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Nintendo’s first foray into the mobile marketplace, Miitomo, has made headlines on a number of different occasions, including the revelation it wasn’t actually a “game” to begin with. Since release however, the news has all been pleasantly positive…Until now.

According to new data by SurveyMonkey, there may be a major inconsistency between the number of people who downloaded Miitomo and the number of people actually using it on a frequent basis. The findings are presented via three key visuals, comparing Miitomo with two popular rivals, Candy Crush Jelly Saga and Clash Royale:

Surveymonkey Miitomo

In the above graph, the estimated number of Miitomo downloads can be seen dramatically falling around mid April, and has basically remain flat since then.

In the next graph, the average number of days used per week can be seen, with Miitomo clearly in the last position of the three aforementioned apps:


And finally, SurveyMonkey has provided a look at weekly active users:

Miitomo Survey

Suffice to say that the information provided is not exactly the most encouraging, and Engadget arguably sums up the situation quite concisely, writing that:

Compared to mobile heavyweights Candy Crush and Clash Royale, Miitomo, on average, is only played half as much per week — something that could be a bad sign for its longevity. The amount of average weekly users? By SurveyMonkey’s count, it’s just over 2.5 million. Meaning, only a quarter of the people who’ve downloaded it so far regularly open the app.

This is quite a departure from the seemingly swimming story Nintendo’s late-April Tweet told in touting the app had been downloaded by 10 million users:

Diagnosing the dilemma

Arguably the main problem is simply a total lack of content. The app has not changed since its introduction several months ago. It still consists of answering questions, buying and changing clothing, and playing a pachinko-type ball drop game to…win clothing. This comes in stark difference to say, Tomodachi Life, which features a multitude of different modes and options to use an entire assortment of assembled Mii characters.

Save for a leak that spills the proverbial beans about development costs and expected revenue earnings, it’s ultimately impossible to say for certain just how good – or bad – this situation might be for Nintendo. It’s conceivable that the app has been considerably more successful than expected, in which case Nintendo would be pleased. On the other hand, with this kind of drop seen in daily use, it could spell trouble for the long term viability of the platform.

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If anything can be drawn from this situation, it is perhaps the idea that free to play itself is a fantastic model to drive initial installations, but in terms of getting a cache of cash spent on in-game fashion items, users may not be so quick to stay and “play”.

Wrap Up

Nintendo has arguably squandered the chance to make Miitomo part of the core Nintendo experience, as even on a personal level numerous friends have expressed an interest in the product, but have passed on downloading it until “it’s relevant”. By this, they mean until it somehow connects with a Gamertag or other such cross-platform user ID where it holds more meaning.

Perhaps it is slightly ironic that for a company that has built its Mario empire on loyal Mushroom Retainers, there seems to be some trouble to be had in the retention of ordinary humans.

What do you think, is Miitomo delivering on the digital dreams you imagined upon first installation, or has it failed to establish itself as the future of social networking? Leave a comment below and sound off on the situation!

  • Howard Stern ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    thats because this game is absolutely corny, cheesy and stupid. So is Candy Crush.

  • Wolf0491

    yeah this is like some kind of social app that i guess they thought would take off. It is not a game IMO.

  • libra89

    Well, it helps to have friends that use it. Loved the avatar idea but it’s not really fun if no else you know uses it.

  • Knight Anthony The Blazicario

    Nintendo should have just dropped the entire app from the app stores and just leave it out, people are always posting bad things on there, and Nintendo never bats an eye, People are making it more like Tumblr in a way, and that is just terrible.

  • Curtice Morris

    It was fun the first week i had it installed, figuring everything out, but the lack of any kind of content made it boring really quick. Could only earn a small amount of coins a day, then wouldn’t have anything else to do. Not knowing anyone else that used it didn’t help either.

  • hardy83

    Cause it’s barely a game.
    You play dress up and answer/read questions, questions questions and more questions.

    You can’t decorate your little room, there’s zero actual games, unless you count the plinko thing for clothes. It’s a shell of a game that’s desperately needs some replay value.

    Add room decorations, add mini-games, greatly expand the rewards for the coins you get.

  • Caleb Santiago

    I’d love to keep playing it but I updated my phone the the Android N beta and now a lot of my apps don’t work right, including Miitomo