LibreOffice for Android APK now available for download, app now in Pre-Alpha form

by: David GonzalesApril 30, 2013

LibreOffice for Android
Are you the kind of person who can stand to do work on the go? Perhaps your line of work actually requires you to put in some hours or perform a work-related task of some kind even though you’re not inside the office. Well, you are not alone. There are many others out there like you, and there’s one thing that you have in common with many of them: the need for a mobile office suite.

There’s no shortage of good mobile office suites on Android. The problem is, a lot of them cost money. Is there a chance that we’ll get to see a truly great mobile office suite for Android that is free?

The answer is yes. The team behind LibreOffice for the desktop is still actively working on a version that’s compatible with the Android operating system. Called LibreOffice for Android, it’s already in the pre-alpha development stage and should be ready in just a few short months.

LibreOffice for Android is actually available for download already through the official LibreOffice nightly builds web site. But the thing is, it is still in pre-alpha form as mentioned earlier. And although it is in one piece, it still hasn’t been put together quite right yet. There are plenty of bugs, as is normal, which are to be ironed out in later stages of the app’s development.

If you’re curious to know what exactly LibreOffice for Android can do in its current state, then by all means, check out the source link below and download the necessary APK files to get started with using it.

  • This is excellent. A bluetooth keyboard would really make this a winner. Knock out a bit of editing on the go, or maybe just write some comments. Looking more and more like I may be able to leave the laptop behind. Thanks OSS!

  • I’ll wait then.

  • With powerful office suites like LO, tablets & portable computers may soon beat PCs in this game.

  • Aldi

    As far as I am aware of, the LibreOffice team first wanted to publish a viewer app and wanted to “switch on” the editing features step by step.

    What is the status with this published app? Is it just a viewer or more?

  • Anton Oliver Javier

    If The Document Foundation releases LibreOffice for Android, that would be an amazing opportunity for a great OSS project to take the world by storm. :)

  • pjcamp

    “There’s no shortage of good mobile office suites on Android.”

    Yes there is. No fonts to speak of, limited formatting, Office compatibility that is a bad joke, functionality reminiscent of the days of Wordstar and Visicalc.

    If you delete the words “shortage of” then you have a true statement. Both Android and iOS are toys. I have a Transformer Android and keep hoping for more but it never comes. Google wants me to live in the cloud exclusively but the cloud isn’t always available so that isn’t a solution.