Google Nexus 5 black aa 3

The Nexus 5X will come two years after the popular Nexus 5.

The LG-made Nexus is coming at the end of the month and it will be slightly more expensive that the original Nexus 5.

A source close to the matter has revealed to us details about Google‘s and LG’s plans for the new generation of the Nexus 5 smartphone. The source warned us that this information is not final, and as such, official details may differ, but we feel very confident in the veracity of this report.

First up, our source confirmed that the new Nexus will be made available in the Google Store from September 29. Both the LG Nexus and the Huawei Nexus will be offered at this point. This confirms a recent report from CNET, as well as an older rumor from Korean media.

The LG Nexus will probably go under the Nexus 5X moniker. We say probably because a decision on the final name has not been taken yet at Google HQ. That name makes a lot of sense: it allows Google to keep its “Nexus #” naming convention, while signaling that this is a new device in a much more intuitive fashion than by adding a “(2015)” or “(2nd gen.) suffix.


The Nexus 5X will look a lot like the device pictured in this leaked image.

Next up, we can confirm that the leaks that have been making the rounds showing the design of the Nexus 5X are accurate. The device will feature a circular rear-mounted fingerprint sensor, along a raised camera and the dual LED flash on the side.

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September 8, 2015

The Nexus 5X will be available in white, black, and light blue, and will feature a plastic back and a USB Type-C port.

Perhaps the most important detail we gleaned from our source is the price of the Nexus 5X: the device will be affordable, but not as affordable as the original Nexus 5. The Nexus 5X will cost $50 more than the Nexus 5, according to our source. That means we can expect a starting point of $399 for the 16GB model and $449 for the 32GB model, assuming Google has decided to stick with 16GB for the base version.

Again, this is non-final info so do not take it for granted just yet. That said, this is a very solid source, so we fully expect this info to pan out.

That’s it for now! How do you feel about a $400 Nexus 5X? Let us know your thoughts.

Bogdan Petrovan
Bogdan is the European Managing Editor of Android Authority. He loves tech, travel, and fantasy. He wishes he had more time for two of those things. Bogdan's phone is a Nexus 6P.
  • Jay

    $400 seems reasonable enough, as long as the hardware is good enough & the camera is great. Basically the cost of a G4 right now.

    • Mark

      Pure edition would match this with expansion storage, only thing is no fingerprint sensor

      • Kazahani

        I’d count that as a win. I have serious concerns about storing my fingerprint information on my phone.

        • Erik Johnson

          Well, you have the option not to use it. No big deal to me anyways, authorities already have my

      • Marc Perrusquia

        You get Motorola’s crap quality control and customer service

        • sluflyer06

          Oddly my friends and I own 4 Moto X 2014s….quality control problems not found.

    • Robert Dunn

      If it includes as many LTE bands as the Moto X Pure plus VoLTE and Wi-Fi calling support for T-Mobile, then I am freaking sold!

      • PC_Tool

        Should. Project Fi and all that…

  • Robert H

    Gah! raised camera. Not my preference.

  • Blane Stroud

    Oddly enough, I think I’m happy with my Zenfone 2. Honestly, the only thing about this that I envy is the fingerprint scanner. Next year, I imagine I’ll upgrade to some other “mid” range phone with ridiculous specs, get a fingerprint scanner, and not have to upgrade again for a very long time.

    • Martin Chan

      Ditto, the One Plus, Asus and possibly the Moto Play so far look better price to spec wise.

      • Blane Stroud

        I don’t know about price to spec, but certainly price to performance. I always see people say “it’s only $100 more” or something similar when a more expensive phone is released with marginally better performance but a better spec sheet. That confuses me. $100 is a lot. If it wasn’t, I’d buy the more expensive phone…

    • Cool

      My wife loves her Asus ZenFone 2. She has the 4GB of RAM model.

      What irks me as I can’t even get a 64 GB (or 4 GB of RAM) new Nexus 5 even though it’ll definitely cost more than her $300 phone. It’s 2015, and a 64 GB model should be offered.

    • Hello Moto

      You could buy this year’s Zenfone 2 and next year’s Zenfone (base models) for the price of one Nexus 5x.

  • Alicemad

    The design of both Nexus is not very nice not terrible. Just average. Prices are a bit high for the specs. I would prefer 350-400 and the Huawei for 500-550 .

    • VAVA Mk2


    • adamgalas

      That is the rumored price of the nexus 6x

  • lefty44

    “Will be coming…” it’s a big difference to available. Hope Google announce and release way closer than with Nexus 6.

  • Kazahani

    I need a new device, it’s either this or XPE

    • abc905

      i preordered the xpe because microsd expansion and premium-er design.

      • Kazahani

        That’s a quality word you just made up.

        • abc905

          well, metal and wood/leather bits > plastic

    • Mircea Marius

      Wtf is a XPE?
      Xperia which?

      • LibraBanana

        Moto x pure edition.

      • Kazahani

        X pure edition

  • Carruth

    16GB? Lol.

    32GB should be default by now, with 64GB options.

    • Jun

      Remember, there are different people who use their phones differently in this world. I never had a storage problem with my Nexus 4 16GB. I don’t load up on movies, so that may be why?

      • Simon

        Well, 16GB is kinda rofl, the system reserved space and stuff comes in and only 12-14GB remaining. I download some games, apps and take some pictures and voila, 16GB of space has run short within some weeks. If theres a MicroSD card slot then ok… but yeah.

        • Mike

          Auto-backup is your friend. Everything important on my phone is backed up to the cloud. My Nexus 5 2013 16GB has 10 GB free.

          • PC_Tool

            Unlimited data doesn’t exist for everyone.

          • Vadim Ladon

            I agree with Mike. I share 10 GB data with 2 people and it’s more than enough. Too many Gigs of storage just sit empty on my phone. Gigs of storage are so 2000s. Cloud, Baby! How many of your thousands of files that sit on your device do you actually access?

          • AnaMayShun

            What do you do when you don’t have Internet access? Cloud is great when you have access, but worthless when you don’t.

          • Vadim Ladon

            For me personally, it’s not worthless because everything I stream, view, or open stays on the device, even without Internet. Also, I live in L.A. There’s always data even WiFi available for the most part. You have a good point if you’re constantly without Internet.

          • shakur

            Music though (subway and such)

          • Vadim Ladon

            You have a good point. Me, personally, all the music I’ve listened to from Play Music (from my library) stays locally on the device. I can listen to those songs anytime with no Internet. But you’re right if I want to stream a song I haven’t listened to YET, then I definitely need Internet. I don’t use a subway in L.A., and there’s Internet everywhere, even Wifi from my broadband provider all over the city.

          • Chad Hall

            You are obviously no power user! The original Nexus 5 almost targeted power users! Power users want more storage! If Google is listening, there will be more storage available in this Nexus 5X

          • Vadim Ladon

            I don’t know what you consider a power user, but I do represent regular usage. If you’re such a power user, you would understand that buying a phone with no SD slot is very limiting to a “power user” who needs so much storage. Expand your s*** to 128 GB on top of your device’s limit. Nexus is the wrong phone for you then.

          • Chad Hall

            Nexus is exactly the phone for me, ever heard of USB OTG…not to mention the fact that flash storage is cheep and shouldn’t have as much to do with pricing as it does. No your wrong. We should be able to use our smartphone to the fullest without stupid limitations like storage, especially given flash storage prices. And to anyone claiming that the cloud is where its at…go buy a samsuck

          • Jaymus Lonestar

            What does your bias against Samsung have to do with the option of using the cloud. Just an unrelated opportunity to spout off maybe?

          • Chad Hall

            Their moving to the cloud just like all the other storage restricting D-bags. Just another money making scheme. It’s not really in the customers best interest but I guarantee their gonna say it is.

          • FuckTheHood

            Lol…the nexus 5 targeted power users? That’s fucking precious.

            Sick camera for a “power user” lmao.

          • power users don’t gaf about the camera

          • Cory Wilson

            Guess I should have mentioned the camera too. I used to think my nexus 5 camera was great… Then I bought a g4. Makes the nexus 5s camera look like an Nintendo DS camera

          • Vadim Ladon

            I know, huh! Chad HallHall is a power user in his own brain. What an obnoxious fool

          • Chad Hall

            Why don’t you stick to the Miley Cyrus furums where you belong.

          • Vadim Ladon

            Good comeback, Dickhead.

          • Oxi

            He said “power users”, not teenaged girls.

            Facetiousness aside, the Nexus 5 was certainly designed with developers and more tech-savvy (software, not necessarily hardware) users in mind, giving them the “power” they needed without the perks they might view as extraneous, and therefore being softer on the pocket. Follow?

