Upgrading from Nexus 6 to Nexus 6P: my personal impressions

by: Andrew GrushJanuary 14, 2016

nexus 6p vs nexus 6 quick look aa (7 of 18)

While the Nexus 6P has been available for a while now, there are no doubt a number of Nexus 6 owners that have yet to make the jump over to the 6P, but are at least semi-seriously considering the matter. We’ve already brought you a Nexus 6 vs Nexus 6P video comparison in the past, but now that I’ve personally upgraded to the Nexus 6P from the Nexus 6, I wanted to share some of my own thoughts, since it is coming from someone who actually has used the Nexus 6 as a daily driver.

I will be totally honest with you, if you are thinking about upgrading to get an improved day-to-day experience, you might end up disappointed. While certain aspects, like photography, are dramatically improved, day-to-day tasks, like opening apps and playing games, largely feel the same to me. Sure, the Nexus 6P is in all likelihood performing better in reality, but I can’t tell under normal circumstances. The Nexus 6 was already smooth as butter.

I could go down through the list of hardware and explain what’s different with the Nexus 6P, but I want to do things a bit differently here. Instead, I’ll talk about the new changes that immediately became noticeable to me from the very first day I opened up and started using the Nexus 6P.


nexus 6p

The first thing you’ll notice is that the Nexus 6P and Nexus 6 have little in common on the design front, expect for front facing speakers. And honestly, that’s a good thing.

As my colleague Jimmy Westenberg put it recently, “Nexus 6 just felt like a big Moto X”, and it’s a valid point. The Nexus 4 and Nexus 5 all stood out from the other flagships produced by LG, but that wasn’t the case with the Nexus 6, which took a it too much inspiration from Motorola. That’s not to say the Nexus 6 was ugly, it just felt like a strange step for the Nexus program. With the Nexus 6P, the Nexus series once again gets its own visual identity.

In the hand, the Nexus 6P admittedly feels like a member of the Huawei Mate family, thanks to its metallic design and overall shape, but its protruding camera and front facing speakers make it clear this is something unique. Sure, not everyone loves the new design, but something must be said for originality. I also have to note that if you haven’t seen the phone in person, don’t judge it too harshly. I honestly thought the 6P was ugly, but now have come to enjoy its design.

Bottom-line, if you are looking for a bigger change in visuals, the Nexus 6P delivers. Though whether it is a step forward or step back will depend on your own personal tastes.

USB Type C


After design, this is probably the most immediately obvious change, and frankly something that I could probably have lived without. Yes, it has advantages when it comes to quick charging. Yes, it is fully reversible and much easier to insert. There’s no denying it is a superior cable in a lot of key ways, but switching to a new standard comes with all sorts of downsides.

On my way back from CES 2016, I managed to (like an idiot) lose my USB Type C cables. No problem, just go to the store and get new ones, right? Not so fast. Best Buy, Walmart, Target, and several other brick-and-mortars were visited, but no luck in finding a Type C cable in my area. The standard is relatively new, and too few devices offer it. Thankfully, I had a friend with a Nexus 6P that let me borrow a spare cable until the ones I ordered on Amazon arrived.

In time, the issue of finding a cable will dissipate as more devices make the move to the standard, and I’ll probably fall in love with USB Type C. For now, finding accessories or even spare cables isn’t easy, outside of the web. And for those of us with dozens of microUSB cables, it’s a bit frustrating to start over again.

If you are at all prone to losing cables, I’d recommend buying a few extra online so you don’t end up in a sticky situation. There’s also the matter of not bringing a charger and hoping to borrow a friend’s instead, unless that friend also has a USB Type C-equipped device – good luck.

Slightly smaller footprint

nexus 6p vs nexus 6 quick look aa (18 of 18)

Despite its name, the Nexus 6P ironically doesn’t have a 6-inch display at all, instead slimming things down to 5.7-inches. Personally, I had no qualms with the larger size of the Nexus 6 and actually saw .3-inches less real estate as a minor downgrade. Now that the dust has settled and I’ve been using the Nexus 6P for a week, I must that the screen doesn’t necessarily feel smaller when it comes to media consumption – at least not enough to be a bother.

However, shrinking down to 5.7-inches does significantly improve one-handed use with the Nexus 6P. Although I was already able to use the Nexus 6 with one hand, I’d be lying if I didn’t say that it was a bit of a struggle. The smaller footprint of the Nexus 6P is still going to be a stretch for some, but is a great improvement here from the Nexus 6.

It’s noticeably lighter

Considering the smaller overall footprint, it’s no surprise that the Nexus 6P is lighter than the Nexus 6 at 178 grams versus 184. That might not seem like a big change, but it’s something I felt right away. At first, I kind of missed the heft from the Nexus 6, as something in my brain links weight to durability. Yes, I know that this is probably not the case in reality.

In a dramatic change in direction, after a week’s use, I am now finding that the Nexus 6 feels too clunky, due to the weight and size difference. So while I personally wasn’t interested in the 6P for its lighter profile, I must say it has grown on me.

