LG’s G-series has consistently proven to be one of the best devices of the year and last year, the company followed up by the G4 with its new LG V10, which proved to be one of the best devices they’ve ever made. Fast forward a few months and LG’s new G-series flagship has arrived but how does the LG V10 compare to the LG G5, and which phone is the one to have? Let’s take a look in this quick look comparison between the LG G5 and the LG V10.

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LG G5 vs LG V10 quick look-2

One of the biggest changes between the LG G5 and the LG V10 is the build, with the latter featuring a combination of metal and duraguard (which is silicon in another name) and the former, an all-metal aluminium build. The addition of duraguard to the LG V10 means it is certified as being shock resistant, and is considerably more rugged than the LG G5.

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The switch to an all metal build means LG has been able to make the LG G5 considerably thinner and svelter than the V10, which is thicker, wider and taller than LG’s new flagship. The aluminum build means LG has kept the weight somewhat down, with the G5 weighing in at 159 grams, versus the V10 which tips the scales at 191 grams.

LG G5 vs LG V10 quick look-8

The switch to metal also means LG has moved away from its trademark rear button combo on the V10 to a more traditional arrangement on the G5. On its new flagship, LG has kept the power button on the rear and embedded a fingerprint reader in it, but moved the volume keys to the left of the handset.

LG G5 vs LG V10 quick look-6

The LG V10 is one of the largest LG phones made in recent years as it sports a 5.7-inch Quad HD IPS display and has a secondary 2.1-inch display above it. In comparison, the LG G5 is considerably smaller as it has a 5.3-inch QHD display and, rather than use a secondary screen, LG has opted for a smaller on-screen Always On Display on its new flagship. The G5 also has a 3D Arc design that curves the display ever so slightly near the earpiece at the top of the display and this is designed to improve the in-hand and on-call experience.

LG G5 vs LG V10 quick look-10

The LG V10 is unique for many reasons and one of these is the dual front camera setup, with LG using two 5MP cameras on the front for intriguing selfies. The LG G5 builds on this dual camera setup by bringing them to the rear of the phone, where the 16MP standard sensor – which is almost identical to the 16MP rear camera on the V10 – is complimented by a secondary wide-angle 8MP sensor.

LG G5 vs LG V10 quick look-1

The second camera on the G5 allows it to capture 135 degree wide-angle shots and, unlike the V10 where you have to manually switch between the two cameras, the G5 automatically switches camera as you zoom in and out of a scene. Both cameras offer 16MP resolution and the LG V10 uses laser autofocus, while the G5 is equipped with phase detection autofocus and continuous autofocus. One feature that hasn’t made it from the V10 to the G5 is the manual video software feature, with LG opting to use the G4’s camera software on the G5 and keep certain features exclusive to V-series devices.

LG G5 vs LG V10 quick look-13

LG isn’t the first company to switch to a metal build but the Korean company has approached this in a different way to others, as it hasn’t sacrificed expandable storage or a removable battery for the sake of the improved build quality. As a result, the G5 has a removable bottom cover that allows you to access the 2800mAh battery (which is 200mAh smaller than the V10), which forms a key part of LG’s new modular design, and allows you to attach additional accessories – such as a camera grip with embedded battery – to the handset.

LG G5 vs LG V10 quick look-7

The smaller battery on the LG G5 is predominantly down to the design constraints of the new modular design but LG has included support for Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 3.0 standard, which means you can charge your battery to 80% in just 25 minutes. The G5 also sees LG switch to the new USB Type-C standard, while the V10 uses the older – but more widely supported at the moment – microUSB standard.

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Last year saw LG snub Qualcomm’s flagship Snapdragon 810 CPU in favor of a closer partnership with the chipset maker on optimizing the Snapdragon 808 for the G4 and V10, but the LG G5 uses the latest and greatest from Qualcomm. Under the hood, the G5 is powered by the new Snapdragon 820 CPU clocked at 2.15GHz and pairs this with 4GB RAM and 32GB ROM. The use of the newer and vastly improved architecture, coupled with vastly improved software, means the LG G5 is considerably faster than the LG V10 (which also has 4GB RAM) and also comes with Spectra 14-bit dual image processors and Category 12 LTE support.