          • Chad Hall

            That’s exactly what I mean by power user. I don’t need a bunch of crap that came with note 4, I need an open bootloader, a fast processor, fast charging battery, and lots of storage. All of those things should be no problem for a Nexus!

          • FuckTheHood

            Not really. You described a minimalist, not a power user.
            “Teenage girl” give me a break. Everybody and their mothers use their cameras DAILY. But okay, must be a teenage girl if you actually care about photo quality….let’s just forget how Google tried to patch it up and make it look better because of the outcry on it.
            It’s obvious a “power-user” to you is just somebody who wants a really fast phone… sorry, but it’s the wrong terminology to use there, buddy. Follow?

          • Oxi

            No, I described a power user. See my later comment with the term’s accepted definition according to Techopedia. You are mistaken as to the terminology and to my grander point, the latter not being that a power user wants a really fast phone, but a phone that is not only fast, but dependable, accessible, customizable, and reasonable.
            I also did not state that a power user would not want a camera, or any other such features (if I had, such a person might indeed be called a “minimalist”). Instead, I suggested that a power user may view those features as extraneous in light of his or her fixation on the more esoteric features of the phone.
            And just so that you know, I included a disclaimer of my facetious intent when I gave the “teenaged girl” jab, meaning that it was not to be taken as seriously as you seem to have taken it. In any case, it is indubitable that teenage girls are the heaviest users of their phone’s cameras.

          • Ggh

            Power users use DSLRs.

          • Chad Hall


          • Cory Wilson

            ROFL! Power user phone? Ha ha ha ha. No that would be the note 4 and earlier. Google makes nexus phones with the same mentality apple makes iPhones. It’s their vision of the perfect phone with no input from their customers. And no I’m not a nexus hater, in fact I’ve had 4 of them and still use my nexus 7 daily but just saying. People have been asking for bigger batteries and more storage for years and Google ignores their cries!

          • Chad Hall

            Have you ever tried to develop on a Samsung!? My guess is no.

          • Cory Wilson

            That’s kind of irrelevant. The note series is catered to power user’s who need their phones on 24/7 and need a ton of battery life and storage and a pen for quick note taking. The nexus 5 was catered to developers. It’s a reference device for showing off the newest version of Android. Apparently you and I have a different definition of power user. Actually owning a nexus 5 for over a year I’ve come to the conclusion its just for developers and not really designed for every day use with its cheap feeling shell, shitty battery life, lack of storage, and a mediocre camera.

            And yes I said cheap. Take a look at my wife’s year old nexus 5 and you’ll notice cracks in the frame next to the sim card slot and volume rocker

          • Chad Hall

            I agree, we must understand different definitions of the term “power user”. And my point is that all of those things you listed are now cheap to fix, other than the plastic body, which by the way I would rather 10 times over when compared to a bendable soft metal frame. I drop my Nexus 5 daily, and have done so for almost 2 years. It’s in unbelievably good condition and its just got a slim ptu case on it. I guarantee if it was metal I wouldn’t have it cause it’d be bent to hell. I use my phone more than most people I know, and for far more than just development, and my only real gripe about the Nexus 5 is the battery life and storage options.

          • Oxi

            From Techopedia:

            “A power user is an individual that operates a computer or device with advanced skills, knowledge, experience and capabilities. A power user has the ability to reap multiple benefits and functionalities of a computer, software application or the Internet.

            A power user is also known as a super user.”

            This definition more closely aligns with the “techy” take on the definition of a power user, I.E. those who would buy a Nexus device.

          • Chad Hall

            Boom Shakalaka!

          • Chad Hall

            Those tiny cracks are way better than having bent corners. It may seem like its not more durable…but in reality it is. I fix phones for a living, and I’m sorry to say that the metal frame phones just aren’t as durable based on the fact that once they bend, their bent. Apples new 7000 series aluminum might be the step other manufacturer’s need to take to prevent such easy bending. I guess we will have to wait and see.

          • Vadim Ladon

            I’m no power user, remember? I haven’t heard of OTG, but I heard of GO FUCK YOURSELF

          • Chad Hall

            I think this guy works for a bunch of idiots and his job is to just be an idiot!

          • Vadim Ladon

            Chad go fuck your mother. I know you fuck dogs anyway

          • Chad Hall

            Seriously… This guy is so full of shit his eyes have turned from blue to brown. Not sure why I’ve upset you so much, just argued that your an idiot and won. Oh wait that’s why your mad! Hahaha

          • Vadim Ladon

            Blue eyes? Where did you get that idea? Where’s the proof I’m an idiot when you’re a so-called power user that uses a Nexus, that’s what’s idiotic

          • PC_Tool

            All of ’em. It’s my streaming library. When I go on vacation, I do not want to have to worry about paying for WiFi access (the plane), or dead-zones (the car).

            Drive around Montana. It’s not fun without on-board storage.

            I’ll admit, however, my use-case scenario is far from normal.

          • Chad Hall


          • cackleberry

            I’m with you. Here in New England we have lots of dead zones or areas with very weak signals, so streaming is not an option.
            Also, I like having some room for listening to some of my favorite artists in FLAC.

          • bkosh84

            You can tell auto-backup apps to wait until it’s connected to Wifi (which is everywhere now)…

          • PC_Tool

            “which is everywhere now”

            *certain terms and limitations may apply. YMMV.

          • ERIFNOMI

            Are you saying you’re NEVER on wifi, ever?

            Then I guess the larger storage models are for you.

          • PC_Tool

            No. I said nothing of the sort; but thanks for asking.

            I do, however, disagree that it’s “everywhere”.

          • ERIFNOMI

            He clearly didn’t mean it’s literally available at every moment in every single spot in the entire universe. Don’t be thick.

          • PC_Tool

            …which is why I put it in quotes. FFS, man – WiFi doesn’t cut it for me. It’s not a personal attack against you. Chill.

            “Don’t be thick.”

            …stay classy, man. smh…

          • Ned Jeffery

            I hate that comment. Wifi is not “everywhere”. I have it at work and at home. At work certain things are blocked. At home I pay for it. Wifi does not just magically appear everywhere for free.

          • super_openid

            The WiFis _are_ everywhere, they’re just WPAed shut tighter than Donkey Kong’s barrels. (At least for those of us who don’t live in the middle of Nowhere, Nebrahoma or some other useless place on earth.)

          • Gabriel Constantin

            We have free wifi in the subway, at any fast food/bar/etc, next to any university/school, public squares, parks, trains, even some buses. Airports too(real free, not restricted access western eu rich country free). I never have the opportunity to spend all of my 3GB data quota, that I get on my 8 euro prepay. I live in Romania, not super but comes with this kind of perks.

          • wezi427

            No it’s not, I was recently on vacation in Cape CodCod and hotgot spotsspots were none existent.

          • Hello Moto

            Well you can’t store apps or app data on the cloud (unless you get the Nextbit Robbin phone).

          • Gavin

            I have a ~20GB music library and there is no way I would stream it via google music because I share 10GBs with 4 people and listen to a lot of music on the go. So I need a 32 or 64 GB storage option. Thank you OnePlus :)

          • ERIFNOMI

            “So I need a 32 or 64 GB storage option.”

            Well, good thing the Nexus also has that option.

          • Gavin

            Yes but this comment thread was about 16 GB phones being quite irrelevant. Not that the Nexus has the option.

          • ERIFNOMI

            This has always been about the Nexus, which has the option for 32 and 64GB, just like you wanted.

            You guys will bitch about anything now, even if you’re getting exactly what you asked for.

          • jackdubl

            Uh, there is no 64gb option. If there was, half of this thread wouldn’t exist. Moto Nexus 6 was the only one with a 64 option.

          • Smuti

            N5 never had a 64GB option. Heck 32GB was none existent if you were in a country which can’t access the full Play store, which is the bigger part of the world. A 16GB(reality 12GB) N5 was a big no go for me and getting a 32GB was next to impossible unless I imported it, but then it would lose its main plus, cheapness.

          • jackdubl

            No it doesn’t. What are you talking about? Please point me to this 64 GB option.

          • smokebomb

            Just 20 GB? I have over 100 GB and it’s free to stream because I have T-Mobile. I don’t usually stream though. I store locally so I don’t have to rely on having an internet connection.

          • Gavin

            I have AT&T and even if I had the option of free streaming, I would prefer local storage. There are some dead zones where I know I would have my headphones in while walking or on a train etc.

          • Jaymus Lonestar

            Just curious, what is the average size of one of your songs/music files?