The camera

The Nexus 6’s camera was a massive step forward from the Nexus 5, but compared to the competition? It was far from great. With the Nexus 6P, the Nexus series has finally caught up to other big players like Samsung and LG. While these two brands might still have the upper hand (depending on who you ask), the fact that the 6P is anywhere near the same league speaks volumes. If you consider photography a core part of your phone experience, this is probably one of the most compelling reasons to upgrade to the Nexus 6P from the Nexus 6.

To give you an idea of their respective cameras, here are some images from the Nexus 6P:

And here are some from the Nexus 6:

I realize images of the same thing from both would have been better, but unfortunately I’m not the best photographer, so this will have to suffice. I will tell you though that the Nexus 6P offers noticeable improvement, even for my horrible photographer eyes.

The fingerprint scanner


Though the Nexus 6 was originally envisioned as a fingerprint scanner-equipped phone, the final model lacked the tech integration. With the Nexus 6P, Google has finally brought us a flagship Nexus with finger scanning. How good is it? Exceptionally so.

I’ve used several different scanners from Samsung and others, and have found that Huawei offers some of the best. The Mate 7 was near perfect when I first started using it, though oddly enough it got a little less accurate months after use… though a dirty scanner and cluttered software probably had much to do with this.

Given that my Mate 7 fingerprint scanning experience was very positive, I wasn’t surprised to see that the Nexus 6P has a super accurate reader that hasn’t missed for me even once yet. I’m sure that it too isn’t perfect, but if you are interested in using your fingerprint for added security, you should be more than satisfied with the Nexus 6P’s integration of this feature.

Should you upgrade?

nexus 6 first impressions (3 of 21)

The Nexus 6 was and still is a great phone, but is the 6P worth upgrading to?

So those are some of the key differences that I noticed. Sure there are other spec sheet differences, but in real-world use, these are probably the key things you’ll notice. But should you spend the money and upgrade? That’s never an easy question to answer.

I will be frank by saying that if I wasn’t in the tech business, I probably would still be using my Nexus 6 until the end of the year. It’s a great phone and while the Nexus 6P is clearly superior, the Nexus 6 is more than capable of providing you a high-end Android experience until fall of 2016 rolls around and we are greeted with yet another new Nexus (or two?).

Now that I’ve had my hands on the 6P though, I don’t think I could go back. Even using the Nexus 6 for a moment I attempt to use the fingerprint scanner and find myself wishing the phone was smaller (funny, because that was something I didn’t think I wanted…).

As mentioned earlier, the Nexus 6P is a spec sheet upgrade, but day-to-day performance won’t see major gains. So really it comes down to whether the camera, fingerprint scanner, new design, and smaller footprint are worth spending several hundred dollars (assuming you sell your Nexus 6 to help with the purchase costs).

What do you think? Anyone make the switch from Nexus 6 to Nexus 6P, if so, what was it that compelled you to upgrade?

  • Arman

    I don’t even want to upgrade my OnePlus One to Nexus 6p as its still working great with 2 days of battery life after a year and a half.

    • rarinrob

      Ha! I’m in exactly the same boat as you, although I’ve had my One for about 14 months. I still like it a lot, although when the 6P came out I started obsessing about the Nexus. However, common sense kicked in and I realised that the One is still great, despite a few minor bugs. I may still get the 6P, but it won’t be for several months, maybe even just before it goes off sale and the price drops.

      • Arman

        Exactly! I wanted it when it came out but then there was no deal on Christmas and Black Friday in Canada so I said forget it.

      • Tyler539

        I had the OnePlus One for 18 months. For Christmas in the US, I got the Nexus 6P for $50 off, and free overnight shipping. I have to say, I enjoyed the more-pocketable form factor of the OnePlus One, and I loved the screen-on time of the 1080p display. I can only squeeze out 3-4 hours SOT on my 6P, compared to 5.5 easy on the OPO. However, I have settled with the 6P, sold the OPO, and have been in love with these speakers, cameras, and display!

  • Keron Jones

    i can relate to this article being a nexus 6 user for sometime i love the 6p more and every reason stated here is exactly the same with me

  • truth_cutz

    I have the 6 and i’m going to keep it until the 2017 phones arrive.

    • David Hansen

      Same. I love everything about the Nexus 6. The better camera would be nice, but not sure it’s worth the upgrade.

      Fingerprint scanner? Meh.

      • Robert Clark

        Right? I never used one yet on any phone I’ve had. Bot note 4 and 5 neither. I do want those speakers on my note 5 lol

        • balcobomber25

          I used to say that too, until I bought one with a fingerprint scanner. It is something you never think about until you have one. I couldn’t live without one now, it’s just so much more convenient.

          • slurrpitup

            agreed 100%. The thing is you just don’t get it till you use one. The fingerprint scanner alters user behavior completely and is a welcome way of unlocking phones. Let’s see companies better this one!

