Motorola pushes out DROID RAZR and RAZR MAXX Jelly Bean update

by: Andrew GrushMarch 13, 2013


Just a week ago we reported that a Jelly Bean soak test was in progress for the Droid RAZR and RAZR MAXX, and that it would start rolling out in phases. Now Verizon has officially began pushing the update out to more users.

The new update is 338MB in size and brings with it all the Jelly Bean goodness you’ve been dreaming of. This includes features like Google Now, an improved notification bar, Google Chrome and so much more.

In many ways the update makes you feel like you have a whole new phone, ditching the old BLUR software suite in favor of newer Google apps. Really isn’t too surprising, as Motorola has been pushing back its old Motorola bloatware for a while now. In fact, this update brings the Motorola RAZR and RAZR MAXX pretty close to a true stock Android experience.

When the update becomes available to you, your phone have a notification pop up. Still, it doesn’t hurt to start mashing that update button now on occasion just in case. While most of you already know this, for those that don’t, simply navigate to ‘System Updates’ under ‘About Phone’ in the Settings section.

Now that your RAZR or RAZR MAXX finally has Jelly Bean, will you be sticking with the phone for a bit longer or are you ready to trade-up as soon as your contract expires?

  • Emin Impersonator

    I’ve noticed my phone having some issues since updating. It flickers and twitches sometimes when loading apps and webpages. Also, it completely froze up earlier today.
    It eventually restarted, but scared the hell out of me for a few minutes.

    • EddieA

      The latest update for Chrome did that to my phone after I upgraded. Try uninstalling the Chrome update if you installed/updated it.

  • mattdavis

    Every time.I try to install it says update faile. What is wrong!?

  • Jazzy

    My phone never loaded after the update :/ my phone worked perfectly fine before it. I bought the phone brand new, and now I have to replace my phone with a “certified” phone. I had a bad feeling about the update! Don’t do it!,

  • michele

    My weather widget is gone and I can’t get it back, any suggestions?

  • Chavez

    Since the update to jelly bean 2 days ago my phone will no longer connect to my WiFi at home seems to work fine elsewhere. Also I have noticed some flickering if the screen and lag while opening apps and I am having issues using the voice search part of Google now.

    • Google_Man

      Same here (wifi issue).

      • Avsfan

        Same here good thing I still have unlimited data

    • Have you tried deleting the wifi network and re-adding it and typing in the password?

  • john martin

    screenshot doesnt Work On My Razr Maxx NowThat Ive Upgraded To Jellybean.

  • deanna

    Since my update today, no one can hear me during calls!?!?!? How can I fix this?

  • Onlean

    I downloaded it and my phone is awesome now…only wish my foxfire worked.

    • Jaime Cespedes

      Did you have to back up ?

    • Anonymous

      FoxFi? Use Dan Rosenberg’s new Jelly Bean Root, install SQLite Editor, and follow online instructions to change entitlement check from “1” to “0”, then you can use FoxFi or the stock tether app.

  • I LOVE it

  • M.Beg


  • Kevin

    My screen will not auto rotate after the upgrade and it does not sense when it is in a dock, any ideas?

  • Kyle Gustafson

    I think the update is an amazing improvement. Project butter makes a world of difference for speed. Google now is something I use every day now. I plan on holding out to buy a new phone for a while.

  • Suz

    My Smart Actions do not work after update, anyone else experience this or am I missing something?

    • Todd

      I am having the same issues. And the battery life sucks even more than before. Give me Gingerbread back!

  • Paul H

    Update is terrible. WiFi does not work at home now. No problem at all before update. Weather Widget gone. Not loving it at all. These are just the problems have have found since downloading update 2 hours ago. I’m sure there are more issues to come.

  • Bob

    You totally just copied someone else’s article and posted in a few of your own words here and there. HAHAHA. In school, we call that plagiarism, but since it’s a silly phone update, I’ll let it slide. ;)

  • paddy

    Since the upgrade, my e-mail app will not connect to gmail. Says there is a security issue. No other connectivity issues. Other than that, I like the look and feel of the upgrade. Verizon tech told me users were reporting a lot of different problems.