LG Nexus 5X Unboxing-22

The Nexus 5X is a good phone, but it’s been widely criticized for its subpar performance and general slow down in day-to-day use. If you’re the owner of one of these devices and are getting tired of rebooting it every couple of days, we’ve got some good news for you. Along with the March security update that Google just announced yesterday, the Nexus 5X is getting some much-needed bug fixes and performance improvements.

Orrin, a Nexus Community Manager, took to Reddit earlier today to tell the community that the March security update includes bug fixes that will “improve overall stability, connectivity and performance on the Nexus 5X.” In a later comment, he explains that some of the fixes will help resolve the following issues:

  • General slow/sluggish performance
  • DND next alarm disappearing issue
  • Improvements with Bluetooth
  • WiFi connectivity improvements
  • Carrier-specific bug fixes
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Project Fi is now invite-free in the US, Nexus 5X available for just $199 with activation

March 7, 2016

You may have noticed in our original post that two factory images were added for the 5X. Orrin clarifies that the “majority of the world (including major US carriers)” will be using the MHC19J build. Other variants will need to use build MMB29V.

The update should start rolling out to devices from today. If you aren’t keen on waiting, feel free to flash the appropriate factory image at the link below. If you’ve never done so, read our walkthrough here!

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  • Daggett Beaver

    So it’s no longer an overpriced piece of crap. It’s a slightly less buggy and sluggish overpriced piece of crap.

    • Marc Perrusquia

      Do you just like to troll Nexus phones or something?

      • Shem68

        Well he could be right depending on the country he’s from. Here in Belgium you can buy a 32Gb Galaxy S6 for the same price as a 16Gb Nexus 5X, so… even though I hate Samsung, can’t say the 5X is a bargain. And as far as I know it’s pretty much the same (if not worse) everywhere outside the US :/

        • jimborae


        • EasyCare

          Tax, factories, etc. Samsung is well-known and pretty much available in every part of the world while Nexus…. not that much.

          • Shem68

            Come on, they come from the same part of the world anyway. They’re all made in Asia, most probably China. Taxes can explain a part of the price difference, but not that much. Especially given the fact that the 5X is only cheap in the US, not in the rest of the world. I highly doubt sales taxes are notoriously lower than in the rest of the world :p

        • Diskus1

          Wow, in Sweden you get 1,5 Nexus 5X 32GB for the price of one S6 32GB.

          For the price of an S7 32GB you get TWO Nexus 5X.

          • Shem68

            Well looks like you folks in Sweden are luckier than I am ! :P

    • Buggy? It has one single bug, the do not disturb bug, I wouldn’t call it buggy. Other than that, I never had problems nor I had to reeboot it. And it’s not sluggish at all. It’s true that it performance is not stellar, but that doesn’t mean sluggish.

  • Roberto Tomás

    You can also get it for $199 with Project Fi —which I think is month to month…so it is basically unlocked.

    • VanceVEP72

      Yep.. just bought two 32GB 5Xs on Project Fi for $249 each. And since they are unlocked, if we don’t like Project Fi, we can take them anywhere we please.

      • yann933

        You might want be careful with taking them anywhere, I read somewhere that Google will charge additional money to bring it back to its original price on the Google store, only if you leave project Fi, you might want read there terms and conditions or something.

        • Sonicgenfan

          Hey, do you know if this is actually true?

  • Alex

    Would be nice if Google did these kind of performance improvements on the Nexus 9 also …

    • VAVA Mk2

      My Nexus 9 is running fine on latest builds. Been good since 5.1.1

    • Virtualanomaly

      Glad I’m not the only one wanting that. Doubt they would. It’s a year and a hald old already

  • jimborae

    What about bug fixes for the 6P? Are we going to have to wait months for those also?

    • Shem68

      What issues are you having on yours mate ? Mine’s running like a champ, fortunately :)

  • blackhawk

    So buy a 5x now worth it or not ? I’m curently in canada and we don’t have US prices, here the 32GB is around 380 USD without taxes…

    • Karly Johnston

      I wouldn’t go near it at that price. It was on sale for $200 which is about what its worth now.

  • Karly Johnston

    It needs it, the original N5 is snappier than that load of bugs.

    • Which load of bugs? Please, enumerate them or stick to speaking of things that you know and have tried.

