Just in time to cash in on Pushbullet’s PR nightmare, MightyText is rolling out their new desktop app. Many users have already dropped Pushbullet in response to recent changes, and now the competition just got a little bit more tempting.

Both Pushbullet and MightyText are apps that serve to smooth over the seam between your smartphone and computer. Both let you push files and links from one device to another, and if you receive a text message or notification, it will appear on your desktop as well as on your phone. Replying to text messages without ever having to leave your keyboard is extremely easy to get used to. Once you’ve been using a service like this for a while, you won’t be able to imagine going back to your caveman ways, clumsily reaching for your phone every time you get a new text message.

Earlier this week, Pushbullet rolled out their new Pushbullet Pro premium membership. However, they have been heavily criticized for it, and with good reason. Pushbullet Pro is effectively what regular Pushbullet has always been. The company is now charging $5 per month or $40 per year for capabilities that used to be free. The non-pro membership tier is about to lose features like universal copy and paste and mirrored notification action support, and remaining features are getting caps slapped onto them. For instance, regular Pushbullet users will now have a limit of 100 sent text messages per month.

Competition between Pushbullet and MightyText has long been fairly fierce. Both apps provide very similar services and are both very positively reviewed on the Google Play store. MightyText boasts over 98,000 downloads, but Pushbullet has the lead with over 146,000. Although MightyText has a similar tiered pay system for similar services, they haven’t ever made previously-free services suddenly cost money. Since a fair number of Pushbullet’s userbase now feels somewhat betrayed by the company, MightyText could see a significant uptick in business.

Are you a Pushbullet user? How are the company’s recent changes looking to affect you? Would you consider making the swap to MightyText? Let us know in the comments.

  • rfrost

    Been using Mighty Text for years :-)


    Magic Bullet doesn’t have a subscription fee

    • KonnivingKiwi

      Damn it. I googled it thinking it was an alternative. Stupid me! lol


        HA! GOTTEEM!

  • wassup

    In my case, the recent changes of pushbullet don’t made me angry… I only use it to send link across the devices and it keep doin’ that perfectly, for free.

    • Reid Neville

      Only 100 texts per month for free. That’s a nail in the coffin right there. I can clear that in a day.

      • wassup

        Wow. I didn’t know that. But, for me, it changes nothing because I send less than 100 links (for sure) per month.

      • BotondKisKovacs

        I send an average of maybe 6 texts in a year and I didn’t even use pushbullet for that so that doesn’t really affect me but the universal copy/paste was a really nice feature that I will miss. Sending links between devices is also something I use frequently but at least that one stays unchanged. I guess everybody uses it differently and some people didn’t even use the features that are now being removed but charging for features that we were used to being free is really a dick move regardless. They should have made a paid version a long time ago and add those features in that one.

  • Wolf0491

    Been using mighty text for a long while. Hardly need it now since most people I daily talk to use hangouts

  • Filly Jnr

    Just got rid of it
    my main reason was for desktop notifications and replying to texts
    Hopefully i can find something else

    • MrHollow

      That’s exactly what I use it for as well…

    • Curtice Morris

      Also what I used it for.

  • Hilko

    I loved Pushbullet and I’d be happy to pay for it. But only one single time, or max 1 dollar a month. Not these kind of cutthroat prices. It’s only a conveniance, not something I require. I enjoyed the mirror notifications mostly, since it meant I could leave my phone on silent. Very useful when you are in a large open area with multiple people at work.

  • Sarmad John

    I need an app that is just a cloud based clipboard, without any clutter, just copy here, paste there, Pushbullet was one of my fav. apps, now I’m looking for an alternative.

  • Todd Martineau

    I’ve waffled back and forth between the two. Pushbullet seemed to have more features and I liked the desktop app better than simple extensions. But Pushbullet stopped reliably sending and receiving texts and that really bugs me. I like you they now have the retry option but I have already discovered that I might have to push that button over and over to send a text. It has become easier to just send a text from my phone – at least I know it will be sent without babysitting. So I have uninstalled Pushbullet and currently downloading MightyText. Let’s hope it works better.

  • Warren Pietersz

    Sms limit is a huge thing for me.. 100msgs per month?.. I’m heading down to the playstore now to c whthr MightyText is worth changing ovr to or nt..

    • TJ

      100 messages is a lot. I never come close.

    • Lloyd Benjamin

      Yea, I need something with unlimited msgs

    • Jeremy Caron

      im using mightytext. it does have 500 limit but that is only for messages you send from the app/web. not your phone.. if that makes a differance.

  • TJ

    Is it secure? That’s the only thing that matters. I dropped them before they added end to end encryption and never went back. Screw them.

    • shonangreg

      I heard from that they added end-to-end encryption just after you dropped them. Maybe it’s time to go back . . .

  • Gearoid Griffin

    Actually mighytext just recently introduced a monthly sms cap of 500 messages certainly more than pusbullet but dive that by 30 days in a month and for most of us that is way under how many text messages we actually send. I now use mysms for unlimted sms messages.

  • Jim Barr

    Since Motorola is retiring their Motorola Connect app, MightyText may be an excellent alternative. It takes some tweaking, but it looks like it just might fill the void.

  • Choda Boy

    I gave up on PushBullet and tried MightyText, but did not like the requirement to keep a tab open for the notifications. I may give them a second look after I finish testing AirDroid.

    • Jeremy Caron

      if you use chrome.. just install the chrome addon and you never need that tab open.. or install desktop version

  • Gary

    Lol just use Airdroid. Seriously its pretty much the same but can do more than Pushbullet though some people complain Bullet is faster at transfer.