          • balcobomber25

            With Android 6.0 there will be more ways than ever to use the fingerprint, from Google Pay to locking individual files/apps.

          • Robert Clark

            Well. I understand that. But both my note 4 had it. Now my note 5. I actually used it after posting this. Just to say I did. I turned it right off. But ill never say never. Peace.

          • balcobomber25

            Why did you turn it off? What do you use to unlock your phone now? For me its more about the convenience than anything itself. When I am driving or standing on the train it’s so much easier to just tap my thumb down then type out a password.

      • Chao He

        Ambient lighting is quite useful not sure if n6 got updated. Fingerprint IS very handy, so handy that I rarely use power button nowadays, unless I wanna shut down screen or phone immediately.

        I upgraded from N5, and now I really feel I m using a PREMIUM phone, not only of Android, but of all smartphones

      • Murali Dharan

        The FP scanner is great, loved it in the OP2. But the problem is with the chipset. I’d rather wait for a year more before switching.

      • Stefan

        Nexus 5X, 6P,6, 5 and more is now on sale below

    • Frank

      I imagine most people are still paying for their 2015 phones for 2 years anyway. Sprint got rid of the contract but just spread the payments for the phones over 2 years. So unless you wanna drop some coin, year after year upgrades are limited.

    • Flavia Dcosta

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    • Flavia Dcosta

      Grab the Nexus 6P, 6 and more online on

  • mikeybruises

    I must a admit I agree with you. There is very little difference to justify my upgrading. I thought going from 5.9 to 5.7 wouldn’t be noticiable, but it is.

  • Clintphare

    If your done using your Nexus 6 I’d love to take it off your hands! I’ve wanted one from the day they were introduced.

    • truth_cutz

      they are at Amazon for around $250

  • mu5a5hi

    I’m still iffy on the idea of moving down from the 6 (5.96?)” screen. even a little bit.. its just so so nice. But this Moto Nexus 6 will be 2 years old when the next batch comes out.. and battery and speed will make it time for it to go.

  • Month ago switched from G4 to N6, missing camera, but overall device is better

  • Christian Baumler

    The Nexus 6P is the first Nexus I’ve owned, and I love it. Well, now that I have the battery life all sorted out. For some reason, removing the T-Mobile My Account app helped a ton, and that is something that I didn’t expect. I am coming from a OnePlus One, and I am loving the change.

  • Jason Birdsong

    I have the 6 and it was hard to justify the purchase to the 6P especially being that I never owned a Huawei phone. But I’m so glad I made the jump. This is hands down the best phone I have ever used (and believe me I’ve owned too many) its a buttery smooth experience. There is nothing on this phone that I wish were different. It is as close to perfection as I would want (maybe a 7000mah battery in the same size phone would be nice). I still have the Moto Nexus 6 and its hard to go back and play with it. I hope 2016 brings a more specced out nexus but I can imagine it will be a big enough difference for me to want to get rid of the Huawei.

  • Marty

    I wonder if the 6P scores better than 74960 in Antutu? If not, I’ll stick with my Nexus 6.

    • David Bowline

      Why? Nobody does tests on their phone in their daily routine and those tests don’t mean squat inday to day use.

      • Marty

        It means alot to me.

        • balcobomber25

          What does it mean to you? Antutu is artificial numbers that don’t mean a thing about actual performance. They are numbers used to compare with other numbers. Geekbench is a much better benchmark to use, but even that doesn’t tell you much about real world usage.

          • Marty

            I also use GB. But all the benchmarks are important to me. They show me that the manufacturer did improve things in performance and hardware capability.

          • balcobomber25

            A benchmark tells you very little about what a manufacturer did or didn’t do. Software tweaks can give manufacturers better numbers on benchmarks without updating a single component. Some manufacturers have admitted to cheating on benchmarks, one of them being Huaweii who makes the Nexus 6p.

          • Marty

            Samsung was caught cheating benchmarks. And they won’t ever live it down. A cheating, lying and dishonorable company, Samsung is.

          • balcobomber25

            Every company does something dishonorable. There are no good guys when it comes to big business.

          • Marty

            I disagree. I believe Google is an honest company…even though there are those who think differently on privacy issues. HTC has always been an honest company inasmuch as I perceive them. That may be different in other nations, though.

          • balcobomber25

            Google is a great company, but honerable? Not even close, from antitrust to tax evasion to abuse of the open source alliance, Google has had it’s fair share of black eyes in this industry. HTC has been linked to spying claims. Like I said every company has done something dishonorable.

      • Say What??

        You’re absolutely right. It only means something to the insecure….or the nerds ;)

    • AMD718

      For comparison, the Note 5 scores ~84K

      • Marty

        Cool. That’s a nice score. That’s also higher than my GS6…usually around 77000

    • balcobomber25

      So if it scored 74961 you would buy it? But not if its scores 74959. What does the extra point do for you?

