2nd gen Moto E

It turns out that the rumors were spot on, Motorola’s new handset is indeed a 4G LTE version of its popular Moto E smartphone, but that isn’t the only improvement made to Motorola’s low cost offering.

As well as faster data speeds in a budget package, the second generation Moto E moves up from a dual-core to 1.2GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 processing package. Internal memory has also been improved from 4GB to 8GB and the display is now also a tad larger at 4.5-inches, rather than 4.3-inches. However, the display’s resolution remains the same at 960 x 540 (qHD) resolution.

As for data connectivity, the handset will work on the following network bands:

  • GSM/GPRS/EDGE (850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz)
  • UMTS/HSPA+ (850, 1700 (AWS), 1900 MHz)
  • 4G LTE (2, 4, 5, 7, 12, 17)

For software, the new Moto E comes with Android 5.0 pre-installed, which mostly resembles a stock Android experience. Motorola has also seen it fit to make a few cosmetic changes to the handset, although the general appearance remains mostly the same. The phone now only has one silver bar for the earpiece, dropping the one at the microphone, and the microSD and SIM card slots can now be access by removing a side panel rather than the rear cover.

The second generation Moto E is listed on the Motorola website with a retail price of $149.99, but prices will apparently start from just $119.99, according to the video below. The handset is available in black or white color options.

I’ll leave you with Motorola’s promotional video for the new Moto E.

Robert Triggs
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  • Julian Andres Klode

    So, the new Moto E LTE is now mostly the old Moto G LTE.

    • Phoenix

      – HD screen

      + Moto Voice
      +Moto Display
      + Quick Capture Camera (Twist)
      + 2390mAh battery
      + Snapdragon 410 (vs. 400 in Moto G)

      • Phoenix

        – LED flash

      • norcal1953

        410 in LTE, 200 quad in 3G version.

      • Nik


      • Balaji Chandrasekaran

        +OLED display….
        Will it support Quick Charge 2.0???

    • anon

      dam im still waiting for the moto g lte to get the lollipop update, its taking soo long with no word on whats going on.

  • Gabriel Belmonte

    Nice offering, but what about the info regarding cameras?

    • Jonathon Rios

      It’s under $150, you should be happy that it might even have cameras

    • norcal1953

      On the Motorola website – 5.0 mp, 2.2 aperture, tap to autofocus.

      • Gabriel Belmonte

        Oh thanks! I got it now …

  • Balaji Chandrasekaran

    missing LED flash (come on moto)

    • Jonathon Rios

      It’s $150……..

      • Balaji Chandrasekaran

        LED flash is worth may be $1

    • Juan A C

      And probably going to be available on Amazon at about $110 in a few months

    • norcal1953

      If it has a good sensor in indoors light, I can live with no flash; flash makes weird pix (to me) although I realize you really need it at night clubs.

      • Christoforos Panos

        flash is not just for pictures. I use mine mostly as a flashlight when needed.

        • norcal1953

          Excellent point. I have gotten used to Photon lights (even finished Yosemite hikes with them!). WRT using the flash as an LED, in the past we used to need apps for that, some of them with dubious spy ware built in, but recently I’ve seen the flashlight actually baked into some of my phones. It’s a great idea now that I think about it. The most I used my phone for, light-wise, is turning it on so the screen glow lets me find the charger plug.

      • Balaji Chandrasekaran

        i need it for ( cardio graphy :p & movie thetres”)

  • eilegz

    looking the battery capacity its even better than my nexus 5, with lower res screen this thing will last a day or 2

  • norcal1953

    $119 is for the 3G version coming soon. $149 is for the LTE available now on their website.

  • Nice package, the first Moto E wasn’t all that great (yet sold well), this one sounds a winner.

  • AbhijeetSingh

    Yup, I’m buying it, for my father, who is still stuck on a feature phone, as soon as it becomes available.

    BTW, this is such a better Android One device than all the other Android One devices released yet. Pay attention Google!

  • Moto trying to those buyer who move towards YU YUreka, Redmi Note 4G and Lenovo A6000 Budget 4G Handset. But the point is it don’t have flash, Dual Sim.

    • Balaji Chandrasekaran

      For US market it’s cool
      for India :—->Brand consious Quality consious people would love moto E 2nd gen

    • Balaji Chandrasekaran

      what’s the use of that power of yureka when it heats up while gaming
      Moto E is available easily>>>(no Flash Sales)
      It has Moto X features (960X540p..OLED display) moto is a pioneer ..