          • Gavin

            Anywhere from 3-10MB

          • Filly Jnr

            Just so you know, Google play music doesn’t count against google drive, i know this because i have 50Gb of music all backed up to google play and only the free 15Gb of google drive cloud storage

          • tim

            fyi, google play music is not available to most parts of the world.. especially asia.. in fact, japan is the only country in asia that has access to it.

          • Filly Jnr

            Thats true, I just had a realisation then when researching where it is available and i realised… Why not use spotify?, Pandora? there are other streaming options

          • tim

            spotify and pandora are worse in term of availability outside of US, most streaming apps are not available for the asians, cloud is definitely not ready for prime time yet..

          • Paul

            Autobackup degrades the quality of your photos unless you pay extra for storage. An SD-Card or extra storage would still be better.

          • ERIFNOMI

            This isn’t true. Dropbox and Onedrive backup full quality. G+ gives you the option. If you don’t resize, they count against your storage limit. If you do, they’re free.

            I used to worry about this, but then I realized it doesn’t matter. I don’t make prints of my phone pictures. The free G+ sizes are more than enough for online viewing. I have fullsize backed up to my Dropbox if I ever needed them for some reason (hasn’t happened yet). For the rest of the time, the resized version are fine.

          • Cool

            I’ve compared the pictures. They’re essentially identical in quality even when zooming in.

            Whatever voodoo Google does is really good. Also they don’t get resized if you’re 16 megapixels or below (a number I’m sure that will increase as higher megapixels cameras proliferate).

          • fitnesspro22

            Mine too but I would not get any less than 32 preferably 64. What I care about is operational speed and a battery that last.

        • Leandro Brandão

          agreed. i don’t always use a lot of storage, but with my previous 16gb phones like lg g2 and nexus 4 there were sometimes that i need to delete stuff, like some podcasts, games or videos. in my htc one m8 with 32gb storage, i never needed to delete anything, there was one time that i had only 1gb free, but was because i loaded 15gb with game of thrones episodes.
          right now i have 19gb free, plenty for what i need.

          • Vadim Ladon

            Don’t delete. Just store it in the cloud.

          • Leandro Brandão

            i delete just waht i don’t need. every important photo or video is in google photos since 2012.
            other stuff i have backups in hdds.

          • Vadim Ladon

            Perfect. That’s what I do to, plus Google Drive and Google Music as well

          • Chad Hall

            See what were saying is that it’s a f***ing pain in the ass to do that when, if you have more native storage, you just don’t have to worry about it.

          • Vadim Ladon

            Chad , suck it

          • Chad Hall

            Vadim, no, you would like that though wouldn’t you gay boy.

          • Vadim Ladon

            I’m gay and proud

        • jimv1983

          I have the Nexus 5 32GB and wish I would have saved the $50 and got the 16GB. I currently have 20GB free.

          • Tripol

            I have used 16GB right from Nexus 4 to my present Nexus 5, and I have never for once needed to even check my storage quota. It depends on personal usage.

      • Josh Dix

        If you use corporate email storage becomes a problem very quickly :-/ I wish I didn’t have that…

      • Fil

        16GB is pathetic when you look at the price of flash storage nowadays. It’s not about you not needing it, it’s about other customers being severely ripped off…

        • Cory Wilson

          Yeah I agree. I can get by fine with 16 but just because I can manage doesn’t mean I’d rather not have to and 16gb is a joke nowadays

          • Karly Johnston

            I can be fine with 16 if it has micro SD, but then its a Nexus so 32 needs to be the base option.

        • Hello Moto

          I agree.

      • Janne

        Well, I use my phone as an MP3 player. 64 gigs is minimum for me, if I want to fit my music library and take some photos..

      • Paul

        They’re starting to port PC games from 2000-2005 era to Android, and some of those are several GB by themselves. Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic, for example, is 2.4GB. Then combine that with a several megamixel camera… (my Nexus 5 has 16GB of photos from the last 2 years, and that’s not including stuff I’ve archived to my PC).

        My MP3 player from 2002 has more storage space than my phone. That’s sad. My phone is supposed to suitably replace my camera, mp3 player, prior phone, and to some extent, laptop. I know Google wants us to stream everything from the cloud, but we don’t have LTE coverage everywhere yet and few of us have unlimited data plans anymore. Storage is cheap; the only reason to skimp is to push people onto cloud services (sell Google Play Music instead of letting people fill their phones with MP3s, etc). If you have more storage than you need, so what? Have not enough and that’s a problem.

        • Chad Hall

          Well said…well said.

      • Nexus phones are made for devs. We use things like Multirom and need the space pretty badly.

      • Yellakid

        16 GB wouldn’t be enough storage for music (mp3 files), videos (avi, mp4, etc), lots of images, large gaming apps, etc. You can’t fully utilize the phone with only 16GB unless you limit your usage.

      • Matt Blank

        My phone has 16GB and it’s damn near full with just apps and associated data. That’s with all of my media including Spotify on a 32GB uSD. Just one app (Real Racing 3) uses 2.2GB.

      • RozJC

        I have had A MILLION problems with my 16GB Nexus 4 and I don’t store movies on it either. A couple of games and Play Store is telling “There is insufficient space for this download” …

      • Michał Matyas

        The main problem is 32 GB is almost as cheap as 16 GB so it’s a no-brainer and you might always need additional storage. When I bought my Nexus 5 I also thought 16 GB is going to be enough and you should see my face now.

      • Pulkit Anand

        Any Phone with 4K video recording support should offer at least 32GB of storage given the price of 400$.

        • Smuti

          With 4K 64GB should be the absolute minimum.

      • Ste

        My Nexus 5 was 32GB and i didn’t load any movie, and i can say I wouldnt go under that.

    • Bob Marley

      Apple still has 16 GB on their $650 base iPhone and it still sells like hotcakes.

      • Those are kids parents who are buying the 16GB and all the kids hate it.

        • Sugar Shane

          So maybe the kids should buy their own phone…

          • Aaron Jaeger

            Then they’d have to get a job, and we all know these entitled brats aren’t going to do that.

          • Sugar Shane

            That is only because people do not hold their children accountable nowadays, if every 8 year old was not carrying around an iPhone 6 maybe they would actually value money… but God forbid anyone’s child actually work for something and learn the value of that hard work. I am from the generation where this started becoming an epidemic but thankfully my parents made me work for things, which has made me a much more successful person than most of the other people from my hometown.

      • w0lrah

        So because Apple does something dumb it’s fine?

        16GB of flash is trash. It’s not like the stuff is expensive, it’s nothing but a way for the phone manufacturers to inflate their margins. 32GB should be the ultra-cheap phones with 64GB as a minimum for a “flagship” tier model.

        • Bob Marley

          Companies exist to make the maximum profit; they are not charitable organizations. If you don’t like 16 GB, don’t buy their device and they will change it. Why are you so surprised that companies want to lower costs?

          • Aaron Jaeger

            Quit thinking like a Capitalist! :P

          • Even so, still give us the option. I’m sure many would pay extra for a 64GB model, $50 more, $499. Or eleminate the 16GB model, and replace that with the price of it for a 32GB model, and add a 64GB model and replace that with the price of the 32GB model.

          • LJ

            The earlier nexus phones were priced so low, of course now people will see it as expensive. But for the tiny real difference in price you are talking to the manufacturer you would expect then to want to create another giant killer to slay Apple’s iPhone.

      • Jason

        apple could put their logo on dog sh!t and idiots would buy it. thats really not an indication of anything.

      • Godsreign

        At least Apple offers options, such as 64, and 128Gbs

        • Chad Hall

          Ya at an unbelievable upsell price. Sorry but its not cool of them. For the price of that extra storage I can buy a full fledged smartphone that will do anything the iPhone can do…and quite possibly more.

      • Chad Hall

        Well, the average user is kind of an idiot right… So apple isn’t targeting smart people who appreciate value, their targeting the average idiot.

    • PC_Tool


      32 should be the base for “cheap” throw-aways. 64 should be the default with 128 as a standard option.

      • Sam


        64 should be for throwing at people who think 32 is enough. 128 should be inside our $150 sets, 258 should be the new standard.

        • John

          256? You must be having a laugh. I remember the days when the phones I used only had 256GB. Those were the times. It’s all about 512 now. Just you watch!

          • Perry Mason

            What? No way, the bare minimum must be 512GB on those generic copyphones, with 1TB on the low ends and 3TB on the high ends. Nothing else!

          • farheedbarkeesh

            you guys are fucking tools. its the 21st mother fucking century. base model phones these days should be at least 587 gigaflops.

          • Jesús Otero

            Are you guys entirely out of your minds?. You must be living under a rock to believe that’s enough for today’s usage. The bare minimum a sane person should even begin to consider is 1 hellabyte.

