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Update: a Google rep told Gizmodo the Nexus 5 will remain on sale through the Play Store and other retailers in Q1 2015. The statement doesn’t necessarily contradict the report that production has stopped. It’s unclear what will happen after Q1 2015.

Original post:

The news that the red and white versions of the Nexus 5 have been removed from the Play Store sparked speculation about a similar fate awaiting the black version as well.

It looks like fears were founded this time, as an unnamed Google spokesperson confirmed to TechRadar that production of the Nexus 5 has stopped. Once the stock runs out, the black version of the Nexus 5 will be removed from the Play Store for good.

“Once they are gone, they’re gone, so we’d suggest people get them while they can,” said the Google representative.

Currently, the black Nexus 5 (16 and 32 GB) is listed as out of stock in the US Play Store. It’s not clear if more stock will be added.

With today’s short production cycles, which push the 6-month limit in some cases, it should come to no surprise that Google and LG have decided to wrap up Nexus 5 production. Still, when the Nexus 5 remained in the Play Store along newcomer Nexus 6, some thought Google would continue to offer the 5-incher as an option for users looking for a smaller phone.

Our Kevin Nether looked at how the Nexus 5 is holding up a year after its market debut, and found that “if you’re looking for a stock-Android experience, extremely quick updates, and decent build quality, you still can’t go wrong with the Nexus 5.” Here’s his video:

[bcPortal width=”800″ height=”450″ videoid=”3877128409001″ publisherid=”3674338003001″ playerid=”3674338273001″ autostart=”false”]

Will there ever be a new version of Nexus 5? It may be just wishful thinking, but we can’t rule out the possibility either. But, for now, the oversized Nexus 6 remains Google’s reference phone.

Even after the Nexus 5 reaches end-of-life status, you will still be able to get it from various retailers, and probably at steeply discounted prices.

Will you be said to see the Nexus 5 go? Or is newer always better for you?

Bogdan Petrovan
Bogdan is the European Managing Editor of Android Authority. He loves tech, travel, and fantasy. He wishes he had more time for two of those things. Bogdan's phone is a Nexus 6P.
  • fatspirit

    It’s sad, so sad

    It’s a sad, sad situation.

    • deepen915

      I mean maybe we get a new Nexus 5 (2015) model?

      • David Gabel

        I sincerely hope so. Don’t get me wrong, I like the 64GB Nexus 6 I snagged, but I find myself at times switching between it and the 32GB Nexus 5 during the week, as the form factor of the N5 feels more comfortable to use than the N6 phablet..

      • fatspirit

        And it’s called Nexus 6 ):

        • fuzzyjambi

          Sure, but phablets are niche products. And the Nexus 6 isn’t exactly selling like crazy and doing what Nexus 5 did to the market. Phones around 5″ are still the most popular format for phones.

          • stefa quin

            show me some proof that they are. because im 99% sure you dont know if the nexus 5 sold better or will sell better than the nexus 6

      • Renato Biancalana da Silva

        Probably. They will do like Nexus 7. Is something logical, given that they follow names with the (almost) screen size. And probably we will have also a new Nexus 4

    • Will

      Said so said

    • MasterMuffin

      As a wise man once said: “gg op no re”

    • Balraj

      I think not everybody are happy with 6 inch model and Google needs to sell a lot of them so stopping nexus 5 is only way to go

    • crutchcorn


    • ShitMyNameWontF

      Not really. It was a mediocre phone. After multiple Nexus phones, it’s clear that Google doesn’t give a damn about battery life.

      • Karly Johnston

        Lollipoop only reiterates that point.

        • stefa quin

          Lol not sure if thats sarcasm but i’ll assume it is since lollipop barely increases battery life if at all

          • Karly Johnston

            it kills battery life

  • Ahmed Mohamedeen

    And will it get updates or also no support?

    • fatspirit

      Nexus 4 has support even now, so why not?

  • Cowen K. Gittens

    This sucks a lot! Worst news from Google for the year! Maybe ever! And I’m sure the black version might run out any time soon. Damn!

  • frhow

    Just get an M8 GPE, it is not a true Nexus but for the same price as a Nexus in some places you cant really go wrong with a more Premium “Nexus”.

    • Too bad Google only sells GPE devices in the US.

  • Juan A C

    This is so sad :( After two years of a shitty 4.0.4 phone, I was about to get a Nexus 5. I hope they do an update for the same price

  • Tom

    there should be a nexus 6 mini. Apple is going to to that with their phones. 6 inch screen is just too big. I’m asian we have small hands!

    • Chris

      And small dicks

      • Marc Perrusquia

        You must know that from all of the ones you studied to have reached that conclusion.

      • Tom

        lol chris, i hope you get banned you douche.

      • usman

        lol says the Phd in penises (but i lol’d anyway)

  • minh nghia

    I feel lucky because I bought Nexus 5 one month ago. Can nexus 5- best cheap Android- back to market pleaseeeeeeeee!!!!!!

  • Jimmy Jamm

    Nope, no sad at all…after all i have one, so piss on it…scrap them all, u snooze u lose…suckers…lol

  • Jonathan Kramer

    I would agree with the rest of the gang here.. The Nexus 6 is just too big and too much money also. If Google was smart they’d continue producing what has been a very popular device as well as support it with updates beyond 2 years..but what do I know? LOL

    • Marc Perrusquia

      I think it’s a fair price. Just wish I could buy one. I don’t buy phones that have already come out though. So I’m just waiting for the first 810 based phone preferably with a screen surpassing 6 inches. My oneplus one will have to be enough till then.