LG G5 vs LG V10 quick look-3

Hardware changes aside, the biggest difference between the LG V10 and the LG G5 is the software, with the latter ushering in a new era of optimized and vastly improved software on LG devices. While the V10 has a vast amount of preloaded LG apps and services – many of which are designed for Asian markets – LG has scaled back the software, and the G5 comes with barely any bloatware. Instead, LG has opted for an optimized experience which, coupled with the improved architecture of the Snapdragon 820, provides a fast, fluid and premium experience.

There’s no doubt that LG’s foray into metal with the V10 helped the company when designing the G5 but the similarities are mostly minimal. Instead, the G5 offers an experience that the company hopes will help them compete with the flagships of 2016, and there’s no doubt that if you want the best mobile experience that LG has to offer, the LG G5 is the smartphone to have.

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What are your thoughts? Does the LG G5 deliver compared to the V10? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

  • sb4331

    I am a Samsung fan. Both LG and Samsung have stepped up their game this year. Nice to see the smartphone market pick up its pace again after a few years of slow growth in innovation. LG G4 was just basically a brighter LG G3. Nice to see some actual change and improvement with LG this year. Samsung took a bold leap of faith with the S6 and turned out to be incredible in terms of design, charge speed, camera, display, etc. Although the s7 may not have changed much in terms of design, they managed to fix one of the most biggest complaints by incorporating a removable SD slot and bringing back the IP certification that the S5 used to have.

    • sevastian

      Yeah, i think Samsung remove those features of the s6 to fix it on the S7, imagine what will happen if the s6 had the micro sd slot and the IP rating.
      The S7 and the G5 are absolutely amazing devices, but destined to different people.
      That is why we use android, So many choices to match people necessities.

  • Seenzoned

    samsung s7 edge is gorgeous yet to hear the new things of it, while G5 is quite more interesting as of this point

    • David Martrano

      Interesting yes but I would have stuck with the V10 a proven winner. All you had to do is stick the 820 in it. The display and camera need no inprovement. Wake up LG start improving your marketing skills before you start winding up like HTC in the toilet!!!! Listen to the consumers we know what we want……. Samsung did and now their kicking ass with the s7 series! Oh boy, the note 7 and s7 active just around the corner…. Maybe another billboard in times square..

  • jafcep

    The reasons why LG G5 is crap compared to V10, and why V10 is the best:

    LG G5 is missing these features that V10 has:
    -manual video settings,
    -app drawer,
    -dual window,
    -Q slide
    -removable back cover (makes it easy for 3rd party battery manufacturers like Zerolemon to create extended battery)

    -adoptable storage (it’s an Android 6 feature that is missing from G5 and probably V10 also won’t get it when upgraded to Android 6)

    • jafcep

      The ONLY ONE advantage of G5 is the Snapdragon 820 processor. Nothing more.

      I want a V10 with Snapdragon 820. It would be the perfect phone.


        Wait until November for the V10²

      • Fornavn Etternavn

        What about the camera, ram, quick charging and modular components.

      • David Martrano

        I’ve been saying it all along how would the V10 perform with the 820?. To me it’s the V10 is a proven winner. So why not improve it. I can’t believe what LG was thinking. Being different is great but in keeping up with the best ain’t cutting it. Now the V10 is sitting on the back burner for what? I’d go with a winner instead of th G5. But who said LG is a great marketing machine!!!!

      • David Martrano

        If I was LG I would have put the 820 in the V10 with a 3600mamp battery. To me the V10 is an excellent phone. It’s a fun toy!!!!

    • Emor

      In v10, dual display is unique, but it makes messy with 2 notification bar. One time and network display default and the mini display placing on top of another. Also it makes bulky.
      G5 can still removed battery and can extend. We will not need power bank anymore as g5 provide extra battery by camere module which make upto 4kmwh.

