Modern Combat 5 switching to free to play model

by: Andrew GrushMarch 18, 2015

Back in July Gameloft released Modern Combat 5, and with it brought the announcement that there would be no in-app purchases, with $7 giving you the entire game experience. A few months later, IAP purchases were introduced, but at least they were only optional and didn’t break the game experience. While MC5 players were probably hoping that’s as far as Gameloft would take it, today the developer announced that they are shifting to a free-to-play model in the latest update.

As you’d expect, the free-to-play shift comes with more restrictions, namely you’ll now have an energy meter that limits how many missions you can go on over a period of time. There’s also a credit system being added into the game, too. What about those that already paid full price for the game? Gameloft will be giving these players unlimited energy for life, Veteran status, 200 credits and “some other goodies”. This means they’ll largely get the same experience as before, but the change should better attract new players to the game.

Aside from bringing a free-to-play experience to the game, the update will also introduce a new support solider class, additional weapons, and a new multiplayer mode that focuses on capturing zones found in certain areas in each map. The update has yet to roll out for Android users (it is live on iOS), so if you still want a chance to get veteran status and other freebies, you’ll want to pick it up for its current price of $3.99 before the update lands. 

  • primalxconvoy

    (Note: this page would not load, so I have sent a message to the site. After about three tries, it finally loaded)

    Perhaps, due to the consistent bugs, loss of game saves after updates and lack of quality control (just look at Nova 3), then perhaps it’s no wonder that Shamesoft isn’t making any money with “premium”?

    What they SHOULD be doing is offering both a freemium AND premium version (like Nova 3, which is good, at least, in one regard).

    • Airyl

      I actually like NOVA 3.

  • Wayne Peterkin

    Thanks for the heads up.

  • Jonathon Rios

    Glad I only paid 99 cents for it during a sale.

  • Avi

    HATE FREE TO PLAY and IAP – bought this and will NEVER buy a gameloft game again..

  • gaurav

    Now this is something which we can not accept. i only bought this game because they came up with no IAPs. now after just few months it got went back to that rubbish f2p model.. i am not going to gameloft again in future , its for sure

  • crutchcorn

    No dammit…

  • simpleas

    Didn’tbuy this game before now I’m really not getting it.

  • malcolm secret

    Is there still a way to get the benefits of the people that paid earlier? Could I pay seven dollars to get unlimited energy? Or have they decided they wanted to make it a rip off meanwhile BSing everyone by saying it’s “free”?