    • stefa quin

      Why would producing the smaller device be smarter for google? google is a business and wants money. The nexus 5 will not make as much money. Stopping production of the nexus 5 to push nexus 6 sales WILL make money. before you speak logic…

  • Nexus5Ordered

    I ordered Nexus 5 few days ago :).. can’t wait for it to arrive :)

  • RichHomieGuan

    I’m waiting for the lollipop to hit my OPO, I really enjoyed lollipop update on my N5 but unfortunately after the update my N5’s performance suffers and stutters, I hope 5.01 will fix this and no I’m not selling my red N5 haha

  • hzd

    Yeah its sad, but regardless you can’t keep taking up production line space for an old product that LG will be wanting to ramp up new products come Q2 2015.

    The Nexus 5 is a great device, ( typing from it now) my N6 is waiting for me at home its always nice to have something new for Christmas and what not so my nexus 5 will sit half charged in its box for a while until its services are required once again.

    The nexus 5 will be a fine backup device for when the nexus 6 meets its shattery demise, if the cases and screen protectors don’t work as well as those on my N5


    “it should come to no surprise that Google and LG have decided to wrap up Nexus 5 production.” what?!

    This is a massive surprise. Everybody was under the impression that the Nexus 5 was to be continued for another year as the “phone” alternative to the “phablet” that we had been presented with in October.
    This is a massive deal, we now have to wonder if they have plans to released an updated 5″ (approx size) “phone” model, as an alternative to their new Nexus 6 “phablet”.

    Personally I’ve bought the Nexus 6 already, however, If I thought or somehow would know that they are bringing an update to the 5″ range of devices, I would perhaps of held out.

    5.2″ Snapdragon 810 immediately springs to mind.. anything is possible

    • antihype

      No, they will just discontinue the 5 and keep selling the 6 and 9. No need to hype yourself up over nothing, this is merely Google doing a terrible job of planning, as usual.

    • stefa quin

      Honestly you need to understand that IT IS NOT A MASSIVE SURPRISE. Would you like to know why? Well get a moto x. If google would have come out with a nexus phone in that category that would be a complete waste. Moto x is basically stock android like use your brain IT IS THERE


        Moto X is not a nexus. It’s not stock android and won’t receive updates direct from Google like stock android.
        Moto X 2014 specs fall short in many areas that the Nexus 6 does not, and its specs barely surpass Nexus 5 which was a 2013 phone.

        Chipset Qualcomm MSM8974AC Snapdragon 801
        CPU Quad-core 2.5 GHz Krait 400
        GPU Adreno 330
        Bluetooth v4.0

        And I don’t need a reminder about my brain, you might wanna calm down hiding behind your little computer buddy.

  • SaRPeR

    We need a Nexus 5 (2015) model with the same specs as Nexus 6 but with Full HD screen instead of QHD.

    • Marc Perrusquia

      If you want those specs look at the S5 plus.

      • GJ007

        Sure, if you want AMOLED, and don’t mind screen burn in. I’d prefer an IPS or SuperLCD display. I use Waze a lot, and it’s a known problem of screen burn in with navigation apps on AMOLED displays. The Nexus 5 doesn’t have an AMOLED display like the Nexus 6 and Moto X.

    • stefa quin

      Uhm no we dont. Its called the moto X.

  • Sam

    Another sign that Nexus 6 didn’t really sell well…

    • noNexus

      Well, a major reason is probably that there are never any available to buy…

      • Sam

        Thats what they would like you to think. Why on the world can’t they take pre orders? Its only going to help in manufacture. Why would it be so difficult for Motorola to make Nexus6 when they don’t have any problems what so ever with MotoX? I think, they don’t want to admit failure.

  • EvenInTheDarkestHour

    This is of little surprise. I truly believe Google has little interest in continuing the success of the Nexus line. Maintain only enough interest and sales of the primary test units (GPE the alpha 2) offered in numbers sufficient to collecte enough data on performance and acceptability of new features and updates. Measured in the thousands, not millions, and only in targeted markets.
    But, that’s just like an opinion, man

  • Mr. Mark

    Thus marking the end of a golden era. :'(

  • Humberto Hernandez

    Well…. at least we will have a nexus 7 PHONE next year (?)… i should get used to use a 7″ phone…

  • flye

    I’ll rage quit nexus line if the next one is still done by Motorola

  • stefa quin

    Why is everyone complaining about no more nexus 5? You want one with better specs well get the 2014 moto x. Im sure if Google decided to make the norm of 5.2 inches and stock android it would basically be the same as the moto x with LESS USEFUL FEATURES. Thats probably a reason Google didn’t make one in that 5inch realm. They partnered with Motorola knowing that they are basically a stock experience, so why on Earth do people think its a good idea to make one the EXACT same size?

    • GJ007

      I got the Moto X 2014 (Pure Edition), and I returned it… It has a crappy AMOLED display, that is vulnerable to burn in, which is not a problem with IPS displays like the Nexus 5.

  • Vivekananda Naragund

    I had to return my device due to some problem which wasn’t fixed even after following trouble shooting steps..

    Its been 45 days now the RMA was raised and the device was returned. The rep from google keeps asking me if Am ok with white device.. after confirming am ok.. they again ask if am ok with red… And after my confirmation as am ok with any colour now finally they are back saying they short of stock…

  • Ash

    I don’t understand why they would take the Nexus 5 out of production, it’s been their most popular phone for a long time, and sales would continue to be high even with the Nexus 6 being available. They’re two different phones, that each offer different things for different people.