When the first beta version of Android 7.1.2 Nougat was announced back in January, it came as no surprise that not many new features were present. Google originally said it was meant to be an incremental maintenance release focused on refinements and bug fixes, and for the most part, that was true. That is, except for Nexus 5X owners who got a little somethin’ extra.

Google brought a handy feature to the Nexus 5X that allows users to swipe down on the fingerprint sensor to reveal the notification shade. This feature was present on the Google Pixel and Pixel XL, along with most recent phones from Huawei. If you’ve never used a phone with this little feature, it’s super helpful, especially on bigger phones… like the Nexus 6P. Unfortunately, when the Nexus 6P’s 7.1.2 beta update finally arrived (and arrived late, I might add), this feature wasn’t present. Odd, I know, but Google clearly struggled a bit with getting this update out on time.

Now Google has just started rolling out the second Android 7.1.2 Nougat beta update to Pixel and Nexus owners, and whaddya know, the feature has finally been added to the Nexus 6P!

I’ve only had a few minutes to test it out so far, but it’s been working pretty well for me. Just enable the toggle under the Moves section of the settings menu, and you’ll be able to swipe down on the fingerprint sensor to bring down the notification shade. You also swipe down again to access your quick settings, and swipe up on the sensor to collapse the notification shade, too.

Are you a Nexus 6P owner? If so, are you happy to see this new feature added? Let us know in the comments.

Jimmy Westenberg
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  • Daniel Ikpeama

    Finally!! This was actually the first thing I checked after I updated.

  • Zainab Malik

    yes I am so happy about the swipe down notification was the first thing I checked out when I got the update

  • Michael Singleton

    Gonna have to get another 6P now.

  • Philip McGeehan

    It’s the simple things…!

  • Mike Lobb

    Wonderin” if I should sign up for the Beta program?… I did before but left the Beta cuz I wasn’t getting any other updates!!

  • wekebu


  • Walden Cervantes

    Does 7.1.2 for nexus 6p have the night lght feature? :)

    • Jimmy Westenberg

      No, unfortunately not.

  • Eran Lotan

    Is there a direct link to the ota file? mine won’t update because i am rooted, i need to manually sideload it.

    • Iuli S. George

      +1 for this, I also wanna know.

  • BD

    Wasn’t too excited about this feature.. after some use – wouldn’t have it any other way

  • Nehad Khan

    When is the Volte expected to come to nexus 6P

  • Pädohammad

    Where is the night mode?

  • Nacrocypher Nacrocypher

    NO, NO, NO Thank you NO! After the N6P battery fiasco which is, in my opinion, as serious as the Galaxy Note 7, I’ll never buy a huawei or a google phone and that’s because the way google reacted to the issue. The media also should be blamed, that’s YOU guys, because of minimal coverage given to the issue. You AA guys praised the phone so much. We bought it. And when the issue is affecting our devices with vague response from google, your devotion to cover a device’s serious issue was vague also. I say BIASED.

  • Žydrūnas

    Quick action type apps on Google Play provide a higher functionality.