      • Marty

        LOL…that was funny. I needed a good chuckle. Thanks. :)

  • Francis Delenda

    I have both phones with 64 GB of storage. I like both phones and I find it quite difficult in comparing them with each other. I’m the kind of person that chooses to evaluate each device for it’s own merits and they both score very high in my own opinion. I rarely use the cameras on my smartphones (my dslr’s are fine, thank you). I would kindly advise anyone that reads this posting to consider the Nexus 6 available on amazon for a substantial discount; it is well worth the price considering that it was 699.00 dollars plus tax when it was first released

  • Mickey Jones

    “I honestly thought the 6P was ugly, but now have come to enjoy its design.”
    First instincts are often correct, then rationalization sets in.
    Not to diminish anyone’s satisfaction with this phone but I am not impressed with the design, both internal (chassis design not the components) and external. Sure it has an very nice screen (not Note nice but very close) and the latest processor, but the cyclopse look, mis-centered camera lens and plastic hatch door do not inspire me. I’m not buying into the “premium feel” (sigh) buzz simply because it has an aluminum case. I had a can of soda today and it too comes with an aluminum case. I think Nexus 6 owners would be wise to wait a bit for the next batch of offerings from Google and others.

    For a view of the internal design (6 screws? Really?), check out the screen replacement videos on YT.

    • No Gods

      Do you have one, or have you used one for any length of time? I won’t debate your opinion about looks but come on, the soda can comparison is way off the mark. The aluminum is of a much higher quality than a soda can and obviously feels like it. I’ve had a couple metal phones and this feels better than all of them but the iPhone 6. The iPhone 6 feels a little better but not much. The 6p feels way better than the HTC one… anything.

      • Mickey Jones

        Yeah, its actually a nice phone with good components but people are claiming its “premium’ simply because its clad in aluminum. Build quality is more that whats on the outside. Check out the YouTube videos of the inside build. Its not that impressive to me compared to the V10 or Moto XPE or Sony etc.

        • No Gods

          I hear what you’re saying but I think you’re talking more about durability. Durability and premium build quality can go hand in hand, but don’t necessarily have to. For example some of the most premium sports cars are very fragile compared to a regular Ford Taurus IF you get into a crash. Some of there most durable phones are made of plastic and don’t look or feel nice, and may not even have good “build quality” in the sense of sharp edges and seems, mushy sunken in buttons, light bleed from the display, etc.

          Premium is a subjective word and I realize the 6p will bend and break if a certain amount of pressure is put on it. That amount is still higher than what would happen in regular day to day use. You can toss it around and drop it onto concrete (which is a far more realistic use case scenario) and it holds up as well as any other phone. There is a drop test against the iPhone 6s plus and it comes out pretty even. Actually the iPhone gets the first break in the camera lens…

          • Mickey Jones

            I guess I would call durability as part of “build quality”. So are materials, fit and finish and quality of components. So it’s all those. Personally I prefer rugged durability and solid engineering to cosmetic characteristics if there is a choice to be made between the two.

  • john

    I can’t wait for nexus 6 2016. I skipped 2014 and 2015… I think my phone can last another 2 years…but I guess I like a new phone this coming black Friday 2016.

  • Drunk Gay Guy

    For me is isn’t worth the upgrade. I love my N6 and I didn’t want to get rid of my microusb charger in the car and my wireless charger on my desk. The N6 works extremely well and the pictures are more than adequate, though not stellar. The only thing I would like is the finger print scanner, but that is not worth gaining and losing access to my wireless charging and turbocharging microusb.

  • GutterIsATool

    I gave up reading this. Your ads were making blank spaces covering up chunks of text near the top…

    (I’m using an up to date Nexus 6P with Chrome)

    Edit: It seems to happen when the Star Trek: Timelines ads are on screen.

    • Tim Tian

      Switch to Firefox and get an adblock. It’ll be a good way to stop all the malvertising too.

    • balcobomber25

      Chrome + AD Block Plus = no more annoying ads.

    • Dre

      I’m using an up to date Nexus 6P also and I’m not experiencing those issues. Are you using the Chrome browser?

  • Brian Shultis

    What about the wireless Qi changing? I love the fact I have a desk stand charger at home and office for my 6 and I’ve read the 6P doesn’t have that feature

    • This. Lack of wireless charging in addition to the reduced price is what made me choose a Nexus 6 over the 6P a few months ago. That and I didn’t want to be an early adopter of USB-C.


        Wireless charging is a good feature, but have you used it? It’s so so so slow. Unless you have the Samsung note 5 fast wireless charging, I wouldn’t care for wireless charging

        • Brian Shultis

          Both of wireless charging dock stands allow my 6 to sit upright. So while I’m at the office, I can keep an eye on what’s going on on my phone while keeping it fully charged. I use it quite regularly to listen to satellite radio and it charges faster than streaming. Same for at home. It sits upright in its stand and I keep an eye on all incoming notifications without having to pick it up.

