Motorola ‘Moto G’ trademark surfaces – does G stand for Google?

October 22, 2013

    new motorola logo

    Thanks to some expert sleuthing on the part of Phandroid, a new Motorola trademark has surfaced for an upcoming device named the “Moto G”. So what exactly is this mysterious device? Good question.

    Turning to the trademark filing, we really learn very little. The description says “mobile phones, smartphones and accessories therefor, namely battery chargers, adapters and removable covers” - this sort of sounds like gibberish, and really tells us next to nothing. That’s where a little speculation comes in handy.

    Going by the description, this probably isn’t the previously rumored Motorola tablet, as it wouldn’t really fall into the “mobile phones, smartphones” category. That leaves us with four more likely conclusions: this is either the Google Play-bound Moto X we’ve been waiting for, another name (or the official name) for the Motorola DVX, a new product that Motorola has yet to reveal the details of, or simply a routine trademark filing that Motorola may or may not ever use.

    Theory #1: If this is really the Google Play version of the Moto X, the G could stand for “Google”, but why would Google go out of its way to set the Moto X’s name apart from other GPe handsets? If I may suggest a theory, maybe it’s because the Moto X won’t run on vanilla Android, and therefore isn’t a true GPe device. After all, having 100% stock Android really removes most of the Moto X’s advantages and makes the handset just another dual-core device.

    Theory #2: Since we already know that the DVX is coming in dual-SIM version, perhaps Google plans to sell a single-SIM variant under the name Moto G, via Google Play? Again, pure speculation.

    Theory #3: This is a brand new device, or perhaps even the previously rumored Motorola smartwatch. It’s also possible that this is merely just a filed trademark that will never actually be used at all.

    For now, all we can do is speculate. Sure, our guesses could be totally wrong, but it doesn’t make coming up with wild theories any less fun. What are your thoughts, what might the Moto G turn out to be?


    • RanRu

      Or maybe it’s a gigantic transforming mech robot meant to fight for great justice.

      Again, purely speculation.

    • jjordan

      Motorola giant for the 6.3 inch behemoth they are rumored to be working on

    • Oli72

      or the 2014 nexus 6 phablet

    • Nickan Fayyazi

      Theory #4: This will be released in 2014, leaving enough time for lots of hype build-up. The final device will inevitably fail to live up to the hype, since no product, no matter how great, can live up to a massive amount of hype.

    • Fievel

      The “G” stands for giggity.
      “Awlright!” – G. Quagmire

    • Paul K Deuster

      Theory #4: Moto G(lobal) a Moto X Variante which is as well sold to different markets in the world.

      Theory #5: Moto G(ermany) a. Moto X variante just for Germany :p

    • Lloydblaze

      So Does LG G2 Mean “Life’s Google Google 2″?

    • JTrip

      I’ve never seen anyone wearing a smartwatch.

    • iJimaniac

      A google play edition Moto X would be seriously redundant, since the thing already has 99% stock, and what isn’t stock is a huge + for the UX.

    • plasma G spot

      Moto x ray Google blaster plasma rifle ?

    • morgan

      it doesnt mean google

    • morgan

      it means something wayyyyy different

    • morgan

      it means a name my friend told me