(Update: beta now in Play Store) Quick replies from notifications coming to Android, thanks to MohammadAG

by: Robert TriggsJune 4, 2015

Heads Up Quick Reply app

Update, June 4: MohammadAG just kicked off the beta program for the Heads Up Quick Reply app. Information on how to join the beta is available here. The app costs $2.5.

Original, May 25: Quick replies are very convenient for passing back a brief message, however, unfortunately not all apps and OEMs support this helpful messaging feature. If you’re unfamiliar with the concept, rather than having to open up an app to reply to a message, quick replies empower users to respond directly using a box that accompanies a notification.

Enter MohammadAG, who has hastily responded to Reddit requests for a universal quick reply feature. Less than 24 hours after the concept appeared, the developer has already shown off a work in progress video of its Heads Up Quick Replies application.

The option for quick replies is already built within Android, but specific apps and OEMs have to choose to make use of it for their application. Hence some stock and third party SMS applications already support a similar feature, but it’s not automatically universally applied to all messaging apps. Quick Replies aims to accommodate virtually all messaging platforms.

Development plans to avoid the use of root access, meaning that, when it’s finished, a large number of Android handset owners should be able to make use of the app. KitKat and above will be supported and it will apparently work with any app that supports Wear voice replies, including Hangouts, Telegram, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, among others. Unfortunately, removing the stock heads up notification doesn’t seem to be possible without root, but the app is now running over the top of the default notification as a quick fix.

The app is not available to download just yet, as development is still ongoing. Hopefully we’ll see an alpha or beta build show up soon.

  • This is actually quite nice. Kudos to the Dev!

  • Humberto Hernandez

    Pretty usefull indeed.

  • M42

    This is a joke, right? How long does it take before this app explodes?

    • wwgg

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  • SPTZ133

    Why isn’t this already a normal feature in Android? Google, please..

    • AnnaDThayer

      ◔❧❧◔❧❧◔ $73.. per-hr @mi6//



    • I don’t think Google thinks out of the box sometimes. It’s frustrating at those times.

      • ThelmaDBonner

        ♪♪ $73.. per-hr @mi24//



      • Moaaz Ahmad

        The beauty (and foundation) of AOSP is that anyone who has a brilliant idea can implement it themselves, and if Google likes it, they can bring it into Android as an official feature. AOSP ftw!

  • Lara

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  • Jonathon Rios

    Can’t wait, I’d throw money at this. Its a shame there’s so many simple features that ios has had for a while and vice versa.

  • Aaliyah

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  • King_Android

    Just remove that dual notification and you sir will have a winning product.

  • David Onter

    I wonder how long it takes till he abadons this project and completely drops support for all his paying customers…

  • neonix

    Good to see, but those interested, there’s an app called Floatify that already does this.

    It was originally for getting heads-up functionality on KitKat, but it has a lot of added functionality, such as quick reply text boxes for messaging apps. It’s been around for a while so it’s pretty well-polished and allows you to customize the look of the popups so they can look very close to the native Lollipop heads-ups or however else you’d like.

  • doyouglas

    Google Messenger does something similar to this. When I get a text notification, you can hit reply and you can send your message without launching the full app.