        • Monk

          Use it in harmony with wireless… When I’m working it sits on my wireless charger right in view so if something pops I see it without touching it. Quick charging has its place, but I’ve only needed it a few times. I’d rather it have had a regular plug or qi once you throw in type c you need qi as another option.

    • Monk

      Yeah no wireless charging was the deal breaker for me. I invested in two chargers I love them just set it down by my computer or next to my alarm clock and I never worry about my battery. I have a turbo charger incase I need a quick top off but honestly I’ve used it less than 10 times.

      With the early adoption of type c I don’t understand why qi was dropped. Like everyone else you can’t really find the plugs. So what good is a phone with a dead battery? I’ll upgrade when they make a nexus with that 820 chip.

  • Mark G

    Comparing the nexus 6 made by Motorola vs the 6p made by Huwaii… whowhy..? Is exactly it… who…and why would you? It’s like comparing BMW to Kia…and the nexus 5 made cheaply by LG was great android made by a cheap manufacturer. I had 4 of them malfunction on me in in 2 years and will never again purchase an LG or a who why for that matter.

    • Oh come on, Motorola is Chinese as well, it’s just a Lenovo brand. Every phone is built in china, even the iphone….

      • person

        Literally until the last half of this year Motorola was an American company owned by Google, am American company.

        • balcobomber25

          The Nexus 6 was made in China.

      • Disqusman

        I think LG build their phones at home in Korea. At least the N4 and N5 were. Not sure about their other phones. I think their fellow Koreans Samsung build theirs in China though (not sure) like almost everyone else, including Apple. So yes, China can and does produce quality hardware.

      • balcobomber25

        The Korean companies build most of their phones at home, but they do build some in China.

    • Anon

      bought my nexus 5 during launch in nov 2014. still works very well today.
      my xiaomi piston earpiece bought in april 2014 for 15 bucks still works perfect today.
      huawei is very good. their software is “bad” only to the western market. they made their software to cater to their domestic market and they love it. they just need to adapt their software to the western market if they wanna sell it here.
      the sooner westerners realize their getting ripped off by the usual players like samsung and apple, the more happy their wallets will feel. chinese phones just scream bang for buck if you know where to look.

    • Jprime

      Yeah ok

    • balcobomber25

      They are both Nexus phones a comparison is warranted. And Moto is nowhere close to the BMW of phones. It would be more like comparing a Hyundai to a Kia.

  • Alan Espinosa

    The finger scanner, camera, and design are not worth paying the 549$. I much rather the Nexus 6 for $250, it’s basically the same thing.

  • lance

    The 6 is the first phone so good that a year later I don’t like the next gen as much, I want to get a v10 but I love the 6 inch screen and don’t wanna go smaller, I got these jvc 4 way speakers back in 2000 and each time I get Sony or Samsung 3 way speakers they sound way worse so I can’t upgrade my stereo or phone, but them curved oleds look pretttttyyyy swwweeett

  • Matt Skywalker

    Had both. Love both. The 6P just improves on those little things that are quite petty but none the less present in my user experience. Something I wasnt totally aware of till I made the upgrade is how annoying the Nexus 6 is while laying on a table. Being a college student I’m frequently placing my phone on a desk in class or while doing homework. When attempting to operate the phone though it just goes crazy. Rocking back and forth left and right. I quickly leanered to pick it up. Now having that perk back with the 6P I realized how much I missed being able to quickly browse through my phone while its laying down.

  • Moose05

    The 6 is going to be my dd for a long time. I don’t like where the future of phones is heading.

    • Jprime

      Such as?

    • balcobomber25

      What don’t you like specifically?

  • Angryenglish

    So as bizarre as this sounds…. I just sold my 6P and returned to my white 6 and not regretting it one bit.

    6P is a really nice phone but as the 64gb 6 is under $300 I couldn’t recoomed the 6P for the extra money

  • T.J. Jones

    First I’d like to start off by saying that I loved this article and really enjoyed the experienced comparison. I came from the Nexus 5 to my daily driver now which is the Nexus 6. I wasn’t sure that I’d like the bigger size but having big hands, stepping up to the Nexus 6 has made it so much easier to type. I won’t be switching to the 6p….. Ever. As I’m not a fan of anything made by huawei. I’ll just wait and see what 2016/2017 has to offer. As for now, my Nexus 6 is such a wonderful experience and don’t want to change that. Thanks for the great article!

    • Disqusman

      Same here! Was sticking with my Nexus 5 which I loved, but the black Friday deal for the Nexus 6 on Amazon was too good to pass up (I got the 64GB for $240), and I gave my N5 to my gf as a replacement to her Nexus 4 (which was still holding up quite well, BTW).
      I absolutely love the Nexus 6! Such a wonderful phone! I was wondering if I would have had problems with the large size, but now I don’t think I can use a phone with anything smaller than a 5.5″ screen. Front facing speakers, beautiful QHD screen, way better battery life than my N5, nicer build! Was definitely a huge step up. Now, I’m sure I’ll find the 6P to be a step up from the 6 as well…most likely in the ways outlined in the article above, but I’m so satisfied with this phone, that I can wait till later this year when/if the price of the 6P drops…if I am so inclined.

