Morrowind on Android
Morrowind was a classic RPG from the same brilliant minds that brought us Skyrim. The game not only achieved commercial success, but it also had one of the healthiest mod communities out there. Even now you can find updated mods, despite the game being well over ten years old. Now that same modding community is porting it to Android as an open source port called OpenMW.

Before you get too excited, it should be noted that the current builds are about as stable as the weather in Florida. According to developers and people helping to test the builds, the game runs at about 8fps, if it even runs at all. Despite the unpleasantly feeble performance, developers and onlookers are quite impressed with the port’s progress. After all, two months ago this project didn’t exist yet.

There is still a lot of work to be done. OpenMW is also being worked on for desktop operating systems and even on those systems it doesn’t run well. If you want to see just how bad it is at the moment, you can see the Android port in action here. Right now the project is obviously in very early stages, but it is also showing a lot of promise.

Right now the project is obviously in very early stages, but it is also showing a lot of promise.

If you don’t think such a port is possible, just remember that someone successfully did this before with Transport Tycoon. The developers and testers seem to be in it to win it, even if it takes a long time. With a game that’s managed to have a healthy mod community for as long as Morrowind, we wouldn’t be surprised to see this become a full-fledged port sooner than later.

If you want to follow along with Morrowind on Android’s progress, check out their official forum thread. You can also find APKs of the test builds in the thread but we highly recommend that you do not install them unless you intend on helping out since they are nowhere near stable enough for normal use.

It would be nice to have Morrowind on Android in my pocket but truth be told, a project like this would be perfect for Amazon Fire TV and Android TV when it comes out later this year. No matter the platform, this is very exciting. Would you play Morrowing again if it were available on Android?

Joe Hindy
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  • Andrew T Roach

    I’m pretty sure your battery would need replacing before you’d finish Morrowind on a mobile device. Android gaming chews through battery like no other.

    • MasterMuffin

      Dont try to finish it immediately, enjoy it :)

      • mikegonzalez2k

        Like a fine woman, it must be savored, not rushed :P

        • Kos Petoussis

          MW is a fine woman that aged well.

      • Andrew T Roach

        I’m talking the entire lifetime of your internal battery. The game is huge.

        • MasterMuffin

          Your battery will be fine

    • Midnitte

      Not sure there are many who would finish Morrowind in one sitting, let alone one battery.

    • Just sayin’.

      Or you could, you know, plug it in.

  • Midnitte

    Hope they’ll see some official support from Bethesda. Its pretty awesome when the community gets your game working on platforms it wasn’t released for. Hell, maybe one day we’ll see Morrowind running on ATMs, alongside Doom.

  • Brian

    I hope people will start trying to port stuff to devices like the Nvidia Shield Tablet with the K1 Chip in it. The next Nexus tablet is heavily rumored to have a K1 Chip too, so hopefully that will give people more of an incentive to put effort in porting stuff from pc or atleast making games that makes better use of the chip.

  • Being the sue-happy Zenimax, I doubt they will let it pass.

    • Kos Petoussis

      they would hire you.

  • Neosaurus

    Good thing I just bought a nexus 7! :D

  • Kos Petoussis

    to play the game on Android is a contradictio in terminis. Smartphones are for people with the attention span of a squirrel, and Morrowind is a hard core game in which you have to have long play goals in life. GL anyway.

    • Dannyjayfuller

      Bruh, really? That stereotype is as dead as single-core processors. Smartphones are basically small PCs nowadays, going where a PC can’t go. Morrowind has a save-anywhere system. Sounds like a match made in heaven. Morrowind in the smoking break area at 2:30 on a Monday? Sign me up!