

    with no memory expansion,both phones are duds

  • Brock

    I picked up a new unlocked Note5 32gig for $550 total. And it turns out that 32gigs is fine for me. My storage use is at 34%. I am coming from a Note4 that drove me crazy all the time. It was way too laggy. There is NO lag or RAM management issues with my Note 5. It is very quick doing everything. I believe the Note 5 will be even better once they release Marshmallow in december. The battery life is actually great and will get better with Marshmallow. I dont think I will even need an extended battery case. But it is nice to know that there are already a few available if I need one. I didnt want to give Samsung another chance after my terrible experience with the Note 4 but they did get it right with the 5.
    The only con I see with the Note 5 is the single bottom speaker. They should have put another one on the top.
    Get the Note 5 if you can get it for less than $600. Even better unlocked since it has no carrier bloatware.

  • Onii-chan

    I have used the Note 5 for a fair amount of time before the 6P that I own now. I agree with just about every point in this post. One thing I would like to Note (hehe) is that the panel utilized by the 6P is Samsung made, so the displays are very similar. I really liked both phones, but I just had to go with the 6P. Cleaner software experience, better media experience (front facing speakers :o), more agreeable construction, and a bit more futureproof. Of course this is all imo

  • Cameron Arnott

    I am a first time buyer of a true flagship and need some help choosing between the three best android phones for their price in my region. These are my options: Note 5 32gb or 6P 32gb or Moto X Pure/Style (with upgradeable storage!).

    Please explain why the nexus is “so much better” as a lot of people say. For me the only thing that is better are the speakers, fingerprint scanner and life expectancy in terms of updates and hardware/software fluidity. I am really intrigued towards the Note 5’s productivity features on the s-pen and how its hardware is better in every way. Can you persuade me why the 6p is so much better? Another important factor for me one purchase, if not the most important is this: I just had a look and the 32gb version of the note 5; only has 23 gb of free space after purchase whereas the 6p has 29.8gb. I think the note 5 is the better phone, but I just don’t want to pay so much more for the 64gb. Will 23gb be enough?

  • Samuel Harris

    nexus 6p has bluetooth 4.2

  • Remin_93

    Am a hardcore gaming addict n I am worried about the snapdragon 810 processor in 6p getting heated. I think the exynos processor is better than the 810. Any idea?

  • Cowen K. Gittens

    I rather the Nexus 6P. Neither has expandable storage nor removable battery, but The 6P has the latest version of Android and may very well have it for a long time. I have a Note 4 and only God knows when I’ll get an update.

  • David Yeh

    No point in comparing a phone with pressure sensitive stylus with a regular smartphone.