  • I upgraded after falling out with my N6. A battery life that was weaker than a baby lamb and constant, sometimes OS breaking, stutter. The device would lag while doing everything!

    The 6P, however, is beautiful.

    • Benjamin Owuye Jagun

      I almost fell out with my Nexus 6 due to the lag with 5.0 to 5.1.1 Lollipop and not to mention app crashes (looking at you Google+) bit Marshmallow has given my Nexus 6 a new lease of life.

      • balcobomber25

        That was pretty much every Nexus device. Lollipop was a complete disaster for Google. Hopefully Marshmallow is much better optimized.

        • Benjamin Owuye Jagun

          I guess so, and Marshmallow is much more optimised l, no more app crashes and lag and best of all, my Nexus 6 battery can actually last a day niw., with the new DOZE feature.

        • Dre

          I agree with you on that. Lollipop killed my Note 4 and Note Edge and made me upgrade to the Note 5 and Nexus 6P.

      • Gamerchick313

        I agree. Much better performance & battery life with marshmallow. That’s why I haven’t upgrade to the 6p.

  • No Gods

    Ditched the nexus 6 after a month or so because mine had problem after problem. And ther size and weight became way too much after a while. Love the 6p.

  • Benjamin Owuye Jagun

    I have a Nexus 6 as well and I’m enjoying it more now with Marshmallow, I miss having a fingerprint scanner though, my last phone to have this feature was an iPhone 5s which was mostly very accurate. But I’m tempted by the 6P for the camera and fingerprint scanner alone though.

  • Ivy A Nguyen

    I got my Nexus 6 late enough (2015-02-21) that getting the 6P isn’t much of an upgrade for me, especially since I was coming from a 2013 Moto X. Hell until reading this article, I felt the 6P was more of a refresh for the new year or something, or had more to do with Google no longer owning the mobiles division of Motorola. Also, I got around to flashing 6.0.1 to my phone a couple weeks ago & I am back to the snappy performance I had on day 1 of owning my Nexus 6. Everything is good enough for now.

  • Ron Harris

    The Nexus 6 is $249. That is just about half the price of the 6P at $499! Does anything else need to be said? I am waiting for the Pixel Phone, you know it’s coming…

    • person

      I think the Pixel phone would be a last Dutch effort by Google if somehow OEM relations go to complete hell, until then they wouldn’t risk pulling a palm or a Microsoft in directly competing with the OEMs. Perhaps if Samsung manages to get tizen anywhere.

      • balcobomber25

        Tizen is a pipe dream that will never compete.

    • BNSFguy

      I think you’ll be very disappointed if you love the Nexus 6 and are contemplating the new Pixel XL. I know I am. No dual front facing speakers is a definitive “no-go” for me. Lack of wireless charging also sucks. I wish they hadn’t gone down to a 5.5″ display either. I love the 6″ display size, but realize most find it too large. I think the 5.7″ was a nice compromise. Going from 6″ to 5.5″ is really noticeable. Pixels lack of any waterproofing was also a huge mistake, especially at the $769.00 (32 GB) & $869.00 (128 GB) price tag.

  • Jprime

    Great article, thank you for being realilistic!

  • Tim Tian

    I’m pretty sure the 6P is less durable though.

    • balcobomber25

      What makes you say that? Huawei phones have excellent build quality.

      • Tim Tian

        Mostly that bending thing that went around a while ago. Not that I care, I’d put a case on it anyway.

        • balcobomber25

          The bend thing was a test done by one internet troll that spread like wildfire. The test was done after he had already subjected it to a litany of tests including fire and breaking the glass. Fire will weaken any phone. The glass is one of the major components of structural integrity in a phone, once it breaks any phone will bend with enough force.

          • Tim Tian

            I thought he did a second test without the fire and scratching.

          • balcobomber25

            Other reputable Android sites try to replicate his results but weren’t able to. Most chalked it up to an attempt to troll.

          • Tim Tian

            Ok. Not that I’m worried. I don’t plan on upgrading from my HTC One anytime soon. I suppose the battery life is pretty good?

          • balcobomber25

            From what I have seen the battery is life is good, not amazing but not terrible either.

          • Formhault

            Look up JerryRigEverything on YouTube. It’s not an Internet troll who did that…

            Others tried to bend theirs in the wrong location. If you get it just right, it can snap in your pocket, too.

          • balcobomber25

            I have seen his videos before. A “bend” test is one of the worst tests of durability. A Phone is not going to bend under normal circumstances unless you try to make it bend. Even with the iPhone 6 Plus that was notorious for bending in peoples pockets, happened to so few people. Most phones will bend if you put enough pressure on them. Some computers and TV’s can snap in half if you use enough pressure but how often do you try to bend those in normal usage?

