Are the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge not your cup of tea? Maybe you prefer the versatility and flexibility the LG G5 has to offer. Life is about to get really good for LG fans, as the phone is set to be released in early April, with pre-orders opening in just a couple days.

But what does “early April” really mean? If the latest rumors based on Droid-Life‘s sources are to be believed, US Cellular users will start seeing it on April 1st. And they swear this is not an April Fool’s joke!


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Furthermore, it is rumored the regional carrier will open pre-orders for the LG G5 beginning March 28th, only a few days before launch date.

That is not the most important news we have today, though. After all, we have heard plenty about the LG G5’s release window. What we haven’t seen many murmurs about is the expected price, and today’s source claims to have that knowledge.

It seems US Cellular will be offering the LG G5 for $636 off-contract. Alternatively, you can have it for $199 on a 2-year contract, or pay it on installments at $24.50 per month for 2 years.

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2 weeks ago

A fair price for a high-end device, right? Other carriers will likely have a similar pricing model, so expect to pay somewhere along the lines of today’s rumored price. And do keep in mind you should take all of this with a grain of salt, as nothing is confirmed yet.

Do we have any US Cellular subscribers here? Who is looking to get an LG G5 soon?

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  • LastKings31

    I really don’t know which one to go with. G5 or s7. I need help! Lol

    • Btort

      the s6 and s7 are almost the same, if you can live without sd slot and water resistance

      • LastKings31

        I’m talking about the lg g5 and the s7 edge not the s6

    • Btort

      touchwiz is also gonna be the same, on both devices with a tiny bit of addition

      • Joshua

        BOTH equally bad. I left samsung a little while ago for the v10. I never looked back.

        • fitnesspro

          And you did the right thing

    • James Ickes

      S7 edge all the way

    • czerikcum

      Just wait for the full review of the G5 and comparison videos between them! :)

    • saksham

      the g5 is a very ugly phone go with the s7 edge

    • Benedict

      S7 has the same issues like the S6 when it comes to the UI. I sold my S6 last year after 2 months and reactivated my Nexus 5 because it was – believe it or not – faster.
      The G5 is the best design I’ve every seen, combined with the interchangeable battery. I can’t stand this charging odysseys anymore.
      I definitely get the G5!

      • jasonlowr

        G3 was crap, G4 was even worse, and with the G5 looking like crap, s7 edge definitely.

        • Benedict

          Don’t know the others, but S6 was definitely crap too. I like the G5 design alot especially with the slightly rounded front glas at the top and the 2 cameras at the back.

        • misio87

          The s7/s7 edge system eats ram like a dirty slut eats cock, too much at the same time. (sry 4 my english, not my native language)

        • fitnesspro

          Get the Nexus 6P 64 g for $500.

      • fitnesspro

        Don’t let go of your NEXUS 5, whatever you do. I sold mine after getting the 6P, a fine top phone. A week later regretted. Luckily, found on Amazon a brand new N5, unlocked, white with 12 month warranty by LG. Got it in three days for $189.00, Marshmallow 6.0.1. Fast and furious. No doubt. It is as fast as the N6P except for games. It is faster than all the G’s. Fits perfectly in my hand. It is my favorite. The Legend lives on.

    • Joshua


    • fitnesspro

      Look up your answer “above”

  • Zander

    Wish USCC would get some different phones. I don’t think anything can pull me away from my Nexus 6

    • fitnesspro

      Here is your answer. Go with NEXUS 6P, 64 g for $500.00. You will be forever happy.

      • Zander

        I’ll take my Nexus 6 over 6P, I like the water resistance and bigger screen

  • Mohammed Faisal

    Not April 1st in UK? I hope it comes out on April 1st in the UK too because I’ll be leaving the country for 3 months on the 7th

    • You are fucked up- G5 comes in Europe on April 8th…

      • Mohammed Faisal

        I’m fucked up? It says releasing April 1 for UK too if you look it up on Google again. My cousin works for Vodafone and he can get it me by April 1st for £379 so no point ordering it on Amazon for £499.99 and waiting a full week more

  • Benedict

    too late. pre-order should have started same day as presentation like Samsung did. Alot of ppl would have choosen it instead ordering a S7. There are even no samples in shops to try out. Samsung also managed this with the S7.

  • Daniella

    LG Phones are now on sale only at AndroidSmartphoneDeals:com

  • misio87

    Seroiusly ? An april fools joke 14 days in advance ?