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Last year, source code turned up suggesting that Motorola and Google had originally planned to incorporate a fingerprint scanner into the Nexus 6, though the sensor was ultimately scrapped by the time the final hardware arrived. More recently, it was announced Android M will support fingerprint readers out of the box, making it clear that Google still has fingerprint reading on its radar. But what about Motorola? If a new leak proves accurate, Motorola’s next-gen Moto X will also offer a fingerprint reader.

The two photos below give us a peak at what is allegedly the Moto X’s chassis. While we have no way of confirming if this is the real deal or not, but whatever this device is, its back shows off a cut-out that certainly looks about the right size and shape for a fingerprint scanner.


This means, if the leak is correct, Motorola will be taking a rear-mounted approach to fingerprint scanning. Considering Motorola has long ditched physical or capacitive keys on all but its Droid series, we aren’t surprised that they are taking a different route than Apple or Samsung. For what it’s worth, the center-rear position is actually very comfortable and natural to reach for, as evidenced by devices like the Huawei Mate 7.

While it is too early to say for sure if this is a fingerprint scanner, or even a real Moto X (2015), we can’t say we’d be too surprised. Of course, unless the Moto X 2015 ships with Android M out of the box (quite unlikely), Motorola will probably come with a modified version of Android Lollipop with its own in-house fingerprint scanner drivers and software, though we imagine it will play nicely with Android Pay and other Android M fingerprint reader features when they do arrive.

What do you think, do you consider a fingerprint scanner to be a desirable feature for a smartphone or more a gimmick? Let us know what you think in the comments.

Andrew Grush
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  • Jose Romero

    I just ask that they keep screen size and resolution the same and only improve its quality.

  • daggettbeaver

    Duplication, the new trend at AA.

  • Tom Bennett

    i had the atrix 4g over here in england and loved it, especially the fingerprint scanner as it was so much easier than passwords and pass codes. i was always surprised by the fact it never appeared on phones again until recently

  • QwertyMcGibblets

    That thing will have 5.1 before the Moto X 2014 does. The only thing I miss about my Moto X Pure Edition is Moto Voice. I think that’s the one thing Motorola got right. The thing they need to worry about more than fingerprint scanner is a much better camera. Throw in some wireless charging to sweeten the pot. Fingerprint scanner would be nice, but there are other areas in much need of an improvement over the current gen X.

    • What are you talking about, I have an X2 and am on 5.1 o_O

      • QwertyMcGibblets

        soak test? and are you sure it’s not 5.0.1? they have not pushed 5.1 to the Pure Edition or to any carrier yet. they are soak testing by region.

        • Nope, it’s 5.1 and it’s not a soak… At least I didn’t sign up for anything and the update came OTA.

          • n_s

            Where are you located ? Definitely not out in India.

          • Brazil!

      • QwertyMcGibblets

        here is the rollout details on Lollipop for the Moto X 2014

        Update 1/22/2015: Select users on Telus Canada can now download and install Android 5.0.1.
        Update 1/26/2015: All users on Telus Canada can now download and install Android 5.0.1.
        Update 2/23/2015: All users on Wind Canada can now download and install Android 5.0.1.
        Update 3/18/2015: All users on Movistar Chile and Peru can now download and install Android 5.0.2 (22.21.25.victara_tefla.tefla.en.01 tefla).
        Update 4/8/2015: All users on Retail China (22.31.18.victara_retcn.retcn.en.CN retcn) can download and install Android 5.0.2.
        Update 5/8/2015: Select users on Retail BR (22.21.17.victara_retbr.retbr.en.BR retbr) can download and install Android 5.1.
        Update 5/21/2015: Select users on USC (22.21.33.victara_usc.usc.en.US) can download and install Android 5.1.
        Update 5/26/2015: All users on Retail BR (22.21.17.victara_retbr.retbr.en.BR retbr) can download and install Android 5.1.
        Update 5/27/2015: Select users on Retail US (22.21.11.victara_tmo.tmo.en.US tmo) can download and install Android 5.1.
        Update 6/8/2015: Select users on TIM BR (22.21.17.victara_retbr.retbr.en.BR timbr), Movistar Argentina (21.31.52.victara_tefar.tefar.en.AR tefla), Personal Argentina (21.31.52.victara_retar.retar.en.AR perar), Retail Argentina (21.31.52.victara_retar.retar.en.AR retla), Entel Peru (22.21.25.victara_niipe.niipe.en.PE niipe) and Nextel BR (22.21.17.victara_niibr.niibr.en.BR niibr) can download and install Android 5.1.
        Update 6/9/2015: Select users on Retail Germany (22.121.1.victara_retde.retdeall.en.DE) and Retail France (22.121.1.victara_reteu.reteuall.en.EU retfr) and Retail India (22.121.1.victara_reteu.reteuall.en.EU retin) can download and install Android 5.1.

        • Oh, so you’re one of the unlucky with no 5.1? =( that’s bad.

  • Anothermuse

    The last two years the Moto X has come with the latest version of the prior year’s OS because the Moto launches in September and the Nexus doesn’t launch until October. But both have gotten their new version within about a month of release. At least to start with. The carriers muck it up after the first one.

  • tony solinan

    I am waiting for the nexus5 2015,and the new moto x 2015,to sèe which android phone i will buy when they are available!

  • it is obviously desirable & needed too. fingerprint scanner should be a must in flagship phones provided they work properly (accurate) & are as as quick as swiping & unlocking the screen.

  • victortim

    The new future’s is fantastic but camera and battery life should improve; Can you post on your block deference between 2014 and 2015 and the price as well so I can book for one! Or forward it to my mail (victortim84@gmail.