  • MeanDroid

    Think smart!!
    I like the small bezel and the symmetric design of the Motorola N6, with great screen size to body volume… Pure value for price! ?

  • Zabih Cino

    Only for fingerprint and camera no chance I will keep my nexus 6

  • balcobomber25

    The last Nexus I actually liked was the 4, the 5 was too bland and a bit of a letdown, the 6 was incredibly ugly and too bulky. The 6P looks like the best Nexus since the 4.

  • Benjamin Pirih

    Love that the photos were taken in Monrovia, CA.. My hometown!!

  • huck5

    I had the 6 and got the 6P, I think the radios are the biggest downside for me. My phone calling and mobile connectios are weaker, as is the Bluetooth connection. If not for these two things, it would be a slam dunk upgrade. The stutters I occasionally get in my car are problematic with Bluetooth playback.

  • scottalias

    I thought about getting a Nexus 6p. But, I liked the Moto X because it was waterproof, had 64GB of internal memory and support for a micro SD card. Then I compared my friend’s Nexus 6p speakers to my HTC Desire 816 and the Nexus speakers are noticeably inferior.

    I want a waterproof phone, like the Moto X, with an excellent display like the Nexus 6p, good speakers like HTC Boomsound, at least 128 GB of memory or support for a micro SD card, fast processor with enough RAM, not much bloatware, and I would like a replaceable battery like the LG G4. A cool looking sculpted metal body would be nice, too, and I like the USB C port that I have on this Asus Zenpad tablet.

    In 2016, an 18 month old mid grade phone is still pretty amazing. I could spend six or seven hundred dollars on an upgrade but until all or most of the features I want are available in one phone, my old phone is fine.

  • Nachochip

    Well, if ignoring the price factor, 6p have the fingerprint and better camera features on paper, and it is the latest flagship phone. On the other hand, if you want to get the best with your money, $199 for 32G Nexus 6 on Amazon has no way to beat. Don’t forget Nexus 6 have OIS and wireless charging feature which 6P do not have. I think at the end, it is more about the style on how to spend the money

  • Jim

    That was a very good analysis. IMO though, the finger print scanner was number one and not for a reason that you mentioned. With a finger print scanner you have ZERO pocket calls!!!!!! And I dance and dance!!!! I hate it when I pocket call or even worse end up deep into a menu structure and not know what occurred along the way. My only negative is the Bluetooth issues that have plagued the phone/Marshmallow. It is unstable with my headset and needs a bit of coaxing to stay connected.
    Anyhow, Thanks for the eval.

    • slurrpitup

      faced zero issues with BT, should get it checked or check if it’s the BT device that you own. There are BT devices out that the 6P doesn’t play well with. Works well with my LG Tone.

  • jmmueller

    Since the 6 has been heavily discounted I just got one to replace my old 5. The price made it a very worthwhile purchase. Probably skip on the 6P and the next version. Think the 6 will last easily over 2 years as a good device.

  • Carl Hill

    I am just finding it too hard to downgrade from 6 inches…

  • datkidpatrick

    today it’s a much harder argument because the 6 can be purchased at such heavy discounts… but i do feel the 6p is better in almost every way…

  • Christian Davis

    i work for Best Buy and I call bullshit on not having USB-C….we have them in both the computer cable aisle and Apple section.


    I’m getting so sick of ppl saying they wouldn’t touch the 6P because it’s a Chinese phone, like are you stupid it’s not a Chinese knock off device which is the Chinese phones you have to look out for not a Huawei made phone, Huawei make excellent hardware and every reviewer has nothing but great things to say about their hardware as of late. So why say it’s a Chinese phone or I wouldn’t touch anything from Huawei, you sound like a damn iPhone user not caring about the actual device but the name just in the opposite way.

  • Mark Washington

    In my daily usage . upgrading means a smaller screen and a fingerprint scanner . That’s all! And right now a fingerprint scanner is not enough to upgrade yet. I prefer the 6inch screen . In fact I hope the next Nexus will be 6.3 inch slimmer side bezels same front facing Speakers and 4000mAh battery snapdragon 82(5) . That’s an upgrade in my books. ?

    • slurrpitup

      personal opinion there, Mark. Guarantee you that Nexus won’t go to 6.3 inches. There’s a reason why they are back down to 5.7.

      • Mark Washington

        Fair enough!

  • cjdacka

    As much as I love my mates Nexus 6P and even though it feels more comfortable in the hands, I am a sucker for the screen size of the Nexus 6 and yes I know the colours are much improved on the 6P and camera etc, but I can live with that and I have a DSLR for a reason and the shots I have managed to get from my Nexus 6 have been quite decent.

  • Bert Gregory

    I’ve had the N6 on Project Fi for some time now. I dig it. It’s an excellent phone for me. Though the photos aren’t outstanding, they’re not shabby either. I do want to switch to the 6P primarily for the photos. Size of the phone isn’t a big deal. I have big hands. For me, 6 inch vs 5.7 inch doesn’t make too much of a diff. I am interested in the finger print scanner. It’d be nice to not have to enter a password or a pin every time I picked up the phone.

