Google Store sale Nexus 5X

Google is in the giving mood! After a brief price break for Black Friday, the Nexus 5X is back on sale, this time for a decidedly longer duration. From now until December 30th, the Google Store has taken $50 off the price tag bringing the 16GB model to $329 and the 32GB model to $379. Amazon and Best Buy are also in on the sale and have reduced their product prices as well!

Another potential present for smartphone shoppers at the Google Store is an extended return window. Purchases made from December 8th through December 25 can be returned through January 22, 2016. This applies to everything however, not just the Nexus 5X.

Notes on the Nexus

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The Nexus 5X, made by LG Electronics, is the smaller of this year’s two Nexus smartphones, the other, pricer yet more powerful and potent being the Huawei Nexus 6P. Just as with Black Friday, it is only the LG variant which has received a discount, however those customers who went shopping the day after Thanksgiving ultimately got the better deal as said sale was for $80 off.

In our official review, we concluded that:

There is no doubt that the Nexus 5X is a worthy successor to the Nexus 5, but this device faces far harder competition that anything seen by the Nexus 5. While aspects like the really good fingerprint scanner, a far improved camera, and smooth performance are fantastic to see, it isn’t that difficult to find a worthy alternative either, depending on your needs.

While everyone can appreciate a good deal, we suspect this prolonged price point might have to do with a sales trend favoring the Huawei Nexus, which was sold out upon its release at the Google Store. The Nexus 5X on the other hand, was readily available from day one.

Seeing Overseas

NTT docomo Nexus 5X Pricing

The retail prices of carrier Nexus 5X units in Japan is so expensive they are higher than the 6P hardware.

This sale is not limited exclusively to America however, as it appeared this morning here in Japan where the device – like in other territories – is significantly more expensive than it is in the United States. The return window component is also present, as it is in Google Stores around the world.

In Japan specifically, this is a rather surprising development given that Christmas is not observed here and relegated to a decorative event with a pretext for dating. Google is thus assuming citizens are going to be purchasing presents, though with New Years coming up – a holiday that is a major family event here – the gesture is still applicable.

To buy or not to buy?

Will this price break on the Nexus 5X encourage you to do some smartphone shopping? Is it a better value at the new reduced cost, or would you still preferentially prefer a a Nexus 6P? Leave us your comments below and be sure to let us know!

  • Ezzy

    Wishing I hadn’t bought it for $500 across the pond…defo not worth that. $299 sounds more legit.

  • Londinium

    £35 off in the UK.

  • KeyserSoze

    About damn time, still wouldn’t buy one though… Note4 is way better.

  • Still $500CAD here in Canada – thank you Google!
    Keeping my Nexus 4.

    • Ron

      Yes, still waiting!

  • i_say_uuhhh

    I’ve been debating about getting this for my mom. Not a power intensive user and loves taking pics. She doesn’t really care about build quality either so I doubt she’ll care about it being plastic. This seems like the perfect phone for her.

  • Jason Wilson

    Because of the competition out there (like the OnePlus X) I look at the Nexus 5X and I see a $250-$299 device. Felt that way since day 1. When Google perma drops the price in line with what the device is worth I’ll bite.

    • Ronnie

      Nexus Phones are now available for a discounted price only below

  • Marc Perrusquia

    It’s also on sale at b&h, which for most states has no sales tax.

    • KeyserSoze

      >> It’s also on sale at b&h <<

      You lie, those guys only sell pure cane sugar!

  • Karly Johnston

    No one is getting the 16GB model so after tax this is still a $400 phone. Why spend that when you can get the 3GB RAM Mi4C for $250? Quit throwing money away on crappy phones.

  • Dennis Eccleston

    I had to return my 6P because of a faulty USB C port and admit being worried about how easy it was too bend. The 5x always seemed to expensive so the sale will help. However I am not sure I ever want to buy a modern Google phone again. The crusade against SD and the crazy writes issue really put me off. As an example I bought a $29.99 Black Friday, Microsoft phone from Best Buy to test and put in an SD card. A message pops up, ” Would you like to use this card to store all new music, pictures, video and downloads?” This is what everyone wants and SHAMES GOOGLE, pity only on Windows phones.
    It might be better to consider a reintroduced Takee1 for $107 as it is still an old 4.2 Android but has a full HD display, 3/32 GB of memory, two SIM slots, a replaceable battery and a card slot. I like Nexus phones but hate how Applesque Google has become.

  • Ron

    Not in Canada, still $499 for 16GB