Netflix goes global, adding 130 more countries to its network

by: Kris CarlonJanuary 7, 2016

Netyflix everywhere global service

At CES 2016 today Netflix announced – and launched – its streaming service globally, adding 130 new countries to its network for a total of 190 countries. China misses out, as does Syria, Crimea and North Korea, but people everywhere else can now legitimately text a friend to “Netflix and chill”.

As Netflix Chief Executive, Reed Hastings, announced, it is “the birth of a new global TV network. With this launch, consumers around the world – from Singapore to St. Petersburg, from San Francisco to Sao Paulo – will be able to enjoy TV shows and movies simultaneously – no more waiting.”

You can try Netflix for one month for free by signing up here and enjoy the service on pretty much any internet-connected device, from smartphones and tablets to laptops and consoles. The service can be accessed by up to five user profiles and streaming quality will be automatically tuned to your available bandwidth. You can see a full list of supported countries here.

This year Netflix will deliver 24 feature films, 31 new and returning TV shows, 30 original kids’ series and stand-up comedy specials. English is the primary language for the new global rollout, although Netflix has today added Arabic, Korean and Simplified and Traditional Chinese to its language options, for a total of 21.

While Netflix is still investigating ways to provide the service in China, there might be some weird flashbacks to the early days of the service when it was still sending out DVDs. Due to a “complication” at a manufacturing plant, users received Chinese porn rather than President Clinton’s testimony in front of the Grand Jury on the whole Monica Lewinsky affair. This little mix-up may well have caused the original “Netflix and chill”.

Do you watch Netflix? What is your favorite show?

  • Boost

    Available content still varies from country to country. :(

  • saksham

    yes yes yes !

  • Sinan Cagrı Kurt

    For a moment I was happy then I saw local prices and content providers…

  • netflix & chill everywhere

  • Dimitrisk7

    I live in Greece and we havent Netflix.?

    • Sinan Cagrı Kurt

      Greece is one of these 130 countries. So yes you have now

  • sri charan


  • Javid Nazim Mammadov


  • Tonderai Chambwe

    finally someone remembers zimbabwe

  • Kadi

    I was happy for 30 seconds.. Then I saw what shows they have! no House of cards, no Big bang theory, no CSI, no no no .. why I should subscribe!?

    • Simanjuntak Leni

      I try the free 1 month, and it seems it’s all old movie or movie that I don’t know.

  • Kunal Narang

    That last paragraph was just hilarious!

  • stevinshaun7

    Netflix offers a differnt library/titles in each country. Switch Netflix Regions and Get Instant access to 100+ Netflix Libraries with PureVPN!

  • Влатко Стојанов

    With 15 times (literally) less content than US, and higher price because of the EUR. No, thanks.