  • Mah

    Loving the N6. I was going to upgrade to the 6p but on the fence now. Fingerprint scanner is the one thing drawing me to the 6p.

  • george

    No way. 250$ vs 500$ for what?
    They took away the Qi charging. Took way the OIS feature that allowed for longer exposure.
    Weight and length almost identical.
    For the price difference I could get a fantastic compact camera with a true Xenon flash.

  • BD

    Daily driving the 6P after years of abusing the 4, 5, & 6 – Aside from the finger print scanner, I already miss the screen size of the motorola. Battery life seems comparable to the 6 yet does noticeably keep a longer charge. Annoyed with the fragility of the phones water resistance as there really isn’t any. LET’S GET SOME WATERPROOF INTO THE NEXT NEXUS BUILD, YEAH? The performance of the phone overall is as expected and camera, noticeably better. For those of you on the fence, be practical and wait for the next release. Or if you’re interested in my mint condition/used 6P, i’ll let it go for $500 ;)

  • John

    Still using 6 here.
    Great phone.Best ever
    Gonna spend coin to change for a fingerprint scan? Uh not likely.
    Can still use same OS as upgrades patches come anyway.

  • Animesh Patni

    Nexus 6 is not at all good.
    A fucking huge device and poor design,
    Poor hardware and a fragile screen.
    Poor service from Motorola.
    Low light photographs sucks.
    Nexus 6P anyday.
    Surely a premium phone.
    Nexus 6P can easily last for next 3 years.

  • Jon Redcorn

    I’m surprised you didn’t mention battery life. I’ve never owned the Nexus 6, or even used it, but from first hand accounts from other Nexus 6 owners it appears the battery leaves much to be desired….where the Nexus 6p I can easily get 4hr’s 30min’s and make it at least 1 day & 12 hours without charging…sometimes 2 full days when I charge on the morning of the 3rd day.

    I rarely actually allow my battery to cycle all the way to empty, I only do that when I’m trying to observe battery life. Otherwise I charge the device every night before bed, and then reset the CPU Freq.readings so I can see how well my device is sleeping overnight and make sure I don’t have any rogue apps that will kill my battery the following day. I usually only lose 0.3%/hour overnight. So I usually wake up to a phone with 98% left after sleeping for about 8 hours overnight.

  • vincent

    some of the best apps from trusted reivews and incompatible which really makes you wonder the limitations of the phone or the google company. Also apps which are compatible with simple nexus phone do not function after downloading.

  • vincent

    some of the best apps from trusted reivews and incompatible with nexus 6P or other nexus phones which really makes you understand the limitations of the phone or the google company. Also apps compatible with simple android phones do not function in google nexus after downloading.

  • Michael Manning

    In the last few months my Nexus 6 has become nearly unusable. Camera and app lag are terrible!

  • jeffhanson1

    I have the Moto Nexus 6. The camera flash is in a horribly placed position. The LED flash is located in the rim of the lens. As a result there is glare/reflection on photos! Also, the camera often freezes when taking more than a few photos in rapid succession.

  • BNSFguy

    I’ve had the Nexus 6 for over a year. Now with the Pixel just coming out, and not wanting it because of the smaller screen and most importantly, lack of dual front facing speakers (an absolute must for me), I purchased a frost, 128 GB, Nexus 6P. Prices have come down alot on the 6P so I decided to give one a try. Here’s my opinion on both:
    I love the finger print sensor and the camera is alot better on the 6P. Unfortunately, the speakers are not as good. They aren’t consistent as you turn up the volume either. The jump from the 2nd highest setting to the highest is extreme, and at the highest setting, the speakers sound “tinny”. The Motorola built Nexus 6 speakers are awesome. I absolutely love them and have zero complaints. As for the smaller 6P display, it is definitely noticeable. I was hoping it wouldn’t be, but it is, especially the width. With that said, being smaller makes one handed usage alot easier. I always struggled one handed with the 6. The battery is better on the 6P. No doubt.
    Being on Verizon, not rooted, I’m unable to use Verizon voice mail, visual voice mail, or their cloud app. All three worked on the Nexus 6 and I miss having them. I’ve only had the 6P five day’s, but I’m thinking of returning it and keeping my Nexus 6. The only thing I’ll really miss is the finger print scanner. Boy how I wish that round dimple on the back of the Nexus 6 had one. But I’m thinking of keeping my Nexus 6 another year and wait and see if Google improves the Pixel by adding front facing speakers and waterproofing it. If it had those, I’d have purchased the Pixel, even though I don’t like the smaller 5.5″ display. But I doubt many manufacturers will go over 5.5″ displays in the future. That seems to be the publics sweet spot for phablets. Myself, I LOVED the 6″ display. That’d be my choice always.