    • Michael Acosta

      you can just install a custom launcher like nova launcher in order to get the app drawer back. At least that’s what I heard in the hands on video of the G5 by android authority. Also remember that it has been confirmed that Android N will have dual window so LG maybe took it out because that’s coming. Sure it’s a long time away but, it’s coming (or maybe they just got rid of it just because)

    • Daniel B.

      -Cinema FV-5 should work
      -(Google Now) Launcher
      -Why wouldn’t some Manufacturer build a nice and slim battery extension for the module-slot?

      Also i think the V10 is kind of ugly, although i like that they acted bold on the design. Let’s see how the SD820 really treats the batteries in 2016! ;)

      To me it depends on the price, for now it seems that they didn’t upgrade the 16mp camera, which would give the advantage to the 5X/6P or, most likely, the S7 for my taste. :(

    • James51519

      There are rumors that Android ‘N’ may not have an app drawer. Samsung also included the option to turn the drawer off, though LG didn’t give us a choice on that. It seems to me they may be going for a separate phablet line with the V series, similar to the Note line for Samsung. Perhaps a few features will only be available on the phablet V series from now on. Removing dual window and Qslide may have been to lean up the software that everyone was complaining about. Sure, a few people use that stuff, but most probably don’t. This is all just my opinion of course. Could be wrong. Adaptable storage could go way wrong for so many average users, not remembering that they can’t remove their card anymore. They could make a mistake way too easily if they took that card out without prepping it. I think LG and Samsung played the ‘Safe’ card on that one.

    • Nunyur_Biznezz

      Google is removing the app drawer starting with Android N anyway

  • 404

    V10 is better

  • HA559

    They should give us a mini version of the g5. Hopefully with more devices yet to be announced in the next couple of days at MWC that will happen.

  • Michael Acosta

    One thing that Lanh missed to mention in the comparison is that the RAM slots of the G5 and V10 are not the same. Yes both the G5 and V10 have 4GB of RAM, however since the V10 runs a snapdragon 808 it doesn’t support DDR4 RAM which is inferior to DDR3 RAM. The snapdragon 810 and 820 run DDR4 RAM. So on paper the G5 will perform better than the V10 when it comes to processes that require RAM. I don’t know how different the performance will be when playing intensive games and multitasking but on paper they should be better.

    • Nunyur_Biznezz

      Most PC still run on DDR3 RAM. Doesn’t seem to be an issue. Heck my G2 runs on snapdragon 800 so I’m sure 808 will be a noticeable improvement. The G5 is too small for my taste. I don’t like the camera bulge. The Samsungs are too expensive. The S7 is too small the S7 edge is nearly $800. I can get the V10 on sales for $572 and the G4 for $452. I’ll take the savings and use t for the G6 next year IF Lg improves on what the G5 lacks.

      • Michael Acosta

        Yeah definitely go for the V10 it’s a heck of a phone. Yeah I know performance shouldn’t be that different but on paper it is. I know I still have my Htc One m7 and it runs great for my needs.

  • axeybaby

    hmmm…. I had G4 for 3 months and I sold it because the phone lag so much, the battery is poor as well. However there is no doubt that the camera is great but its not enough for me to keep the phone. If LG optimizes the software better I will definitely be buying LG again.

    • James51519

      I think, perhaps, the G4 was worse than the G3. I am still rocking the G3 and it is still fast. Hiccup here and there, but not as bad as G4 from what I’ve seen. I’m looking forward to the G5. A little smaller would be a perfect one hander for me. And those internals…..??

      • axeybaby

        Ha ! I am excited about the G5 but I guess we just have to wait and see the outcome and review Re-user experience.!

        G3 is too laggy with LG UX thou. Google now launcher makes it so much smoother! :)

  • Jeena Bittenbender

    The LG G5 is an amazing phone with a lot of add ons. I love that LG is thinking outside of the box.

  • SamsaraGuru

    It is very nice to see that LG realizes that if you really do think things though and make an effort to include practicality – removable battery – along with an attractive design it can be done. It doesn’t look as unwieldy as the V10 size wise.