    • Michele Pattaro

      I don’t see any bugs,on my 5x,but I agree with you, regarding the fact that a Nexus 5 is snappier than a 5x.
      And despite I’m a big fan of the Nexus brand,I must admit that.


    Android Authority is using an Apple Keyboard.(Maybe with an iMac) LOL
    They should change their name to “Apple authority”…

    • Ch4oswe4ver

      What does their choice of PC have to do with mobile devices? I know people who have all kinds of combinations of smart devices and ecosystems. Plus, most if not all of Google’s services that allow interaction with an Android device are available on Mac OS AFAIK. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not an Apple anything person (other than iTunes), I use a combo of Windows PCs and tablets, and Android phones, and they can work fine together. What I don’t understand though, are people who have for example an iPad and an Android phone. A few of my friends do that. If you use any paid apps and want them on both, gotta pay twice, they’re almost completely locked out of eachother.

      • EeZeEpEe

        Yeah I sideloaded the update with my iMac. ?

  • SameOlSong1

    This is what really concerns me about switching to Nexus devices. I’ve got a Note 3 and 2 S5’s and all of them are having major lag issues. My wife barely has anything on hers and it lags aweful. She hates it. I told myself our next phones would be Nexus devices to get stock Android but then I read about all the issues with the 5X and I don’t get it. Lag, camera crashes etc. I like the idea and features of Android better than iOS, and I think the phones are a far better value for the features, but I don’t recall ever having lag issues like this with the iPhone 5’s we had.

    • I have both a 5x and an iPhone 6. I like the 5x better (but I have to admit I prefer android to ios). Of course the materials and design of the iPhone are better, but the 5x is great and costs half the price. It’s not so slow and it’s very stable. Camera app is a bit slow, but that’s a problem of the camera app and there are plenty of alternative apps on the market. If this update improves speed, it’ll be just perfect.

      • SameOlSong1

        The iPhones are nice and the quality is good but I also don’t mind the quality of the Note 3 or the S5’s that I have. Quality hasn’t been an issue. I’m talking about the performance and the lag is bad across the board with Samsung phones that I have. I figured it was a Touchwiz issue so I don’t wanna purchase another Samsung phone, albeit they are good phones. I’ve read tons of user comments tho lately, especially with the new deal on the 5x about how much lag the 5X has and how bad the camera app is. It’s making me question staying with Android all together.

  • I have a 5x and never have to reboot it… That said, performance improvements are always welcome. But the situation is not that tragic at all.

  • Ray Tan

    please fix the camera google ! my 5x camera always crash while using snapchat:(

  • EeZeEpEe

    It’s so much smoother that I left the animations on 1X and Nova Launcher animations to stock too so I can enjoy it. LOL. SwiftKey is snappier and hasn’t closed and reopened on me. Chrome’s increased fluidity is probably where I notice it the most. And the running services free RAM is 400-600 MB for me. Used to be 100-150 MB. This is the smooth Nexus feel I was expecting since day one. Have yet to use the camera though. The struggle is no longer real for me! ? Hope it keeps up the performance over time.

  • devesh

    This 5x is my first nexus. Since beginning I have been using Samsung despite the laggy touchwiz and always envied nexus for it’s snappiness but something’s kept me away from buying one. The Galaxy nexus was not official in India in beginning, nexus 4 was not that pleasing to me and nexus 5 was haunted with battery and camera imperfections. May be these were my excuses. One day I compared my s6 edge with a friend’s old nexus 5 (almost 2 years). And the way it snapped and shamed my s6!! My GOD! That’s when I decided to buy nexus 5x as it had a better camera and no battery issues. But never I felt the device was faster than my s6, I thought may the first time I had a placebo feel of a foreign device. But now after reading experiences I acknowledge nexus 5x ain’t snappy like 5.
    But so far It had not been buggy too for me, for camera I have Manual Camera installed. The issues I had so far were
    1) Got fingerprint scanner replaced once as it stopped working.
    2) Sim Card error led to Motherboard replacement twice because the first replacement had a defective volume rocker and later found out that the Sim was defective but by that time the first motherboard was sent back. So now I got a second replacement of mother board.
    Since then the device has been doing good. Software wise it’s not buggy to me. Lets see after this update how it performs. Eventually I’ll be comparing it to nexus 5 again.
    But still I love the device for amazing battery standby especially and camera. The light feel is an added advantage and screen which many find yellowish is actually my preferred tone to use for hours!