Nano Nails lets you use fingernails as a stylus

by: Joe HindyJanuary 15, 2013

Nano Nails
CES 2013 had a a lot of interesting things. Among those was a nifty idea called Nano Nails. Nano Nails is an accessory for those with long nails that helps fix that touch screen versus long nails problem. It does it without ruining the nails, too.

It’s no secret that nails don’t work on capacitive touch screens. Tapping your nail on the screen usually does absolutely nothing. Nano Nails can be attached under a long nail which allows nail taps to be recognized by the touch screen. This effectively solves the problem of long nails on a touch screen.

According to CNet, Nano Nails will be relatively cheap too. It’s been reported that they’ll be about $10 for between four and six of them. They can be applied by the individual or it can be done at a salon. Getting four to six for $10 is a pretty decent deal as well. As CNet also notes, there is a little bit of a learning curve learning how to use them.

Are Nano Nails the end all, be all of finger accessories?

If you have long nails, there really isn’t any other accessory that will let you use touch screens without cutting your nails. There are other finger accessories, such as the tech tips, which fits over your finger like a thumb pick for a guitar. They are actually made by the same company who does Nano Nails.

When these get released, do we have any long nailed readers who will be giving them a shot?

  • Lena Mirzoian

    I would give it a shot only if someone gave them to me. I wouldn’t spend $10 (or euro’s, in my case) on nail accessories unless I’m 100% sure they’re worth it and/or they fully serve their purpose. Besides, the only way I go around using my touchscreen phone without cutting my nails, is a stylus pen.

  • RarestName

    Or maybe, you know, cut your nails?

  • J. de Vries

    That’s why the Galaxy Note’s stylus comes in handy! Also to be used with gloves.

  • Yecats

    I’m sure there are heaps of people out there who would love to try them – bunnynails, chalkboard nails, nailed it nz, beaching nails, just to name a few – a lady called stacie clemons runs a group called “world of nailcraft” on facebook and there are a tonne of people in there from all over the world who would give these a a run for their money!

  • Polish Armoire

    I am still able to use my finger pads on my touch screen phone despite having longer nails than those shown in the photo. Having long nails doesn’t necessarily mean that you are reduced to using a stylus so I’d give these a pass. Interesting idea though.

  • LA Micksch

    Unless they invent just a tip to glue under the nail, I won’t be using them. I have had acrylic nails since ’95 and after going to my Android, also had to go to a little stylus. I miss the days when the corner of my thumbnail was the BEST for texting.