          • Guest

            640K is more memory than anyone will ever need

          • dcdttu

            I see what you did there.

          • adamgalas

            Speak for yourself. Anything under 2 Hellabytes and I can’t even get all my porn on my phone much less my music, photos and other media! ?

          • Marc Ventura

            1 hellabyte? Pshhhhh… nowadays most people have at least an overbyte.

    • Martin Chan

      For those peeps that use it as a budget dumb phone. I get away with it quite well. But factor in which OEM you get it from. Their versions of Androids can take up a lot more space.
      Besides cloud storage.

    • Jason

      i agree with @Martin Chan:disqus. running stock android you could prob get away with less memory. and now that you can store your pictures on google photos and your music on play music why do you need all that space? for everyday users mind you…im sure the “power users” will need every bit of 32GB. having said that though, the price difference is 50 bucks so im prob gonna end up with the larger model just so i can show all my friends how important i am.

    • Vadim Ladon

      Storage is so 2000s. Why keep 3000 songs on your phone when you can stream them using Google Play Music. And Google Drive has all of my photos and files whenever I want them. Apps are the only thing that take up storage. 32GB is overkill for me. 20 GB would just sit empty on my phone

      • Michael W

        app storage, 3GB HD games are “so” 2015+…

        regarding “media”, your statement is correct

        maybe game streaming is future, only then external strange will be a misnomer, but it hasn’t worked on any other platforms yet

        • Vadim Ladon

          Good point, Michael

      • cd1p

        Because streaming eats data and with data caps on nearly every carrier, it makes sense to store your media (videos included) on the local device. Also, with this idea you are assuming that you will always have an internet connection. What happens when you are in flight on a plane or out of data coverage. You look stupid with all your personal files on a server you can’t access.

        Overall, I agree with OnePlus and Apple (though it pains me to say that). Currently the best solution is to sell the base phone at 16GB for people who couldn’t care less about mass storage and then sell the next level at 64GB for those who greatly appreciate never having to worry about running out (like myself).

        This would be a non-issue if manufacturers would just put a microSD slot in with the Sim like the Idol 3 does.

        • Vadim Ladon

          Good question. My personal answer is that whatever I’ve streamed or viewed from the cloud is stored locally on the device. So it’s more of a pick-and-choose method for me, instead of storing EVERYTHING on my phone. Just make sure you have backups, Cd1p, in case your ROM fails

          • Chad Hall

            How do you sleep knowing your such an idiot…wait, idiots don’t know their idiots…ok, makes sense

          • Vadim Ladon

            You’re the idiot who uses a Nexus with no expandable memory. Some power user you are. That’s right, you don’t know you’re an idiot. Makes sense

        • Orlando Sablon III

          Having to connect to the internet also puts a strain on battery life.

        • Jason Wilson

          I used 6GB last month that was mostly all Google Music streaming. Because T-Mobile is amazing none of that data was used against me ;)

          I use Google Photos for unlimited backup of pics and videos.

          If I hop on a plane I’m going to rely on my laptop to entertain me.

          • cd1p

            Not everyone has unlimited T-Mobile and wants to strain their battery streaming that much music. Moreover, I use Google Photos ONLY as a backup because they store all of your pictures and videos via compression; which diminishes the quality. They say high-def, but check the fine print, they use data compression.

            Additionally, I would rather use a less-bulky tablet for a plane flight. I still have to dodge manufacturer models constantly to make sure the ones I get have microSD support.

            But, in the end, everyone has their personal preferences. If this phone is capped at 32GB, I would not be able to justify the purchase.

          • Jason Wilson

            You should switch to T-Mobile or manage your data better.

          • cd1p

            Or have my whole library on my phone. Plus T-Mobile is only decent in metro areas. I think my cell phone signal should probably be the top priority of my cell phone.

          • LJ

            I’m on three, unlimited for £17, works in some other EU countries, came back from Dublin after two weeks there it had saved me £437 in data charges.

        • LJ

          Wouldn’t know, I got unlimited for a cheap price.

      • Danny Cotton

        Because there is no cell connection on my commute when I am underground on the train. With storage I can use the time to watch TV shows and movies. Also some games are pretty big, like Hearthstone taking up 2 gigs. I can’t understand why you as a consumer would ever argue for less storage.

        • Vadim Ladon

          Good point. I’m not arguing for less. I’m citing personal use. I personally end up with a ton of unused space.

      • matus201

        And your computer has 32GB SSD inside, right? I mean internet is even cheaper there, so why have more when you have cloud?

        • Vadim Ladon

          You’re right! Although comparing a home computer with a phone is like comparing a Ferrari and bus.

          • matus201

   is fast with little storage space and the other is slow but can load up a lot of stuff? Not sure I agree.

            Anyways, the cost of extra storage for manufacturers is really low. I respect (and in a way envy) your small needs for space, but the truth is – people want more than 16GB (which is equal to about 12GB free for apps and data).

          • Chad Hall

            No its NOT. Why the fuck do you think they started adding the “Smart” to phone. You just kill me. I can do almost anything I can do on my computer on my Nexus 5…no problem. It even has mouse and keyboard support allowing me to mirror via Chromecast and use my phone as you would a computer on a big screen. Hell its faster than most computers from before 2009.

          • Vadim Ladon

            You’re a faggot. Go suck dick

          • Chad Hall

            Ya know what’s with you and jumping strait to sucking cock…must be a favorite past time of yours!

      • Chad Hall

        No I was wrong, he may be just working for some cloud based company that isn’t doing so well and needs little idiots to spread the word of cloud…Bahh Bahh!

        • Vadim Ladon

          You are wrong. You nailed it.

    • Thatguye

      Budget nexus.

    • Weneklek

      agreed. Yes, not everyone “NEEDS” all that space but if you’re someone who’s eyeing to buy a nexus device, you probably are someone who would like to have more than just 16GB.

    • Ascertion

      16GB isn’t too terribly bad if it makes the phone itself cheaper, but when they opt out of adding an SD slot, that’s when it becomes unreasonable. The LG G2 with an extremely cheap price-point is able to get 32GB in, why not Nexus?

      • Chad Hall

        Ya it just doesn’t cost enough these days to warrant not making it available.

    • smokebomb

      Don’t forget this is Google’s device. They want to push the cloud as much as possible.

      • Carruth

        No such thing as the ‘cloud’ just someone else’s hardware.

    • DiDaDo

      i never took full advantage of my 16GB (Nex5)

    • lbarllcodel

      Remember when external SD cards were a feature? Yeah, I’m going to continue only buying phones with that capability forever…. I don’t care if its a $39.99 prepaid Windows Phone…. If it doesn’t have a removable storage option, I’m not buying it. Manufacturers only removed the feature to charge you a premium for additional storage. That and removable batteries. After the roughly 3000 charges are done you’ve rendered your $400 to $1000 phone useless and unable to hold a charge again… Rip-off.

      • LJ

        By the time my batteries were dead replacement ones were generally not available, so I don’t mind a fixed battery, anyway by that time it’s out if date and I get the tbits out and replace the battery, it’s normally the easiest job on the phone. I bought a new android zte through a deal for £125, unlocked it, put it on a better phone company. It has an SD card slot and will support 128gb and also has NFC. Doesn’t have a gyro but I’ll cope without.

    • Malik

      Easy, don’t buy the 16GB. Done.

    • mrjayviper

      Google wants you to use their cloud service…

      • LJ

        That’s not going to work for apps.

    • Abhi

      I know, with manufacturers pushing things like 4K video recording as well as slowly increasing ROM and app/game sizes. 32GB should be the entry level.

    • D.A.V.E. デイブ.n

      That why Sd slot is here , but google want us to use more cloud sttorage

    • enantiomer2000

      Agreed. 16GB is ridiculous nowadays. I know they want everybody to put their stuff up on the cloud, but since all of my google accounts link together with drive, the 15GB of free cloud storage is constantly getting filled. the 32GB of my old nexus 5 is more palatable.

    • Chris Kelly

      32GB will probably be the base, they’re just guessing based off of the previous Nexus 5.

    • archerian

      Maybe a microSD card should be the default

    • Omar Khalil

      Guys stoo trolling google, 16 kilobytes was enough for me.

    • Yagoub

      32GB IS GOOD

    • Kamikaze Zebra

      Agreed. This phone sounds like my dream phone, but not if I can’t get 64gb or more. 32gb should be the standard entry level.

  • Mircea Marius

    No SD Support?

    • Cristian Borsa

      What do you think this is?

      • Mircea Marius

        Because I hoped they fucking realised this is 2015.

        • LibraBanana

          And most the phone makers dropped sd support on 2015, so your argument is invalid.