  • Ronald Sims

    The G5 functions so well according to videos. Look is…different but it is growing on me. Going to buy this soon as they fix the inevitable bugs and stuff.

  • Rick Farmer

    V10 is the best phone out of all the new phones

  • lumberjake

    Honestly I am glad I have the V10. Funny, the 808 is the lesser SoC but the reality is I have never had any issues with speed. I mean, its nice to have all this power on paper but if its just a fraction of a second difference that I would only notice side by side then that really is not that big of a feature. IMO. What REALLY sold me on the V10 was the ESS sabre DAC and amp.
    Also the dual screen and Q slides are neat and make great use of the large screen. As well the secondary display is awesome. I wouldn’t even call myself a “power” user but I find myself using that all the time. Mostly because of the 5 contacts, its rare that I use any outside of them so I always use it and the apps, its just so convenient having it right there. Plus I like having the notifications spelled out rather than some light. ^4Gb ROM is nice too.

  • Syed Muntaha Manzoor

    But i’ll say V10 is better. But when i compare LG V10 vs SAMSUNG S7 Edge..I’m confused ??

    • David Martrano

      The edge is better but the V10 is a great phone. It’s a fun toy and I like the duel screen gimmick. Plus military grade specs. Display and camera excellent. It doesn’t get much better. It is a great idea why not stick the 820 in it. Now were talking. Make improvements to something that’s already very good. Come on LG get your head out of you no what and start selling a great product!!!!

  • Adam K

    I’d prefer the V10. It has something special about it that I like. I choose the V10 as my current Android because, of the bigger 5.7inch display, a front 16mp camera, 2 rear 5mp cameras, a built in video editor, a removable battery, 64gb of ROM and, Micro SD card support.

    The LG G5 may be newer and, will probably be more popular than the Flagship V10 but, in the end, the V10 is a Android is a unicorn in the Android Market. The concept will serve as a inspiration for others. (think of when Apple puts on there iPhones duel selfie cameras! A few of my friends are jealous that my Android has this feature.)

    Don’t get me wrong, there are other Android manufacturers that just like LG build sleek and powerful smartphones that are all special in there own unique way that rival against the mighty iPhone but, the V10 should be crowned as one of the top Androids of 2015!

    • David Martrano

      Unicorn yes G5 a dead horse. Who wants a first year phone. It’s like buying a first model car. You wait till after the 1st year. LG’s marketing tools ain’t the greatest. In today’s market why not try to be the best. My hat comes off to samsung the s7 series isn’t done yet the s7 active & note 7. Now that’s marketing!!!!! They will top the smartphone market without a doubt……

  • Hsein Shabshoul

    I liked G5’s design more than V10’s, it sure offers better software and speed experience and I really prefer having the dual cameras on the rear which is more convenient to a non-selfie person. I don’t think I would benifit from the G5 being modular considering the V10 supports removable battery.
    But the screen is one of my main reasons to choose the V10 next to the price gap, For me the speed and the rear dual cameras worth a 100$ addition.
    I will wait until the G5’s price settles and decide, V10 is now 540$ here for the 32Gb version( and yes there is 32GB version in my country) and it will certainly drop when G5 is available.

  • Angel Nuñez

    I had a LG V10 before having the G5 and to be honest both of them are “loveable”. As far as I can tell I’m in love with my G5 because it last a lot the battery but with the V10 it doesn’t even that G5 got 200 mAh less. Both are awesome phones but for now I’m sticking with the G5 and looking fowar to see the V11 or V12 or V20 lol.

  • PSR

    I’m sticking with the V10. Larger phone, more rugged, mine has 64 GB storage not 32, Also, prefer the buttons on the back, LG messed up putting them on the side. Hope next V phone still has them on the back. Always did hate side controls.

  • Dumitru Daniel

    On the G4, you have the option of capturing a video with both cameras at the same time, not one by one. Do G5 or V10 have that option?