Moto X Style / Moto X Pure Edition unboxing and first impressions

by: Lanh NguyenSeptember 11, 2015

2015 has been a great year for consumers in the Android world, thanks to an exponential rise in high quality, yet affordable, smartphones. This trend is not limited to the mid-range either, with a bevy of current generation flagships priced at least a couple of hundred dollars lower than the expected high-end standard. One such smartphone is the latest Motorola flagship, called the Moto X Pure Edition in the US, or the Moto X Style in other international markets. Before diving into a full review, here are our first impressions of the device, as we take a quick look at the unboxing of the Moto X Style / Moto X Pure Edition!


Moto X Pure Edition Unboxing-3

If you’ve stuck with the Moto X since its beginnings in 2013 like I have, the first thing you’ll notice right off the bat how much bigger the box of the latest iteration is. Obviously, the phone is much bigger this time around, but another reason for this difference in size is because of a bumper case that is included in the box as well.

Moto X Pure Edition Unboxing-1

Opening the box reveals the smartphone in all its glory, and right next to it the bumper case. It is a plastic clear bumper case that isn’t anything fancy, but should get the job done just fine if you’re looking for a little bit of protection while being able to show off the unique stylings of your customized phone. Underneath the bumper case is Motorola’s Turbo power charging brick, to take advantage of the fast charging capabilities of the device, and Motorola claims that you will be able to get up to 10 hours of battery life back after just 15 minutes of charging.

Moto X Pure Edition Unboxing-10

The only oddity here is the fact that the cable is permanently attached to the charger, so if you need a dedicated microUSB-to-USB cable for other needs, you will have to supply that yourself. Also included in the box is the typical documentation, including a Quick Start guide, warranty information, and other legal information. With the documentation is a leaflet that carries a standard SIM tray removal tool.

First impressions

Moto X Pure Edition Unboxing-2

One of the biggest selling points of the Moto X line is the customization that is available via Moto Maker, to really make the device look and feel like your own. Doing exactly that, I decided to go with a black front, slate back, and lemon lime for the accents. You get to choose whatever colors and material choices you want, including leather and wood, and that’s part of the beauty of owning a Moto X.

Moto X Pure Edition Unboxing-8

As far as the design language is concerned, there are a lot of similarities when compared to its predecessors, with its sloping curved back, rounded corners, and an unassuming and clean front. Motorola’s signature dimple returns on the back underneath the camera, but this iteration is far more subtle that what was seen with the Moto X (2014), and is certainly a lot better.

Moto X Pure Edition Unboxing-13

The biggest difference with the new Moto X Style is the size, and the 5.7-inch display did make it sound like this device would be too large, but when we got our hands on it for the first time during the launch event in New York, all my doubts were put to rest, and that is how I still feel about the device now. Of course, it’s not a small phone anymore, and does completely dwarf the previous generation devices, but Motorola has done a great job with keeping thin bezels, which makes the device feel very manageable in one hand. In fact, it is quite similar to the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 in terms of height and width, with the Moto X Pure Edition being slightly thicker.

Moto X Pure Edition Unboxing-16

As a refresher of the specifications, the Moto X Pure Edition is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 processor, clocked at 1.8 GHz, and backed by the Adreno 418 GPU and 3 GB of RAM, and the device comes with 16 GB, 32 GB, or 64 GB of internal storage, which is further expandable via microSD card by up to 128 GB. Finally, the device packs a 3,000 mAh non-removable battery which is hopefully enough, especially when considering the fact that it has to power a large 5.7-inch TFT LCD display with a Quad HD resolution.

Moto X Pure Edition Unboxing-14

The cameras have also seen an improvement, at least on paper, with the phone now featuring a 21 MP primary camera and a 5 MP front-facing shooter with a wide angle lens and a “selfie” flash. We will, of course, be putting this camera setup through its paces in the upcoming full review, and we’ll have to wait and see whether this camera can stand up tall against the fantastic competition it faces in the Android world.