          • Mircea Marius

            Didn’t know Samsung means most phone markets.
            Sony, LG, HTC still have them, and these are the main sellers.

          • Kelvin Hong

            To be fair, Apple and Samsung are still the main sellers-and neither make phones with microSD

          • David Onter

            Sony, HTC main sellers lel

          • That One Guy

            Everyone still uses micro SD except apple and Samsung so you lost me with everyone. Apple never used it anyway. All the Chinese oems have them as well except one plus and they did away with nfc.

    • Xavier_NYC

      When was the last time a nexus device support SD……

      • Mircea Marius

        Never, but 16GB is not manageable for me. 32is okay but I wished they had a 64GB version.

        • Xavier_NYC

          understandable but it’ll never happen. They’d rather you use the “CLOUD” but hopefully there is a 64GB model.

      • V-Phuc

        That’s one factor why I will never consider the Nexus line. Cloud or microSD, I prefer to have that choice left to me to decide when to use and when not to.

    • sluflyer06

      Trolling…? Nexus phones don’t get microSD. How many years do we have to go over this.

  • Xavier_NYC

    Why not name it Nexus M and Nexus L. M for Mini and L for Large and just run with that. Nexus M 2015 and Nexus L 2015….

    • I see your point, but I kinda like the number naming convention better. 5, 6, 7, 9, 10 for screen sizes. the 2015,16,etc suffix would be the same regardless.

    • That would get confusing considering Android naming conventions. Maybe Nexus 5M/6M as referral of the OS version they introduced.

      • Xavier_NYC

        That works too.

      • PC_Tool


      • And when N comes out, and your M gets an upgrade, no one has any idea what is happening.

    • PC_Tool

      That is a good idea, but perhaps:

      Standardize: 4, 5, and 6.

      Each model released once a year with the OS version new for that year.

      Marshmallow would give us the 4M, 5M, and 6M. Nugget would give us the 4N, 5N, and 6N.

      No more confusion. Tablets could easily go the same way with a T before the size. I would love to see a Nexus T7M from Sony.

      • Alex

        Nugget? Lol. Nougat maybe

        • PC_Tool

          Hey, Chicken Nuggets are tasty treats. :-P

        • Hello Moto

          Android 7.0 Chicken Nuggets ftw lol !

  • viktor

    I expeted price abouth 400$, so I’m not supriced. For new Nexus 5 it’s not to much.

  • JGaLaXY

    this is just a 5″ right? I want a 5.5

    • JohnA

      It’s a 5.2 inch, supposedly. I wish it was 5″.

      • Qbancelli

        So you want an even smaller display?

        Most ppl don’t.

        • David Onter

          5″ is not “even smaller”

        • Mele Kalikimaka

          I prefer 5 to 5.2

        • JohnA


  • patstar5

    I hope they have a 64gb version or I will keep my oneplus one for another year.
    To me technology is at a point that our devices will last quite a while. Only reason I want to upgrade is for a better camera

  • Jedi Parker

    FINALLY! It’s about time.

  • Jon

    I was exited, but than I saw the size (not a big deal) and then o saw the price (I know it’s not TOO much but still) I am much more exited for the Sony xperia z5 compact

  • Paolo G. Rivera

    The Honor 7 is looking like my next phone. All I want is a good CPU/GPU, a mid sized 5″ screen, Full HD resolution (not Quad), great battery life, decent camera, future proof, and with an affordable price. The Honor 7 looks like it offers everything I need. I was hoping the new Nexus 5 would be it but if the final specs don’t impress me I’m definitely going for the Honor 7. It is looking like a really solid all around phone. It also has that very same finger print sensor on the back. The only thing that I’m worried about is the EMUI and software updates. The launcher can easily be replaced if I end up not liking it. Software updates are a bit overated IMO. I own a Moto G 1st gen (which is why i’m upgrading). Stock android is fast, minimalist, and simple but it lacks that wow factor for me.

    • Bob Marley

      Enjoy never getting software updates.

    • PC_Tool

      Looking forward to the M10/O2 if the rumors of the 820 and 6″ screen are true.

    • SolarShane13

      Have fun with an always outdated OS.

  • Nathan Flowers

    I am never buying a LG product again. I bought the Nexus 5 when it first came out. It was a great phone, but then it started randomly power cycling. I sent it to LG to fix. and that has been the worst customer service experience I have ever had. 2 months and my phone is still not fixed. I think i am going to go with the Moto X pure edition.

    • bp

      Don’t expect the customer service to improve if you need it. My experience with Moto and replacing my Moto X were terrible and I was paying $100 for the exchange, not getting a free replacement.

  • Tony BW

    Hopefully the Huawei Nexus is no more than $100 more and there’s at least a 64gb model…

  • Jay McCaughrean

    400dollars? what a joke… getting the moto x pure

    • Pootis Man

      You know they’re both the same price right?

      • jakeopp

        Moto X Pure has a micro SD card slot as well as a 4k display. More bang for your buck IMO

        • Pootis Man

          That’s true but It’s also a lot bigger. If you don’t mind the size though then the Moto X Pure is definitly the better deal here.

        • Mele Kalikimaka

          What fantasy land do you live in where the Moto X Pure has a 4K display?

        • jakeopp


  • bp

    has there been any speculation as to if this will work on verizon? probably no?

    • PC_Tool

      All Nexus devices from here on out should fully support Project Fi, which should theoretically mean support for most CDMA/GSM bands built-in.

    • Randy Turner

      Why speculate? Nexus devices for the past two years have all been compatible with Verizon. It’s Verizon that blocks the devices. If you don’t like it, complain to Verizon, not Google.

  • Michael W

    Why wait? consider this…

    The G4 can be had today for the same price /=/ removable 3Kmah battery, SDcard, better camera software+laser auto-focus, leather options, creative button placement, etc. The G4 lacks USB Type-C & “pure” AOSP but still offers quick charging & CM 12, and let’s be honest LG’s “G” UI is best out of TouchWiz, Sense, MIUI, etc…

    at time of release expect the G4 will be further reduced

    G4 > Nexus 5X :’ (

    super excite for the GPro lines’ triumphant return as well

    /former Samsung or Nexus fanatic

    • Greyhame

      Can we at least wait to see the final phone and review some camera samples before making these kinds of ridiculous comments? It just sounds like you’re trying to justify your purchase. I’ve had the G4. Meh. S6 is much better, but that’s just my opinion. People will buy what they like. Just be happy with what you have.

      • Michael W

        i do NOT own the G4, actually a quite competent heavily modded Note2 in fact , the camera software for the Nexus will be AOSP , so no TRUE development just the basic gallery2.apk

        the G4 uses closed source heavily developed licensed software for the camera with MANY feature adds. that’s a fact. the laser focus requires this software so that function also most likely won’t be present, no mention of “laser focus” in any AOSP commits

        otherwise, we KNOW the processor & camera sensor are same as G4, but actually lacking any possible CPU/GPU optimization via OEM. The Nexus will NOT have an SDcard slot or removable battery

        • Greyhame

          The proprietary software for the camera wouldn’t be found in AOSP commits. That doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be included in the phone. Looks to me like that is a laser focusing cutout next to the flash, so I would definitely not rule that out. While we do not know anything regarding the final product of this year’s Nexus 5, we do know that the camera in the Nexus 6 was a solid performer, and that Google continues to emphasize camera performance. I would bet that this camera will be better than the camera in the Nexus 6.

          I am not sure how correct you are regarding the new Nexus 5 lacking OEM optimization, but regardless, it won’t need it. The entire reason you buy a Nexus device is for the software. Android M will run like butter, just like it does on the preview builds of the previous gen Nexus 5. Plus, the GPU only needs to push half the pixels on this phone compared to the G4. Plus, I would argue that LG’s skin is worse than Samsung’s. OEM optimizations? Hah. Concerned about the software I am not.

          Battery life… that is a valid concern. Especially considering the G4 has atrocious battery life, even when compared to the S6. And both of those are phenomenal when compared to the previous gen Nexus 5. The G4’s battery life is so bad they threw in a free battery and external charger from the get-go.

          But that wasn’t even my point. You are making all of these assumptions before ever even seeing the new Nexus 5 first hand. It’s foolish. Stop already.

  • deepak parihar

    $400? 16GB?

    If base is 16GB then base price should be $350.

  • For once I’m not interested in a stock android device!

    My Z3 will keep me going until my 2 year contract is up. I think I want to get a SGS Note again.. or maybe look into the One Plus line.

