Microsoft might bring Windows Phone’s Word Flow keyboard to Android

by: Jimmy WestenbergJanuary 18, 2016

Microsoft Word Flow keyboard android-AA

Microsoft is no stranger to bringing its own mobile applications to other platforms. It all started when the company brought full ports of Word, Excel and PowerPoint to Android, followed by it’s personal voice assistant, Cortana. Because of this, it’s not a huge surprise to hear that Microsoft is already planning to bring yet another popular app to other platforms.

In an email sent out to a handful of Windows Insiders, Microsoft says it has plans to bring the popular Word Flow keyboard from Windows Phones to iOS. The keyboard is only available as a beta for Windows Insiders at the moment, but will likely launch as a public beta version on iOS in the months to come. We’re not really expecting any changes with the iOS version of Word Flow – just the same wonderful experience Windows Phone users have grown to love.

As of now, there’s no word as to when – or if – we can even expect Word Flow to come to Android. However, according to an email sent to Windows Insider Kyle Reddoch, the program asked if he owns “an iPhone (5s or newer)? Do you think your native iOS keyboard could use improvement?” The email goes on to say that Microsoft is “working on extending the keyboard to other platforms, starting with iOS.”

I don’t know about you, but that last sentence sounds like Android would be next. Like I said earlier, there’s no official word regarding an Android version, but it wouldn’t surprise us in the slightest if it came to Android sooner rather than later. What are your thoughts? Have you used Word Flow? If so, are you excited to hear this news? Be sure to speak up in the comments!

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  • And how is it better ? What new stuff will it bring appart from its ugly design that does not fit Android nor iOS ?

    • Md Tanvir Ahmed

      Do you know Microsoft Word Flow keyboard is the fastest keyboard in any mobile OS r8 now?

      If design is the first priority of yours then you better use iOS instead of android…….. LOL

      • Necdet Ali Özdür

        Nope, Fleksy took the title back AFAIK. But Word Flow is still very fast and accurate, its word suggestions are amazing.

      • iOS is too sharp and too blury. That’s why I prefer Android with its Material Design.
        If Microsoft wants to bring Word Flow to everyone, they should adapt the design according to the OS.

        • Md Tanvir Ahmed

          Design shouldn’t be changed much because design plays vital role in typing.

          • Then explain why Fleksy is faster with no visible keys limit. :)

  • Arman

    I don’t see any Android in this article, perhaps wrong title!?

    • Read. ;)

      • Arman

        I did, its just a guess.. ;)

        • Commenting before reading is a crime. :)

          • Arman

            :( spare me master

  • Paul

    I can’t wait to try it, if it’s that good… Why don’t people try it before being negative…

  • Mohamad Nazri Mohd. Noh

    I’m using a Lumia 920 running Windows 10 Technical Preview latest version and a Note 3. I kinda like the Word Flow keyboard but it is slightly cumbersome to use as it doesn’t have custom words synchronization option. Once you reset the device, it’s gone too even after reinstalling. If Microsoft wants their keyboard to be really useful, then they should opt for Personal Dictionary synchronization, keyboard height and few other things which I couldn’t remember :p No doubt the keyboard is good, it’s intuitive and gets the right word every time. Even when swiping lazily.. :p

  • llf

    After using a Windows 10 Mobile phone for a few months, I few it’s a handy feature that I can do my navigations at the keyboard (the little ‘D-pad’ sitting at top of the comma button). It would make you feel tiring at Android that your thumb needs to stretch to the text box at the upper half of the phone, move the handle, then stretch back the thumb to the keyboard to type.
    Except that, Windows 10 Mobile feels inferior especially it doesn’t ‘remember’ the last used language when you have more than two input methods installed. On Android, it works perfectly. Especially great for people who type in multiple languages, but only two in one document.

  • Armaan Modi

    would love to try it out.For those who say how can it be better than SwiftKey…Swiftkey is useless as it does not have an option to turn off auto correct. -_-

  • staylow

    I’ve always struggled with onscreen keyboards, till I used the Nokia Lumia 635, while saving the money I needed for the Android phone I wanted and to hop carriers. Even on the small screen of the 635 my accuracy improved dramatically compared to the many Android keyboards I’d used before and since. If it comes to Android I’ll download it ASAP. Would love to see the little curser option as well, editing text is a horrible experience without it.

  • onstrike112

    Meh, BlackBerry’s keyboard is still better. Both physical and virtual.

  • Adam

    I was trying a windows phone not to long ago and I felt that the keyboard took up way to much screen. It was honestly at least 3/4 of the screen. It could barely see what I was typing

  • Emiaj Ogerba

    Word flow for android before the surface now that insane. Returning my surface to microsoft

  • patrick

    Hello Holo theme!

  • I wouldn’t mind as it’s a seriously good keyboard. You can totally butcher words and it still predicts what u meant

  • I don’t really think Android needs another keyboard. It has the best of them.