Moto X Pure Edition Unboxing-9

On the software side of things, the device is running Android 5.1.1 out of the box, and Motorola has had a really good track record with keeping the software experience very close to stock Android, which is what makes the Moto X one of the best alternatives to a Nexus device. In some ways, the Moto X is better, with some incredibly useful features that Motorola has baked in, such as the Moto Display, Moto Voice, and others. Another great aspect of the Moto X Pure Edition is that there is no bloatware to be found, and upon turning the device on for the first time, you will notice that there is only a page and a half worth of apps, most of which are Google applications.

So there you have it for this quick look at the unboxing of the Moto X Pure Edition / Moto X Style! Stay tuned with Android Authority for the upcoming comprehensive review of this smartphone, and for everything else that has to do with the world of Android.

  • NoDGe

    …intl giveaway

    • Chris Davies

      Not bothered by size but weight is an issue.

  • shonangreg

    Please pop out the SIM card housing and try to take the back off. Can you get it to start coming off? Can you see how easy it would be to replace the battery?


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    • Karly Johnston

      Once you unscrew the frame you can get at the battery with ease.

      • shonangreg

        That’s the first encouraging news I’ve heard on this. Thanks. This is looking more and more like my next phone.

  • Wack

    Why can’t they make a decent 4.7-5 inch phones instead of making mini slates of 5.7-6 inches?

    • renceokgobja

      Buy iPhone. It’s 4.7 inch. As for me and my household, this Moto X is the phone.


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    • Dibyendu Biswas

      Why don’t u go for Moto e series and not ask for X series

  • xanuser

    ugg, another great spec’d phone that cannot be used laying flat on a desk or table.

    • mojokex

      Can’t say from experience, but that bumper looks like it could hold the phone flat and steady on a table.

      • xanuser

        if someone could verify that it would work with a bumper, id buy the phone today….

        • iamyourdemize

          I have the 2014 Moto X with the bumper Motorola sells and it definitely does not sit flush on a desk and rocks when you try to do anything. Considerably less than without the bumper, but it still rocks.

    • Svnjay

      Buy an Xperia

    • LithiumFox

      The Moto X has never been flat. It’s always been awesome. Shut up. Go away.

    • Jayd

      it actually doesn’t tilt, which is surprising. Got mine yesterday.

      • xanuser

        Hmm. Ive been searching for video of someone typing while its laying flat…nothing yet.

  • RichardReich

    Would be interested, but size and lack of fingerprint sensing are fatal faults.

    • Filament

      I don’t think it’s really fatal for its price. What’s fatal to me is no OIS though .

  • Varun Patel Rajkot

    tell me which day relase india Moto X Pure Edition and price ..

  • adooralee

    this is pretty much the perfect phone for me right now.. affordable, nice big screen, stereo speakers, (near) stock android, micro sd card slot, good camera (pretty much everything is better than my note 2 nowadays) and fast charging! too bad I live in Australia and won’t get to customise my phone :'(

    • Filament

      However, this phone doesn’t have OIS, which is very important to me. Try getting a nexus 6 then. Should be cheap now.

      • Ismail Akram

        Don’t get Nexus 6 you will regret ..

        • Filament


  • Gibbs

    My next phone! if i could buy it ;(

  • Marty

    My tests with this device and a Sony Xperia C4. The C4 has a MediaTek Octa-core processor.

    Moto X Pure Edition scores:
    GeekBench – 999 single core, 2737 multi core
    Antutu – 43968

    Sony Xperia C4 scores:
    GeekBench -800 single core, 4146 multicore
    Antutu – 45388

    • jakeopp

      My Moto X 2014 Pure Edition gets 47084 on AnTuTu

      • Marty

        That’s still pretty poor for such a high end (supposedly) device. Run a GeekBench test and see how that does.

        • jakeopp

          You think that’s low for an 801 device?

          • Marty

            No it isn’t. Not for a SD 801. That’s actually a bit higher than usual. It is low for an SD808 device, though.

          • jakeopp

            Justed posted for comparison sake, what does the 2015 score on geekbench?

          • Marty

            I listed it above and posted a screenshot. The Moto X Pure Edition I tested is the exact same model as in this article. It is the latest Moto X.