    • cdm283813

      I agree to a certain point. I don’t mind my S6 version of touchwiz but I hate that root is still not available for the Verizon 5.1.1 update and the bootloader is pretty much like Fort Knox. And let’s not forget about Android OEM’s lack of timely updates.
      So Nexus to me is more about the freedom of doing what you want with the software and having timely updates. The hardware is fine but the Note 4 was better than the Nexus 6 and the S6/Note 5 is better than what I’m seeing so far from a pure hardware perspective.
      I really don’t understand Google. Why not take a phone like the S6, tell Samsung to unlock the bootloader and then let Google control the software updates? And if you desire touchwiz just load up a custom rom. Why do we really need a new device from the ground up? I would gladly pay $600 for a S6 that can go back and forth between stock and touchwiz. If you want battery do it with the Note 5. Heck pick the G4 if you want SD cards and removable battery. Why reinvent the wheel?

  • cdm283813

    Can’t they just name it Nexus 5 2015?
    And what about Verizon?

  • Tihamér Szabó

    The price is messed up. That’s all I have to say. We don’t have Google Play yet in our country so we can’t buy Nexus devices, only from retailers who jack up the prices for profit. Such a shame. I will stick with my original Nexus 5.

  • Colonel JK Stern

    will be buying! light blue!! please come to all the carriers again though, I love my AT&T Next!

  • James Demacek

    i’d rather they just produce more of the previous Nexus 5. It’s really a damned near perfect phone.

    • Colonel JK Stern

      I agree. minus the camera and battery life, which is why I got rid of it.

      • Hello Moto

        Better build quality would go a long way though (I’m looking at you, faulty N5 power buttons).

  • Tylerstravis

    This makes me feel even better about my G4 purchase yesterday :)

    • Cynep MeH

      Hehe. Just said same thing. Went from M9 to LG and loving it.

    • Hello Moto

      The LG G4 would be perfect (for me) if only LG took android updates more seriously.

      • Tylerstravis

        Yeah, that’s going to be tough coming from my Nexus 5…

  • Captain DinckelMan

    32GB internal memory was the ONLY thing that stopped me from buying the original 5 when it came out, and the same thing is stopping me now. I will accept AT LEAST 32GB internal + SD card slot or 64GB non-expandable. This is very bad for a flagship phone

  • That One Guy

    Cloud, cloud, cloud, cloud!!! If you want to use cloud be my guest. I will stick to my sd card. 1.Those cloud servers take too long to load up data (very slow). 2. If it gets hacked, say good bye to your lovely personal photos. 3. Enjoy paying an extra $100+ for each internal storage capacity you go up from base model of phone. 4. When you run out of free space, pay that monthly subscription for more storage. 5. Did I mention you are renting storage space and you do not own it? 6. Did I mention if the severs crash, your photos /videos are trash ha! Micro SD is secure, I own it, I can transfer it with no issues, no hacking problems, I make one payment and get tons of storage, buy a good one and it will not corrupt (sandisk, Samsung). None of mine have ever corrupted! Guess what! 95% of oems are still using micro SD. Samsung stopped but no other oem looks up to them just because they sell the most for Android. They make 20,000 devices so they should sell more. Galaxy this, galaxy that, ridiculous! If they were apple then maybe, but apple never used them! One plus did not adopt it, but their phones are garbage. I had the one plus one and boy was it buggy! Got rid of it for my note 4.

    • Cynep MeH

      My sentiments exactly. As a T-Mo user, that cloud storage is useless to me, once I’m outside of any metro area. I’m lucky if I can make a phone call, forget data. This is why I bought LG 4 instead of shiny new Galaxy (my disdain for Samsung phones set aside, for a moment).

      I also gave M9 a try, but my god – how the mighty have fallen… M7 was perfect. M8 was OK, but then USB slot was shot in a matter of weeks on 3 different phones and I was unable to charge it. Lucky I wiggled the cable to charge it one last time, got my data out, wiped it and went to M9. It just left me disgusted – ugly protruding lens, horrid battery life, hot enough to boil tea in Antarctica. Reluctantly, I went to LG and after few days with LG, I am actually digging it.

      Either way – what’s in common between these two? That’s right – SD card option, something Nexus and Samsung don’t really care about anymore. If they did, when I was looking to rage quit M9, they would have gotten my $$, instead – LG did. And I’m actually pleasantly surprised at how much I like it.

      • Chad Hall

        Lg is what’s up! If they can juuust clean up the UI a little…

    • Aaron Jaeger

      This guy’s SD will become corrupted in 3..2..1..

      • That One Guy

        Still not corrupted, lol

      • LJ

        Easy enough to back up. So what’s the issue? Buy another one, copy the backup across, and you’re sorted.

  • monepone

    Another underwhelming nexus.

  • motoridersd

    If the camera is the same as in the G4, count me in.

    • Michael W

      sensor is the same, software will NOT be the same

      • motoridersd

        Camera FV-5 can get great shots on the G4, but, the stock LG camera is pretty good. Maybe porting it won’t be too hard, or maybe Google will do something if they want to up their camera game. Either way, I might seriously consider the 5X over the G4 just for stock Marshmallow alone (and maybe the fingerprint sensor).

  • Fil

    Google failed with the pricing. Also, get rid of that 2010 16GB BS. OnePlus have proven that fast flash storage is extremely cheap nowadays.

  • seattle tech

    2015 LG G2 nice

  • Rajeev

    Yeah… So 400 for 32 gb, 1-2 day battery life, quick charge, and quality 16 MP camera (OIS or not, but it should resolve details well in low light). That would be great!

  • Carlos Menendez

    Google didn’t “stick with 16GB for the base version” on the Nexus 6. So if they went backwards that would be a crime. In my book anyway.

  • ronin_cse

    I don’t suppose the leak mentioned what carriers will be supported? Mostly curious about Verizon support this time around. Ordered a new Moto X but would certainly be willing to return it for this baby.

  • Soroush Rahimian

    It’s ridiculous that 16gb still exists and Max size will be 32gb. If that is true I’m sitting this one out. I have 16 gb nexus 5 and after a couple pinned playlists and some photos and videos my storage is full. Who are the product managers at Google? They keep making the same mistakes over and over.

    • Aaron Jaeger

      Buy the 32GB model?

  • Raw T

    I have a boot loader locked no OS Nexus 6. They don’t share a solution for that they call it Anti Theft.i am treated like a theif. They give warranty replacements to US, UK etc… regions but don’t care middle east.

    I will never buy a stupid Nexus again (Non Removable Batteries, Non expandable memory Not even LED indicator out of box).
    They release preview OS to play but if we get locked up they don’t respond. Nexus agent said they don’t have a team to support if you don’t support who else will.
    Zero Scratches no Hardware issues i now have an expensive paper weight.

    Anyways there is nothing much difference in Android versions just software gimmicks.Android looks saturated no WOW features no major improvements same old swipe left right top down etc… lol

    I used LBE Security long long ago which had per app permissions and Fingerprint sensors are a year old fashion you are now catching up thats it.I would rather use a non Nexus phone according to my interest. Which has no freakin boot loader locks.

  • Mark


  • Jack Gruschus

    Just make it louder.

  • TeeJay1100

    $399 is a bad starting price. I see where this is going. Google is about to annailihate one of their own Nexus phones by overpricing them. This should start at $275-$300. But we will see. Official pricing very soon.

  • Kanoosh

    lets hope and pray that the 16gb variant has an SD card slot or pray that AA is wrong and the base model is 32 which would make more sense imo

  • Vadim Ladon

    I’ve had Nexuses forever, but no SD memory slot and an overpriced, too-giant bad-camera Nexus 6 has made me buy (just released today from Motorola) a Moto X Pure Edition (3rd generation). I love pure Android! Android-based (read “Samsung”) sucks!

  • crisban

    Looks like I’ll be getting a Moto X.

  • Eric

    At a price point like that unless people (like me) really want a smaller device they will just get a Oneplus One or 2. They need to drop the price.

  • LooseVaginaSweetPotatoe

    $399 better be 32gb and real USB type C.

  • Vidéki “paraszt”

    Too expensive. Nexus lost its desire, the price.

  • Chazz Matthews

    1080p in 2015 is so disappointing. All the top tier phones from major companies have 1440p.

    And the 2700 mAh battery is ridiculous. The 2013 5.2″ LG G2 had a 3000 mAh battery.

    I have a Moto XT1225 — the 5.2″ version of the Moto Nexus 6. It has 1440p and 3900 mAh battery. And 64 GB storage.

    • No its not. Even though I agree QHD would be nice, 1080p is plenty sufficient for a 5.2″ display unless you are planning to use it for VR.

    • 208s

      I’m excited for 1080P because: battery life! It’s about a 5″ screen for crying out loud!

