Microsoft’s Hub Keyboard brings extra features to your fingertips

by: John DyeFebruary 23, 2016

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Microsoft has been on a roll pushing out new apps for the Android operating system. Their Garage division is hard at work producing Android apps that make doing business from your smartphone easier and smoother than ever. The latest addition to this line is the Hub Keyboard, which aims to bring more utility to its users than most other keyboards on the market.

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What makes the Hub Keyboard interesting are the features it offers you right there on the alphanumeric layout. The keyboard keeps tabs on the context in which you’re using it and offers varying options depending on what you’re trying to accomplish. It has a history of easily accessible ‘clips’ that make the traditional copy/paste model look like a joke, and you can quickly search for and share document links without ever leaving the keyboard. It’s a breeze to insert contact information as well. Working across a language barrier? This keyboard translates live so you never have to stop communicating.

The goal of the Hub Keyboard is to make your work easier, quicker, and more intuitive. It’s thoroughly customizable and adapts to your needs, but it remains unclear whether Microsoft has already incorporated SwiftKey’s predictive technology in the keyboard, seeing as they just bought the company earlier this month.

What are your thoughts on the Hub Keyboard? Worth trying out, or a snoozefest? If you’re not interested, let us know which keyboard you prefer and why in the comments below!

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  • boota

    they should fix their own operating system before crippling others with their presence /desillusioned lumia owner.

    • Martin Jastram


  • Martin Jastram

    funny thing is, the hub keyboard apparently isn´t compatible with ANY of my devices:
    G-Pad, Moto E, Moto G, Nexus 6P, Oneplus two, Nexus 4.
    there should be at least one, i´d suppose….

    • Alexander Rockwell

      My Nexus 6P is compatible, so that’s really odd. It also works with my GS3, Droid Turbo, Tegra Note 7, and Note 4.

    • Akira Tabuchi Yagui

      it’s not about the device, it’s about the country… shame on Microsoft…

  • Damian P.

    It isn’t compatible with any of my android smartphones :D. (Oneplus One, Galaxy S3, Xperia Z3c). Ups, nad it’s not avaible in my country.

  • Alexander Rockwell

    Testing it now on my Nexus 6P and so far it seems like it’s designed well, but it won’t be replacing my daily keyboard (SwiftKey Neural). It does fit properly with my edited resolution which is nice and something I’ve found quite a few keyboards don’t do (1080p instead of 2K). There isn’t any themes though, not even a dark theme. The Enter/Send key doesn’t behave correctly. Like in my messaging app it shows a paper airplane symbol, but it drops down a line instead. The shortcuts for the clipboard, contacts, and such are nice. I’ll keep playing with it for now, but will go back to SwiftKey until this matures some more and then I’ll test it out again.

  • Imran Shaikh

    It’s not available in India

    • Srinath Vs

      apk mirror

  • I’m going to try this out but themes are very important to me so yea…

  • Daggett Beaver

    “it remains unclear whether Microsoft has already incorporated SwiftKey’s predictive technology in the keyboard, seeing as they just bought the company earlier this month.”

    LOL – Microsoft may have changed its MO since the old days, but Microsoft usually teases a company with a deal carrot in order to get a look at all the code. And in many cases, Microsoft just steals the ideas and never delivers a deal to the company. It’s likely Microsoft already had the SwiftKey code long before they bought the company. But it’s nice of them to actually buy it instead of steal it this time.

  • tersagun

    “Available in English for the U.S. market. We are working on supporting more languages and countries!”

  • Armaan Modi

    Swype is the best, but themes are very less.

  • Looks nice.