          • jakeopp

            Oh sorry I missed that

          • Marty

            No problem. I’m dumbfounded, though, by how poorly the latest Moto X scores compared to older and humbler devices.

          • jakeopp

            Last years model outscores the new one in both benchmarks…that doesn’t seem right lol

          • Marty

            Unless the SD808 is being throttled, maybe because of being related to the SD810’s heating issues, I cannot see how it can be so underpowered. The SD808 is a 6-core 64 bit processor.

        • jakeopp

          It got 993 on single-core and 3028 on multi-core

    • Combonary

      I have a moto X 2015 sitting beside me right now and I can swear to a rabbit now that it scores 1254 on single core and 3482 on multicore then around the 47-49k on antutu. Those scores you posted almost made me spill my drink lol… maybe I have a defective unit

      • Combonary

        Just ran it a while ago to confirm I wasn’t mistaking it

      • Marty

        The Nexus 6 I replaced the Moto X with scores much better. The Moto X I had, which I returned, could have been defective. But we’ll find out once enough of them are out in the wild and being tested. If there’s a furor over them, mine wasn’t defective…lol.

        This N6 scores 50K in Antutu and 1060/3065 in GeekBench.

        • Combonary

          Lol indeed. The antutu scores were low but day to day performance is just phenomenal

        • M3D1T8R

          Yeah I can’t see any reason to get this over the Nexus 6. Maybe if you have to have an SD slot, or possibly a better camera (though the N6 camera is good by me) or the slightly smaller size, or can’t live without the Moto apps. But literally everything else is better on the nearly year old N6. And at the current deal of just $400 for 64GB ($100 less than the new, worse Moto X with 64), it really can’t be beat.
          Just ran Geekbench3 on my N6, got 1049/3203.

          • Marty

            Just did a Geekbench with Bluetooth, wifi and NFC off and scored better. This time it’s 1040/3301.

  • e-dubble

    really minor point – but the dimple is not “better”. It is simply there for aesthetics in this iteration of Moto X whereas in prior iterations it was functional as it provided a natural resting point for your index finger when holding the phone.

    Also – I have to agree with Wack. I’ve owned every iteration of Moto X and the first is still my favorite mostly because of its smaller form factor (and its overall function over specs approach).

  • Matt

    Does anybody know if it will be possible to buy extra back covers so you can swap styles whenever you want?

    • Bop it_Twis it_Pull it

      The Moto G does that bruh

  • Dusan

    Does this phone support quad band frequencies? Can I design mine, then send money to a friend in the US, so she can then send it to me to Sweden?

    • Asa Thomas

      Not sure about the bands, but this phone will be available outside of the USA under the name of Moto X Style pretty soon. No need to jump through import hoops to get one.

      • Dusan

        It’s coming to Sweden at the end of September or something, the thing is, we don’t get to design our phones and what’s offered (so far) are just simple designs, like black and white.

        • Ismail Akram

          Not sure about Sweden, but I had bought more X 2014 from moto maker and imported to Pakistan and it worked great, in Pakistan LTE Band is 3 so it worked fine. You need to check what bands are in Sweden and then match with specifications

        • Ismail Akram

          So it lack band 20 so 3G will work everywhere but you would get LTE problem in some area

  • EvenInTheDarkestHour

    Just waiting on reported battery life. If it’s a go, I’m all in!

    • Dan McDonnell

      Battery life is about 8 hours with normal use. It does have quick charge and mine charges to 100% in 45 min.

  • Mohamed Thowheed

    It should be good with the viewing of video…

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  • Too bad it isn’t available in Canada. I had to settle on a Note 5.

  • paulf1

    Not sure it’s wort the upgrade from my nexus 6 as it looks a lot like it.

  • JGaLaXY

    I just want someone to tell me about the bumper being good or not? I’ve never owned one of these phones, what’s the best way to keep it safe while showing off it’s looks?

    • Dan McDonnell

      I use mine without the bumper and got a case for it. It suits my needs just fine :)