      • Chazz Matthews

        I guess you missed the part where I already have a 5.2″ 1440p phone and it’s great. I also don’t worry about battery, because I have a 3900 mAh battery.

        I was hoping Google would correct their major mistake last year and give us a top tier phone in a reasonable size, not a phablet.

        Both gen7 Nexus phones should have the same specs, except for display size.

        • 208s

          To be more specific I mean a less expensive and more elegant way to get battery life… In other words I prefer 1080P on a sub 6″ screen even with a larger size battery.

          • Chazz Matthews

            It’s just that me and my wife both had gen3 Nexus phones and gen5 Nexus phones. We skipped gen6 Nexus because Google screwed up badly.

            Instead, I bought two 5.2″ Moto XT1225, which was basically the Moto Nexus 6 in a reasonable size:

            5.2″, 1440p, Snapdragon 805, 3GB RAM, turbo charging, Qi wireless charging, 64GB storage, 3900 mAh battery, etc. Running two on AT&T (has LTE bands 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 17).

            If you haven’t heard of it, it’s the non Verizon version of the Droid Turbo. But it’s REALLY the 5.2″ version of the Moto Nexus 6. ; Moto XT1225.

            I was hoping to come back to Nexus with the 2015 LG Nexus 5 — but it doesn’t even have the display resolution of the 2014 Nexus 6, or my 2014 5.2″ Moto XT12225 phone. Sub par specs.

            And 5.7″ for the other 2015 Nexus is still too big.

          • Cool

            Yeah. And the 805 actually performs better than the 808, CPU and GPU.

            Not super impressed with the specs of the new Nexus phones. But I’ll wait and see.

          • Chazz Matthews

            If you’re not outraged by the resolution, you should still be mad about the battery. The 5.2″ 1080p LG G2 had a 3000 mAh battery. This is another LG phone with same size and same rez display. Should have at least that size battery.

            Both my previous Nexus phones had puny batteries, and Google is doing it again.

          • 208s

            I’m using the Nexus 5 2013 still and skipped Nexus 6 because of the size and price. A 3000 mAh battery would be nice. They almost need 3 phones if one is going to be a phablet. They should provide a higher end 5.2″ device, like the same specs as the 6″ phone except with a smaller screen size. They don’t seem to understand that not everyone with money wants a 6″ phone… People would probably pay the same price for the smaller phone!

          • Hello Moto

            I wouldn’t be surprised if LG would also want to keep the battery of the N5 smaller than their own flagship G4.

  • 208s

    Just from taking photos/videos 16gb is not quite enough for me. Why is this still an option? There should be hardly any price difference between 16gb to 32gb memory modules…

  • the good person test

    Hoping T-Mobile sells this and its band 12 ready.

    16 32 64 128 HIKE!!! Whatever…..

  • Cool

    No 64 GB version kinda kills it for me. I’d have gladly paid for it, or if they made the $450 model be 64 GB, it would have been perfect.

    It’s actually the same price point as the Moto X which has a QHD screen, and all those value added Moto features, plus a 64 GB model for $50 more, plus an SD card slot. I just wish it had a smaller screen, but if I do end up buying a new phone this year, the Moto X might be it, but I might just stick with my Nexus 5 2013 another year.

    • Chazz Matthews

      Wait for the MOTO X FORCE (code name Bounce).

      5.4″ 1440p, 64GB storage option.

  • David Starkie

    Makes me wonder how much they’re going to charge for the Huawei

    • adamgalas

      $500/$550 for 32/64 gb

  • Steve

    To everyone saying store it in the cloud, everyone does have unlimited data to send 32 to 64GB of pics to the cloud. And if you do have unlimited data, you will probably be throttled after about 20-30GB.

    The moto X Pure for $399 looks likes a much better buy, but you have to settle for 5.7″

  • Michael

    I don’t understand how Nextbit can sell theirs for $399 ($299 or $349 for early adopters) with 32GB onboard and “expectedly” the same specs as the Nexus, but Google who has billions can’t. Seems like it’s “won’t” sell, instead of can’t.

    • Hello Moto

      My sentiments exactly.

  • slug_munchies

    Big question – will it be available in a model that works on ALL carriers, like the Moto X Pure? On VZ now, but plan on jumping when wife’s contract is up (6 months). Wife needs one now as she coffee’d her HTC One (fried SIM circuit) and hates her old Droid Charge.

    Moto X is good, but slightly larger than she wants.

  • EastEndDefender

    My Nexus 5 still runs like new. No reason to ditch it yet.

    • Cool

      This. I still love my Nexus 5 and it’s treated me well over the past two years.

      The new N5 doesn’t seem too compelling an upgrade. Not even a storage increase (but a price increase).

  • Lee Dixon

    Wow it’s a buyers market once more I’m going to be spoilt for choice once the Nexus 5X, OnePlus 2 and Moto X Style become available in the UK.

  • Stormwatch

    16GB of internal storage? Oh, that’s as much as my phone: a Note II, which came out three years ago. Then again, the microSD slot makes it usable. Oh wait, this Nexus has no microSD, so it’s worthless. And for the same price, I could buy some other high-end device like a Zenfone 2 or Moto X Pure, with more internal storage and a microSD slot.

    Phone makers, please understand, this is an indispensable feature. NO MICRO SD = NO DEAL.

  • jimv1983

    If it’s really 2,700mAh I’ll pass. Maybe I can find a way to get the Moto X Play in the USA.

    • adamgalas

      You can have it shipped in from Canada.

  • Marty

    Hmmm…I thought it was just Apple that was screwing people with 16GB. Looks like Google loves to do this also.

  • Mathew Sullivan

    Will they stick with $399 in Canada too? or will the US price convert to around $499-449?

    • Hello Moto

      Expect it to be $499 CAD for the 16 GB model in Canada. Maybe $450 if we’re really, really, really lucky.

  • eilegz

    it all depends if its 32gb the base model or not, if its 32gb then its worth it if its not then moto x pure its a better choice since it have 16gb micro sd

  • Lucian

    If that is what the new nexus 5 will look like, I won’t buy it because that design is crap in my eyes.

  • Craig Trunzo

    if the things tops out at 32GB with no expandable storage, it’s already dead.

  • Ben Edwards

    I was interested in this, but the storage options have put me off. If you’re only going to offer fixed storage then a 64GB model should be available, if not a 128GB.

    • adamgalas

      Agreed, should be $400/$450/$500 for 32/64/128 gb

  • bydh

    what I really want to know is the carrier support for these phones. Getting some more phones usable on Google Fi would be nice.

  • Ark

    50 bucks for 16gb? eat a dick.

  • pllopis

    Wouldn’t this be disappointing considering the specs of the Moto X Style? And the upcoming Moto X Force?
    Also, my 16GB Nexus 4 has been a nightmare since a few months after I had it because it runs out of storage very quickly. With no micro-sd card (which the Moto X does have), 16GB will be a nightmare all over again.
    And no, the photos auto-backup is NOT REALLY A BACKUP. The photos get uploaded in a much lower resolution.

    • Cool

      From your Nexus 4 they get uploaded in the same resolution as your phone (8 megapixels). They only get resized if your pictures are above 16 megapixels.

      Figured I’d clear that up. Cheers.

      • pllopis

        Actually they don’t. I have been using that feature since day 1, it’s not a full backup.

        • Cool

          You said it lowers the resolution and that’s incorrect. Since the May update of Photos anything 16 megapixels or below is not reduced in resolution (maybe you’re thinking of when 4 megapixels was the limit prior to the update?) though they might slightly compress it (but none of my pictures or videos have been), but compression is not the same as lowering the resolution. Basically, it boils down to they’re basically indistinguishable from each other, and perfectly suited for backing up your memories across all your devices and perfect for printing out, if that’s your thing. That’s all that really matters.

          Unless you’re a professional photographer (and if you are, you should be using RAW anyway, which will use your Drive space) it’s way more than adequate for photo and video storage. I keep local copies of all photos and videos anyway, in addition to using Photos back up, because redundancy for memories like that is important.

          • pllopis

            You’re right, I wasn’t aware of that change. I just checked and indeed, photos aren’t being resized. The file size also indicates they aren’t losing a lot of information.

            However, new phones like the Moto X have 21MP, in that case it would not be a backup. Although I agree that 21MP isn’t necessary anyway, if it’s 16MP for free it’s already a lot, but it would not be a backup. I also have Flickr for that purpose, I believe there it’s a full backup no matter the size.

  • Simon

    A company like one plus can offer 64 GB for 378$ and a company like google who is manufacturing maximum units of android phones is incapable to deliver a device for not even equal to one plus its a shame for google for looting people on the name of technology.

    • Hello Moto

      I too was hoping that the new Nexus 5 would sell at a price more similar to the OnePlus 2. I’m not saying that they needed to match OnePlus’s low price but they should have at least tried to come a little closer.

    • Cool

      Or let’s go nuts. The Asus ZenFone 2 with 64 GB of storage and 4 GB of RAM is $299.

      64 GB should have been an option. This 2015 and it’s a reasonable request.

  • RH

    Beats the h*ll out of that stupid OnePlus 2.

  • Ned Jeffery

    Ahhh, and what about the Huawei Nexus? Does that have a name too?

    • Cool

      Yes. It does.

      The Huawei Nexus supermarket scanner. Haha.

    • adamgalas

      nexus 6x

  • scott

    32 Gb. max is a showstopper. If true it’s out of consideration for me.

  • mrjayviper

    unless Google’s after-sales service improves dramatically, I’m not interested. I’ve recently been reading about the horrid service people are getting from Google Singapore which is the contact point for my region.

  • jdt1986

    This is disappointing news… If the price converts across closely into Australian dollars, that means the 16GB version will cost about $570 AUD. And the Huawei is likely to be even more expensive (as it’s the larger device).

    Looks like I will be abandoning the Nexus line…

  • Fahad J.

    Come on how is asking for a 64gig version too much to ask!! It won’t bump up the price too much and to be honest I don’t care how much it bumps up just give this phone in 64gig and I’ll be happy.

  • Yellakid

    16GB is a joke. OnePlus Two it is seriously.

  • Giles Peach

    If there isn’t a 64gb version then this is not something I can even consider :(

  • Zach Mauch

    Still hoping the m sd features lead to micro SD in the nexus. It would make lower storage manageable. It could easily be hiding in the sim slot.

  • Brandon

    Getting pretty excited. Having a 16gb Nexus 5, I do wish the standard would be 32gb at least however I can deal because I focus on a lot of cloud backup for my photos and music.

    I’m really hoping the Nexus 5X (or 6X) has improved battery and a much better camera (close to LG G4 please).

  • antonio

    Hope the base version this time around is 64GB instead of the poor 16GB, that and bigger battery + Marshmallow will make a difference for this release :D

  • czaplin

    Throw in a wireless and quick charging. And SD card slot and removable battery.

    • Stormwatch

      So… make it a completely different phone? Just buy a different phone, then. Because this one is too limited.

  • RusYus

    Who needs space on their phone nowadays? storage is in cloud. All photos and videos are on unlimited google photos… why else would one need storage?

    • Stormwatch

      Not everyone has (or needs) a good data plan. It’s not even available everywhere. To have so little internal storage at this point, and no expandability, make this an exceedingly limited device. Why are you excusing its shortcomings? There are better, less limited devices in the same price range.

      • RusYus

        I’m not excusing shortcomings, i just think that local storage is going away completely, thus it’s not a shortcoming. Even in situation described by you, you only need to store data for a short period of time before you get to WiFi where data will be automatically backed up. that’s it. Data plans should be more available and affordable with time, and storage – not needed.

        • Stormwatch

          I have 17GB of video game ROMs (every game ever released for some 30 classic consoles) and 28GB of mp3 files (about 300 compilation albums) in my phone’s microSD card right now. And you think I’m supposed to get online every time I want to listen to music or play a game, instead of accessing it locally and instantly? Nope, no way in hell, this is simply unacceptable.

          • RusYus

            for music – definitely online, for games – you might have a point. But then again – most people with jobs and families don’t play that much games on phones. BTW, i’m not saying anyone what they should do or not do, i’m just saying what direction technology is going. With increasing internet speeds local storage will simply not be needed… with 1 gigabit already available for homes there is no difference where you store files, as it will be accessed at the same speed as local storage. Phones will be the same in a few years, and already fast enough for most applications.

          • Stormwatch

            No, your point of view is rather… geographically limited.

            By your reasoning, would you say the removal of microSD and user-replaceable battery from the Galaxy S6 was no big deal either? Well then, as soon as its specs were announced, Tomi Ahonen (a famous mobile biz consultant) predicted it would flop. Lo and behold… it did.

            How come? Samsung thought the same way you do: the cloud is everywhere, might as well. But that’s myopic. In developing countries, a high-end data plan is a luxury, if it’s available at all. If you work in the field, a spare battery is very useful. Not to mention the waterproofing, essential in some climates. So they made new phones that couldn’t satisfy the needs of a huge chunk of their usual clientele.

          • RusYus

            of course it is geographically limited, sorry i din’t make it clear. i was talking about US only. Not other countries. Nexus is primarily marketed for US.

    • adamgalas

      Android is supposed to be about choice.

      Google forcing people to use cloud is evil and anti choice.

      Nexus should be the epitome of liberty and choice not apple like totalitarian control.

  • Pete Busby

    Leaving storage aside….

    My main disappointment so far is the raised camera, a lovely sure fire way to make sure it gets damaged first. What’s the point in putting a great camera in if the lens is scratched to death straight away? I always have my phones in a thin hard case so that’ll be a must for this, so long as they shape the case out too.

  • Pamo Ulon

    Will this phone work with Project FI? If so, I would rather wait until it releases instead of getting the current Nexus 6.

  • Hert Niks

    Nexus 5 was €300 for me. Therefore I hope the new one will be €350, not €400.

  • Iagoba Apellaniz

    How much would be the price in euros now that the euro is so weak against the usd?

    Notice that google used to make the 1:1 conversion in previous releases

  • farheedbarkeesh

    I am still wondering when they’re going to REMOVE forced encryption on my current Nexus 6 and stop it from being so disastrously slow.

  • zx6guy

    I really need a bigger battery in this iteration.

  • AlienFanatic

    This is really a tough call between the new N5X and the Moto X Pure. About the only place I can see the N5X winning is the stock Android and guaranteed updates. In just about every other area, the Pure either matches the N5X exactly (CPU, RAM, storage) or beats it (Camera, Screen Res, moto maker, and unique Moto support chipset.) It’s really going to come down to whether or not the N5X’s screen is AMOLED and that price.

  • loop6719

    why offer a 16 gb model? oops I see Carruth beat me to it
    with the demise of Apps-> SD cards you need at least 32GB.. the only reason for the 16gb is to make the device sexy with that lower price

  • skullivan

    Can we please retire 16GB as an option? My 3 year old Nexus 4 is 16GB, I shouldn’t have to pay $100 extra (over what the N4 cost) to get a 32GB in 2015.

  • Oliver Cervera ✔ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    32GB will be mine – however if 64GB will be made available, I’ll be happy to pay

  • Mister Wirez

    For all the whiners…
    Buy it or don’t, but quit bitching. Some people here sound like my ex wife.
    Really -NO ONE cares.

    • adamgalas

      Moto and nexus are only stock Android phones in the world. That is why people get upset because some of us are passionate about stock Android so if Google fuck up the smaller nexus then tiny screen loving nexus fans have nothing to get this year.

      16 gb is a slap in the face to nexus fans, especially the tiny screen lovers who had no phone last year and are about to get price gouged this year.

      Face it, Google has no respect for its fan base, the “don’t be evil” company has become tyrannical, petty, and evil.

  • ImmaVegito

    It better have chamfered edges and start at 32gb

  • Colten

    A floppy disk port on the next Nexus would really give them the umpf they need for powerusers everywhere.

  • fitnesspro22

    Listen to the speculations. The only thing certain of the date, Sept. 29, 2015. I have not found another phone yet as fast as my NEXUS 5, except for One Plus One. Well, NEXUS 6 is just as good but for its size and the price tag. I would like to have the new NEXUS 5X whatever , faster, with larger battery and 32 – 64 G of memory. Price wise, should be $400 – 450, no more. Otherwise, will consider Asus Zen 2 with Intel- Atom processor (super fast), 4 G of RAM, two Sim cards, 64 G memory, expendable to 128 and 3000 mAh battery for $299.00, delivered to your door i. n three days. I prefer the Nexus 5 because it is a pure Android, no bloatware. Perhaps, that is why mine is so fast with a Q Dragon 800 and 2G of RAM. Unlocked if course. So hold out until Sept. 29 and see. By the way I have an LG Optimus, four years old and it works with no problems but it is old technology.

  • fitnesspro22

    Let’s wait and see the new NEXUS 5, then decide. We have also the LG G4 but it has a visible lag. I am not sure about the Q Dragon 808. Is it the processor or the bloatware on the phone. With the 4 G it should be much faster. Any comments on this?

  • groupdevil10

    I’ll rather stay with my old nexus.

  • mcdonsco

    Here’s to hoping 16gb is wrong. 16gb phones should no longer be “a thing”.